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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges details about the Battle of Tabuk and we gather some more details.

In this lecture, the most prominent story that is discussed is that of Ka'b ibn Malik and what transpired with him in the time of the battle of Tabuk. We also extrapolate valid lessons to imbibe and inculcate regarding sins and their repentance.

Who was Ka'b ibn Malik? He was from the Ansar, particularly from the tribe of Banu Salama. He has the honour of converting to Islam before the Prophet ﷺ immigrated and also was a part of the Baiatul Aqabah.

Procrastination became the ultimate undoing of Ka'b Ibn Malik when he could not be a part of the Ghazwa Tabuk. But he was defended wholly by Mu'adh ibn Jabal RA. When the Prophet ﷺ returned to Madinah, Ka'b Ibn Malik rushed to offer his apologies with the hope that he would be forgiven. But he along with Murara ibn Rabiah and Hilal ibn Umayyah were forbidden from being talked to by anyone in the entire city of Madinah for 50 nights.

Meanwhile, he also receives a letter from the Gassanid king asking him to side with them - only with the sole purpose of destroying the unity and brotherhood of the Muslims and also to comprehend the functioning of the Muslims in order to be better prepared.

What happens at the end of 50 nights? Does he get acceptance of the repentance he had so wholeheartedly wished for and for which he tried his ultimate best? Yes, Allah did accept their repentance after 60 nights.


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