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To get into Barbary Masjid

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Can you see what the Indian government is doing if Kashmir decide I said all my dead body calling for all Hindus to pretty much take over Mecca? tweets he says some historical accounts, placed the number of Hindus the only truth he has spoken is I've lost the source for the country and for the Muslim

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guy right here trying to build a Dallas engineer country. I'm not talking to you right now. You're a solo you're trying to build a Dallas center here. Islam has filed a suit on making brothers and sisters this is exactly why we need the deen center because we have over 300 million Americans who know nothing about Islam like this guy.

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To build a data center in our country from Surah nine is the most violent chapter of the Quran the dissenter will be a source of light, a mega Dawa center and educational center helping our brothers and sisters in humanity truly understand Islam and Muslims and brothers and sisters remember the great rewards of just guiding one person to humanity to the truth is better than everything in this dunya so get in on all the rewards and blessings click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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I salami congruence a peace how're you doing? How you doing? Welcome As Salam on Labor Day in order you good? Fine, this is the Daily Show.

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faith of Islam show Welcome to the deen show. The dean show.

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Student of former

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US may Allah bless him in his grave. I mean president of the IRF come the luck we're gonna be talking about number of people renouncing Indian citizenship in India

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and the many things that are happening India transforming into a breeding ground for fake news under this ruling party but I wanted to get and we're going to be talking about the Barbary Masjid some history there and what's currently happening I wanted to open it up actually with this video here and and get your reaction to it because it leads into everything that we're talking about. Because this here is a call from one of the top priests names Yeti was actually calling Hindus get this to take over Mecca

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Islam kick kill off Islam good jihad. Kick it off booty dirty co Ed good. Garnica booty dirty cola Manikarnika Hindu Rasta, Barbara Sapna hair feels our carcass open her hair Sivaji goes to open her hair licking Josephina hum sabich Jacobi Hona ja Gable Afghanistan Tatiana, he hamaca Gales, Amanda Kobe Lena hoga Tehama de vaca Johanna Mahadev Keegan na Jamjam group bethia agar aapke a Pooja is a fellow named MK a pharma they've come on Neerja

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case Varma they're gonna hit eata Tarpey ki Koibito, Taka Islam to come to naked Shakti aapko cancer bbar, Raja Karna padega John says rock

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there's a top Hindu priests call Yeti you heard of him? Yeah. And you can tell us who he is. He's calling for all Hindus to pretty much take over Mecca. He says today time to unite against

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today time to unite the world against Islam. And you heard of Islam Hindu nation is a big dream. Dream of VNC Savarkar visa worker yes and this is also a dream of Shiva judge Siva Shivaji Maharaj. Yes. Also, he's saying all of us should have this dream to take over Mecca, not against Stan but to invade Mecca. He says the river of Maha Ma has been Eve Maha Maha de the river Maha de flows in the form of zamzam. He's saying and if we don't get how do you pronounce his Maka? Chawan? Maka Shaohua, the city of Makkah Mecca How do you pronounce that in? SHA Shahada. If if we don't win, MK Mecca, ma Hadith?

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The Mahadev is that kind of an attributive name they give to Shiva, one of the prime deities that they worship the know how if we don't do this basically saying we don't take over

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Mecca no power on earth can weaken Islam, you will have to attack Mecca from where the cancer spreads. Now, who is this guy? Now, basically, this guy is a radical Hindu back in India. And he proudly claims that he has his roots

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embedded in RSS kind of an ideology back in India. RSS, as you know, is a very popular organization in India that was established in September 19 125, by head giver. And after establishment, they have been very strongly and openly promoting the ideology of a fascist Hindutva movement. Their inspiration was directly I mean, it's not hidden. It's very open. Their inspiration was Missoni of Italy, the Macedonia, the dictator of Italy at the time, and then their second hero is Adolf Hitler. Yeah, absolutely. And

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a lot of people in the Western countries know this very well. But then, the way RSS has done their job in India,

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we shall really appreciate that part of the groundwork and the way they have changed the minds of millions and millions of Indians. So according to the latest reports, they have, they have about five to 6 million members with them. And they have more than 50,000 registered organizations that work for them how popular Is he is he is he pretty much a house is not very popular, he was booked in a lot of cases, he is popular in the sense because of his I mean, how against how well known is he? He's very long because of these kinds of speeches. And he's promoted there, he was arrested also, he was imprisoned for some cases, but then he immediately was released on bail. So that gives

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an impression that you see I can speak anything and I can come out it's just a fringe element or there's more people like this, I think

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as a speaker as a speaker, he is a fringe element, but he's speaking about the psychology of a very large number today. As I told you five to 6 million people are the members of RSS which works with the same ideology. The only difference between this fellow and the mainstream speakers of RSS would be just like they are not openly speaking what this fellow is saying but end of the day that is what they to believe are these are people that are after soccer night

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don't mean coming back I

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don't want to come back at all.

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more the center's emissary to meet me in Malaysia.

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He said that me sad to meet me Malaysia, not as I can I can we remove the misunderstanding. I said What misunderstanding your police and I know everything about me there's no misunderstanding. No, can we be friends? No problem. As long as you don't tell me do anything against Quran sunnah. I don't want your money. You know what they wanted me to do? They wanted me to support the government that what they're doing in Kashmir is correct. I said nonsense. They gave me safe passage, we will get you back to India. We will delete all your cases.

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Otherwise, you want nothing you want today they're going and telling me can you say what the Indian government is doing? If Kashmir reside? I said Oh, my dead body. You can say yes. Yeah. Yeah. These are the people that he because he had to Zakhar and I had to leave India. Was it because he has this political party? Yes. I mean, that is what is obvious there. Yeah. Yeah. So tell me then this Yeti is he speaking for because he's the voice for this five, 6 million people desire says do they believe this also, not not all of them should invade Mecca. I mean, that is their ideology, because according to a lot of Hindus back in India, they feel that cover Tula, the holy shrine that the

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Muslims go in Hara that house of Allah the first house of worship built by Abraham exactly by Ibrahim Al Islam that was built. As mentioned in surah. Al Al Imran Allah said that at number one to six that it was the first house to be built. Yes. For worship. So now their feeling is it was something when Mama Solana Salam, he conquered Makkah. There were idols instilled inside Makkah Yes. So they say actually those idols the prime idol, there was a Linga. Linga is a Sanskrit word which means means the male private part. So a lot of Hindus back in India, they worship the private part called Linga have a diety called Shema. Wow. And they call Shiva as the destructor. So, they believe

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this deity was in one of the

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his his Linda was there, which is Linda Linda is a Sanskrit word for the male primate part. Oh of this deity of this day in the Kaaba in the Kabbalists is actually in their sword we go, you can verify this is not something that we're just making up. No, I mean, you would just go into Google and search and to say, the belief of Hindus about Linga in Makkah, and but this is not all the Hindus don't believe that definitely. But then those radical kinds of people are trying to poison the minds of the common Hindus also saying that this was there and this was demolished. Give people who are unfamiliar with this. So you just explained that the House of first house of worship built

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by Abraham to commemorate the worship one God, so probably Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them as the last the final messenger, he will at that time, it was 360 idols. He got rid of them all. Yeah. And called humanity to worship only one. God seemed God to Jesus and Moses, the absolute monotheism. Absolutely, absolutely. So now what they want to do is go back and get this deities private part that we used to be in the is I mean, this is that that is what that was one of the one of the gods in the Kaaba, that was the prime, that the same the God was there. Yeah. So

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you see, Abrahamic faiths are very clear. I mean, whether it is Jews, the Christians and Muslims, with whatever political differences or other differences we may have, but these three religions, they are very clear that at Prophet Abraham, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, the actual mission was very clear, worshipping only one God without an image form, without an idol form. And Prophet Muhammad, Allah Islam came with the same mission to correct those things that were corrupted by the people.

