Lives Of The 4 Imams Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Part 1

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for the sisters I won't take too much of your time inshallah

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I'll just start with the member from at the start will delay the prayer a few minutes

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and then inshallah next week we'll continue with that if I have time with these questions I'll try and address them inshallah if not this week inshallah promising next week when we conclude

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the reason why I was gonna say my back straightaway after praising a lot hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah

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is because Amanda had lived

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a portion of the life of Imam Shafi and he was one of his students. He lived almost a large part in large part of the life of the membership. And he loved him immensely.

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To introduce him, and

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I'd like to begin with the quotes he made about his teacher Mr. Chef, hey, before I tell you whom Mr. Smith is

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Mr. McMahon said

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I have never made more

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and praise

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more than for him out of Sheffield.

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He said to his son

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yagoona in Sheffield, kennish Kanika shamcey. My son, Sheffield, he was like the sun lit dunya to the world.

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And he was

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really nervous. The medicine and health for people.

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So look, can you find that you can be without the sun and without health?

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He also said about the membership fee in the lead early Sheffield if you seletti Mundo Urbina center I make for a sharpie in my salad.

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For the past four for 40 years of my life. I say, oh, Bill fiddly when you're already there. Yeah. Well, Mohammed bin idrissa Sharpie, every paper for the easiest to say, Oh my Lord, forgive me and my parents and Mohammed son of Idris, a chef.

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A chef he visited him at once when he was sick and he was a student still in his young days.

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What happened? Mm asthma jumped up off his bed or his floor.

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And he sat down on his knees and put a machete in his place. And he was ill.

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When Sheffield he rode on his horse or mule, mmf Matt put, he used to put his email up on the mule. take the reins of the mule. And he used to walk alongside the mule

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to the point where one of his friends at students, which was one of his friends named

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mine said to him, too, when is this going to go on? Yeah. Now you're walking beside mules. And the mama had replied by saying danka Heather for interrupting federalism, then,

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Alabama said leave me alone. If you want to learn true knowledge of Ferber, then you should accept to walk alongside a mule? If so, if you're the owner of the mule.

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He also said

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Amanda Schaeffer used to dress like a better we said that he lived among the veterans who used to dress and resemble the veterans and speak like the better ones. So you'd think that he's a better one. At one time, a man Achmed left the circle of the great amounts of piano and piano and went into the circle of a chef and one of the students of the Piano Piano went up. Now he didn't know that this was a chef. He looked like a battle. He said to him, you leave the great Eman, Sophia to come and sit with just the common Bedouin person from the deserts.

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And the man had said

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to him,

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he said to him

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if you miss something even Ariana said, you could always ask him later, but if you miss something a chef really upset schepis word

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You are afraid to lose them forever. You don't just get people like Amanda sheffy with words you can never get words like this before.

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And lastly, a man of Sheffield he caught hold the hand of one of the Imams by the name of Yunus of Salafi. And he said to him, just to show you this, I've thought I'd show you this respect in this respect and in debate of disagreements, and he said to him,

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when they disagreed on something, should we not remain as friends and brothers, regardless

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of some differences in our opinions? Today, we differ and we become my enemy.

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So in my mathematic praise the amount of sheffy and he took this same quality from Amanda sheffy.

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So why did these students become the opposite? And these students Allahu Allah and why did we become the opposite of that?

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He did not humble just a little bit about his introduction. When you think of mud

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when you say I've met you means a mammoth number that's it.

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It's like these days when you say the King of Rock, you think Elvis? There are many Elvis's? When you think of Jacko, there are many jokers with Michael Jackson, but it's a bad metaphor and example. But when you think, for example, Aristotle their manifestos, but the Aristotle, Isaac, when you talk in physics, you think Isaac Newton.

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When you say Boyd Boyd's law, there are many boys around the world, but you know, because the title of that law and then you think when you say Akhmed in Howdy, everyone knows him. I don't even have to mention his surname or anything like that. So when you think Imam Ahmed, you think Hadith, that's what his specialty was. And he was also fully knowledgeable in understanding Sharia, and he also exist exist in the third in the third generation of the province of Laos, and then prays he was born in the year 164, Hindi, and lived for about 77 years Born in Baghdad, died in Baghdad, and he was born in the year when Imam Malik died.

