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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to discuss verses 65 to 76 that divulge details on the concept of giving Salam in various religions and the stories of Musa and Khidr AS- Khidr punching a hole on the boat and that of Khidr killing a boy.

“Musa said to him (Khidr): ‘Shall I follow you so that you teach me right conduct of what you have been taught?’”“He said: ‘Verily you will not be able to bear with me patiently’.”

“Musa said to him (Khidr): ‘Shall I follow you so that you teach me right conduct of what you have been taught?’”

The above verses show us that bare knowledge should not be our ultimate aim but it should be the source of growth and help us lean towards righteous deeds and modesty as opposed to vanity and disputes.

“He (Khidr) said: ‘Did I not say that you could never bear with me patiently?’”

The Tafsir for the verses is given in immense detail and warrants an intent listen.


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be one.

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So we had mentioned that Moosa Allah subhana wa tada has given him permission to go and meet with Hadith and the UCR and Moosa went beyond the mark. And when they went back for a third data third email also saw, they returned back following their footsteps. And so for the iPad Mini bagina, they found a servant of ours, Tina who met him in Indiana, we had given him Mercy from Us, while him now Miller done ilma and we had taught him from us a knowledge Now, many things over here. Firstly, our Prophet system gave us some more details that are not found in the Quran. He told us that when Moosa returned back he found the man how they're sitting at the rock exactly where the fish had gone in.

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That's where they were supposed to have met him. And Heather was sitting right there. And so moose I said to him, I said, Mr. Alec, and how they said, one or the other because Salaam, how do you have said, I'm in this land of yours? And this shows us that the Suriname and the greeting of the Salaam is a uniquely Islamic concept that all of the believers of Allah subhanho wa Taala would greet one another with a Sanam. So when Musa greeted Khalid would sit down, he was astonished because he thought he's in a land of pagans, he had a land of idolaters. Where did you get the Salam from in this land? This also shows us and by the way, when for those who attended the class about Adam, that

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I gave two, three months ago, remember, there was a beautiful Hadith that we learned the prophets of Salaam told us that the first thing that a lot taught Adam was a Salam aleykum The first thing that he taught Adam, was that he said to Adam alayhis salaam, go to those angels, and say to them As salam o Allah Kumara emoto law and memorize what they will respond back to you. And so Adam went to the angels and the angel said, Why aleikum wa salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and Allah said to Adam has he to a year Touka what's the year 2020 coming back, this will be your greeting and the greeting of your progeny after you. So the Salam was taught directly to Adam, and it became a mark

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of all those who believed in Allah to greet one another with sin. And that is why all of the religions that Allah revealed they had within them the concept of Salaam to this day the Jews they greet one another with shalom Allah home Salam aleikum, and the Christians once upon a time, they would greet one another with the Latin phrase Pax verbascum, which literally means peace be unto you, Pax verbascum the same as salam or Aleikum that we know was the greeting that was used by all of those who believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. So Moosa greets COVID with a setup where the holder says where'd you get the Salam from? Moosa says and so he's responding I'm not from this land, he

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said, I am Moosa, the son of a moron from the bunny is Salam L. So how the says moves from the bunny is locked in. So how the knows exactly who moves sighs right. And this shows us what I was mentioning yesterday, that moose has macom is higher than that of Hadith. Because Hadith knows Musa Musa had never heard of Hadith until Allah told him right and generally speaking, the one who's macom is higher. That's the one everybody knows of. So how do you knows exactly who Moosa is and he's astonished Moosa you are here, what are you doing here Moosa, the son of a moron from Bani Israel. And so Moosa says to him that I want to follow you. But before we get to that verse, so how

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does Allah describe how did he was a servant of ours? Either the military bertina don't make him bigger than this. Don't make him into some bigger into entity I put them in a bagina we have many servants. He's one of them. But what did was special about how did we gave him a hammer from us? attina hora mettam andina Allah azza wa jal is most specific characteristic is right ma R Rahman r Rahim. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. The most common names in the Quran centered around the concept of a Rama. So we gave him a hammer, and we taught him directly a knowledge. Notice what comes first, Rama, Rama before knowledge. Because if you have Rama without knowledge, you can still be a good