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After receiving the message from Abraham, Moses and Jesus, yeah, so he's trying to unite the world. Now, is this why you're seeing for example, this reminded me of this is the Haaretz. Okay, so this is Israeli newspaper. You see, you see what's currently happening there and Lyza, right, you see the current genocide that's happening. But you see a lot of Hindus who are supporting this. So this is this is actually in the Haaretz,

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Israeli newspaper that's saying Hitler's Hindus, the rise, the riots is a mainstream newspaper, the rise and rise of India's Nazi loving nationalists. Yeah. And then you have only and then you have here in this person in Modi's good Gujarat, Hitler is a textbook hero. Yes. Can you elaborate on this? What is this here? It was,

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as I told you, that RSS was formed, being inspired, I mean, Savarkar, headcover, golwalkar. These were the three main personalities for this ideology of fascist Hindutva

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that the belief that a political force is required, a militia force is required. And according to them, Christians and Muslims, unless they don't give up their fundamental religious beliefs, and compromise, and even if they want to practice their fundamental religious beliefs, then still they should compromise on the Indian culture and tradition, which may be religious for many of them. So if they don't do that, then they have no. I mean, they should not live in India after that, if they're not compromising on their fundamentals, to just worship, the culture that existed, maybe 1000s of years back according to them according to the way they are and all that stuff. So now,

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these people, of course, they have this ideology, because they

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were appraising at one point of time, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi movement. And then they also had a great appreciation for Mussolini. So definitely those kinds of things happen. And in Gujarat, it was very popularly known as I think you should an article from Times of India, where in the Gujarat textbooks, they were writing in praise for Adolf Hitler once

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it really some strange alliances and friendships are being formed. And one of them we see that you have the Zionist Christians, for example, who are supporting what's happening in the genocide, right? But when you look at the teachings of let's say, the monotheism, okay that Jews say they follow. You have a lot of Zionists also, who now have hijacked Judaism. And the rabbis that I spoke to have had on the program, the labor, they elaborate on this, but the point I want to focus on is when you see these alliances being formed, let's say with the Christians and I'll get to the Hindus, that now. We as Muslims, we love Jesus. We say peace be upon him. We praise His blood mother

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Right. And it's actually anti Islam to be anti Jesus. Okay, you can't be a Muslim and say I'm anti, right? No way. But over here you have a group that's actually anti Jesus. And Christians are supporting this group. So that's one example. Right? They're actually the Antichrist. Am I correct? But then now you have these,

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these Hindutva these people who

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are the Hindus, alright. So now if they're supporting also, they're forming this alliance. And if you look, you will watch this video here if we can find it, where the Jewish guy is telling the Christian that if the sun Hendren was to hit, meaning the hottie transit Sanhedrin the law, the Jewish law was to come into play, they would actually be executed, the Christians will be asked to countersue what would happen to the Hindus? What would happen to the Hindus in Islam, you actually have your rights to worship and whatnot. But what would happen if now this you're you're you're supporting this, this oppressive state, but if they actually really got to implement these laws,

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what would happen? Absolutely a day, you really raised very good points. Basically, you see, John Esposito when he wrote his popular book, The Islamic threat, the myth,

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Myth or Reality. So in that book, he really describes that Jews lived more happily ever before than ever before, when Spain was ruled by the Muslim Yes. And you see the history, there is one thing that you propagate and there is one thing that history with evidence is records. So on record, if you see Muslims ruled India for about 1000 years, but still we are just 20% Yes, so we never forced anybody to convert, but now the propaganda is Muslims converted people by sward, which Mahatma Gandhi himself never agreed the great freedom fighters and great Indian, Hindu leaders never agreed to that notion. And then even Swami Vivekananda he is one of the reformist Hindus. And he's very

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highly revered by a majority of Indians, Indian Hindus today, and he was a very learned man. And he also said, this is something very wrong to blame that Islam was spread by sward in India, absolutely not. That was not the case. Because when Islam came first time to India, it came during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah Salam. The very first Masjid is in Gujarat area. And that Masjid was built with the direction of prayers towards Palestine.

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So that means that was beta at the time and Mimosa was still living in Makkah. Mama, the direction changed Surah Baqarah surah number two at number 143 When Allah changed, commanded Moses to change the direction towards Makoto mukha, Rama was when he came in Medina, but then you see Masjid is built in India, in Gujarat, with the direction towards the Palestine. Then you have the second mosque built in 629 in the south state of Kerala.

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So, there was no jihad. This is the time and moments Lhasa was still alive. And after that, when Muslims came, they ruled the Mughals ruled India you had the RESNA with dynasty from 771 to about 1126, then you had the Delhi Sultanate, but and the Horus who ruled from Lemond 26, to around 1250, something or the Delhi Sultanate, then you had the Mughals from 12 One and 58 till 77 When oronsay died, and then they became weak. And then you had people Sudan in the south, you have Suraj dolla, Nawab of Bengal, who fought against the British, so Muslims were ruling but majority of the Indians at the time were non Muslims, the Hindus, so forcing somebody to convert is against the Quran. Surah

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Baqarah surah number two, number two and 56 lot

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like Rafi Dean, there is no compulsion in religion. So the tougher rules are number one and nine verse number six lacantina Camillia deal. The first five I'd say give them a message that no force no but don't force anybody to convert their fate. That's that's a myth now that we can clear up there's no conversion by the sword. It's not possible at all. You cannot convert anybody by sword. So this goes against the Quran that goes against the crowd. It goes against the clear verse in the Quran that no compulsion in religion really compels you to believe no, absolutely. It's not possible. And you gave an example now in India, Muslims ruled for what 1000 years and wears their

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masks. This is what the portion of the propaganda is now. This is what they're historically accurate. How can it be possible if you would have been in majority

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otherwise, okay, if that would have happened, we would have been in majority. So we are still 20% that in Spain, we ruled for about eight. And let me go back to example. This is something that seems like people don't like study history anymore. You have like the Jews running persecution to the Muslim lands. Yes. And Christians and Muslims, Christians and Jews living under Muslims rule in Spain for how many 800 years? Yes. And it's relative peace. Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. There was no Muslims forcing you like they were convert or die with inquisitions and you have to

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see it not coming back to the main point that is what I assess or my personal assessment is, yeah. See, basically,

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from the Jewish and Christian perspective, that line of Palestine is very important, from the religious background, for the Messiah for them to come. The Jews have to be there. For Jesus second coming for the Christian belief.

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The Jews have to be there.

