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In this talk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we are acquainted with the key members of Zayd Ibn HArithah RA family - Umm Ayman or Barakah and Usama Ibn Zayd RA.

Umm Ayman was a mother figure to the Prophet ﷺ and was the former slave girl of Abdul Muttalib RA. She always took good care of the Prophet ﷺ and later went on to play key roles in the Battle of Uhud and Khaybar.

When Muhammad married Khadija RA, he made an alliance of marriage between Barakah and Ubayd ibn Zaid which resulted in the birth of a son named Ayman, and that was how she gained the nickname -"Umm Ayman". Her husband was killed in the Battle of Khaybar. When she attained middle age,the Prophet ﷺ, when speaking to his companions said, "Should one of you desire to marry a woman from the people of Paradise, let him marry Umm Ayman." This resulted in the marriage between the most beloved companion of the Prophet ﷺ, Zayd ibn Harithah RA marrying her and she bore a son named Usama who went on to be a great person in the way of Islam.

She died during the caliphate of Uthman Ibn Affan RA.

Usama Ibn Zayd was born in Mecca 7 years before the Hijra and acquired himself the nickname of Hibbu Rasulullah ﷺ.  He bore striking resemblance to his mother in terms of complexion and looks. He married 2 or 4 women in his lifetime and led many expeditions, details of which can be avidly listened to and gained knowledge from in this video.

Many hadith have been narrated by Usama Ibn Zayd RA and deserve an intent listen just to be enriched by the great anecdotes and stories that transpired in that era.

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