Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 14 Torture and Persecution of the Weak

Yasir Qadhi
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This is not an Arab phenomenon, it is a Jewish phenomenon. The Jews understood who is a prophet, the Arabs did not know who is a, or what is a prophet. And that is what Allah says, due to the common man attack woman, Nigerian public, that you can warn the nation who didn't have a prophet before them that they knew. Of course, the prophet Abraham was there, but his legacy was almost forgotten. They didn't really know what is a prophet. And so Allah says he had not sent a prophet before to the Arab nation. And therefore, when the Arabs heard of this, that you are a prophet of God, the only other nation that they knew who believed in profits were the Jews and Christians. And so they sent

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emissaries to the Jews, they sent emissaries to the people of the book, in order to say, Okay, this is a phenomenon that is from your religion is happening in our culture. And we know it's not true. We don't believe in this. So why don't you tell us something that we can quiz the Prophet with? We can try to ask the Prophet so I said them, and obviously, because they thought he was a false prophet, he was not going to be able to answer so his lies will be exposed. And so they sent a number of delegations to Medina, at that time is called yesterday. And that is because yesterday was the only place that were Jews living close by. And so they sent a number of delegations to

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yesterday. In one such delegation, the alikat upset, asked him about Isaac and yaku, Jacob and Joseph use of because that is their lineage. The Jews are from Bani Israel. And who is Israel in Israel? It is, who is Israel, Yahoo. Right? So ask you about your husband, his father and his son asked him about what happened to the family of Yahoo. And so they went through the process and they asked him about the family of Jacobian use of and Allah revealed all of pseudo use of as a response to that. And Allah says in pseudo use of that you didn't know the story. You were not there when they plotted against you. So remember, we didn't have suzu. So we talked about this right? Now we'll

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link it to the serum, that this is one of those questions the Jews asked the Arabs to ask the Prophet Muhammad, isn't it because the Arabs the Quran had no clue who Joseph was? And so the Prophet system is quiz. Do you know who is jackal? Who is Jacob and the family of Jacob? And what happened to the family of Jacob, the inner struggle between the children of Yahoo. So the process of them answered miraculously, in one of the most beautiful Susan, the Quran that we spent three, four months doing it at zero. And all of this goes back to one point of trying to quiz the Prophet system. Another famous incident occurred also in this is again in the early Mexican phase that they

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sent a delegation to the trip, and they asked, what should we ask, tell us some quiz questions to ask. And so they said, there are three questions we can tell you. Nobody would know this except a true prophet, from the prophets of Israel, because again, from them, they only understand the prophets of Israel. These are three questions. Only somebody who is from within that understanding will be able to tell us otherwise he will not be able to know. And so asking about three things, number one, ask you about the story of the young man who enter the cave and slept a long time.

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The young men who entered a cave and slept a long time, these are folklore and legends, only a prophet knows the details. Number two, asked him about a man who travelled the world from the east to the west, and who had experiences that are legends.

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And number three, ask him about the roof. What is the roof? And what is it made of? Where What is it coming from? And so and this is a report in Timothy and it is slightly weak. But again, it's we don't have a problem with weak traditions overall, the prophet system, when he was asked these three questions, he responded confidently, that come back to me tomorrow, and I will tell you the answers to these three questions. And because he was overconfident, and because he didn't say insha Allah, and this shows us who is the rub and who is the one who is the servant, that shows us who is the master and who is the slave of Allah. And the slave of Allah is not a derogatory title. It is the

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highest honor and a lot of calls the prophet SAW said him the slave of Allah four times in the Quran four times. Well, I'm mahkamah Abdulahi, right. So finally I saw the IV D, the Vatican and isn't for Kannada Abba de four times a lot of calls the process of them avid and this is not derogatory. It is the height of praise because Allah is saying, This man is my chosen servant. He is my perfect worshipper. There is no honor for human higher than being a worshipper of Allah and a slave of Allah. So Allah says, This is my slave. And therefore, the prophet system expressed over confidence and he didn't say in sha Allah, and so instead of one day, it was dragged on to two

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And the kurush began to mock the Prophet system that word has your false spirit abandon you what has happened. And eventually Allah revealed as you all know, suited can have all sort of telegraph came down. So it's a gaffe was a response to these three questions. And these three questions are all answered in so little gap. Of course, the story of GAF comes from the men of the cave, right? tell them the story of the men in the cave, what happened. And so details are given that even the Jews did not know. But these are found in the Quran. Similarly, the process was asked about the man who traveled all over the world from east to west, and nobody knew who he was. And so a lot revealed

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that this is the name. Now point here. Some people say that though collinwood was Alexander the Great, there is not just no evidence for this citizen fact, contrary to many things that we know, Alexander the Great was a well known pagan, his chef was Aristotle, Aristotle was the private tutor of Alexander the Great, and there is no question that Alexander the Great was a pagan idol worshiper. And Aristotle was a believer in the gods of the Greek mythology. And so they'll coordinate is not Alexander. And there's other things as well, which is not the place to get into but they'll coordinate is a figure we don't know who he is. He's not mentioned in western sources,

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but he seems to have been a worldwide traveler, was the prophet or not scholars have different about this was the weather he was a prophet, or just a king, Allah knows best.

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And then the third question was about the Spirit. And a lot revealed in the Koran warriors aluna, kangaroo, Holy Roman me, rob the woman at two minute illa kalila. They ask you about the Spirit, the Spirit is from the affairs of a loss from the minute mysteries of Allah. And no one knows about the spirit except for or sorry, no one knows about knowledge, none of you have been given knowledge except for a little bit. And therefore, the spirit, Allah did not answer about it. But he answered that this is of the mysteries of a law that you're never going to know. And so the trick question was, in fact answered in that the Jews knew that nobody has knowledge of the Spirit. And so if he

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had answered a detailed knowledge, then it would have been against the question, because the question was a trap. It was a trick question, that the Spirit is one of the mysteries of Allah, nobody will understand what is the human soul? What is aluna Carneros and so the Jews now the two other two questions, facts came out? Right? The third question was a double trick, if you get the point here, right? And the answer was no answer. Because if he had answered, he would have shown according to the Jewish knowledge, that he is not a prophet, because certain knowledge is Allah has kept to himself, and of the knowledge that he has kept to himself is the nature of the Spirit. And

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to this day, we don't really know what the Spirit is, right? modern science doesn't even believe it anymore. Right? But all of mankind are the interesting points, every single culture on Earth, every single civilization that has been documented, even ones that we have discovered in the past, two, or three or four things are common amongst all of them. And again, this is an anthropology sexual tangent, but just for your information. Number one religiosity we have never discovered and there will never be a discovery of an atheistic nation. It's against human nature, to not believe in a god. Right. And so every single society that we've come across modern or pre modern that is still

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living in the jungles of Brazil or Africa or the aborigines or pre modern, they have number one religiosity number two, they believe in the human soul, every single nation on Earth every single society has beliefs in the human soul. Number three they believe in evil spirits call them ghosts call them Jin's called them ghouls, they believe in a power, an entity beyond our entity. Other things as well, that comes to mind right now is part of the very amazing thing. Every single society believes in a great flood myth. It's called the Great Flood myth, because modern anthropologists considered to be a myth, right? But the fact of the matter is that every single society believes

