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Ittebaa – The Intention – Contempt for Innovation – 21st November 2012

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I said I'm ready to go to the library.

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Now how do you want to sell your lotto? soudal karimabad for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Baba strategies for the way Sidley MD, Dr. Melissa Annie of gahoo Kali probenecid Narottama, page number 53. We'll begin from precept number 79. Then we'll be there. The contempt for Buddha, the evil consequences of

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a demanding dilemma on who never replied to the salutation of an innovator. Meaning if there was a person who practiced better who practiced innovation, whether he invented it himself, or he followed others blindly in that, then our dilemma or model the lower end, who would not respond to his greeting of Selim, he would not even respond to his greeting of Salim. Why do you think so?

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When do you not respond to someone's greeting? When you're upset with them, when you dislike them? For example, if somebody is calling you, when is it that you wanted their phone call? that despite the fact that you're free, you have the chance but still, you don't want to pick up the phone? Why? Because you don't want to speak to them. You don't like them? You're upset with them. you dislike what they do you dislike what they have to say. So the librarian would not even respond to the greeting of those who indulge in innovations are never in an abnormal Raja hula jalon for Karla in the Fulani, yaku alayka Salam for call Allah Who in the hoobler Ronnie Anna who called for encana

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filler to create humanness Salah Bravo tirmidhi knafeh it narrated that a person called on our dilemma or modal to know or know and told him meaning a person inquired about our globe and Roman and told naff here that you tell him that I'm giving him Salaam This is just like you know if you see somebody you say to them that please send my Salaam to your mother, please give my Salaam to your sister, please give my Salaam to your aunt. So, likewise a man he sent a salon through number two who are the lemon aroma. So are the lemon or modal that are in who he replied that I have heard that he has started an innovation. If this is true, then do not give my response to his salutation.

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If this is true, then do not say that I say why they consider preset number 80. People who act upon innovations are deprived of the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and her son of neera yetta Rahim Allah who call Marita Docomo and attend fee Dini him in Lana's or alojamento Neti Midler. So Malaya de la him Illa yom with the AMA, Allah who died, he has sent me a narrative that the people who adopt innovations in religion, then Allah deprives them of the same amount of sin and does not return the Sunnah to them until the day of judgment, meaning when a people, they indulge in innovations, whether they invent them or they practice them, they celebrate

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them, then what happens is that they are deprived of following Asana, they are deprived of observing Asana, why this is the evil consequences of the sin of committing better, remember that sins, they have consequences in our lives and of the consequences of sin says that a person is deprived of doing good, a person is not given the ability, he's not given the trophy, to perform a good deed. So this is a reason why when performing a certain good deed becomes difficult for an individual then what should he do is to seek forgiveness from Allah. Because it's possible that because of one of our sins, we're not able to do something that's important. This is just like if a person is not able

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to remember something good, he's not able to retain knowledge. Then again, what's the reason since you remember the famous verse a portrait of mama Geoffrey that he complained to his teacher? He said that Shaco in our query super heavily. I complained to work here my teacher about my evil memory, meaning my bad memory, that I could not remember anything. So for all Swanee letter, Kumasi, he commanded me that I should leave since why because in rural law, your authority RLC because knowledge is new, and it's not given to a sinful person. So the thing is that when we commit sin, no matter what it is, it deprives us of goodness. And practicing a bidder that deprives us of acting

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upon the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu.

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So whenever people celebrate a bigger than they are deprived of performing is sooner. So much Oh, that they forget about that sooner. The awareness of that tonight is gone. The knowledge of that tonight is gone to the point that people don't even know if there's a signal such as that. And isn't it true that there

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So many sooner that people are unaware of so many sonant that people don't even know that it's actually sooner. Why? Because we are so lost in the data that we don't even know what the actual Dean is. So we see that fabrications, they replace the dean, they replace the dean. So people think that the fabrication the innovation is the dean. And what is Dean in reality, they have no idea about it. Once a companion, who they thought of the lower on who he lifted up to rocks, and you press them together, he joined them together. And then he asked the people who are with him, can you see the light coming through, meaning from between these rocks, they said hardly anything, hardly

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anything, there's barely a crack, and we can hardly see any light coming through. He said, by he in whose hand is my soul, beta will be so widespread that it will cause the truth to be hidden. So that all you can see remaining of it is similar to the small amount of light that you saw coming through, meaning the truth will become so hidden, just like this light is hidden, you can barely see the light. Likewise, there will be a time, the blue mat, the ignorance the bitter, I will be so common, that the actual Dean the real deal, the sooner we'll be as small, just as the slight is in front of us. He said by Allah innovations will become so popular that when an innovation is left, people will