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person. But if you have knowledge without Rama, this is a problem. Knowledge before Rama because as the law says to the Prophet, Mohammed Salim if you had bad manners, the Sahaba would have left you know couldn't afford one Holy

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cow. Like if you didn't have the good luck, the people around you would have run away even our Prophet

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saddam if he didn't have the good luck the people would have left him. So the first thing you need to have manners you need to have humbleness, you need to have mercy then comes knowledge Archana hora Mata Minh andina alumna, human, the donor. And the best combination is Rama and in put together so the scholar who's Merciful, the scholar who has manners that is the highest level, the one who does not have manners, even if he has knowledge that knowledge does not benefit him, but the one who has manners but he doesn't have knowledge. Well still that can be of some benefit, but the best combination of a hammer and him go hand in hand for our agenda. abdomen a Bernina artina mettam

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andina wylam Nahum in the Dona Paula who Moosa so how that explains who is most explains who he is, how this is, what are you doing here, Moosa says, a terbuka and to eliminate mimma limb turista May I follow you, so that you can teach me what you know, of good knowledge rich that here is good knowledge? Now notice here who is more calm is higher? Moosa here who's the one asking permission, masa. masa is humbling himself, after having traveled alone knows how many weeks how many months he's traveled, alone knows how many how long the journey was, and he's tired, and he finally finds it. Now when he's in front of call that he doesn't say, okay, teach me I have come from such and

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such a land I am the son of a moron from Benny is no, may I please follow you. And look here at the other. Look here at the manners of somebody who's higher yet still, when it comes to knowledge, when it comes to benefit, you must Humble yourself in front of the one who will benefit you. And this is the Mocambo that will kneel in front of them while they tell me in front of the staff. That here Moosa becomes the timid, he is so eager for knowledge that he's willing to sacrifice his macom to come down so that Hollywood can become his teacher, and he asks him in a gentle way, in a beautiful way, may I please follow you? And why should I follow you? Until I leave money so that you can teach

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me he's praising? How did you have him even though moose has enemies more than others, even though Moosa is higher, but Allah has told him he has knowledge you don't have? And he wants that knowledge. So he goes, and he says, your knowledge I want it. This also shows us that the best way and some scholars have said the only way to gain knowledge is by studying with it with the map with the teachers of knowledge, those who try to gain knowledge through books alone, they fall into many errors. One of our classical scholars said Whoever takes his teachers as books, many Takada Kutuzova ha ha ha ha, he makes the coup to share his mistakes will be more than what he is correct him. Why,

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because when you read, read, read, you might misunderstand something and nobody can verify that your understanding is correct. And you don't know what to read. And you don't have a methodology of reading. And if you look at it our entire lives, what do we do, we always mentor under experts, you want to go to med school, you don't just read the books, you literally have to go with the doctors and half of your training is what you are literally being mentored one on one, you go on the rounds, you go on the training, you see what's going on. This is the way knowledge is taught. Once you become an engineer, the first thing the company will do training session, and you learn what the

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experts will how much more so with knowledge, and I say this over and over again. One of the themes of pseudo telegraph is what don't speak without knowledge. And yet Unfortunately, when it comes to Islam, everybody thinks they become a do it yourself share. Seeing at home, Google becomes their teacher and Wikipedia becomes their Mufti. That's all they need to do. And this is they never do this for any other discipline. Will law II brothers and sisters, would you diagnose and treat yourself after you read it up on Google? Would you fall after you fall sick just check out your symptoms and then prescribe your own medication, then why do you think that the religion of Islam

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doesn't deserve even more respect, you want to know scholarship, go find the scholars or become a scholar yourself. Nothing is preventing you from doing this. The real way to learn is you sit with the people of knowledge, as most I did with other even though he himself was Moosa. So he says, May I follow you so that you may I may benefit from you in your righteous knowledge he wants to learn the Russia. So how do you says to him on the inner cadenza, Sofia sobre. He initially tries to repel Moosa says, You're not gonna be able to bear with me. You're not patient enough to learn from me. And then he makes an excuse. We're Kay photography Radha, Madame Cobra, how would you even have the

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patience when you don't have this knowledge that I have? So, Javier puts himself in the shoes of Moosa. And he says to Moosa, that you