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And for us, Muslims, it's the third holiest place, and we know mirage of Missoula, mirage of Missoula. Some happened from Bethel McCandless. So it's very important to us also, but not the way that things are happening. There are two types of religious

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people who are following the religions respectively, there is one group that is academically following a religion. And the other group wants to do it with political force. So anybody who takes religion, with a political violence are definitely going to terrorize other groups in the world. So what we see is this, but if majority of followers of all religions, they want to wait and academically, do the things, as the scripture may have commanded them, know what is happening about

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the idol worshipping people, which Jews can never accept, because when you read the Old Testament, the book of Numbers, the book of Deuteronomy, where Moses is commanded to wage wars, the very purpose of the wars is to demolish all places where any other god is worshipped. Yeah. It's clear demolish them. So they wouldn't be they wouldn't even welcome in Israel. Absolutely. There is no way the way with this fit. They will never why are they supporting him? So there is a saying that there is saying that the enemy of the enemy is my friend. Exactly. Yeah. So now there are political benefits doing that. But the one thing we need to we call this hypocrisy. Absolutely. This is like

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major. Yeah, see, who cares today about to finish your point, I want to ask you a question before I forget about this is an intellectual Zionist, someone Jewish by ethnicity, I don't really think believe he practices Judaism, but he's someone on the front lines, who's seems like he's part of the Islamophobic hate provocateur industry. So I want to get your reaction to one of his tweets. Sure. I was just saying that, if you analyze what's going on today, this is all one thing that we need to really understand. See, India has got a big Youth Power. And Indians have truly proved to the world with the academic qualifications. There is no second thought about it. And

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the timing of a person like Narendra Modi, being the prime minister of India, for him in his very lucky, because he came at a time when Indian youth were doing tremendously great work outside India. So in other words, it's the skill of India is not working in India, they're outside India, because they do not find enough infrastructure and support back in India. But now, when they are outside India,

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what's happened is these politicians, the fascist politicians, through the RSS did a huge groundwork. And the came out in different countries, including the USA, and here they are, again, polluting the minds of these youth, who are Indians who actually came here, through the academic qualifications to earn here, but not because the earnings are very high. They're polluting their minds, to invest with their fascist agenda in India. So this is something that the Muslims living in, in the USA or Europe shall really think about it, bring this up in the notice of the masses here, and then try to work out that this thing doesn't happen in this place. Yeah, absolutely. So

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this is a individual who was just kept popping up in my feed to this day pops up in my feed. I didn't I don't follow him, but on the X, and he's gotten some praise from even Elon Musk. So you can see he's had some influence and the things he sprouting I want to get your feedback to this. He says in one of his tweets, he says some historical accounts

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placed the number of Hindus killed by a series of conquests at 80 million. I lost the reference to the figure comedian, he lost the reference. Does anyone remember who the invaders were? He's referring to do you think? So? I mean, it's a very simple idea. I mean, the only truth he has spoken is have lost the source. Yeah. That's the only that's the only truth there that he lost the source because there's no source. Absolutely. That's the only truth he has spoken there. And the remaining is fake, because this is how the fake develops? Yes, just pick up something and speak as if you have all the evidence. So the remaining statements, he has spoken in a way that it is so sure that this

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happened at million population of India, can you imagine that?

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Can that be possible logically, nor can it can be possible? There is no way lying to the audience because some people don't get it. I mean, today India has a population of 1.2 billion people. 1.2 billion live in India today. Yes. How can it be 80 million 1000 years back?

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It's laughable. Right. So I mean, see what's happening is today. A lot of people as you said earlier, they are not very keenly interest conquest, as he taught what were some conquests what, from the Muslim side this is, this is what the RSS and their Hindutva agenda is they are talking about the invaders, the Muslim invaders, they don't realize and I would like my Hindu brothers and sisters back in India to understand the fact that when you say Muslim rulers don't call them Islamic rulers. They may have followed the fate of Islam. But there was a simple Muslim rulers. Yeah, Adolf Hitler cannot be called a Christian dictator. But he was Christian. He was a Christian. But

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obviously he wasn't following the example of

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I mean, see, we we don't judge Christianity by Hitler. The reason is very simple. See if we are calling him Christian because he said, I'm a Christian. Yeah. But the standard of judging a Christian would always be the teachings of Jesus Christ made peace be upon him. So if anybody from the Jewish community is committing genocide of any other community in the world, any place in the world, and then he says, I'm a Jew, I'm doing it for Judaism. We don't so we absolutely we don't we don't call him a Jew, we will call him a Jew. Because he is saying I'm a Jew. We don't judge Netanyahu by or Judaism by name. Yeah, absolutely. Because we are going to get through the teachings

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of Moses and peace be upon him. So in the same manner, when these people, they speak this rubbish, they need to understand that if Muslim rulers came and invaded India, that destroyed temples, destroying of temples didn't happen only with the Muslims. There are so many Buddhists in India, who have filed hundreds of cases in the courts of India, saying that the Buddhist monasteries were demolished, and Hindu temples constructed by Hindu kings. And nobody can, even to the place of IoT other premises that stood there. Even there is a claim by a Buddhist group saying that there was a Buddhist monastery there. And then you need to understand that

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there is a historian he's right now in America, he is very popular here, by the name of Richard Eaton, or Richard eat on why he's very popular on the YouTube or Google if you google him, Richard Eaton, he has written several books, one of his very popular book is India before 1800. He has done extensive research in the book, and Richard Eaton, he says that there were Hindu kings, Hindu kings on both sides fighting each other. And whichever King conquered the territory of the other king, then the first thing he would do is, he would demolish the Prime Day to worship in the temple, by the other side is looking, this is a Hindu against Hindus. Now. What is he trying to show is the

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culture in India was every king associated himself with a certain deity, yes. And that deity he showed to the people is giving him the power. So the other King when he attacks, he demolishes that temple of that day, he's got up there and sets up his God.

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We call these fake gods, because there's only one, certainly because even Hinduism doesn't agree. Yes, you do. read chapter 32. Verse number three clearly says, notice your breath, Timothy, often there is no image. So worshiping any God in the form of image is against the Vedas. And what's the Vedas for people that don't know? Sorry? What's the bait for people don't understand what's the Vedas are basically the prime Hindu scripture Bible for the Hindus? It's it's absolutely the Bible for the Hindus. In other words, there are primarily for with us when they were written who wrote it, no Hindu on the face of the earth can ever come up with an evidence about it, except a claim but

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that is the guiding source.

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For the religion not

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see, the point is I can say it's a guiding force when it's in the hands of the common masses. See, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs of India, 28, September 2021, a report was published. And the report said, in India, people who can speak Sanskrit language are only 25,000 out of 1.2. It's a dead language now. So but the point is whether it's written in Sanskrit, so when you meet any Hindu scholar in which Sanskrit, so they say in Sanskrit, Venerable Vedas written so, millions of years ago, dissapoint points so people now it's just like when the when you had the different versions in the Bible, it was with the church, right? People aren't people now comparing it same the over here,

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average person can get a hold of it, at least for the Bible, at least at least we have some given point of time. Yeah. Then we're tablets. Yes, right. Then the Quran is confirming there was a scripture given to Jesus may peace be upon him. Solomon, so number three at number 123, Scripture given to Moses, look at the beauty about what they speak about with us. They said millions of years ago, seven riches, the sub parishes, they received a revelation. So who are those wishes, nobody knows. Except the prime name Vishwamitra. Then millions of years it was orally transmitted mitad to others. Now imagine, billions of years it's been transmitted and the language changes. See the gay

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the word gay, g a white gay, in the late 19th century, it meant happy happiness. But today, if you meet anybody, he will never know that it meant that the word has changed drastically, right? Yeah. So now you see the Vedic Sanskrit is a calcified, is enigmatic. It's a very puzzling, and a dead language completely, not readable, inscrutable, for the common masses. And for the learned scholars of Hinduism, it is a complete mystery that keeps on adding to the mysteries that they were trying to explore. Wow. So it's a dead language? Absolutely. You have this passage that you quoted that is says what God has not no other no images, they have composed in the Vedas, which they say it

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happened about 1500 years ago again. So even that Sanskrit doesn't exist. The existing Sanskrit in India has a huge number of Persian words in it.

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It's a huge number of Persian words that are included in the Sanskrit and how many people know this Sanskrit, point 00 2% of Indian population knows it. According to the statistics of Ministry of Home Affairs, you really appreciate the Quran. Now, when you look into that's what I was trying to say, this is the only book on the face of the earth, the Quran, this is the only book on the face of the earth that has an Arabic language, which is read hundreds of times again and again. You see millions of people who don't understand a single word still recited, read it, show me any other book, which you don't understand at all, and you're still reading and memorizing it completely. Then there are

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Arabs. So this is the only book that has held back Arabic language, which was a spoken 1500 years 1500 years back and Arabic was spoken. Same Arabic is spoken still today. And the common children, the adults, they understand the words used in the Quran. Yeah, tell us now. So we also saw we're getting a better understanding. So this person now

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this God saw

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this individual he is

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seems like he's stoking.

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Trying to

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create problems. He's trying to spoke up some flames between against Muslims and bringing up some history there that you've obviously debunked. And he can he can actually bring up some history that's proven that, that he probably doesn't want to offend his audience to Christians, but you have people who were how many in the millions persecuted? Like the Crusades, the Inquisition, this is all historically documented, right? Absolutely. And then it goes back to what you were saying that his ancestors if they're if he's Jewish, like he says he is that they were protected and saved by the Muslims. Absolutely. So I mean, if he checks his lineage and see you know, where they were, at what

00:34:24 --> 00:34:59

time he actually owes a debt a some gratitude to to the Muslim world and that Islam as David Warren Steen had said, it's a produce professor that Islam saved the jury, its slate saved the Jewish people. Absolutely. You see it, it's very clear. I mean, no Jew, no learned you are a very fair Jew you will ever deny this fact. See 70 Christian Era Titus of Rome. He demolished the Solomon's temple, and the diaspora of the Jews happened. So Roman king does it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

means it's a European power

00:35:02 --> 00:35:20

in 70 Christina, Rome is Europe. So Europeans, they demolish the Solomon's temple. And the Jews were pushed and there was a diaspora. They were pushed into Europe. 70 Christian Era till 634 Christian era when Omar Ignatov was captured or conquered by

00:35:21 --> 00:36:06

the Jews were never allowed entry there. They weren't allowed to come back into Jerusalem. Absolutely. They were never allowed. They were banned. They were totally banned. Yeah, there are documents that were exchanged between the father of the church of Jerusalem and Omar, top preserved documents, letters. Were the Fronius. Was it several news? Absolutely. So Fronius is requesting California because California wanted to bring back the Jews and let them stay in Jerusalem. So he says, Okay, well, if don't let them stay back here. Okay, it's fine. If you want to get them back here. Let them come back. But let them just come do their worship at the Wailing Wall and then

00:36:06 --> 00:36:48

return away. But Omar roseola Institure insisted, and historically it is recorded. Once they were kicked out in 70 Christian era from that place, it was over in the hot tub who brought them back into that place. In 624. Christian Randy said no, this is not fair. Because Jerusalem is a place that is revered by the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. So the entry happens by a Sikh by the Caliph of Muslim community, right? And then the Jews start to live there. And then the Jews and the Christians live peacefully there, till the Crusades begins. So So historically, Muslims have known and shown to live in peace with Jews and Christians, we want to live in peace absent when you got

00:36:48 --> 00:37:27

hate provocateurs, like this stirring up hate, this is what causes division. And this is what causes war and hatred. And this is that it stems from that now you have this fear of the unknown. And you think, Oh, this is the boogeyman is being created Muslims coming against you. And then you get these radicals like this guy, like we opened up Islam as a cancer this than the other. And then what happens then you go to war, and then you look at them as animals and what's happening like in Israel right now with the with the Christians and Muslims there. And it's a, it starts with people like this. Absolutely. This is how it starts Shark Tank hypocrites, surely them? Absolutely they are

00:37:27 --> 00:38:12

hypocrites. And if you have observed, see, as long as America and the Europe was in a very good terms with the Muslim, Muslim world, you would never find anybody doing all this stuff. But the political winds changed political requirements and the needs changed. And now you see these frogs popping up from everywhere against Islam. And tomorrow, suppose again, Europe and America befriend the Muslims, you will find them again back into their whole statistic in 1979. Was a Times Magazine did a article report? Yeah. The 16 different 1979 60,000 books were written against this last 80,000 books written against Islam between 1800 to 19 150. From 1800 1950, which would mean one book

00:38:12 --> 00:38:43

printed per day. Yeah, I was talking to a conservative well known conservative Christian. Not too long ago, he was like I was taught to hate. He was asking sincere questions. And he was like, I was taught to hate Islam. And this is this is a mover and shaker in the, in the United States. So to somebody who people look up to he know nothing about Islam, but he's taught he was talking negative about Islam, he's probably been affected by one of these books that someone read, and now they push the stuff on the internet and the media out there, instead of sitting with most of them, come sit with us. It's very simple. Eddie, on

00:38:44 --> 00:38:48

the other side of the coin, see, edit 60,000 books, the printed

00:38:49 --> 00:39:27

anti Islamic books. So for the common masses, these were the books, which they could lay hands on to understand Islam. So as a whole, the Muslim community failed to pass this message. Yeah. That is, that's the major most reason, right? Yeah, we were sent to pass this message to them, so that those books don't affect their minds is to be utterly failed and know when the Muslims are in America. They are in greater numbers than the Hindus in America. But you see, the Hindus have organized themselves so unitedly well, that they have a vice president. They had a running candidate for the presidential election in the USA, and what are the Muslims doing here? The same thing is happening

00:39:27 --> 00:39:56

that happens in the regions in the eastern sites or other places where one group is against the other group. There are the Muslims are divided as Indian Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, Syrian Muslim, Saudi Muslims, so all dividuals no Muslim is in connection with other Muslims. nobody's bothered to come together to sit together to understand the needs of the Muslims in the USA. And then when any fringe group does anything wrong, it's going to affect the entire Muslim community in the USA.

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

Take a lesson from the Hindu zeal

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

By the way, they have united themselves. See Muslims are very happy all by 2050 We will have a Muslim president. So they are waiting for 2050 to come. And there is no Chromebook. They're trying to unite ourselves, push ourselves into academic side, push ourselves to make the society feel that we are a very important part of this society. Tell me this. Let's get into Barbary Masjid

00:40:31 --> 00:40:32

because if you have to Hashem

00:40:34 --> 00:41:17

so this has been a an issue where it now the masjid there for we know it was destroyed some years back. Yeah. And it was on the claim that there was a Hindu god who was born there. Yeah, Hindu deity that was born there. Then it was a ruling by the Supreme Court that there was no such evidence for that. But then they still recently took example from from Israel and who's stealing and they stole the masjid also. Yeah. recopy their friends. Absolutely. So they stole the Masjid. Absolutely, absolutely restored the land? Absolutely, absolutely. There is no second thought as a Muslim. I have deep hurt with whatever has happened. And the time it happened was, that was the time when we were

00:41:17 --> 00:42:03

just in our college. So we are just growing up as Muslims. They're living in India. And one very important thing I would like to make you bring to your notice ID in fact, you know, Abdul Hakim quick from Canada. Yes, historian. Yes. Absolutely. In back into the 19. When I visited Canada, I had an opportunity to meet him. So when I met him, I was just discussing and because he has a history background, he told me something very surprising for me. He said, late 1980s, he had gone to Spain. And he was at Cordoba, Masjid, the very popular Masjid of Spain and very beautiful architecture of that masjid. And there he met with a Hindu group visiting the masjid. And he was

00:42:03 --> 00:42:23

surprised why are these people visiting this place? And then when he discussed with them, he said, I realized at that time, that Hindus as a group, a particular group of Hindus, back by a certain ideology, they are going to places in the world where the Muslims lost the rule.