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say that sooner is left, that when people don't celebrate a bigger people will say that, look, they're leaving the dean, look how bad they are. And isn't it so that people think religion is just about celebrating certain days, having a feast on certain days, staying up all night long, and performing certain acts of worship, that is Dean, when somebody dies, everybody getting together? That is the dean and if somebody doesn't do it, they're like, Oh, you wear hijab, I thought you have studied the Quran, you don't do this. So people think that the Buddha is the dean, which is why if it's left, then they become very upset. So this is how much ignorance will spread. And the time has

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come that this ignorance has spread so much precept number 81. Innovation is more loved by shavonne, than other sins, meaning shavon loves Buddha more than he loves, since he likes that a person commits better than he commits since Why do you think so? A sin, you know, people feel guilty about it. Even if a person is happy, but what he's doing, he still has that realization that what I'm doing is wrong. He has that guilt in his heart. And he says that, you know, I'll get better. But when it comes to an innovation, than a person believes so firmly that what he is doing is right, because he's doing it to earn the pleasure of Allah. And he thinks there will be a lot of benefit.

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certain beliefs are attached to that practice. So Will he ever delivered? No, he won't. Will he end up with the curse of Allah? Yes. The angels Yes. All the creation? Yes. Will they still will be accepted? No. We learned about so many consequences of the evil consequences the evil repercussions of indulging in Buddha. So Stefan is very happy, very happy. Because other things as long as they're not *can Allah forgive them. Yes, but shilka person Astrup and from other sins, it's up to Allah, he can forgive them. But when it comes to whether a person has to repent and leave the bedarra, for his repentance to be accepted, so Shannon is very content he's very happy that a person is indulging

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in Buddha. Allah Sophia understorey, Rahim Allah albida to have to enter a belief seminal Mazziotti and masliah to you tell woman her will be there to let you toggle minha Allah who Fisher Hassan so piano sorry, he said that innovation is more beloved to shape upon than sin, because repentance is done from sin. Whereas repentance is not done from innovation, meaning that a person will never repent from the innovation because he thinks he's doing something very good. preset number 82.

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The Dalai Lama and who removed the innovators from the masjid This is how upset he was see the reaction of the companions towards the Buddha and the people of bitter one companion does not respond to the greeting and other companion removes those people from the masjid and if we miss routine, there'll be a lower and who unknown seminar Coleman at Murphy Masjid then you have Luna Luna vs Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a jehlen for Allah La him for Karla ma hidden Delica Fira de la Moroccan in lamb obita deer in one masala yet Kuru Delica Hata Raja home Milan Masjid Abu noraim are the luminous Rudra lindo on whom once he heard that a group of people had gathered

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together in the masjid and what were they doing over there? They were doing records delille What does Allah mean?

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C'est la ilaha illa Allah. So these people they were sitting together, and everybody was saying, in a course La ilaha illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in the law, and they were also sending salutations upon the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were doing this out loud. So they were saying La ilaha illa Allah, as well as Allahumma salli, ala Mohammed, both of these statements how outloud together. So I believe in this room, he came to the masjid when he heard that this is what's going on. He came to the masjid immediately and said, In the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. We never saw anyone doing licorice or sending salutations in such a

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manner. Hence, I see you as innovators, meaning what you're doing is an innovation. And you all are innovators. And he kept on repeating these words until he expelled them from the masjid. Meaning he did not leave the mustard. He did not stop what he was saying until the people stopped and they left the masjid. He did not let them even stay in the masjid. Why? Because what they were doing was something unacceptable, that a person might say, but they were only saying that Allah Illallah and they were sending Salaam with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So what's the big deal? How is it a big deal? It isn't innovation. This is a practice that has been added to the dean. I remember the

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definition of bidra. How is this practice saying that Illa Illa, no harm in that saying Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad no harm in that. But if a person attaches a certain description to it, what description all of us sit here in the masjid and say it out loud together. Now that description is what that description makes that action.