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that there was a massive flood. And this is something Google if you don't believe me, look this up yourself. The Aborigines have a flood myth. The Native American Indians who have been cut off from Western civilization for, you know, 10,000 years they've been cut off from, and before Columbus came, they've been cut off for 10,000 years. And they have a great flood myth that they have this this notion that a great flood destroyed all of humanity, and they have a Savior, the ancient Hindus, the Vedas, if you look at the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures, they have an A a flood myth, and they say that from the waters of the flood, that one man came and what is the name of this

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man in Hinduism? Does any person remember from India Pakistan, you should this is folklore. Well, it's Indian folklore. Manu, Noah Manu, the Noa is there. My new is the then the medicine and the ancient Vedas. Right? Even the NA is there but they have an M in front of it. Manu, My point being this was a trick question the Jews knew no

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Nobody has the knowledge of the roof, the end. So if the processor had answered, he would have actually shown that he's not a true prophet. Right. And so he answered the first two in detail. And that's the source of calf. And the third one is sorts of calf clearly also says that no one knows the rule. And you have only been given a little bit about knowledge. So this was another tactic that they tried, and they failed in this tactic, as well. The ninth tactic that they used is outright torture, outright torture. Now, as we said over and over again, the Arabs of old were a tribal society everything was based upon tribalism, and therefore your protection is based upon who will

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protect you, not the law, not the government, but rather your own tribe. And therefore, those who had tribal bonds, it like the profitsystem like aboubaker, like others, they were somewhat protected somewhat, even though they to face hardships. We'll talk about that as well today in the end inshallah next Wednesday, but overall, their status of kurush being kurush protected them. However, as we know, many of the earliest condors were from this slaves and the Mohali. amali. Imola is a very common term, you'll find it in Islamic literature, you will find it in the Sierra, a Mola is a freed slave. And in those days,

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a slave could be freed for many reasons of them is that you a freed slave would had more Liberty than an actual slave. And so many times an owner would free a slave and then make him a molar. And what this means is that in English is called the client relationship. What this means is that the freed slave is still you know, the concept of indentured servants is something similar to that, right, is that it's not fully free. But this the the man owes his allegiance to his master, and this is called mo law. And in Islam, Islam came and gave some rules for Mola. And therefore, you know, there's even Molas in, in Islam as well. So we said that there was outright torture to the slaves

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and the melotti, diabete and awadhi Ahmadi say, who obeyed us even above sight image of it is the main student would say the majority asked even Abbas, how did the pagans torture the Muslims? What happened? So he's incurious he's curious, he's inquisitive, what is happening in early Islam? Was the torture really that bad? Now, again, these are asylum debate. There are no pseudo books he's reading his knowledge comes from living authorities. Even Abbas is a living authority. And so say who asked even a bus? What are the What happened? So even Abbas responded, that the believers were tortured in early Islam so severely, and they were starved and they were deprived of water, until

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they could not even sit up out of pain, that would have to be almost semi conscious on the ground. And until one of them would be told is a lot and a loser your God, and they would respond. Yes, a lot is my God. Yes. And Rosa is my God, just to get rid of the torture. In fact, even my boss says, so much so that if an insect passed by them, and they would have been asked, Is this insect your God, they would have responded? Yes, it is my God just to get rid of that torture. And as we know, in Islam and Hamdulillah, we have this concession given that if you are tortured to death, then you are tortured almost to death. You may say whatever you want, and your heart remains firm in Islam.

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The main culprit behind behind all of this torture was none other than Abuja, how Abuja was the main culprit, and Abuja has had a series of tactics he would do if the person who converted was from the nobleman of buresh, that he could not touch him. So he would begin verbal abuse, and he would taunt and ridicule without touching him, because if you touched him, the college would respond back. If he were a businessman who's doing business with the kurush, then he would initiate a boycott, no more buying and selling in Makkah. And if he were from the slave and the Mohali, then Abu Jamal would tell the owners and he would participate himself in physically trying to kill or torture slaves and

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so I would have participated in multiple torture sessions. And as you know, Abuja, the Prophet says Adam called him to fit out of my oma, there is nobody who is more evil in early Islam, then Abuja *, even Abu lahab is not as vile and cursed as Abuja is. And there's a famous story in Bahati by Abdullah bin Masuda, rhodiola, who said that

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the first people the first group of seven who embraced Islam, he mentioned them they were himself in maturity was was one of those Abu Bakar and Amar and his mother sumaiya and suhaib and Bilal and Al milk dad, these are the names

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Elon Musk rude mentions that himself, Abu Bakar amar ebene acid, his mother sumaiya sohaib bilad sohaib is the Roman so haber Rumi bilad al habashi and admit that and then he goes on. As for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah protected him through his uncle Abu Talib.

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And this shows us the wisdom of viable folly remained a pig until he died. I mentioned this two weeks ago. As for the profitsystem, his uncle protected him a lot protected him through his uncle. Also notice the beautiful way of phrasing and a lot protected him through his uncle. He didn't say his uncle protected him because all of it goes back to Allah, Allah protected him through his uncle. As for aboubaker, then a lot protected him through his own tribe, the bundle kochava Allah protected him through his own tribe. And as for the rest of them, then the Quran rounded them up and began torturing them. So the rest of them are among his mother's sumaiya. So hey, Bella and olmeca dad,

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and he mentioned they would sometimes put iron on their bodies and take them out into the sand and leave them there. And every one of them, this is even Massoud, narrating, every one of them eventually gave up and said what the Quran wanted them to say, because this is a lot nothing wrong with that. So the ones the ones that you know, others that we mentioned, they basically gave up and they said what they wanted to say, except for B died.

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Barbie doll or have a she, except for Bella. Even Miss Ruth says, Bilal considered his soul not worth anything in front of a law. He was willing to give up his soul. He considered his soul insignificant, and he refused to budge one bit. And so they concentrated their efforts on him. And they did to him what they did to nobody else. And even miss rousset I myself saw that beloved was handed over to the ruffians, the teenagers, the gangs of muck, you know, every society has riffraff every society has people who just do you know, I mean, they don't have any life of their own. And they're just people who live for the moment the pleasures. And so beloved was handed over to this

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group of ruffians of gangs, and they would run around with a rope around his neck and drag him through the streets of streets of Medina. All the while he was saying I hadn't had I hadn't I had, this is what Bilal is famous for. He is crying to hate his crying the oneness of Allah azza wa jal, and of course, the the it didn't help that the owner of beta,

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the owner of Bella was one of the worst of the holidays. And that is

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the heart of or may have been, or may even have

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personally participated in the torture of Belarus. now realize it's a delicate line that you're drawing because slaves are very expensive materials and goods, right? slaves are more expensive than camels slaves are more expensive than houses. And therefore, if you want to punish your slave, you are harming your own income. You see the the conundrum here that slaves are precious property. You know, many people Daydream once upon a time, they were slaves and whatnot, and we wish you can have them or the beloved. Yeah, the point being the slaves are much more expensive. If you don't think there's like 510 dollars, they would have been in the equivalent of 50,000 $100,000. Right? And so

