Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #047 – They say Go Back To The Salaf

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of following the four schools for personal development, including being a dummy and rebuilding one's knowledge of the beast. They also discuss the importance of science and science methods in shaping one's views and understanding the beast.
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They say that a smart person learns from his own mistakes, and a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. And this, I think, is relevant to benefiting from the four schools because people, some people, a small section of the Muslim ummah has a an insufficient respect for the four schools, just as a small section has maybe a little bit of an extreme reverence for for some of the four schools and so they kind of represent maybe this sort of dialectic where they're reacting to each other. But you know, you'll you'll get people all the time, if you give them. Well, Mr. Muhammad said this, and this is, you know, Abu Hanifa 's opinion and this is a chef, his opinion,

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will say, Well, what are the prophecies what I'm saying, and the implication is that we're disrespecting the prophets of Allah sunnah by not going directly to his statements. Okay. And that's an insult. That's an insult to us. And it's an insult to a Shafi and to Abu Hanifa, and Atman, because they are the ones who gathered those traditions in the first place, right? In addition to the other compilers have Hadith. They're the ones who studied them and interpreted them and gathered the understandings of the self about those statements, right? A lot of people don't realize if you're going to say that we follow the Quran and the Sunnah, and the understandings of the self,

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okay, first of all, their setup. So their understandings are what you just said that you are going to follow. And they also gathered the understandings of the South before them, the understanding of the companions, the majority of the opinions that are found within the schools actually trace themselves directly back to the Companions. Okay, and so what you're benefiting from when you go to a math hub, is that you're benefiting from the Sahaba and their students, right? They've collected it, they've compiled it, they've weighed the different sorts of evidence, things that you're not qualified, right? You get people in the comment section all the time sounding off as like, well, you

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should do this. And this hadith says this, and like Sheikh Abdullah always used to tell us, if you memorize something, there's 10 things you didn't memorize, right? It's never been about having a piece of evidence. Every single innovator has evidence every single heretic and crazy deviant Oh, this sector not sect has evidence, right? It doesn't matter that you have evidence, what is all of the evidence, say, that's the method of the scholars to gather all of the evidence on a particular issue, and then see how they combine it with each other? And how they can you know, inform each other, restrict each other as important significance or clarify the meaning, etc, etc. Who's done

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all this work? who's qualified to do all this work? Have you done all this work? Have I done all this work? No. Who did do it? I will Hanifa did it Malik did it a chef or he did it? Batman did it right? So if I want to be a dummy, sorry, but if I want to be a dummy, I can I can play scholar, I can dress up and with the trappings of a scholar and wrap my turban and you know, put on the white soap and go open the books and point to the Hadith and say this hadith says that and that's it. I can play scholar if I want. But that's arrogance, because that's not what scholarship is about scholarship is about collecting all the evidence on an issue, seeing what all the setup had to say

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about it, understanding the different ways in which it has been understood and weighing those those understandings against each other. Right, and having a concrete and consistent method of interpretation and philosophy of interpretation so that you're not just going off the cuff left and right now you're over here on this issue. Now you contradict your method of reasoning and interpretation on this other issue, because you're just going about things in a chaotic manner. They've already done it. So yes, can they be wrong of course, of course they can be wrong, they're human beings, they can be wrong, but just because they can be wrong and just because they

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statistically speaking we're wrong about some things doesn't mean you just throw out the baby with the bathwater doesn't mean you deprive yourself of benefiting, you're going to reinvent the wheel. Go ahead and reinvent the wheel with the rest of your life. You know, go back to you know, grinding your flour with you know, stone mill and you know, making your bread I mean, that's cool actually like that stuff. You know, I would like to understand how to do those things. But if you're not, that's what you want to do when it comes to the religion and you're not qualified to do it. So what's going to be the result benefit from the meth heads? The Med hub is a way to save you the

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average person, save yourself Don't delude yourself that you can sort of access all this sort of stuff and figure it out on your own save yourself benefit from what they said their opinions, you know, take everything with a grain of salt, okay, but realize that you know, you will have done your due diligence, right if you depend on the forest schools, the methods in your field and in your worship and in your devotion.

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