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So he said that we did not practice this at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So I see you as innovators. And he kept repeating it until the people left the machine, meaning he was very upset with them. Now this does not mean that wherever we see people doing, you know practicing some innovation, we tell them, I see you as innovator. So get up and leave. No. Why? Because at that time, you know, if the lemon mustard was alive at that time, this shows this was just a little while after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Dean was still well known to the people. And if any person practiced innovation, he knew what the truth was. It wasn't that he was ignorant of

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the truth. Now, if people are practicing innovation today, do they know of the truth? majority of the people have no idea. You know why? Because they're just doing whatever somebody taught them. They're just doing whatever somebody showed them. So the first step is to educate the people. And then the next step is that if still they don't listen, and they're spreading that wrong, then you become a little strict with them. Okay? So this does not mean that any gathering we go to when people are sitting together, we start yelling at them when we, you know, insult them, and we become very harsh with them. No. So for example, let me give you a scenario, your friend calls you for a

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gathering where everybody's going to gather together and read Quran and do certain car, what are you going to do? Let's say somebody passed away. So they all want to sit together and read through the scene. And so what are you going to do? So you'll just tell them on the phone that, you know, I've learned that this is not right, so I'm not going to come? So you're going to tell them in a very nice manner. Okay, what else could you do? So talk to them again, that these times when somebody has passed away, somebody, you know, like 40 years, or certain time has passed by and everybody's sitting together, people are very emotional at that time. And if you tell them what you're doing is

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wrong. They're gonna get offended. Even if you tell them very nicely, majority of the people are going to get offended. So does that mean we still don't tell them. So it's not a teachable moment, because they're very emotional. Let me tell you, I grew up in Pakistan. And in Pakistan, you know, that these things are practiced all the time, when it comes to the gathering of the event of the birth of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his birthday, that is also celebrated at a large scale. And my mother being who she was, people would ask her all the time to come and talk give us at these occasions, she will not refuse. What she would do is like, for example, if it was a gathering of

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molad, she would say I can only come for some time, she would come give a talk. And I remember once it was at a university, and she was giving her speech and in that she spoke about, you know, the first verses that were revealed on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because everything has to be about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam right? And given that there were people who were, you know, in that university, students, professors, so she started off with those verses. And then she said that all of us must learn and then, you know, off on that tangent about the importance of learning the deen Yes, she did mention about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam His praise, whatever. But she did not

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engage in any wrong thing. We did not stop

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or sing or do anything like that? No, she just gave that lecture and then after that immediately we walked out. But we left them with a thought. And what was that? We have to learn the deen seriously. And when you make people realize that they have to learn the deen, then Alhamdulillah, the door has opened up right now in sha Allah, the darknesses should go away, and they should be replaced by the light. Likewise, at many occasions, I've seen that people, you know, they wanted that, sir, you know, a small talk, you know, when somebody has passed away. So again, she will say, I can come only for a few minutes, I'm sorry, I don't have much time, I can only come for a few minutes, she would

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go and mentioned something about, you know, what happens after that, and what can actually benefit a person who has passed away. So we make law for them. This is the bassoon door, we can also take photocopies of the Muslim law, you know, for the forgiveness of the deceased person, you have it in your book yesterday. So make photocopies of that buy the material if you are able to, and then take it and give it to the people and they will really appreciate it or this isn't whether we can make for the person who was passed away.

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So talk to them as if you are their well wishes. And then excuse yourself that you need to go. So now sometimes you can excuse yourself. But then there comes a point when it's your family members, or it's your close friends and they say How come you cannot stay you're that busy. Now you have to read through the scene once for us, you have to read at least one Jews if not five years. So then you can talk to them in a nice manner and tell them that look, I'm making this door instead for the person who's passed away. And I believe this will benefit them more. And I am going to give this Masako so that inshallah you know the reward will go to them. But this is something that's not going

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to benefit them, nor is it going to benefit me. So I don't want to do this. And a few times you can talk to them nicely. But then there comes a point where you have to speak to them seriously, but don't speak them seriously. The first time No, gradually go up to that. That if you tell them no, I'm not gonna come for whatever reason. If you start off with the word no, then there are studies that prove that people don't listen after that. They don't give importance to anything that you mentioned afterwards, just because you said no, that's all they can remember. So don't start with no start with something else. And make the art to Allah and be sincere to those people as well that we

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should be concerned about them to. Then we learned that the more had they seen did not accept any hobbies which were transmitted by the innovators or the more had they seen or had seen or the people have had these meaning those who narrated or had these those who taught her these, those who learned how these those who collected Hades. So for example, when Bihari Izumo had this Yes. And you know, whenever you read a text of Hadees and you read you know from so and so companion from so and so person, so all the people who were in that chain, who are they the more had deceived, because they are the scholars of Hades, the teachers, the narrator's the students of Hades, okay, those people