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it's a massive amount of money. It's counter intuitive to beat your own slave, because you want him to live a long life, and you want him to serve you, right. So this shows us the depths of their animosity. It shows us how much hatred they have, they are destroying their most precious property, because human life is the most precious property that they own. You can buy an animal for much cheaper than you can buy a slave and for them to be torturing the slaves in this manner really shows

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the depths of their own profanity, if you like, and so may have been Hollywood. He had a sadistic streak is pretty obvious when you read the stories, or may have been heard of would personally take Bilaal into the desert in the morning and put a large rock he had other slaves as well. The other slaves would put a rock on his chest and leave him there without food without water trapped and pinned under the rock throughout the day, when the sun is now at its Zenit and its height. And many people narrate to us more than one Hasani bit sabbat who is from Medina. He's an unsavoury. Of course at the time he's not a Muslim has centered the tablet says I remember doing Hajj in the days

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of Jackie Leah. I remember doing hedge and I saw how severely beloved was being tortured. And I wondered how he is still alive. This is his son had been sabbat speaking, I'm living in a house also one of the he's one of the the leaders of the house. He himself narrates that when he was not a Muslim. It was not a Muslim. I passed by bilad when he was being punished upon the rocks of the desert. The rocks were so hot. This is I'm now saying this

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If I were to have put raw meat on them eventually would have cooked and I could have eaten it. The rocks were so hot in this desert sun that you can cook literally on it. And this is literally true. It's not just a phrase like that. And Bill Maher was there for the entire day and I heard him saying accrue ability will lose will mean will be like I reject a lot and are reserved, and I will believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so will may continue to try to punish him. But he can but he refused to budge. And he kept on saying I hadn't heard I hadn't had. And many years later or whatever goes away the nephew of Arusha narrated many years later, or narrated that Bella was tortured by the

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people of Makkah, and by and by whom I ever heard of in particular, but he never even gave them one word to please them. In other words, he didn't budge one word. Most of the others who were tortured, they had to collapse and they agreed and they are completely forgiven. Allah knows we would have given up way before even they had. But Bilal was one of those few who remained all the way to the end. And look at how Allah subhana wa Taala rewarded him for we as Muslims firmly believe that there's an expression, memorize this expression. It's a common expression in Arabic. And it goes back to our religion even though it's not a hadith A lot of people think it is a Hadith, either

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jezza woman Jin Suleiman the reward or the punishment will be the exact same as what you were doing to get that reward or that punishment held out you're standing in the sun, if you do x and a little give you a cent. And if you do evil alone will give you evil. So your reward will be based upon will be the same type as what you did. And so will your punishment be a woman Jensen Amel. And this is a maxim, this is a rule that we apply in our religion that allows origin will either punish or reward based upon under the same type of what you did. So look here, this is Bilal he is yelling at the top of his lungs, he's screaming I had done I had I had done I had his son had been stabbed, can hear

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his torture, he cannot hear what omega is saying, all he can hear his beloved screaming out I reject a Latin visa. And I believe in Allah. And so he hears the torture, wherever he is in MCI can hear it. Eventually what is beloved rewarded with we all know, beloved, is rewarded by becoming the first and the most important, and the only official event of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as he was calling out the unity of Allah, in Mecca, persecuted and alone. Eventually, when Islam reached his Pinnacle, and it became powerful, he would announce the unity of Allah instead of in humiliation at the pinnacle of his and he would announce the best and the most perfect event,

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because when the dream of the event was told to the Prophet of the Lord, send them

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one of the Sahaba said I saw a dream about the event.

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The Prophet was in himself chose Bilal, and he said, go teach Bilal this because he has the best voice amongst you. He has the best voice amongst you. So the Prophet system chose Bilal to be the more than, and therefore, the voice that was persecuted for the sake of Allah, the voice that was calling out 111 was the voice that is calling out Allahu Akbar, a shadow Allah, Allah Illallah, a shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah. And when the Prophet says and reconquered Mecca in the eighth year of the hijra, and He cleansed it of all of the idols, the first thing that he did, he commanded Bilal to climb on top of the caliber, and that very beloved, whose voice if I hadn't had could be

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heard in the valleys of Mecca, being persecuted, right? That same voice was then hoisted on top of the garba, at the pinnacle of honor, at the height of dignity, and he was told to give the first event ever in the sacred precincts of the harem. And so the first voice to ever call out to eat in Makkah, all the values of Mecca, out loud, was the voice of beta, even Abby raba. And look at how Allah rewarded Milan as he was being as he was being persecuted by the Quran, Allah subhana wa, tada rewarded him. And look at the blessings of the more advanced panel, so many blessings of the more than that our Profit System said, Our Profit System said that if people knew how much reward would

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be in the giving the event and in standing in the first row, and they had no other way out, other than by drawing lots, they would have drawn lots in order to give a dine or to sign to the first row. What this means is that the fact of the matter is that people don't know how important it is. And so, you know, whoever first come first serve, and you know, whatever, it's no big deal. But if they really understood how much blessing was there, then they would not just give it up and they would demand let's be fair here, we'll just how anonymous lots is gonna pull who gets to have the first row who gets to have the event, if they knew how blessed it was? And the Profit System said,

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Hey, this is an admin manager that any more than

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Who gives a then? Whatever here is a than from animate or inanimate object Monroeville What is it literally means wet or dry. But the meaning of wet in Arabic here is its moist meaning it's a living entity. Yeah, because it means rock and stone and trees right? So and no entity living or or dead, unlimited inanimate will hear the event except that it will testify for him and had Ethan Bahati the Prophet says, Adam said to a shepherd, that I have been told you are a shepherd, whenever you are in your lands give the other than even if you are alone, it's sooner to give the event because no gin or inse will hear your voice, except that on the Day of Judgment, they will testify to what you have

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said. So they will testify to your Eman. Now. Pamela, can anybody click one plus one together here? The one person who's giving a than in front of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, right? What did the process that I'm saying, whoever hears the event, what will he do? testify on behalf of them. Right? And who was the son of the Prophet system by designation and appointment, the law and who's under the process of them here five times a day in Medina, back and forth morning and evening for 13 for more than 10 years here and then in MK as well, whenever they give them the advantage or outcome is we're going to talk about at least 1112 years, right? He is hearing nonstop every single time the

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voice of VLAN. And he is the one saying that the more other than whoever hears his voice will testify on behalf of the other than on the Day of Judgment. So So panel law, look at how the donnager, the macom of Bella even Abby alaba. And of course our profit system has many more a hadith about the blessings of the earth than Of course of them is the famous famous Hadith in Bahati that the Muslims will have the longest necks on the Day of Judgment. What does it mean they're gonna have the longest necks, it doesn't mean they're gonna be like giraffes ultimate who are now fun.