00:42:25 --> 00:42:58

And they were there was a genocide of the Muslims committed at that place, and studying those places there. And learning how the genocide happened. What were the techniques of the genocide? Wow. And he says this was back in late 1980s. And you see Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992, December 6, December 1992. And another very important aspect to understand I don't know how the political so this was before 1992 This was a mosque a place of worship, that was 630 600 are worshipping there.

00:42:59 --> 00:43:49

It was stopped because when there was some issue that happened, when was it stop? ageless? Stop somewhere after 1948 Okay, but before that, yeah, Muslims are worshiping worshiping the absolute when they came in, they put a pause on that. I feel so sad for the Hindu brothers and sisters, that this notion that ROM was born over there, as a recorded evidence was for the first time in the history produced by Montgomerie Maxwell, a Christian from Britain, who was in India. And he wrote this down that Monday was demolished animals it was built over it. This was the first little evidence in 1838. Before 1838 you do not find any recorded dispute between Hindus and Muslims that

00:43:49 --> 00:44:36

claim one thing there are two three very important aspects that as Muslims and as our indo St. And the good into brothers and sisters need to understand from Indian subcontinent. See, there are two people who are very popular, Lee coated as authors of Romans, one is Valmiki. He is the most popular who is highlighted there, back in India as an author of the Ramayana. Now while McCain is into Rama and never mentions that as the birthplace for Rama, the main person who for the first time is supposed to have composed from an array, then the second person. Now when did he do it? So they say he did it. In Krita yoga he was a contemporary of rock, but first time his sayings of Rama and our

00:44:36 --> 00:44:58

compositing 200 BCE 200 years before Christ, fine. There is another person who writes 1/10 mass Charit Manas, which is again a part of Ramayana. This is very popular in India by the name Tulsidas. He lived in 15 117/16 century and he writes ramen

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

I'm going to talk about this is a deity about the date he writes the same day it this is something very important it he is in 15 117 Babri Masjid is constructed in 1527.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:54

This person is writing Rama and he is the second most popular author of Ramadan, presently the most propagated author of Ramadan. Yes, he's in the same period when Bobby Moses is constructed and he's not saying anything. He's not writing about the birthplace of Rama to be that place but his God, see, that's why you need Islam because Kulu Allahu Ahad say God is the only one absolutely the eternal he doesn't become born it doesn't sleep. So when you start attributing human qualities to the one above Earth, now you've got this kind of confusion is pay off and what the thing is see when you know God is not like a human being? Absolutely, he's not like me and you that he becomes boring.

00:45:54 --> 00:46:40

Even this is a question we need to ask them in the process. Did Rama ever say in the entire episode of Rama another time God and worship me? No, you never said that? Yeah, never. And first of all, as a Muslim I, I don't believe that he ever existed. He is supposed to be a mighty political figure by a lot of educated people worldwide. When did it happen? So they say it happened in Treta Yuga. What is the strata yoke. So Hindus divided the entire date of the Earth into four epochs? The Creta yoke, the Treta yoke, the Dwapara, Uganda call you what does that mean? There are four periods periods. So data yoke when Rahman happened is about 864,000 years before Jesus Christ monkeys. How are you? How

00:46:40 --> 00:47:22

are you going to prove that now? How are you going to where you're going? That's more that's what evidence 64,000 years, 864,000 years, and that it leaves a lot of room for people making stuff? Oh, absolutely. It's 64 dozen years back, it happens. And first time that story is composed, according to them in 200 BC, and even that story doesn't mention, then there are 300 different versions. So compare that compare that contrast for people who don't understand when we say it was a statement from Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing and we found the most documented man in history. It's so if we say he said, and we quote, let's say Behati, or Muslim, authentic, now we have a chain of

00:47:22 --> 00:48:00

narrators, right. Yes. So it goes from a which is him to be seen, or it goes from the person narrating to ABC, and then the Prophet Muhammad identified it like that? Absolutely. How many people typically are there before him? How many? From body? You know, yeah. So you have how many people in a chain? Usually, typically, it depends, because sometimes if he has spoken in the midst of 34 people, all the 34 people can report the same thing, but every person you could scrutinize when they were born, did have a good memory. Were they honest? If they're dishonest? We don't even do other than that. What about this book? What about the Quran? This is the only book that is completely

00:48:00 --> 00:48:39

memorized on the face of the earth completely memorized, authenticated, like no other book. Yes. So if the person reciting without looking into it makes a mistake, there are Mirza standing behind to correct him. See, when I when I first you know, when I started looking at all the different religions and looking you have so much folklore, you have ancestor worship, you have all of these strange, weird things that are out there, you know, and it's like no proof, there's no evidence. There's no solid evidence. It is something that he I don't know whether to call it funny or something very interesting. You know, Ramona is the villain character of the story of Ramona,

00:48:39 --> 00:49:21

Ramona. He is the one who was killed by Lama finally, to get back his wife Sita. Now, if you go to India, Rajasthan is a BJP ruled state. Madhya Pradesh is a BJP ruled state. Uttar Pradesh is a BJP ruled state Maharashtra is a BJP ruled state and you have Karnataka and another state Himachal Pradesh. All these states have a temple of Rama Rama Rama is worshipped who's this now the person who the same who kidnapped the wife of Rama. So these are two deities. Now. Another two from the main Ramayana perspective, from the majority of Hindu perspective, he is the villain or he's the villain. He's the villain. But then back in India, we have temple worshipping Him worshipping him

00:49:21 --> 00:49:41

now, everybody gets turned into a god. This is why this is one thing. Another very interesting thing is Ramana was written by some Buddhists also. Yeah, so the Jataka Buddhism, the Jataka Buddhists, when you read the Ramayana by the Jataka Buddhists, according to them, Ram and Sita are not husband and wife they are brothers and sisters.

00:49:42 --> 00:49:53

Most people don't know about this so So Jesus was against this Moses was against this he was against this all the prophets of God were against idol worship, paganism, all of these things.

00:49:55 --> 00:50:00

Even this, what you talked about earlier, the Vedas all against this and elastin fundamentals at the back

00:50:00 --> 00:50:38

problem you need to put what to get out which not the RSS and BJP is strongly promoting. Yeah, back in India, Prime Minister Modi, wherever he goes, he gifts Bhagavad Gita to the I mean eminent personalities around the world, the presidents and all these people. You read Bhagavad Gita, chapter seven, verse number 20, and 21, Krishna, the prime deity, there are the time figure. In Bhagavad Gita, he says, The people have less intellect, they worship false gods fake gods, they shall worship only one God. Yes. It seems like you have so many intelligent people developing software's and, you know, billionaires, but when it comes down to God, and every they turn their brain off, and they're

00:50:38 --> 00:51:11

just like, in a humbled hum, and I think this is like spiritual, this is how you get close to God. You see that the simple reason is, they are more into bodily pleasures of the life. So for them, any religious belief, where you need to make research will prevent them from the lust. Yeah. So they don't want to go into depth of this. They're enjoying it perfectly well. And then the system has been developed such by the rascals in the rule, that they don't want the masses to know the truth always. Yeah.

00:51:12 --> 00:51:50

That's why when people look into Islam, and they see the simplicity, the chain, the continuous chain of Revelation, that came the chronological order, all the messengers came with the same message. I missed one point that I wanted to tell. Bobby was it was demolished in December 6 1992. Yeah, there was something very interesting happened in 1992. January, the first what happened? The same year, first January 1992. For the first time after independence in India, officially Israeli embassy was opened. Were in, in India In India after January 1992. After the demolition, oh, when the same year, the same year, the first January when the

00:51:51 --> 00:51:59

first january, february mosque was the limit the same year in December. Yeah. Wow. January 119 92.

00:52:00 --> 00:52:14

That Israeli embassy is established in India. Yeah. Six December 1992 12 months later, yeah. 12 months and precisely say demolish the Masjid. What do you think there's some connection there? Allah knows. Yeah, Allah knows best.

00:52:15 --> 00:52:19

So but this happened, another part is see. Let me be very fair also.

00:52:20 --> 00:53:08

The issue of Babri Masjid. It happened when BJP was not in rule. Yeah, it was all the way Congress 70 years rule of Congress. The Prime Minister is the Congress Prime Minister when that idols were instilled by one fellow called Abram interfaced, he broke the gate of Babri Masjid went inside to instill idols in Bobby Massie. And then Congress didn't react much to it. Instead of finishing of the shoe, they lock the musket. Yeah. And then, when Rajiv Gandhi, around 1980s, he broke the lock of the masjid and made a puja to be done inside was a puja. The ritual way of worshipping of the idols that the industry is where they bring in the rats and stuff.

00:53:10 --> 00:53:23

Have you seen the rats? Yeah, what's with that? I mean, see, as it is popularly believed, Hindus believe in a lot of gods, right? Yeah, like they say Vishnu had incarnations. So one of his incarnation is the big

00:53:25 --> 00:53:54

one of his incarnation is the fish now who said Vishnu? Vishnu is supposed to be a prime principal diety? Yes, Vishnu. Vishnu. Yes, Vishnu is a Sanskrit word which translated into Arabic, it could mean rubber, the Cherisher and Sustainer. So they may get into now an attribute became a god for them. And then this Vishnu he, the seventh incarnate is Rama, according to them. What they did when Buddhism was many people don't know now on page

00:53:55 --> 00:54:25

three, ABC, ABC two I want people to before you continue because we're talking about and you're actually a many would consider you not only a scholar of the Bible, but also scholar of what we have of the vishna of comparative religion is Sarah, you've been studying Hinduism for a long time for years, right? Yeah. Okay. So, just I want to make that point. Thank you so much. I did three BC three BC till about fourth Christian Era, Buddhism was the majority religion in India.

00:54:27 --> 00:54:40

Hardly anybody speaks about it. Now, the Hindus need to understand why Gautam Buddha born in a Hindu family, left Hinduism who left Hinduism got them a Buddha was born a Hindu family.

00:54:44 --> 00:54:51

So, yes, the ultimate Buddha, Gautama Buddha, right. Yeah, he left when he was a he was a Hindu

00:54:52 --> 00:54:59

family. Yeah. And he left Hinduism right. And the reason to live into Islam is he wanted peace. What do you think about the theory that he was actually one

00:55:00 --> 00:55:04

he possibly could have been a prophet of God that he was he was calling to

00:55:05 --> 00:55:43

to worship God on His people people twisted his I honestly don't believe that. The reason is very simple. So the Bani Israel surah number 17 At number 36 do not pursue that knowledge about which you just don't know yet. Yeah, Allah and Mombasa never mentioned that so I'm not going to say maybe also, I don't know I had once some chef who was thinking he was into Buddhism and whatnot before and he thought he possibly maybe he could have been a prophet of Allah and why to leave that scope. I mean, that scope we don't even get from the remotest of sayings of Prophet mamas was an area for annuals, right? Yeah. So no, see, Gautama Buddha. He left him with him. Then you had grown. Amma Ji.

00:55:44 --> 00:55:53

Yeah, right Sikhism and Guru Nanak Ji is also born Hindu. And he leaves Hinduism. Yeah. Why did they leave in tourism? It was such a peaceful religion.

00:55:55 --> 00:56:37

What about these rats? Oh, the elephant rat, big fish. And the cow. See we have every human being and I asked every human being to to look deep down and say, Well, we have this fitrah this innate disposition right? When the truth comes to you. And that's why when people when they look into Islam, they really look at sincerely. It resonates with their innate nature, the worship of the Absolute One God that your monotheism and it's something that draws you in. But how do you get drawn into the worship of animals, rats and pigs and all this stuff? That's your fifth through uni nature's like, this is what Allah said. Someone Bookman Omean formula tune, we have sealed their

00:56:38 --> 00:56:49

hearing the sight and their hearts, they will not return. If Allah seals aid, then he will do anything. See if people have started to worship certain people certain words you say nowadays.

00:56:50 --> 00:57:00

There are people who absolutely say that there is no God. All this crazy weird stuff. Yes. It's it's getting crazy out there a few more minutes. I just want to

00:57:01 --> 00:57:02


00:57:03 --> 00:57:12

or want you to elaborate on this the number of people renouncing because India is growing. But you have so many people announcing Indian citizens citizenship. We can see.

00:57:14 --> 00:57:16

Yeah, this graph here. Why is that?

00:57:18 --> 00:57:29

See, basically, if you check into this, I think that graph that you showed is from website if I'm not wrong, yeah. This that one is from

00:57:32 --> 00:58:00 Right. This Yes. Yeah. I think I was just going through that study a few days back. Yeah. between 2020 to 2022. It says 1.8 million Indians have denounced Indian citizenship. Why? The basic reason I personally feel is the political scenario the the way a particular majoritarian form of

00:58:01 --> 00:58:44

rulership is coming up in India these days. And then the way hints are being given by Prime Minister Modi, Ji, when he says in the Lok Sabha, that once we win the 2024 election, there are going to be drastic things that will come in India, which never happened in the last 1000 years. I've heard people from India tell me that they're trying to possibly do a genocide against Muslims there. Is that true? I mean, if you personally asked me, it's we are on the verge of that situation, it very strongly appears, whether it happens or not, Allah knows the best, but from the situations and you showed me a video of that fellow. There are so many videos of the same fellow that yucky review. A

00:58:44 --> 00:59:30

few people like this, there's so many, so many videos is he clearly says kill them. I showed you one guy. Yeah. And this guy, Yogi Adityanath, who is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, there were videos about him circulating long back in India, where he said that the Muslim women shall be pulled out of the graves and read who said this person Yogi Adityanath, same guy, not the same guy another No, he is very cheap compared to Yogi Adityanath. So you're gonna is a bigger now premiere of one of the prime states of India. Disgusting. And you should one people, you I mean, I saw when you were holding it. He says the amount of vitriol actually take five more Muslims from the Muslim and build

00:59:30 --> 00:59:59

temples there. But we are asking them to give only three. Now he's giving that statement being the Chief Minister of State. So what what kind of psychology is he creating in the minds of the Muslim community? It's the kind of fear psychosis paranoia that is getting created. And Muslims in India totally wide vacuum completely for real leadership. We may have a lot of politicians, one very popular politician but we don't have leaders at all in the Muslim community.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:43

What's this Davos World Economic Forum Global Risks report 2024 ranks India as a number one and propagation of disinformation and misinformation. India transformed into a breeding ground for fake news under this BJP ranks number one. See it's put it this way back in India. Yeah, put it this way back in India. It is like anything that goes against Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a fake news back in India. Yeah. And all the top social media platforms, they immediately jump to defend him. And whatever is being promoted in favor of the ruling party and everything. The entire world sees it as fake media, fake news.

01:00:44 --> 01:00:56

You understand my point? The entire world, what the world sees as fake news, based on investigative resources. India puts it as main news

01:00:57 --> 01:01:37

because most of the mainstream channels are sold out to the ruling party. So they put it as the main news. freedom of press is gone. Freedom of speech is gone. People in the religious field including me, we feel scared to speak anything. Academically truthful alts in India, absolutely. We feel suffocated. Now there. What happens if people are scared, they'll get what locked up? They'll get? Absolutely they will be they will booked in false cases. And this has happened to a lot of people. Yeah. But there is no evidence and the system, the court system there is such that the the ruling government knows it very well. If somebody is booked into a case of

01:01:38 --> 01:01:59

anti Hindu or anti national kind of case, then six to eight years, he will be running in the court for the bail and all that stuff. And by the time the case ends, it'll be 10 years, 12 years, maybe 30 years. So that's the end of the person there. So if you can do it to one or two popular people there, then the whole community gets demoralized after that.

01:02:02 --> 01:02:06

Well, so I think we covered a lot. So we started off with this

01:02:07 --> 01:02:16

top Hindu priests Yati, calling for Hindus to take over Mecca, and you. He's just one of them. There are many like him now.

01:02:17 --> 01:02:58

And I think there's still hope at the end of the day, if we have a Hindu or anybody else could be a Christian watching, we really asked him to read this book, read the Koran for yourself, don't let nobody program you. Look for yourself and see what it promotes what it teaches, don't quote verses out of context, put it in his context and see that at the end of the day, this is a call to the pure monos that is an absolute monotheism worship the Creator, not the creation, living a morally upright life caused you to the fitrah the innate way that a human being is supposed to live to goodness, you'll see there is a direct imp Mahina piece with your neighbors. That's what I'm saying. There is

01:02:58 --> 01:03:23

an add in for a month Mahina where Allah says, Allah does not prevent you to live in peace and respectfully with the non Muslims who do not fight you for your religion, per se chapter 60 Verse A right God Almighty, the creator does not forbid you from living in Christ living in peace acting kindly and Josie with those who do not oppress you fight you against against yeah against you for your religion and as common sense. Yes.

01:03:24 --> 01:04:07

Common sense that makes so that that that trumps were any other verses where they're talking about you know, kill them wherever you find and all these other stuff they caught out. That's in war that's in battle. But here this verse, you see the number of ayat in the Quran related to fighting are much far lesser than the verses in Bhagavad Gita about killing the enemies. What's Bhagwad Gita for people don't know kita is the most popular religious book presently in India read by the Hindus Yeah. They say you want to take inspiration in life? Take it from Gita, what about the Vedas? Gita? Those are the same. This subject is so interesting, Eddie, it will require a bit more Yeah, yeah. A

01:04:07 --> 01:04:48

time to understand it. Vedas they say are revealed scripture. Yeah, Bhagavad Gita. Again, like Ramayana, this is from an epic, longest epic in the world. Yeah. So you anybody can win a quiz. Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world, with about 100 Total shlokas in it, which would be 200,000 independent statements supposed to have been written by VEDA Vyasa. Nobody exactly knows but whether he wrote or not, what's the statement that you were saying? I was saying that there's more, that is in there much more, much more. And Krishna directly says in Bhagavad Gita, when you read chapter number two of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says in chapter number two of Bhagavad Gita, he is

01:04:48 --> 01:05:00

educating the warriors from the Hindu religion shadetree as especially Arjun, the character whom Krishna is giving a discourse to, he says, Remember

01:05:00 --> 01:05:42

We all share three hours. There are four pine casts in Hinduism, the Brahmins, they are supposed to do all the religious teachings and teachings and explanation of religious scriptures, the shade three hours are the warriors. Then you have the wife, she has the farmers, and the shooter has the lower class that is supposed only to serve the three upper class. So now Shatori as Krishna is saying, imagine this statement, OSHA three as you're fortunate enough, because you get an opportunity again and again, to fight in the cause of religion. And I tell you, there is nothing better for you than to fight in the cause of religion. If you win, you are victorious, and you get

01:05:42 --> 01:06:20

the booty. And if you die, you're a martyr. This isn't a Hindu scripture. This is what he's saying. Yeah. So it looks like a lot of these religions. Islam has been the one that's been really scrutinized. But you have people who are looking at it and you have people who went into it to scrutinize it, they ended up becoming Muslim. They're seeing past the lies the programming, and there's others who have wickedness in their hearts and they try to twist the verses and play and one thing I think you're missing but here's the thing before it was our point is that these religions, like the others, like the this one people haven't really looked into see what they're promoting.

01:06:20 --> 01:07:04

What's the text say? Like they did the Quran, let's unfold at some package like you did the Quran. We hardly find them at all you find them. They promote them. They're like kind of mystical. And you know, it's like something that is peaceful and it's just about the self and development and all these fancy terms that are used. But when you really get deeper, you're talking about worshiping worshiping different demigods semi Gods you know, you mentioned the private part and the one of the gods that they want to attack mecca for because in Aqaba, all this rats and animals and worship and you go to jail for eating a steak sandwich people have been lynched for eating a cow eating the cow

01:07:04 --> 01:07:37

and you have a surprise if I tell you 70% of Indians are non vegetarian. Now 70% Indians are non vegetarians, wow. And this is this is a report published in The Times of India Yeah. 21 July 2022 or 23 summers 70%. And you know, 45% of Hindus are non vegetarian. And the biggest exporter of cow meat is Al kabhi. The name of the foundation and the other is a Hindu of Gujarat. Wow.

01:07:38 --> 01:07:44

You know, what happened recently, when the Houthi is the height of the ship

01:07:45 --> 01:08:15

in that water and the lifted what was there in it all cows belonging to India, India was exporting the cows. But don't lock up Muslims for eating beef. Absolutely, this is a big hip Look at this. And then when you go to go Go is a place of tourism of * and all this and you have a lot of Israeli tourists maximum Israeli tourists that visit Goa. So in that state of Goa you have BJP rule. Yes. And in Goa eating cow is permissible.