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who recorded the Hadith, so they had the scene, they did not accept a hadith which were transmitted by innovators. Meaning if there was a person who was an innovator who indulgent Buddha, then if that person narrated a hadith and mohabbatein, would not accept that Hadees. Why, because of this person is inventing things in the religion, he could have easily invented this Hadees to, he could have made it up. If he doesn't have that fear of Allah, that he's inventing things in the dean and ascribing them to Allah. That obviously he can invent statements and say that the prophets have a lot of them set them such a person is not trustworthy. This is what it shows that such a person an

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innovator is not a reliable person. He cannot be trusted. And if they syrena Karla mucuna Yes, aluna anolis nadie Panama cartel hypnotoad colusa. Molinari jellico famzoo ella Alison notify the zoom in a little bit I follow you Hello, Heidi, some Muslim, even city narrative that in the beginning, people did not question about the transmission of Hades, but when the mischief meaning the innovations, they began inventing a hadith or narrative or Hadith, when such narrations began to spread, then the people started asking for the chain of transmitters. Then they would say, Tell us about your about your chain Who did you hear this Hardee's from is it from so and so? So into so and

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so? They would inquire about the chain of transmitters that first it will be seen whether the transmitters are the followers of the Sunnah. If they're the followers of the Sunnah, then their narration will be accepted. And if they are innovators, then their narration will not be accepted. So if there was a person who was a move that they're an innovator, then his narration would be

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rejected. Such a person was not trustworthy. Innovation could be a means of involving oneself in mischief or a painful punishment meaning if a person indulges in innovation then he will be in fitna. He's in fitna and he could deserve a painful punishment from our last panel.

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So in an email Malecon rahimullah yeah about Abdullah min aina or him Carla Mendenhall, Eva min Hazel Rama Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for all ini redo an Oklahoman and musty demeanor in delcambre call letters. Were in the auction or legal fitness for call with a fitness in fee Heather in Nima. Hear me Ellen Lee do her call. What are you fitness in a woman and Tara in Akasaka for Leila 10 also learn how Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Nyssa Mira to La Jolla own Felicia Latina you Holly funa and Emily and deceiver who fitna tone Are you sleeping? Are there any so the note is 63 Lola who filled it with Islam in America was asked Oh Abdullah, where should I

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observe my Iran from meaning I'm going for Hajj formula. Where should I wear my hand from from which point Mr. Malik responded from the halifa from where the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam observed the aerodrome? Has anyone gone for hydrocodone one day from at this point in her life? You might still we didn't even check. Next time you go, check. Okay, pay attention to the names of the places as well. Okay, we just do whatever the guide tells us. Okay, so next time find out because, you know, if you're putting the follow on from where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did, imagine that scenario. So the man said, but I wish to observe the Islam in the masjid and debris from near the

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grave, meaning from here the profit sort of autism scrape, I want to put on my arm over there. So Mr. Malik said do not do this. I fear that you may get involved in fitna meeting. fitna does not just mean mischief, it also means trial. Right? So over here, it gives meaning of trial, a great test, meaning punishment. So I fear that if you do that, then they will be fitna for you. The man said, What is the fitna in this meaning, why would I be punished because of this? What's the harm? And that's exactly what the people say today? What's the big deal? What's the big deal that I intended to observe the harm just a few miles away? Meaning it's not too far from the flavor. I like

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the place where the grave of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is I'd rather put the ramen over there, Mr. Malik said and what is a greater fitna than the one where you see yourself raising the prophets of Allah to them to a virtue that he fell short of meaning is this not a fitna that you're in that you think you're doing something good that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not? Do? You think that you're becoming better than the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he put the alarm on not in mustard in a way, but in her life. And that is what we're supposed to do. And if you're think you're doing something more righteous, by putting on the farm in the masjid, then you're saying that you're doing

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something that the prophets Allah said and fell short off, meaning he did not do it. Isn't this a fitna? This is a fitna and then he said, Allah subhana wa tada I heard him meaning I heard the statement of Allah, that Allah has said into the news that lead those beware, who descend from the profits on a lot of systems order, that last fitness strike them or a painful punishment. So this is not something small. And the fact is that when a person is committing whether he thinks that he's doing good, that itself, that itself is a punishment, that a person doesn't even know he's doing wrong. He doesn't even realize he's doing wrong, that itself is a punishment, and that will prevent

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a person from doba and that shows us how important his knowledge of the sinner in the matter of religion one should seek the protection of Allah from acting on one's desire or will because if a person starts acting on his own desire on his own well, then what will happen? He will invent things and again, he will do things his own way. He will oppose the Sunnah he will oppose the command of Allah. And that's it. That is the cause of going astray.