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You wouldn't be able to bear with me because you don't have the patience to understand what I'm about to do. And some have said that how there is simply attempting to see how serious Moosa is here. Does he really want to learn put some barriers in and this is what our exams in our entrance things, do they put some barriers in. Are you serious or not? Let's see if you can raise the bar. So how did puts that obstacle, that hurdle? It also shows By the way, that Heather is thinking about Moosa as well. And he sympathizes with Moosa, he says, Look, I don't blame you, if you don't, if you can do this, because this is beyond you. I'm going to do some things, you would never understand

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them, and you're not going to be able to be patient. So this shows anytime you're having a dialogue or conversation, a debate, always put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Try to see the world from that person's perspective. Guess what's going to happen, you will empathize. You will sympathize how that is putting himself in Moosa shoes. So after telling me you don't have patience, he then says, and I don't expect you to I would be the same. You You don't have this knowledge that I have. So Moosa raises the bar Moosa says Carla said you do need insha Allah who Sameera he says, you will find me in sha Allah patient and I will never disobey you. A few IR to go our profit system

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was told never say anything about tomorrow except you say insha Allah. So our process is told you're not the first Prophet Musa as well. When he said something of the future he added insha Allah, Allah says that you do need insha Allah who Sameera insha Allah is something of the future you will find me to be patient while I see the camera and I will never disobey you. So Moosa is saying take me on. Notice again, there is a gentle pleading, there's no commanding, there's no ordering. There's a gentle pleading, I want to be your student. And anyone who truly wants to study any science and especially Islamic science, you need to have patience, and you need to have dedication. And Moosa is

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demonstrating that dedication. And so, Heather says to him all if I need to back any further tests, Eleni unshaken, had documented with dechra my one and only condition is what if you really want to follow me, my one and only condition just don't disturb me until I tell you what I need to tell you don't bother me. I have a mission. Allah has told me to do certain things. When I'm ready, I will tell you, but until that time, your job is simply to be patient. And that on the face of it seems very easy. I just have to follow along observe, but Moosa does not know what he is getting into. And so Moosa and the both of them from Tanaka, most likely they left you sharp waiting there. So from

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the lockers in the duel Moosa and other The both of them they continue going until they get on the ship. And our Prophet says, and I mentioned that when they were on the ship, Heather and Melissa had a conversation, and that conversation is in Bahati. And when they were on the ship, they saw a bird, dip into the water of the ocean and then take its beak out, and how they've said to Moosa that the amount of water that this bird diminished from the ocean, my knowledge combined with yours, does not equal the amount of the beak, the amount that is left on the beak compared to the amount of laws knowledge, most and how they're combined. And they are who they are. Our knowledge combined compared

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to the knowledge of Allah is like this beak of the bird when it dips into the water, and then the water of the ocean is quote, unquote, diminished. Moosa holder says to Muslim ilmi, we're in Makkah here in LA, our knowledge combined compared to the knowledge of Allah does not even equal the amount of water that this bird diminished from the ocean. If this ocean were to be the knowledge of Allah, that is the enemy Allah subhana wa Taala. It is also mentioned that the boat owners were poor people, and they were gracious enough to allow moose and holder to just come on board. They were poor fishermen, as we find out later on, and they didn't require any passage or any rights. They

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simply were being generous with their ship, and they allowed moose and holder to get on the ship. So when they are fishing on the top, how that goes down, he pulls out an axe and he hacks into the ship and he makes he carves a hole into the ship and the water starts bubbling out. Moosa says Aha, terracotta Ha ha ha. Have you torn open the ship Have you brought open a hole here so that its owners so that the people on the ship will drown? Surely you have done something very wrong look at the judiciary in Morocco now. He clearly forgot his will find out what's really interesting here some handle a look at the phrasing. Who's on the ship, Moosa and Holden, and the fishermen, who's

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Moosa concerned about

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the fisherman he didn't say, Have you done this so that we will drown? Are you crazy? We're gonna die. He didn't say How could you do this? We are here.