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It's an expression in Arabic, it could mean they will have the greatest honor. Because, again, Arabs love the classical Arabic loves symbolism, right? And so when you look up to somebody, this means He is worthy of honor. Right? And therefore he has a long neck. This means even in English, we say, I'm looking up to you, even in English, you know, even though he might be shorter than you looking down at him, right? But I'm looking up to you, meaning you respect him. Okay, so the meaning of the Elven will have the longest neck, it primarily means they will be the most respected on the Day of Judgment, right, all of these things about the blessings of the Mothman. And the official event of

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the process of them is Beloved. Another early name that we just mentioned is hubbub

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about ignorance and hubbub rot was one of the first 10 converts of Islam as well. And he was slave, an Arab slave. And generally they treated Arab slaves better than non Arabs, you know, as you know, it was a racist society. So Arab slaves had it a little bit better. And so beloved, really was the most tortured because he was not even an Arab, he was an adversary. And by the way, I have to point out here as well as panela look at the psychology of that society, that the riffraff the rough eons, the youth, can torture this slave and drag him through the streets with a with a rope around his neck. I mean, this is the height of barbarity, right. And even if these these teenagers that they're

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giving birth out over to these ruffians, they have nothing at stake other than sadistic pleasure, basically, right? And the only way that you can get away with this, as a society is to dehumanize a group of people consider them to be just not even human. And we've seen in history what the Nazis did to the Jews, right? That you have no sympathy, no mercy, mother, woman, child doesn't matter. Elderly is just this sense or not just to the Jews, to the gypsies, to the Romania's to anybody they didn't like the Nazis had this, we are superior. And therefore anybody who's not of their race becomes de he's not even human. And therefore whatever happens, society doesn't pay attention. You

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see, all of society sees this torture happening to be loved. They don't blink an eyelid. Because for them, Bilaal is not human. Because you see, I'm saying it's just they're not they're not considering any respect given because he's not an Arab, or he's not takatoshi, especially oroshi. And of course they have and that's why Islam came and demolish this whole Jamelia of having caste systems based upon one's lineage and based upon one skin color, the Arab slaves and they were Arab states as well obviously non policy, there was no such thing as a quality slave obviously, right. All slaves are from inferior classes. You cannot enslave your own

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And so you have Iraqi slaves you have Yemeni slaves slaves that are in a salute is from a tribe in Yemen. Right so he's, he's one of the Arab slaves about a lot was one of the Arab slaves and his master actually was female, not a male and and her name was omit unmarshal or may unmask mouth, and only an Mauer purchased a hubbub because hubbub was a sword maker. It was a forgery, Aaron Smith, and he would hammer out swords, he would make swords for the people of Mecca, and he was one of the earliest converts to Islam. And when Omar found out that he converted, she immediately went and gathered a gang together. She's a woman, what are you gonna do? Right? So she gathers others

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together. She didn't have a husband, she gathered others together, and told them to beat up a hubbub and hubbub. Rod said that I came back and I saw a whole group of Porsche around me at my place of work, and they began to taunt and ridicule me about where were you What have you done until I confessed, I'm a Muslim. They had been told by Omar and when I confessed, I'm a Muslim. They began hitting me so much The next thing I woke up and I was bodied and bloodied and bruised even remember what had happened because they completely beat him up. And his, his masters Omar wood many times when he was working in the to make that Iran and to make the, the the swords, she would take some of

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that Iran that he had just taken out, and she would use it to burn the back of hubbub.

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Now Hubbard cannot do anything physical, because if he does, he's going to die. This is a oroshi lady. So she would use it to burn the back of hubbub ignorant about and many years later, when Omar was the halifa. cabinet, visited Omar once in Medina.

00:31:52 --> 00:32:34

And so kebab said, Tell me some of the stories about Omar and Mark, tell me what did you use to do to you? He didn't say anything. He just turned around. And he took off his shirt. And he showed his back to the pub. And Omar said, Well, I have never seen anything, as I have seen today. And he made him sit with him on the mejlis. And he gave him a lot of honor. And hello once the Prophet is an impasse by hubbub while the screams were coming from his shop, so the process of pass by and he sees what Omar is doing is taking that Iran and putting it on. And basically you can imagine the worst type of torture there is no torture worse than fire right? And that is why in our religion, in fact,

00:32:34 --> 00:33:18

we are prohibited even when the state has to kill an execute. We are prohibited from execution and killing by fire. The Profit System said Hadeeth, isn't it? No one is going to allow to kill by fire except the creator of the fire. Or no one can punish by the fire except the creators right because fire is the worst type of torture imaginable. It is nothing is more painful than that of hubbub was tortured by this culturing. Metal put on his back over and over again. When the process of him saw him in this tape. He raised his hand he said, Oh Allah, please help hubub own Sahaba help him against his enemy. Be on his side against his enemy. SubhanAllah That's it, the drug came. And so

00:33:18 --> 00:34:02

what happened a few days later, Omar woke up. And she had a type of sickness and disease that she was acting like a rabid dog panting around and crawling around the house. She became like completely she lost her senses. And the doctors of Makkah came wherever it was that they had their own ways of medicine. And they said that's the only cure that we can think of is that she be cauterize it. And what is cauterization it is to burn the skin. Those they had, they had a system of burning the skin, which is still practiced in some cultures and countries that a small wound is maybe burned or festered or something like this. And so they said, this is a type of disease we had, the only cure

00:34:02 --> 00:34:07

that we can think of that might possibly work is to cauterize her on the back of the head.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:26

And so this was done to her come out to the new to Dan Sullivan, this was done to her and she died as a result of this. And that was just her punishment in this dunya ask for what awaits her in the next Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best But this shows us as we said Al Jazeera Oh, what is the maxim in arabic al Jazeera al

00:34:27 --> 00:35:00

ninjin Suleiman right the same thing or in Arabic has also come out to Dino to Dan, as you do it, what shall be done unto you. And the torture of Kabbalah was, in fact so severe that it was a hubbub who went to the Prophet seminar mentioned this Hadith, if not today, the next Wednesday. It was a hubbub who went through the process of the process and was sitting in the shade of the Kava, along with another group of Sahaba. This isn't Bahati and a kebab was the one who said the rule of law no matter for how long. How long can we bear this out of sort of law? How long are we going

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

be tortured like this. Can't you just ask a lot to bring about his glory? Can't you just get rid of this state of humiliation. And there's a famous had Ethan inside Bahati. And the process of them was sitting with his back against the cap of the shade of the garbage. He stood or he put his back up. And he said, verily the people before you were tortured more than you. And he mentioned some of their tortures that they would be sawed in half and this and that would happen, and this would not prevent them from worshipping Allah Subhana Allah. Verily, I tell you, that Allah will fulfill this matter, Lu tinman, Allah who has a number, Allah will fulfill this matter. You are complaining to me

00:35:38 --> 00:36:08

about persecution and humiliation. A time will come when a woman can travel from habra mode to Santa, ie in the periphery regions far away from Mecca. And there's so much safety for her. The only thing she's worried about is a wolf attacking her sheep. She's scared of a lot and then she hit a wall attacking her sheep. It would be so much security in the land. You're worried about this from now. This is a kebab is the one of course a kebab. What else do we know about Bob Who can tell me a very famous story about

00:36:13 --> 00:36:13


00:36:15 --> 00:36:16

That's pretty feminine human.