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And it'd be bonza eslami Yukon. camino Sula, Hassan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the mimma aka la cumbre de buena como Fujiko will be led to

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Hello I hope you're awesome Vicki type of Santa

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Rosa eslami narrative that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, I fear for you all, that after I pass away, you might go astray in matters of greediness and shameful deeds and wrong desires. Notice the Arabic words. I fear for you after me. Butoh nakum your bellies, meaning you will not care about what's going in your stomach, you will eat whatever you wish you will not care about halal Haram, where furuya come and your private parts meaning you will not be careful

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About guarding your private parts, either the outer will be exposed or what will be done with the outer with the private part is something that should not be done during indulging in.

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And we see that these days, you know, major things which are considered unlawful or even declared as lawful. So people have become very lenient in these matters, in the matters of what of the stomach and of the private parts. And also what the prophet SAW a lot of them feared for us is when we'll be lacking a word meaning, the word the desires that will lead astray, those desires that lead people astray.

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And this is what happens people say, we like to do this, I enjoy doing this. I enjoy reading such and such in this manner.

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Then we learned that no good deed of an innovator is acceptable, are unable to live near a yell and Rahim Allah who call either a thermometer and pupillary pin for hood fields whether you can whether you're thoroughly Sahabi bitter it Illa here as the agenda I'm alone, woman Ana Sahaba Bedard in honor Allah had me Dean roba houfy, Hassan II see and listen for the narrative that when you see an innovator coming towards you leave that route, meaning if an innovator is walking on a particular path, then you leave that path and adopt another. Don't be close to him, don't follow him, don't resemble him, because no deed of an innovator is acceptable to Allah. No deed of an innovator is

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accepted by Allah subhanaw taala. Whoever helps an innovator It is as if he has helped in destroying the religion. If a person supports an innovator, it is as though he is supporting the destruction of the dean. This is how dangerous weather is. Now, why is it that despite the fact that there's clear warning against clear warning, yet we see the weather has become so common, what's the reason behind that? Pure ignorance many people, majority of the people, they don't know. Any other reason why innovations have become so common? pride and arrogance that even if people do find out about the truth, they say, Oh, we've always done it. You know, my parents, my grandparents in our families is

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always celebrated. So this is an act that has been passed down generation to generation. So this is why it will not be left and other reason that people don't give importance to learning the deen so when they will not learn the deen then what will they know of the whatever they see people doing? Whatever the ignorance say. They don't want to let it go. Because they identify themselves with it. They think that that is piety. Everybody around them is doing it, who are in positions of authority that will misguide others, people will think that they are knowledgeable, but in reality, they don't have much knowledge. Or they think they're knowledgeable, but in reality, that is ignorance. So even

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they are a cause of misguidance. And we see that one of the reasons why Buddha has spread so much why there have been so many innovations in the deen is because our Muslims have been influenced by non Muslim ideologies and views that they don't know the deen themselves. And instead, they have imitated others. So for example, going to the graves building shrines, frustrating to the dead, right thinking that they will benefit us all of this came from which religion mainly the mystic religion, right? The people have shipped, this is what they do. So living amongst them with them. And there is no harm in that. But when you're living with others, and you should know about your

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deen instead of influencing them taking their influence. I just remember recently I was having a conversation with an elderly lady that she was saying that when you know she was young, and they were any non Muslims, you know, we wouldn't let them touch any of our dishes anywhere food, right? Because we would think that if they touch our food, our dishes, then our dishes would become impure. And they were not allowed to come inside the house even we would just hand them over, you know, things from the side, we wouldn't have any physical contact with them nothing, they would stay far away.

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I said Why? Why did you do that? They said this is what we thought.

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And they said this is just like, you know, in Hinduism, there are certain people who are untouchable, she said exactly. That's exactly what happened. So again, instead of influencing them, we took their influence. So what's the solution? Then? What is the way out of the knowledge? What should we do? We should learn that the and especially, we should revive the sun. But how will that happen? If we study the Hadees? We need to study the Sunnah. Now we have learned all about it tomorrow. So now the question is what is sin? What do we follow? What do we do that you have to find out? So this is the reason why we have to revive the culture of studying Hades learning how these

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narrative studies give important

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To this because unless and until people learn about what the Hadith says, they cannot follow it. So this is my advice to all of you as we conclude this book that make a firm resolve of studying the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Salah, now we're studying the Quran, but alongside this and after this especially learn this

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because unless and until we learn, we cannot do it and then how can we tell others

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All right, it was a pleasure teaching all of you any error on my part Please forgive me May Allah forgive all of us inshallah. It's a panic alarm will become deca Chateau La Ilaha Illa antenna stuff guru Kona today. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh