Abu Bakr Zoud – The Wisdom of As-Suhoor – the Pre-Dawn Meal

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of a solo worship, including a strong sense of support and a sense of weightiness. They also mention the importance of individuals being able to achieve their spiritual and physical potential during the day. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to start the day with a sense of weightiness and achieve their spiritual and physical potential.
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And the first one of them being a solo, being the pre dawn meal. Now my brothers in Islam, we need to understand that I know what happens with a lot of people it becomes it's sort of it becomes a habit. He wakes up just before then and, and he'll have something or he'll get his whole family and they'll sit down on a table and make a meal or whatever it is, and they eat. And it becomes a habit, habitual thing, and where Jani you did not understand where the worship is in it. And what kind of benefit is and what kind of blessing and benefit is ascribed and what kind of reward is ascribed with this great and sacred worship. And maybe some of my mother certainly teaches us

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phoslo mabena see me now see me al Qaeda, Al Qaeda to sorrow and arson and he says that the difference between our fasting and the first thing of the people of the book is that we have the support and then we have the support. So the first thing when you when you eat your soul, when your children are around and awake and eating solo teach that this is what makes us different to the people of the book that know the Christians and the Jews, they fast as well. They have a fasting but what is different between our fasting and this is that our begins with a soul. This doesn't begin with any solo for maybe some other human services in another hobby. He says in the solo Bala cotton.

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He says that this rule, it is a Barker. It is a huge blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you and he set up a cool blog he gave you What does that mean? That means he gave it to the Summer Special to the summer no other oma in life ever before. Enjoy this worship of a soul. But then individualism says fella,

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beware Be careful. Don't leave it up. Don't leave it out. There's a lot of bollock in it when there be some alarm on either you or send them he says, as in the habito. He says, how one will be met, and you have to hold even if it's water. And you know what you understand from this, you understand that the support itself isn't as some people go around and mentioning that yummy. It'll give you this physical strength and this physical power to go on for the day. That wasn't the idea of the idea of that's a that's an added bonus. You'll get on it, that it might keep you energetic during the day and so on. But the ultimate blessing of it is that it will power you up spiritually. It will

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power you up spiritually so that you will find yourself during the day more active more energized in praying the sooner in reading the poorer in praying the following praying congregation that an individual the more money you send them, he says that's how the end of his Satori Baraka Baraka Yanni Yani Ababa. In other words, it's an increase that increase that added blessing for you find yourself during the day that you have a lot of Baraka in your time, bollock in your wolf Baraka in the worship you do, but again, the re citation of the client that you're going to read during the day baleka during the night, where did all this Baraka come? And when did all this yummy blessing

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feeling come during the day and the night because you got up and you have this hope for don't make it a habit thing. Get up and when you make solute and the risotto salami says the Sahara will not see the idea. It wasn't like a big meal. The idea was, can you get up and have some more even if it's just water with the intention of support it with water and in another Hadith he says one oh Be sure it met me. In other words, even if it was a sip of water, let's say you want to drink a full cup, even if it was a sip of water, because the ID is you attain the Balak Allah subhana wa tada has placed in the time of saloon when there be some a lot of money you were sending me says in the

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Hadith, in Nevada woman that he can

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he can align himself and the angels all of them wherever they exist in the first heaven in the second in the third until the seventh heaven, in in beta maamoul in the on the earth as they're going up to the sky as they're coming up wherever the angels are. And maybe some of our partners are asserting themselves that along. And all these angels, they continuously send their solid upon those who have solo upon those who haven't guessed, Ghanian had a lot. He sees the reward for the one for the one who has the support. He hasn't even began the day of fasting yet. And this is already his reward that Allah subhanho wa Taala and all the angels are continuously making you still fall and

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for him. This is just the beginning. What about in the first hour of fasting, the second hour of fasting, how much more reward is such a person gaining for keep these Yani, I have eaten this reward in your mind. And when you wake up for support, when you get your children up when you're when they're eating, teach them that there's a bargain in this. That's why we're getting up not so that we don't get hungry during the day or any we don't feel tired during the day for my Bismillah the Baraka is what is going to give you that physical power and that spiritual power to keep on going on

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During this day

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