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Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with his state of mind regarding the horrific bombing incident near Masjid an Nabawi in Medina in the month of Ramadan and on the last of the odd nights. He is in a state of shock as to how someone could indulge in a demeaning act of such lowness and words fail him.He is appalled at the state of mind of the bomber who had the audacity to attempt to harm the city of Madinah which is the city of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

Madinah is the city that Allah chose for the Prophet ﷺ to do Hijra, to plant the tree of Islam, the forbearer of the Revelations of Allah and much more. The Prophet ﷺ said, “Madinah is sacred between the two mounts of Ayr and Thawr. Whoever causes any deviation or helps any deviation shall incur the curse of Allah, and the curse of the angels, and the curse of all of mankind! Not a single obligatory or nafl good deed shall be accepted of him.”

The Shaykh begs Allah to protect the people of Madinah and to protect the Ummah from such misdeeds and straying away from the pure religion of Islam. He asks of Allah to guide everyone to the ultimate truth of Islam and stay clear of deviation and remain steadfast in this quest of not straying ever. Aameen.


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smilla rahmanir rahim

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wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad and he was talking about

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today's last halted I was actually going to be divided into two separate parts. The first part is forced upon us by circumstance of what happened today. All of our hearts are in grief as to the absolutely amazing unbelievable.

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The unbelievable incidents are taking place in Medina right now that unfortunately so for some of you that haven't heard the news, apparently ISIS has actually launched a suicide mission outside of the Prophet systems, Masjid in Medina, and six people as of yet have been confirmed to be killed, and probably another four or five have been wounded. And it is truly unfathomable. Like honestly the mind finds difficulty trying to understand the mentality of this group. And some people I've even begin to speculate conspiracy theories and whatnot. But brothers and sisters, the fact of the matter is, we have such lunatics. We have such crazy people. Well, lucky we do. We've had them from the

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beginning of time. Have we forgotten the holidays and what they did? Have we forgotten they were the ones who were the ones who surrounded the house of Earth man in Medina, and laid siege to his house for 40 days and eventually murdered him in his own house stone's throw away from the profits of the masjid Have we forgotten they were the ones who massacred so many of the Sahaba and they thought that they're doing good and they fought abitata when they eventually assassinated Ali, as he was praying Sala till fudger leading the people in the messenger the assassinate or the vitalia. This type of fringe mentality, this type of fanaticism has been around from the beginning of time, and

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our prophets are some warned us about it. He told us there's always going to be that small splinter fundamentalism that has gone berserk gone wild. And the most dangerous fundamentalism is religious fundamentalism that goes unchallenged, because the religious zealot, the religious fundamentalist, doesn't care what the world thinks he thinks he's doing righteousness. And this is the most scariest type of of brainwashing that can be done. And the fact of the matter of brothers and sisters is that this trend, unfortunately, there's no doubt that the political circumstances have exacerbated it, no question. But the reality is there is this strand of fanaticism in our oma and these cottage sites,

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these extreme zealots have been there, and they're going to be there. And there is no conspiracy when it comes to these 19 year old kids and they're all 1819 year old, the boy that was caught was 18 years old. Can you imagine the 18 year old young man and he blows himself up in a so the way the handle works, those of you who have been there, there are small if you like, houses or not houses but security, security, if you like areas where the security posts exactly where the police sit, so this 18 year old kid pretended that he wanted to break his fast can you believe the the the the evilness he pretended he doesn't have if thought so he said, Can I have break if thought with you

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guys? So an example of the police, what did they you know, they're they're sharing their fruits, it's fun to come and join us. So he enters this security post. And then he blows himself up killing all of the policemen there. And also two of the people that were outside 18 year old, how can this 18 year old kid think he's doing something good, and an evil?

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I shouldn't say more sad, Medina, sad enough. But this is also in its own way, sad. A few weeks ago in the same land. Two young men, both in their 19 and 21 year old, they were actually apprehended a stop for over a hurdle sooner that they murdered their own parents, because they thought that their parents are stopping them from doing jihad, doing jihad going and fighting in with these guys. Their parents kept on saying no, no, no. And they actually killed their own parents. And then they were caught by the security of cause the national obviously scandal, the reality is that we do have this fringe, and no matter how miniscule or small it is, we do have to acknowledge that it does exist.