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mooses whole concern is what? These are poor fisherman. He's not even thinking about himself. His his concern. His care is for the owners. They've been so generous, they were so nice. Now you're doing this to them. And the last thing on his mind is what enough CFC. It's not worried about himself. And this shows us the lack of the profits, that they're concerned about their people. They're concerned about humanity. Anyone who wants to call others to Islam, he has to have that same love. And there's not supposed to be a selfishness so he tells called it How could you have done this when the people will drown when its inhabitants will drown? Surely you have done something

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wrong. And our Prophet system said Moosa genuinely forgot, he forgot the promise the condition. And so Hodder says Didn't I tell you, you're not going to be patient either. And I'll put in the context of the Masada. And so Moosa says Don't blame me, I actually forgot and don't make matters more difficult for me. It's a genuine mistake, I forgot the condition. Now notice here, you shall forgot about the fish and moves that did not get irritated at him. But mosa forgets and how that gets a little irritated, but he reproaches him. Why, because the same thing you shall forgot and Moosa forgot right. You shot is not is excused, whereas Khalid he's put on a little bit of pressure, so he

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feels Come on. Don't be so harsh on me. Why? Because the arm of Musa is not like the macom Abuja. And what is youth Osama what is neglected in the case of Russia should not be neglected in the case of Moosa, and this shows us as Ayesha says the profitsystem commanded us Amara now Rasulullah is also a New Zealand NASA manager from the process of told us to treat people according to their levels. You don't treat the Bedouin like you treat the scholar. The Bedouin is excused for a lot more things when the Bedouin comes in urinates in the masjid, you don't treat him like you would treat a person of knowledge. So you treat people according to their level. You excuse them according

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to their backgrounds. And so Moosa is gentler with you shot than Hitler is with Musa. Why because Hitler has told Moosa three times you're not going to be patient, you're not going to be able to Moses says, I will, I will, I will. Well, then he deserves a little bit of reproach when he doesn't lead up to that. And so he says, I genuinely forgot and so they move on from Tahlequah. They find a young boy barely has he finished this one conversation. The same accent is his hand. What does he do? He kills a boy right there on the shore. Takata Takata he kills the hula right there he kills him. Most I could not have forgotten he just says okay, I'm sorry, I forgot he didn't forget the

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second time. But this is a crime that he cannot remain quiet about.

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Innocence the key item beside enough's have you killed an innocent pure zakia He means pure soul who hasn't done any harm? You have brought forth a monstrosity. nakara is a harder turn than Imola, which is the first verse invalid means you've done something bad. No crime means you've done something horrible, right? So he's making it even bigger. Moosa did not forget, but this is in his eyes murder. By the way, this clearly shows that Hitler is a prophet, because nobody has the right to take another life without a trial without a crime. without some nobody has that right. unless Allah has commanded and Allah only commands prophets to to do things of this nature that is beyond

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understanding. So he that is clearly a prophet Musa did not forget what's going to happen now. So that is even more harsh on aku laka. There is an extra lacquer. Didn't I tell you the first time? Didn't I say that you don't have any patience the second time? Didn't I tell you there's an extra apostolica whereas in the previous one it was called upon, whereas in this one called Allah calaca, which is an added emphasis is prodding him right? Didn't I tell you that you don't have any patience and so, the slideshow ends?

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And so, from talakad, so so Moosa says, kind of

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color to color in Santa Barbara have a lot to say, about 10 million euro and so Moosa when he feels completely under pressure, he puts forward the condition and he says, Okay, you know what, if I ask you one more time, then you don't have to live up with me. You don't have to accompany me and you have every excuse to move on. You have every excuse to break away from me. Our prophets are seldom said may Allah have mercy on Moosa. Had he only been patient, he would have seen many wondrous things. You see Moosa got hasty and irritated at himself. He knew he didn't live up to his side of the bargain, credited and tell him you have to go away. But Moosa felt so much pressure. He says,

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You know what, okay, no, no more three strikes and I'm out basically, and he put that condition on himself. And our Prophet system said, may Allah have mercy on Moosa. If only he had been patient, he would have seen a many more interesting things. And then the third story, as we all know, it is about the townspeople and we don't have time to continue. So in short on that Shahzad note, inshallah, we will continue tomorrow, but we don't have 1000 nights left. We only have two

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10 nights and one night left insha Allah and will continue tomorrow. Santa Monica want to lock