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If you want me to give a title to Imam Ahmed, I don't know Subhana Allah, the muhaddith.

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He was a copycat of the prophet SAW the light he was.

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And this is what Mr. Mohammed is known for.

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The perception of Imam Ahmed is that of rigidity. Unfortunately, when people say he did not humble or humble he,

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it is so sad

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that people attach him and the school of thought to rigidity, strictness,

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ultra religious extremism,

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It's not good to associate a bad quality to someone who does not deserve this. And Mmm, it was also one of those like the other imams who was accused.

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The word name, which doesn't help either the word handily in the dictionary means someone

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who is very rigid as well one minded

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and he was mad did not humble. But that's not what it meant. The name doesn't tell you what you are.

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And unfortunately, today, a name called what heavy

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is attributed to the same line

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that goes back to the humbleness. Mm hmm.

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And we'll note next week why this all happened.

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But remember, he had started his knowledge at the age of 15 years.

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He was a scholar and expert in Quran, Hadith. And he also went into class later on.

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He studied in Yemen, Morocco for us, and

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he actually went the most out of all the scholars out of all the Imams, he traveled the most around the world. Allahu Akbar, he used to travel distances more than two months, four months with his friends to learn knowledge. And on top of that, he had extreme financial difficulties, to the point where he never asked for any money

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from anybody. And people offered him scholars, the government, the halifa is friends.

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Imam Abu hanifa had never accepted anything from anybody until he died. So his wealth and his knowledge and his everything was from his own bare hands working to the point

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where he was so in much of financial needs, and so much that he never asked anybody for money never took anything that at one time wanted to travel, to study under a scholar to man's journey that he ran out of wealth and money. Hit

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Look up working as a luggage carrier, luggage carrier carrying the luggage of people who are traveling women and children and men. A great amount like that carrying luggage. This is not how person is measured by the job.

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Imagine if mud

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was one of those, just like a meme of sheffy and demand medic, his inspiration

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and his channel into knowledge was his mother

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and the mathematics medals inspiration and Ruby's father, a man, a man Shafi, his mother,

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an Imam Ahmed, also his mother,

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a man a chef, he was an orphan,

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raised by his mother. He

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was also an orphan,

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raised by his mother

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and the mathematic came from a tribe

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called Ben O'Shea, then

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they lived near Kuwait in the southern of Iraq, East Arabia, Ben O'Shea, Ben long time ago before the professor I sent him how to combat with the Persians. There's a long story about it. And this tribe beneficiary band actually beat

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the army of the Persians.

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And this was for the first time in the history of the Arabs before the prophet SAW sell them with the Arabic the Persian superpower, it was a battle called the car. And there is a state a different province allowed to sell them who said,

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Lucio what he knows to banish a ban will give him victory because of me, because the day when they were given victory is the day when the pro salon salon was born. And Mr. Mohammed came from that line, Ben O'Shea Bauer, a very strong willed people, which explains to you the trial which I'm going to talk to you about next week of Imam Ahmed, and which also explains to you the strong will of his mother,

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who was also a scholar.

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His name was Ahmed Abner Mohammed.

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In urban urban, his seventh grandfather was handed

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a shaman.

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His mother was also from Bengal shavette, which explains why she was strong willed. And our Muslim mama today has become plagued with ignorance mothers unfortunately.

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Or mothers are overworked in their career.

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There's nothing wrong with working.

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But I'm talking about mothers who are materialistic and working for materialism, to the point where their children are either neglected. Or if they're ignorant, their children become ignorant.

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I always say

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dual marriage I say

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conduct the marriage.

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A lot smarter gave mother's equality which you didn't give to the men. And men abused that quality when they say women talk too much.

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It is annoying to the men I say to the sisters, if you can, please listen to the amount of talks to your husband, but they can't help it. So they talk.

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One of the reasons why they talk a lot in their nature. Majority of women not all women, but majority of them.

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You find the quality developing in their motherhood, they need that quality with their children. Children also talk a lot. But we're not trying to say women and children are the same. They are alike in some way. What I mean by that meaning they can understand each other better than what children can understand their fathers.