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And we keep on saying that this fringe, it thrives on so many things. Number one, on a misunderstanding of the legitimate jihad. Yes, jihad is positive. These people have perverted it. These people have twisted it. Number two grievances, grievances that are legitimate as well. Our hearts bleed because of what's happening in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Guantanamo in philosophy, but these young men are overzealous, they're impatient. And because nothing is happening right now. They're happy that somebody is doing something and I have to deal with this lot all the time on my face.

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On Twitter. So how many of you don't understand this is a real living trend? Even in the posting today? Can you believe there were people criticizing my criticism of the attacks of Medina? Can you believe there were Muslims, I had to delete them from my Facebook post, criticizing, that I am criticizing what these people are doing. And they're calling me an American sellout, because I'm defending the harem. Like, they're so perverted in their understanding of the world, that for their from their perspective, everybody's a sellout, except for those five people that are on their perverted mentality. And we have to, we're lucky, every one of us has to be clear and brave, and

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Alhamdulillah. inshallah, none of us in this audience are sympathetic to that. But we have to always allow for these young men and women to come to us with their super heart with their concerns. We can't send them underground, we can't tell them to be quiet. Because what happens is, and I've experienced this myself in my career that I'm engaged with, if we do not engage with them ourselves, they will go find the radical voices, if we don't deal with them one on one. And we allow them to air their anger and grievances and let them spout what they're saying, then we sit them down and deal with them, then they're going to go find the actual phonetics, they're going to find the voices

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of real radicalism. So if any one of you knows any one of our youngsters, that speaking like this, please don't shut him up. allow him to express himself, then bring him to reputable schema show, I'm here in your community, or go to somebody else. It's very important. We don't want anybody to go down this path, and will lie is unfathomable. But the fact of the matter is, from their perspective, they believe that there's somehow and of course, the target in their perverted minds, is the kingdom. And the the the political royal family. This is the goal is that we want to destabilize and so they believe, no matter who they kill, what they kill, whatever is happening, they're going to do

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this and 40 years ago, as you know, one of the first radical groups of our generation, the journeyman movement actually stormed the cabinet itself even more bizarre, and this is in 1979, November corresponded to the first mojado 1400, those of you that are in your 50s, you would remember this from your from your younger days 1979. This occurred, the precursors to al Qaeda to ISIS, the first modern jihad, this movement was the movement of a man. And it actually stormed the harem and McKee in Makkah. 1979. And they held the harem hostage, can you believe they put snipers around the gates of the harem, and they kill the security forces in the harem, and they held the

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Hajaj and mortality hostage? And what was the grievance? America? Yeah, and you look at the perversion, look at the fanaticism, they're angry at America, they're angry at foreign policy, they're angry at whatever, you know, the family of certain whatever their grievances. So how do they express it? By holding the camera hostage and killing people in the shade of the Kaaba and the Imam of the harem, and others who also have lost as they managed to escape? Long story. I've spoken about it in more detail online. But the fact of the matter, brothers and sisters, this is a reality of our oma, we do have such fanatics. And, honestly, we need to stop this trend of conspiracy theories, no

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matter what we believe or don't believe, without a doubt, there are fanatics in our oma and they have been around and they will continue to be around. And we need to be brave enough to acknowledge that and take on their challenges. I needed to get that off my shoulder because honestly, it's a very tragic day when even the haotong gets attacked, and subpanel that this is following a whole spate of attacks right this whole month. And by the way, it is my prediction and I hope I'm reading this that ISIS is on its last legs. This is a tactic of desperation, complete they are completely cut off. So they're doing everything everywhere, in Istanbul in Dhaka, Bangladesh in Baghdad in

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Jeddah, and Aki just like anything that they can do, this is like the sign of a basically a dying if you like organization, they have no strength left in them. So they're like clutching drowning straws, anything that will bring about some type of if you like, now of course the goal is to bring about tension between people so that more people join their site. So Allah knows best I'm predicting that insha Allah, this movement will will wane off however until the political grievances are solved. There will always be fanaticism until peace comes in the region.