00:36:19 --> 00:36:23

kebab should ring a bell among some people. famous story about

00:36:24 --> 00:37:07

Bob's sister, Omar comes to his sister's house to kill her remember. And who is in the house of Fatima bentyl hottub hubbub, and this shows us that even as a slave, he's secretly volunteering his time to teach Islam to other people as a slave who's going secretly to the house of other people to teach them the Koran. And it shows us that he was one of the more knowledgeable of the Sahaba and a kebab participated. Now his masters mysteries died about participate in all of the expeditions of the prophets of Allah, why do you send them and he lived up until the 17th year of the hijra. Now, Omar had an interesting policy this time a little bit different type of subject here. A worker had

00:37:07 --> 00:37:13

one policy or what had another worker had a policy that all of the Sahaba should get the same salary from the government.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:35

And when he was asked about this, he goes Who am I to prefer one over another Allah knows who has taqwa. Everybody should get the same stipend. Everybody gets the same salary. Right? Where Omar when he came, he said, No, I don't agree with this policy. Those who accepted Islam earliest will get great a pay.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:48

And Grade B will be those who accepted the second, third, fourth, and the lowest pay will be for those who accepted Islam. The last now, ironically, and of course, this is our mod here that put him at a grade c basically.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:19

Right? There was a whole group of people before him. And this shows us that he's not doing this to prefer himself. Because even he is basically not even the first batch not the second batch using six seven. bH he is way after all of these people. So hubbub is getting one of the highest salaries any Muslim is getting, because he's of the top 10 right over the top 10 is to live I mean, oh bunker was there and few more. Were there. bilad and kebab. This batch we're getting the largest salary

00:38:20 --> 00:39:03

from baitul mal, and so hubbub with this salary he was living in Kufa at the time, he built himself a modest house and he built a or he had a sudo command. It's like a treasure box, let's say that was open, no key. And it was known in the city, anybody who has any monetary problems, can simply take it from the house of hubbub with no questions asked, you come and you take whatever you need. And you go, no questions asked. So the money that he got, he is spending it basically, you know, the bulk of it is spent on the car, and he has built for himself a house and when he was about to die, it's a famous story about when he was about to die. He began to cry on his deathbed. And the people

00:39:03 --> 00:39:16

around him and his children said Why are you crying? You have suffered so much you have reached the highest level and you will meet the Prophet system and he died by the way in 37. h if I'm not mistaken 3737 Hs.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:48

So why are you crying? And so he said, I am not crying out of pain. I'm not crying out of fear of meeting Allah subhana wa Tada. I am crying because of what you see around you this house, which will I answer a love for my luxurious living? Verily I was with a group of people. All of us were on equal footing. And all of us were being tortured and punished. But every one of them has gone before me without tasting the sweetness of this world.

00:39:49 --> 00:40:00

And Allah has left me to enjoy the fruits of this world. And I am scared that because I've enjoyed the fruits of

00:40:00 --> 00:40:33

This world, my share of the next will not be as much as the share of my companions. panela Who's crying about this? Because he's saying I knew and then he was brought his stuff. And now he is a wealthy man. Now, even though he's not living a wealthy life it is. And it's tough and beautiful large sheet is being prepared in front of him. He's on his deathbed. He's literally going to die the same day, and he gets to cry again. And it goes well, like I remember Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet system, he didn't even have enough cloth for his own calf. And if they covered his face, his legs would be bare. And if the covered his legs, his face would be bare. And here I have this

00:40:33 --> 00:41:09

luxurious coffin in front of me, what will I meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with? And so this is about Allah, what's the story of a man? And this is one of the earliest congress of his time as well. Again, there's so many stories. And again, it's interesting and important to know these stories. I mean, of course, the story that I grew up in was my favorite story, because it was that was the name my father gave me the story of yesterday and his family, right? Because, yes, it and his wife Samia and their son, our model. Of course, I'm always named because of this as well. My own son Amar. And I was about a month even before I met my mother, I taken the Cooney Amar, because I had made it up.

00:41:09 --> 00:41:18

I wasn't searching for any sumaiya, don't worry, my wife is sitting in the back, don't worry, it's like it was all written hamdulillah. But I was already

00:41:19 --> 00:41:55

because of course of the name of Amar. And of course, the family of acid. And the family of Amar is one of the best known examples of the sacrifices of early Islam. And so one of the one of the things that is really touching about the story is that in every one of these cases, it is the person himself being tortured. But in the case of yahsat, and sumiya, and they had two sons, Abdullah and Ahmad, they are a family being tortured in front of each other. And that's why their story is even more pitiful, because we're lucky, every man to think of being tortured himself is tough enough, then to think of your wife and your children being tortured in front of you. I mean, this is the

00:41:55 --> 00:42:34

nightmare of nightmares, you cannot get worse than this. And this is what happened with acid and with sumaiya that they are tortured with their two children. And Abdullah was the older son. And Amar was the younger son. And so all four of them are slaves. And again, they are from a slave client of Arabs and their, their their molek. tribe was the boubakeur. And so there'll be they're being tortured in front of one another. There's a lot of narrations about how they were killed. But one thing is for sure is that the acid and sumaiya became the first martyrs of Islam, one after the other. Yes, it is, to me became the first martyrs of Islam. And their torture was the most pitiable

00:42:34 --> 00:43:09

in all of Mecca. And that is why the Prophet says was authentically or Hadees authentic. And of course, I love this hadith as well. The Prophet system said, Subhan Allah is here for in the Morita, como genda. We ask Allah Georgia to make the door applicable to all of us in Charlotte with either the process from said Be patient or family of Asad sobre la Asad. And this is when he passed them by and they were all being tortured in front of his eyes, and he couldn't do anything. So finally, can you imagine how painful it must be even for our profit system to see this torture and not be able to anything? So he said, Be patient or family of yourself, indeed, your place that is appointed for you

00:43:09 --> 00:43:49

by a law, it is gender. And so yes, it was the first to die. And people have different or the authorities have different about exactly how some people say that he was dragged in the streets with a rope. Others say that horses pulled them apart. We don't know what brutal pleasure they took. And this made his wife sumaiya of course, even more full of demand and bitter and angry. And one. Maybe the next day, we don't know again, stories are so scantier tried to do research, and we really don't have much, but we just know that. When Abu Jihad then came to her, she rebuked Abu Jamal as a slave, you don't do this, right? And so we took a spear. And May Allah forgive us for even saying this, but

00:43:49 --> 00:43:58

she, he he thrusted a private area all the way up, and he killed her in this brutal, vicious inhumane manner. And this is in front of

00:43:59 --> 00:44:36

Amar and Mohammed. And so the two are killed like this. And then they turn on Mohammed. And eventually they kill him. This all happening one after the other. And then they turn on Ahmad Ebony acid, and this time is probably around 15 years old, probably a young, maybe even less than this. And they turn on him. And he this, this kid has seen too much she has she cannot take any more. And so he gives up and he succumbs and the he's the youngest of the four, so they let him go. And so apparently he's just seen his father killed his mother killed. He's seen his brother thrown into a ditch. And now he comes running to the profitsystem and double outcome and he's crying and he says

00:44:36 --> 00:45:00

Yasuda law. I uttered words of Cofer. I said, statements of shit, you know, what am I going to do now? It's now blanked out his mother and father become secondary because I've disobeyed Allah subhana wa Tada, what am I going to do? And Allah and the process of asked him, How do you find your faith in your heart? Okay, for the Jungle Book, you know, he goes, as it always is, I haven't changed anything in here. They can only

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

Change this they can change this. And so the Prophet says that have said, if they return, then you return. In other words, if they do the same thing to you back then you do back what you just did right now not a problem. And Allah revealed sort of the novel, sort of the novel was revealed and insert a nutshell, Allah clearly mentions that 11 shall have a cookie, Southern Valley law that whoever says words of Kufa, in a state of torture will be forgiven. This is in the Koran No, right. So in lemon Aqua Babu moto in number Mr. Whoever is forced, but his heart is at peace with a man. This is the one Allah says not a problem. And of course a might have been Yes, it became one of the

00:45:42 --> 00:45:43

most famous Sahaba

00:45:45 --> 00:46:09

are so many authentic hadith or might have been nested in Bukhari and Muslim in so many books of Hadith Mr. Live the right life. He lived all the way until the fitna of Ali and while we have an amount of vinyasa, the prophet system said he man has been filled in his heart all the way up until here, it's not just in his heart is up until his neck. His Eman is just overflowing. And he said to Amar that

00:46:10 --> 00:46:45

he called he used to call Ahmad even as sumaiya as a respect to sumaiya. Because of her death, right? He was the nickname of Amar was even a sumiya. So he said, even as sumiya tll fitara that the son of sumaiya is upon the pure nature, that whenever he is faced with two choices, he always chooses the more correct of the two. And in the most famous hadith of Amara vinyasa, because it's a political Hadeeth as well. I might have vinyasa the process of said to him may Allah have mercy on you or Amar, you shall be killed by the rebel party.

00:46:46 --> 00:46:58

Dr. Luka bow here, you should be killed by the rebel party has a parallel many, many, many years later after this. Heidi 40 years after this IDs in the civil war between Ali and morehow.

00:46:59 --> 00:47:02

Amar chose the side of either party.

00:47:03 --> 00:47:33

And in the Battle of Safin, the Battle of Safin, he died, he was killed by an arrow from the side of Maui, right. And this had it was then used as a huge valid victory point that the more correct side was the side of it that we use, and the sooner we never say anything bad about any of the Sahaba. And we say that Ali and Maura, we're both intended good. But the one was closer to the truth than the other.

00:47:34 --> 00:48:15

And we don't say evil about the other. And we say Allah will forgive all sides rhodiola worldwide. And that was a great fitna and time of fitna. But later on, we can, you know, hindsight is 2020. It's always easier to analyze after it happens right? Later on, we can say that the more correct side was the side of it. Right. And we say this, for the sake of the truth and not because of any political correctness or or reasons this microsite was the site of it. Many other stories as well. So haber Rumi is the famous story as well. And by the way, these names, Amar and suhaib. And Bilal these three names they were always mentioned together in the serum. Why? Because they were very

00:48:15 --> 00:48:34

close friends. They were a gang of Muslims, a bunch of Muslims, right? And they were all young, meaning in their 20s and 30s. So Jamar would have been the youngest, amar suhaib. And Bilal these three and these three, by the way, these are the three that once

00:48:35 --> 00:48:56

it was Abu Jihad and retuerta, on the height of innovation of all of the leaders of the whorish. They began talking with the process of in the process and became hopeful that yes, they're coming close to Islam, and then these three passed by. So hey, Bilal and Amar, and so Abuja has said, and he's worried that they're getting sympathetic. Abuja has said,

00:48:57 --> 00:49:05

Oh, Mohammed Sasa, how is it possible that if you're upon the truth, these people are following it before us?

00:49:06 --> 00:49:13

Look at his evidence is myself basically, right? If it was true, then I'd be following it. That's his evidence, Mashallah. And so how is it possible?

00:49:14 --> 00:49:19

If you want us to accept your religion, you have to get rid of these people.

00:49:20 --> 00:49:38

Again, this is an empty threat, basically, right? If you really want us to follow and maybe some of them may be with me and others might have been serious about this maybe Okay, if you really want us to, we cannot join a faith that has slaves in it. Right? And so Allah revealed in the Quran, Allah revealed in the Quran, do not

00:49:40 --> 00:49:52

repel those who are calling validity when he you know, he who, those who are calling Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wanting his face, do not prefer to do not this was

00:49:54 --> 00:49:59

the I cannot remember the Arabic now but but the Allah Subhana Allah tells him is telling the prophets of Allah Allah who was sending

00:50:00 --> 00:50:43

them that these are the people what is it? Yeah, that they were actually written Oh, ma alikum in his IBM machine one moment he said they got a machine for Tokuda whom? For takuna minahasa in so little Anam correct. So then an arm. So Allah revealed and suited an arm verses that is the highest praise for these people once again. So hey, Bella, and Amar are all three together always mentioned. And so Allah says, if you were to reject them, you would be from the losers Subhana Allah, because this ayah Allah is telling you to pseudolus us at him. If you reject these three, and choose them over these three, you will be the hot seat in Florida through them, do not get rid of them or else

00:50:43 --> 00:50:48

you will be from the cost ceiling. And so have a roommate. Of course our room is what

00:50:49 --> 00:50:50

the Roman was so hyper Roman.

00:50:52 --> 00:51:32

Also, he was not Roman. So he was actually a an Arab. He was actually from Iraq. So he was an Iraqi. But he was captured by a Byzantine party when he was a young boy. And so he was captured as a young slave sent to Rome. He grew up in Rome. And he forgot Arabic completely. And he spoke fluent Latin. He became a slave enrolled. And he remembered his roots, you know, he knew he was Arab. And so eventually he fled away. And he sold himself meaning to you were a slave, you need to be a slave back then, apparently. So he sold himself to some Arabs, where he got into somewhere else. Eventually, he was sold to Abdullah had been Sudan in Makkah, Abdullah bin Sudan in Makkah, and in

00:51:32 --> 00:52:09

Judah, and was one of the more merciful of the slave owners. And so the torture of sohei was not as bad. But nonetheless, the others tortured him injured and did not torture himself, and others tortured him. But he enjoyed Judah, and overall dealt with him in a good manner. And he actually made him a business manager, because he mentioned it was a wealthy businessman. So because so he was so intelligent, he knew how to read and write, and everything. So he became a business manager, he became wealthy. When eventually john died, he became a free man, because he wrote in his world, that's what happened. So I was going to be free after I die. So he became a molar, and so when

00:52:09 --> 00:52:10

injured and died,

00:52:11 --> 00:52:54

so he decided to immigrate to Medina. And when he was immigrating to Medina, the chorus heard about his this. And so they stopped him on the outskirts. And they approached him as a caravan. And so he turned around, and he took out his bow and arrow, and he said, You know, I am the best sharpshooter Mark Smith amongst you. And I promise that none of you will be able to touch me, until every arrow in my quiver has touched human flesh. And I promise that none of you be able to touch me until my sword is bent and broken upon your bones and blood. Go ahead challenge 10 of them versus one of you. But they didn't love their lives that they didn't love. So hey, Buddha's life that much as their

00:52:54 --> 00:53:14

own. And so they just surrounded him kept on threatening him. Until finally, they said, So hey, if you came to us penniless, you came to us without any money, without anything. And now you're leaving us as a rich man taking our wealth. Give us back all of this money, and then we'll let you go.