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Your marriage will understand this. Why because children need to be spoon fed, they need a lot of detail. A lot of words, we men we like to use few words, which make bigger meanings, and we expect you to understand the rest. If you don't we get frustrated.

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And similarly with our children, not all men but allows men in general. Some others need this quality and need this patience. If they don't have all these words, children will have a problem understanding they need to be spoon fed. And the mother of a man

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was extremely wise and she spent so much on her son

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in knowledge and wisdom.

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She stayed single all her life after the death of her husband raising and teaching her son Mmm.

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That dedicated her life. And Amanda had loved his mother so immensely. He had a special spot in his heart a little bit more than the normal sons because of what he saw her do for him. In fact, he was 21 years old 21

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so he was an adult.

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And one day he was working with one of his friends.

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And he said to him, let's cross the Tigris River.

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For some reason, and he said to him, No.

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My mother

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told me never to cross the Tigris River.

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Today, a 29 year old who says, My mom doesn't let me

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imagine what happens to them. And I've said before this word, mommy's boy is an ugly word it shouldn't be.

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So he's 21 years old.

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And he says, My mother said, Don't cross I'm not gonna cross. There were many imams who wanted to travel to jihad, for example, voluntary jihad, and the mother said, Don't and they obeyed.

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And you find Why is football is in one one time, mmm. Man was praying. And his mother called him. He was praying a voluntary prayer.

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And he responded to, and in his football in his school of thought, in his view, with his evidence, of course, he sees that if you're praying a voluntary prayer, and your mother calls you for a need,

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then you should respond. You should stop the voluntary prayer, nothing to pray enough earlier. So you know, praying son or father just praying a prayer.

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You should stop it and respond to your mother.

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And I'd like to end it by this. What type of women do we have today? And what kind of men This is we're talking about his mother.

00:16:29--> 00:16:36

We see today, unfortunately, to extremes, mothers who were completely were either depressed and they let themselves go.

00:16:37--> 00:16:42

And mothers who are too overzealous on their beauty and their looks, etc.

00:16:44--> 00:16:49

When you marry a woman, check out her software, not just the hard way.

00:16:50--> 00:16:53

And when a woman marries a man, chick is programming in here.

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Because that's his mentality, which you have to face later on.

00:16:59--> 00:17:12

The programming must be fatherhood, and especially the mother motherhood. There's a great poet who says aluma madrasa either added to the shabaka Araki. When you prepare the mother, you have prepared a generation full of wisdom and charisma and leadership.

00:17:14--> 00:17:18

We want moms who love and to learn their Deen and benefit with their Deen etc.

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Today's motto and drive is no money. No honey.

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No right. No money. No honey, my father.

00:17:27--> 00:17:29

is the hero from alcoholism, the Preston mosque.

00:17:31--> 00:17:35

No money, no honey. So you got to have money to get married. Otherwise she won't take you.

00:17:36--> 00:17:38

They should not be the dry.

00:17:40--> 00:17:42

Today's divorces

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are based on the motto. I couldn't reach my dreams with him.

00:17:48--> 00:18:03

So he couldn't fulfill my dreams I lived on what are these dreams, you'll find that 80% of them are worldly or materialistic. I'm not having a go at our sisters. We have an handleless sisters here who are God fearing. But I'm talking about just the general

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the general vibe you get from the community Muslim and non Muslim. Unfortunately, materialism has become a problem.

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My mother's mother and the likes. They were not like

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so I finished it here inshallah. And next week, we will continue with the amount of mud did not humble Rahmatullah highly about his trial, his way of thought his teachers, his memory, his extraordinary intelligence, the books he left behind his death, and how his method reached us a little bit about what heavy thoughts and how it came. And a little bit about the confusion of this method in the minds of people and then we will conclude the show.

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One more correction. I mentioned last week that a member sheffy had a student who told him about washing between the toes and will do you remember that Hadith and that remember, Chef he said, this is a Hassan,

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Hadith and Hassan and he started advising people. I made a mistake. It's actually a mathematic it happened with But nevertheless, whether it's a mathematical Imam Shafi, it was exactly the same thing for them. This is what they all did. They did not they weren't different at all in this way. So ended here I think I thank you for listening ask Allah to illuminate our hearts Heather was Salam on Urbina, Mohammed Ali Ali or Sophia Jemaine left