The 3 Levels of Fasting

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The speakers discuss the differences between Muslims and non Muslims in terms of worship, including the use of sloths and the desire for a hierarchy. They emphasize the importance of fasting, avoiding distractions, and being present in front of a mirror. The segment also touches on the elite people of Islam who want to protect their health and identity, including those who want to protect their fast from the shadow of the beast and those who want to protect their actions from the shadow of the beast. They also discuss the importance of avoiding distraction and rewarding actions for spiritual well-being.

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In any act of worship,

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there will always be people of varying enthusiasms, ambitions and categories.

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People as Muslims are so similar to one another, yet they are so different.

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They may do the very same act of worship but in the eyes of Allah subhanahu Wadala. The difference between them is like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

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And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala divided the successful believers and he said, from our Earth, Nikita will let you know sloughi Naveen, anybody now?

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What are the characteristics of these worshipers of Allah whom he has chosen, as he describes in this verse? He said, I mean humbly Moline FC. Some of them they are oppressing themselves, worming home, Mokhtar sweet, and some of them they take a middle course, Wyoming home, Serbia can be a hierarchy be even Linda and there is a third category, they are the ones rushing to do good deeds by the permission of Allah, the Lika who will fatten will Kabir This is the supreme success Allah said.

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In the month of Ramadan, the same can be said, we are identical. We are all carrying out that this second the same act of worship, we are all the same, we are fasting

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that's in my eyes and yours Of course, however, in the Divine Eye of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are very different.

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The status of our individual CIN and the eventual outcome is very different. In that respect. We are miles apart from one another.

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And that was only because the idea Rocky Mount hula and others they've mentioned

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that people who fast they are three levels.

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You have a soul, your moon, the fasting of the masses of the people. Most people see

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the level above it. So monk who source the first thing of the elite. And the level above it is he says so Moho so simple. So the first thing of the elite of the elite La ilaha illAllah. I'll give you descriptions of each one of these three categories and you decide which of the three fits you best.

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And if it's on the lower end of the hierarchy, aspire for the top.

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He said people are on level number one so Mola Ramon, the fasting of the masses of the people, most people's past, what does that look like? This is a brother, a sister who abstains from the move ugly rot, the things that break their fast, so they don't eat. They don't drink. They avoid sexual encounters with their spouse, but that's it.

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But they give their eyes free rein to look at whatever it wishes, and they give their ears free rein to hear whatever they wish. And they give their mouth free rein to speak and talk gossip backstab slander live as it wishes, and they give their physical faculties free rein to disobey Allah Almighty as they wish has this person truly fasted? Because Allah he says this is the first thing of the generality of people most of us are in alila when needed.

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And that is what Al Bukhari writes on the authority of Abu Hurayrah the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mala Mia dato Lazuli voila Malaby he will say Lisa Lilia, he has yet to envy any other Atlanta Masha. Whoever does not stay away from improper speech, improper behavior, and ignorant types of behavior when he is fasting, then Allah Almighty has no need for him or her to stay away from food and drink.

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In other words, this is the reality of the CRM, the fasting of the limbs from all of that which Allah has prohibited, not just the things that will break your fast

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and Mohammad narrates on your authority of Abu Huraira that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Aruba saw him in hudco hoomins lea making jewelry while

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Baroda even belay hablo hoomin PME Asad.

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He said there may be a person who fasts and the only thing he takes from his fasting is hunger and thirst.

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There may be a person who prays at night, but away for example, he said and the only thing they get from it is sleeplessness. Whereas the Agile the reward,

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this is the fasting of most of us, he says, and that is why he may modibbo, Mahara and one of our previous says he says in a Hawaiian Asami Terracotta Army was

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the easiest

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Part of fasting is staying away from food and drink.

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That is entry level elementary fourth dimension of fasting. It is of the most basic order to stay away from food and drink and other things that break the past. There is more to slim than this.

