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AI: Summary © The conversation is about the difference between the two of the Muslim community. The first question is how to approach a relationship with a non Muslim family member, and the second is related to the idea of hate. The speakers discuss the importance of maintaining ties with non-M-thirsty individuals and the need for acceptance of one's own religiousity.
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This person asks, How should Muslim approach a relationship with a non Muslim family member?

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By non Muslim, do you mean more? Or do you mean this Muslim converted and their families default non Muslim? There's a difference between the two. The question didn't specify

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Okay, so the reason why there's a difference is because with regards to the somebody was left Islam, obviously there's a there's a bit of a tension there and that tension cannot be ignored when a close family member was a Muslim and then chooses to leave the faith. That does complicate things. Now, I'm not saying you have to, you know, boycott or cut off all ties But definitely, the frustration needs to be there throughout one's relationship that there's got to be the sense of, you know, I'm sad that this has happened, whereas, that level does not need to exist for the one who is obviously

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is not was never a Muslim. But the notion of giving Dawa to that will remain so how does one treat family members who are non Muslim the Quran is very clear. Lionheart como La Nina dlm, Yokosuka Do you want to come and who talks to him that the Quran is very clear that a lot is saying that you are allowed to have the highest level of closeness which is called bitter. And you're also allowed to have the lowest level which just to be fair to them, as long as they are not enemies to you and stopping you from your faith, you're allowed this entire spectrum, how you choose to deal with them, it depends on you. So if a person converts and their mother is a non Muslim, they should remain

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maintain the ties have been the highest level because they're the mother and if it's some family member, distant family member, you can just be nice to them and, and just, you know, exchanged pleasantries and whatnot. There's no different rulings, I know that there is a strand of modern Satanism. Unfortunately, they preach some things that are very bizarre they think they should you should hate non Muslims and whatnot. And, you know, that's simply not true. The Prophet system loved his uncle, Uncle Paul, and even though his uncle passed away a pagan, and the Quran affirms that love. The Quran uses the word love, the profitsystem had love for able bodied, right in Nicoletta

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demon, but the hope is affirmed of authority. And yet Abu Talib died as a pagan. So this notion of we have to hate the cool foreigners. I mean, this is a fancy slogan that a very small group of you know, modern, you know, one group, they have this theological notion, and frankly, even they themselves cannot implement it because it is not natural to hate people that have done no wrong to you. You can't You can't just walk around and your heart is full of hatred for somebody else unless you have pathological disease, your problem so even these people who preach it, they they cannot follow it. They just say it as a slogan. So if that's what you're referring to, then that's an

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incorrect theology, and it needs to be refuted. Islam does not teach us to hate other people. Islam does teach us to dislike actual Cofer and shirk, yes, but not the people. There's a difference, right? We don't like the concept of other than loving worship. And if somebody is a non Muslim, then we love the good in them. And we don't like the fact that they're worshiping other than Allah, but nowhere in the Koran and soon does it tell us that we hate the entire individual just because they're not a part of our faith. That is a misinterpretation that yes, it is taught I'm not denying it is taught, but it is not mainstream beliefs of Islam that Allah knows best. Yeah.