01:08:17 --> 01:09:08

Can you imagine that? Yeah. Wow, this is so people can go online to watch some of your debate debates and also some of your dialogues and also to these topics, you go in more in depth into Hinduism, and also the Bible and whatnot. President of IRF Imran I just wanted to make one small point, we should be very clear, please, Hinduism is different from Hindutva. Now, these people, the radicals, the fascist RSS and their allies, they are promoting radical Hindutva and what is Hindutva according to their father Savarkar. He said Hindu twice is not religion. It's not Hinduism is very clear in it Hindutva is not Hinduism. It is Hindu Ness in us. So what is indigenous Hindu oneness is

01:09:09 --> 01:09:53

adopting all the rituals and culture that we had. So when he says that he's actually talking about Gupta period, the Gupta dynasty in India, it was a brahminical dynasty that ruled between third century to fourth century. So, every thing that Gupta period, it is this period, that you had the promotion of all the temples in India, and every kind of worship that you see in India today, it is from this period, all serials and movies that the Hindus are watching today, they took it from Bhagavata Purana Bhagavata. Purana is a Purana which is secondary in importance to the Vedas and Puranas. Were all promoted by the Gupta dynasty. There are about 36 branches 18 are Maha Puranas and

01:09:53 --> 01:09:59

at Naropa Puranas. The great parameters are the are the major and minor Puranas amongst the major

01:10:00 --> 01:10:46

the Puranas there is one Bhagavata Purana. So, all these serials and everything that you see in him the dramas and everything the idols are worshipped, had been developed from the Brahma, which is against the revealed scripture of the Vedas. And the best part is when you read the MaHA Purana bhavishya Purana profit mamas Allah Islam is mentioned by name there yeah problem hummus in are you talking about us? Even in the what we have now of this? Right see Vedas for every hindu is the top in your head. You have the last Ivana Mr. Santa Monica mentioned in a prophecy. It's kind of weird. Yeah. What's number 21? Number 127. It's called the contract SUTA. Yes, what's number one to 13 It

01:10:46 --> 01:11:28

says, a receiving a camel riding Rishi. So for Hindu Brahmins, it is not permissible to ride a camel. When you read Manu Smithy. The municipality categorically says that a Hindu cannot ride a camel. So who will be the rishi means a scholar, a teacher. So camel riding Rishi. We know customer was the name of the camel of Prophet moments. lawlessly there his camels mentioned in there the name, not the name, but it's a prophecy. Yes, the prophecy is saying he will be accumulating. He doesn't say as per particular spatial summation, but his name from him. His name is mentioned in Publisher Parana idea three part of three country number 10 to 27. When you read it says, First is

01:11:28 --> 01:12:03

three to five it says Muhammad will come or rather put another boat was a dynasty of Raja. You don't need to go to his place. His followers will come to you. And you will receive Him with great honor. And then 10 to 27. The prophecy says his followers will not grow a tail on the head of the tail. The end, they will grow a beard. Wow. They will be meat eaters. They will not purify themselves with herbs and shrubs. They will fight in the way of God to purify and they will call the people to worship.

01:12:04 --> 01:12:14

And it's all about Muslims. Wow, it doesn't take too much to put those pieces together to figure out hey, Mr. Mohammed, his name is there what else you want? Yes, so

01:12:15 --> 01:13:01

it's quite nourishing. So narration, narration sizes. I mean, any any Hindu who watches this? Should it really entice him or motivate him to look into the light translation of the name of Mimosa some is the Mara is a Sanskrit word which means man shinza means praise. The praise to man. The name Muhammad Arabic name, praised one, the best one. Yeah, that's what it means. And it's not mentioned in one place already. Several will come is mentioned Rigveda is the top of all the Vedas. When you tell Hindus is what did they What did they say? Those who are those who are honest and who have an academic approach they really want to understand what's this? Wow, that's the then you have these

01:13:01 --> 01:13:37

kinds of ignoring people that say the moguls changed it. Okay, so we tell them that's changing how many other things if if their claim, if it just changed, then why do you keep the book with your study? Keep the book with you. Yeah, that's great, because it makes sense. Yeah, forward thing. But you see when you read these Vedas, nourish Anza, meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, he's mentioned that he will come in Rigveda book number one, him number 13 Verse number three Requena book number one in number 18 Verse number nine dickwella. Book number one in number one not recording that he's regretful Muhammad prophesized. In the Vedas, yes, narration sub will come.

01:13:39 --> 01:13:44

Book number two, him number two, verse number 3552722. All these places is mentioned

01:13:45 --> 01:13:56

your way he's mentioned chapter 20, verse number 37, Chapter 20, verse number 57. Tip number 28, verse number two, chapter 28, verse number 19, Chapter 28, verse number 42, Chapter 29, verse number 27 medicines.

01:13:57 --> 01:13:58


01:13:59 --> 01:14:14

a lot for people to process and it's very simple. And then when you look at this will save a lot of people from all this agony of having to rebel against your innate nature and worship animals. You set yourself free and worshipped the one and only one.

01:14:15 --> 01:14:55

Okay, one last point, if we are to conclude a day, we really need to think about this thing. Yeah, 57 Muslim countries on the face of the earth today. And we know one of them was a very important country for the Muslim world based on the holy places there Makkah and Medina and the way it's changing now. It's unbelievable. And the way the hope that the Muslims had with the Arabs, because a lot of non Arab Muslims around the world, two thirds of the Muslim population around the world or more than two thirds is non Arab population, looking towards the Arab as the children of Prophet and his companions, but the things the way they are going around there, and 57 Muslim countries there is

01:14:55 --> 01:15:00

a big difference between certain Western countries and Muslim

01:15:00 --> 01:15:25

In countries today, the Western countries not openly, but definitely on a different level supporting the promotion of the religion of Christianity or Judaism. But from 57 Muslim countries, you do not have a single one doing that, except that what they promote is a political a supportive ideology against other Muslim groups.

01:15:27 --> 01:16:05

But as Islam getting promoted in different places, we don't find it see, Arabs, the bit many massages around the world, give donations to build masajid absolutely salute to them for that. But building a budget doesn't become the reason to propagate the religion. We need people who will speak to the non Muslim brothers and sisters, educate them what Islam is what Quran is, who is Muslim, he is not our soul. His Euro zone is for the whole of mankind as a whole of humanity his Rahmatullah Alameen mercy Dollar Man Mankey footprint is seven wars but killed only one with his sword.

01:16:07 --> 01:16:09

This is historically documented, absolutely

01:16:10 --> 01:16:17

participated in 27 killed only one in 27 Wars the number of enemies killed are hardly 300

01:16:20 --> 01:16:22

So this we need to tell the people

01:16:25 --> 01:16:27

this is a really deep Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

01:16:29 --> 01:16:33

Explaining a lot what's going on in India does like a look at

01:16:34 --> 01:17:14

the legal stuff cut and thank you guys. So if you'd like a free copy of the Quran, visit the deen You can hit the chat box. I'm really sorry to interrupt you I really wanted to show it tells us in the beginning but then seeing that video, everything changed. I request my brothers and sisters everywhere in the world to contribute to Eddie's time pass the Dawa center that he's constructing, I have personally visited it. I think it's one of the best places I've ever visited in the USA, and his understanding of Islam and the situations in USA. He has been striving for decades altogether now to try to spread Islam in the right perspective. And then looking at the

01:17:14 --> 01:17:49

circumstances we really need to support our brother Eddie for this because he's coming up with a very beautiful power center. May Allah bless him for this and may Allah bless our Muslim brothers and sisters for supporting him and I request my Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide please come forward because this is the need of the time Hamdulillah we have been building masajid with millions of dollars Mashallah. We need a Dharma Center also your support is very important. Please come forward to support him for this inshallah his Dawa center that is coming up in Tampa in Florida. Insha Allah does not go ahead. Thank you so much. Thank you. And if you'd like a free copy of the

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Quran was at the deen Ask your questions you can call us also if you have any questions about Islam don't be shy visit us and subscribe hit that notification bell so you don't miss any upcoming sighting shows. Thank you just like well hi us Salam aleikum.

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