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How is it that a person

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when he is fasting will stay away from things that are usually permissible like eating and drinking, but then will carry out during his fast and after if there are things that are always impermissible.

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A person who tries to perfect his fast by not eating and drinking, but is still committing haram during his fast is like a person who constructs a beautiful building whilst demolishing the entire city.

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Is this the first thing that Allah Almighty wants from me and wants from you?

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This is entry level Siyam solomani Moon, the fasting of most people he says, the level above it that you and I aspire for in sha Allah is so many photos,

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the fasting of the elite.

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These are men and women who not only prevent themselves from food and drink and other Nullifiers of fasting, they prevent their eyes from looking at the Haram their ears from listening to the Haram their behavior has completely changed in the month of Ramadan and after Ramadan, these are the elite amongst us. And this was the understanding of the fast according to the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu.

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And that is why Jabby did not delay the companion he said either some fairly assume some Oka or others are Ruka wali SHA Luca Anil qldb Well,

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he said When you fast, ensure that your eyes and your ears and your mouth they are also fasting from lying and sin. He said what that I then heard him and beware of harming those who serve you. He said one year con Alec our cartoon was Akina to young Masonic and ensure on the day of fasting, you present yourself in a way of dignity, elegance and composure. He said while after Jaleo masala mica Federica Salah and don't make the day of your fasting and the day when you are not the same.

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Don't make the day when you are fasting and the day that you are not the same. There has to be a clear separation.

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So this second category of people they want to protect their Siyam from the Nullifiers have fasting and they want to protect their fast from anything that may even blemish it and they tarnish it and therefore they present themselves with decorum with excellence wakad and Sakeena

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laser Siyam minion actually was shown to be enormous Lea Momina love we were referred. The prophets Allah Allahu Allah He was telling you said the reality of fasting is not about not eating and drinking. The reality of fasting is to protect yourself from improper speech and improper behavior. This is the essence of fasting. If you were to ask me what does the faceting of the elite people look like I say to you,

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their conversations are tamed.

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Their argumentation is limited.

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Their lying is non existent.

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Their gazes are restrained, their ears are covered from the haram. Their money their finances are purified from the impermissible sources per hijab. It is pristine and perfect.

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Their social media browsing hours are reduced.

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Their secret conversations with one another as male and female behind closed doors are put an end to not a treacherous temporary pause in the month of Ramadan with the intention of resuming from eight onwards. This is the first thing of the elite because they understand a CMO Jr. About obey the he said first thing is a shield, man Um Yes, so long as you don't puncture it with holes.

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Fasting, he said is a shield that will protect you and I from the hellfire. He said so long as you don't puncture that shield with holes. How do we puncture it with holes with sins? We disobedience to Allah and therefore what use is there in a punctured shield. This is the second character category, Salman fossils, the first thing of the elite and then you have the third and final level. And this is so Michael Susan who's also the fast thing of the elite of the elite.

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And in short,

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these are men and women

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who fast as if they can see Allah agenda

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These are people whose bodies are with us here today in dunya they buy and they sell and they chase their daily bread, but their hearts and their souls are up there with Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu with the angels circumambulating around His majestic throne subhanho wa Taala and Allah hookah Nica Tara who limiter Contura, who are in New York, when he was asked some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, what is excellence? What is SN? He said is when you worship Allah subhanaw taala, as if you can see him. But if you can't see him, then you know that he can see you.

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These are men and women who they fast, and they have freed their hearts from every thought, and every ambition, and every Yani and every aspiration and every determination from everyone and anything but Allah agenda general. And this is the type of fast we own four. And this is the first thing of the prophets and the messengers and the Cindy Hoon, and the martyrs. With all of this said,

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we've reached about just over the halfway mark of the month of Ramadan.

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And there will be some amongst us who will complain and they will say despite is now coming towards the end of the blessed month.

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I still feel that my heart is unengaged.

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I am fasting. I am carrying out all of the necessary duties of a Muslim in Ramadan. But there is a problem here.