00:53:15 --> 00:53:47

And this was part of by the way of, you know, you still hear it now that these illegal immigrants come and take over our jobs and as if it belongs to them as if they would do the jobs that the others are doing. So I mean, this type of mentality, I don't think is Nuala. When you study human history and anthropology and psychology, been there done that nature of man doesn't change. The issues might be have different fancy names, it's still basic racism and whatnot. So they're attributing all of suhaib success to them selves. This is my money, not your money. This is our money. So So having said is that what you want from me, you want all of my wealth? They said, Yes,

00:53:47 --> 00:54:28

given the horse that you're writing, it's probably you can't just leave a man in the desert without a camel, even the the camel that you're writing, so there was no alternative. So suhaib said, Okay, here's the camel, here's my wealth. And the rest of my wealth is buried in such and such a place because again, there's no bank accounts, you're gonna bury it somewhere, go there, and you shall find the wealth. And so so haber, Rumi became the only Sahabi that we know of who performed the hedger on foot, walking in the desert, without any not just the clothes on his back that's only owned after being the richest molar. There was no molar. There was no freed slave richer than swipe,

00:54:28 --> 00:55:00

because he was the business master of impinged on. He became the richest molar. He gave every penny of it in order to free himself and go to Medina. And it is said the books of Sierra say that he was literally crawling on all fours because he doesn't have food and drink except what he could find in the desert. He was literally crawling on all fours by the time he got to Cuba, and that's where he made the process and this is Koba right after the hinge of the process stayed there for a few days, as you know, so he crawled on all fours to go back his complete emaciated, dehydrated about 12

00:55:00 --> 00:55:41

collapse and die, dusty, disheveled and the profitsystem himself wiped the dust off of him and gave him food and drink. And he smiled and he said, to suhaib Robbie Hattie Jarrah to your sohaib Robbie Hatoyama that your business transaction has been the most successful. And so haev said, no one could have told you about this era, so we'll accept it. Nobody knows except you Bri. And Allah revealed in the Quran Surah Baqarah. In the first revelation and Medina, Allah revealed a beautiful verse. That is because of swagger Rumi is attached to cyber Rumi and that is one meanness, even, yes, sure enough, sir, hoo, ha, ha, Tila Mattila, they are those who sell everything they have in themselves

00:55:43 --> 00:55:53

in order to benefit in order to get the, the rewards of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And all of this, of course, are some of the stories of the early tortures.

00:55:54 --> 00:56:33

And the last point that we don't have time to talk about which I will talk about this later on a few weeks from now, the last tactic that they did is the tactic of the boycott. And the boycott is its own topic that we're going to talk about, inshallah, I will call it a day to day because I for those of you who came late, I said I'm not feeling well there was a bit of an issue yesterday with my leg was infected and so I taking some medication for that and inshallah we will continue next Wednesday. Next Wednesday, we'll continue with the sacrifices of the Prophet system himself. What happened to him, and the torture that he underwent, his tortures were different than the torches of blood, but

00:56:33 --> 00:56:43

he was physically harassed, intimidated as well. And the question and we will talk about this a lot next week and shoulder the question, why did Allah subhana wa Taala

00:56:45 --> 00:57:14

allow such hardship? What is the wisdom? Why couldn't you just we've made things easy, and given everything to everybody in day one, why such struggle? That's a question that we need to ask ourselves. And this is a question of how Bob is asking the processor as the question of great wisdom Sharla next week, the struggles of the processor and asking ourselves why this occurred. I will inshallah, stop over here and open the floor for a few minutes of q&a. And then we'll pray Salatu the Maori show

00:57:15 --> 00:57:17

this questions? Yes.

00:57:22 --> 00:57:31

Yes, of course. Mola Mola Mola is mowlana Mola Mola Mola. That's the exact same word, not just Association.

00:57:33 --> 00:57:33


00:57:35 --> 00:57:40

Why, why do we call our Lord Mola untar molana. Write

00:57:42 --> 00:57:45

the word Wali means

00:57:47 --> 00:57:50

close friend protector

00:57:52 --> 00:57:58

it means a person have a deep sympathies and bonds. Right? And so

00:58:00 --> 00:58:10

while he could mean what we lie or what he could mean that Allah Who will you let in Avenue Allah is the Protector of those who believe.

00:58:11 --> 00:58:15

Allahu molana Allah is the one who protects us.

00:58:17 --> 00:58:34

In this case, the slaves are the Molas meaning that if you don't have a US passport, you don't have the quality passport right? You're not caught actually how can you get the quality passport you will become the molar have the courage the courage will give you

00:58:35 --> 00:58:36


00:58:37 --> 00:58:54

Okay, so the status of that passport or the whatever we call it, the correlation I have given it to you. And this is what why we call them molar. Now, calling the scholars molar is something that's Indian books on it's not Arab. Right. The Arabs know Calder they're scholars

00:58:55 --> 00:59:14

most Moeller but we say molana sub, right? We say molana which is from and then you get the Iranian moolah from this, right the molar This is a history, traditional things, nothing wrong with it. It's just the one who's protecting us through His other job because of his knowledge, right? Nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with this.

00:59:15 --> 00:59:51

A laws names can be used by the creation with some conditions. As long as the Elif lamb is not there, generally speaking, right? Allah is Al Mohler. Allah is our roof. Allah is our Rahim, Allah is a semi Allah Basia. But you are semir and I am Samir, you are both seen and I am will see if I can hear and see. We are not as Semyon elbows here. So to use the word molar in a generic sense is permitted, but to use it and say all ulmo law there is only one al Mohler and that is Allah subhana wa tada untar molana.

00:59:53 --> 00:59:54

Question sisters have any questions?

00:59:58 --> 00:59:58

Yes, good.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:02

What What determines

01:00:11 --> 01:00:38

what determines what is boron versus those narrated by Hadith? Do you mean Hadees kotse of revelations? See that these are a different type of Revelation. These are a revelation. We believe that the prophets had this a seller or a type of Why? Because Allah says as soon as the najem he does not speak of his own desires, rather it is from Allah and Allah in who in LA when you have, right and inserted, Allah says

01:00:39 --> 01:01:20

cadenza de la liga. Kita will hikma Allah has given you the keytab and hikma? No, that's the sort of the Nyssa suta Allah subhana wa tada says, what could never utilize the v2 qunar mean is Allah He will hikma the wives are told, remember what was recited in your houses. the wives of the process were told, remember what is recited in your houses from the Ayat of Allah and the hikma therefore, there's something being recited in the prophets house, other than the ayatollah, and that is, what else is being recited. The sooner the Hadith, right, so Allah calls the Hadith hikma

01:01:22 --> 01:01:34

and Allah says anything that he says is the truth. And the Prophet system himself said nothing comes from here except the truth from Allah. The process is not allowed to say anything that is false. And therefore

01:01:36 --> 01:02:21

we believe that is a type of way but the way that he has is a very different type of ride than the Quran. The Quran is inspired in wording and meaning. The actual love comes from Allah, the unfiled are inspired by Allah and recited, but the Hadith, the meanings can come from the process and the concept comes from from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. So there is a difference between Quran and Hadith in that the Hadith are not wordings from Allah. This is the process of speaking as a human being, but his speech will be divinely protected. As a prophet, the Koran is coming, it's still our it's from Allah, and the laws reciting it. And therefore it has a space station that is more sacred

01:02:21 --> 01:02:26

than Hadith does answer your question or, okay, two more questions. And shortly as with

01:02:33 --> 01:02:39

all of the conversations, the word Hadeeth has answered that has many meanings depending on how you use it.