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I haven't shed a single tear since the month began, someone may say

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others may say I am reciting Quran but with no contemplation, no defect or no thought.

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Others they say I had made some dua that it feels empty. Some may say this feels very similar to the Ramadan of last year I don't feel transformed, I still feel indifferent. What is going on? What is happening to me?

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And I say to you, my brother and my sister, there may be one issue from the many and I will shed light upon it before we conclude, as highlighted by Shaco listen me multimedia are a long long guy that he said either tagit Liliana Lee Hala Watson Phil called me when she ran

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for him who

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he said if you carry out acts of worship, but you don't find the pleasure of it in your heart and a sense of expanse and comfort. Then you need to point the finger of blame back at yourself how come

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he said for interrupt better Isla Shakira, Yanni and now hola Bucha and UC Balaam Illa Allah Amelie Heafy dunya I'll be him in Halawa TRG duha Quwata in one Sierra Hanwha Karachi. He said because Allah is grateful.

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Allah is Shaka. Which means that if you worship a grateful Lord, he must reward you in the life of this world by putting happiness in your heart and to experience the sweetness of worship and to feel strength and inner expanse. He said, Hey, through loving God, Danny Kaffee can be for inanda level mudhole since you have not experienced these things, he says, It means our deeds are tarnished.

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There is a deficiency somewhere in our lives that is acting as a Ohama a dark cloud that is preventing the light of the man from reaching our hearts.

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And it is the duty of myself and every one of us to identify what that dark dark cloud is. What is the barrier? What is the nature of that hurdle that is preventing you and I from experiencing the joy of iman in the month of Ramadan? Ask yourself a question and interrogated harshly.

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Is it my insincerity Maria?

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Is it my obsession with fame Shahara

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is it my Fallout with mum, dad, cousin friend, ex business partner?

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Is it an apology i need to wake to I need to make to remove the cloud?

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Is it haram money that still in my account?

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Is it how am I present myself offline online?

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Is it my Iftar that I'm exaggerating food that I am wasting?

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Where is it? Trace it isolated and then overcome it and allow the heart to experience the spring of Ramadan? The joys of Ramadan, the radiant lights of Ramadan, let us remove these barriers and let Allah Shaco The Grateful put into your heart and my heart what we want to experience this month don't make it a wasted opportunity.

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And that is why you will hate it and one of our predecessors when he was asked the question I urge you to let that buy it. Many hours Lee

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Can a person who is always disobeying Allah experience the joy of worship? And he said the law when I met him, he said no, it is impossible, not even a person who intends to sin.

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Not even a person who intends to sin the first thing that will be taken from him or her is the joy of Eman.

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So this next, this self that Allah Almighty has loaned to us, it's like an animal that requires taming and if it is not tamed and discipline and deprive and punish when it needs to be punished, it will go out of control.

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If not our job he said while I'm an upset can be Mozilla tea diabetic. He said that the self that you have in you is like the animal that you write in the heart of admin Khilji digest that. If your self sees you to be a person of determination, it will become a soul of determination.

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We're not of admin can test it but love admin get over what's your what, and if your self sees you being lazy, it will ask you for more of its appetites and its desires.

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This self

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requires taming, discipline, disciplining, educating and punishing and rewarding when it deserves it. Otherwise it goes out of control. It requires that you busy it with the noble affairs you occupied with useful knowledge you surround it with good people because it has a tendency to be lazy and lethargic.

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I was a lead one of the predecessors he said magazine to us who own MC Illallah he will hear that he had done to her Ilahi attack I continued to drag my soul towards Allah subhanho wa Taala by force whilst it was crying. Until one day it surrendered. And it came with me to Allah subhanho wa Taala as it was smiling.

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What better time in the year to address these things in the month of Ramadan? Beware of making it a wasted opportunity to your brother your sister. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to inspire us with the fasting of the elite of the elite Lama who lead Muslim in our Muslim man