01:02:40 --> 01:02:55

When we use it as the scholars, the scholars of the sila or the scholars of the Sunnah, a hadith is every single statement of the prophets was every statement of the process is a hadith. Therefore, whatever he said, is a hadith. Even his jokes

01:02:56 --> 01:03:18

are seldom even his jokes. And he did crack jokes, by the way, our Prophet system crack jokes, he had a sense of humor, and there are many stories inshallah, one day might give a lecture about the humor, the process and even his jokes are statements of fact, we derive aqeedah and filk and adab from his jokes, right? I mean, you all know the famous joke of the old lady, right?

01:03:19 --> 01:03:48

The old lady, it's a theological point that we derive all people will not enter agenda. They're all going to be young. It's a jokey crack that the old lady, the old lady is not going to enter agenda, right? And the old lady started wailing and crying and goes, Yeah, I'm gonna tell my dear mother, yes, old ladies are not going to enter Jenna, Allah will cause you to become a young lady then cause you to androgen, right? It's a theological point of benefit that we derive. And filk as well, and other things that we derive, you know, the famous Hadith that runs on his deathbed. And

01:03:50 --> 01:04:27

you know, Arusha fell sick as well, on his deathbed. He had a fever as well. Right. And, you know, she began complaining about her head, her head, and, you know, she felt she's about I mean, you know, she's a young girl, she felt she was about to die or something. So the process of just joking with her and saying, any, you know, what is the matter with you? If you die? Why are you worried, you're going to be so fortunate and blessed that I'm going to wash your, you know, he knows who's about to die, by the way. So he's cracking jokes on his deathbed, to make the mood easier for Ayesha to bear. Right. And so he tells Ayesha, if you're if you die, even though he's about to die, if you

01:04:27 --> 01:04:59

die hamdulillah I'll wash your dead body. Right? And I'll pray over you. And I'll you know give you I mean, what more can you want? Right? So he's joking with his wife. And then of course, I should replies. I'm sure you're waiting for that date because then you won't have anybody between you and your other wives, right? Because I was the main barrier, and she was the one Mashallah controlling and he the President does matter, right. And so, from this, we derive the 50 perspect point, which by the way, our culture does not agree with the NFU culture, but the 50 point, husbands can watch the watch the bodies of their wives and

01:05:00 --> 01:05:08

vice versa because he clearly said I would wash your body right and pray over your whatnot so we derived from this joke

01:05:09 --> 01:05:26

that you know there is a cultural thing that nigga breaks this is not true at all. It's just a cultural thing. And that husband cannot This is clearly insightful, Claudia it so everything that comes from the processor is ahaadeeth. No questions about that. Final question at the back are two questions go ahead Discord.

01:05:33 --> 01:05:35

Do we have a hadith from Bella?

01:05:36 --> 01:05:43

Yes, we do. Muslim Ahmed has a whole section of a hadith of Bella. That's a good question. Let me look up some of them I don't remember

01:05:44 --> 01:06:00

any of them offhand what he actually narrated but beloved is mentioned in so many a hadith and there is Muslim villain I am 100% Sure. Some things go back to him. A very good question for me to look up a Sharla remind me again in the show next week. Hopefully inshallah I will bring something for you. Yes.

01:06:17 --> 01:06:19

I have never heard of Heidi dawn who conquered Turkey.

01:06:21 --> 01:06:22


01:06:24 --> 01:06:24

Big difference.

01:06:32 --> 01:06:36

There is a hadith about the conqueror of Constantinople. There's a praise about him. And

01:06:38 --> 01:06:44

Constantinople was conquered in 1493 by Muhammad, so the magnificent

01:06:48 --> 01:06:49

situate or is it

01:06:51 --> 01:07:16

Mohammed? Mohammed The Conqueror not Sunni man is the magnificent sorry. It's Mohammed Al Fatiha Mohammed conquer. So there's a hadith about that and inshallah we hope the praise will get to him and applies to him. As for the difference between Quran and Hadith hood See, the strongest opinion seems to be that the only difference is that how do you could see has not been preserved in wording.

01:07:17 --> 01:07:21

It was revealed in wording but it hasn't been preserved in wording. And so the same how do

01:07:23 --> 01:07:49

we find it in many different wordings? Bahati might have one word a Muslim might have another. So the Hadith could have been narrated by meaning, just like the other Hadith, but the Quran has not been narrated by many the horn has only been narrated by words actual words has been narrated. So that's the main difference in Quran and Hadith. Let's see. Okay, shallow. Hopefully next week, we'll have a regular longer session was located in Somali commercial law, we can give the advance

The series on the Seerah continues and Shaykh Yasir divulges numerous details on the torture and persecution of the weak. We are also acquainted with some famous names who set a praiseworthy example of bravery and dedication to the pursuit of Islam even in the wake of hardships and trials.

The famous incident that occurred relating to the jews was their challenge to the Prophet ﷺ to answer three questions – no one would know the answer except a true prophet from Israel:

  1. The young men who entered a cave and slept a long time – only a prophet would know the details.
  2. A man who travelled the world from the east to west.
  3. Ask him about the ruh and what it is made of.

Eventually, Allah SWT revealed Surah Kahf to answer all these questions and Prophet ﷺ emerged victorious once again.

The first seven to revert to Islam were Ibn Masud, Abu Bakr, Ammar ibn Yasir, his mother Sumaya, Suhaib ar-Rumi, Bilal and al-Miqdad. As for the Prophet ﷺ, Allah protected through his uncle Abu Talib. As for Abu Bakr RA, then Allah protected him through his own tribe, the Banu Quhafa.

How Bilal ibn Rabah RA was tortured incessantly and how he kept  a brave face in the wake of this torment and as a reward, how Allah raised his status in Islam makes for an interesting listen and should be heard to feel the greatness of these Sahabas who walked the face of this earth.

The torture of Yasir and Sumaya RA, and their two sons Muhammad and Ammar – is another heart wrenching story which tugs at our hearts and makes us appreciate our Deen more and makes us realise that people have gone to great lengths to propagate our Deen for us and it is our duty to honour them by commemorating them. The other well known sahabi who reverted very early is Suhayb ar-Rumi and his torment and torture is also explicitly explained. 

The punishment for the wrongdoers is made very evident and makes us affirm the justice of Allah is imminent.

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