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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi sets out on a journey to divulge details on the most blessed,beloved and prominent member of the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ. He is the only Sahabi to be mentioned by name in the Qur'an and he is - Zayd Ibn Harithah RA.

Zayd ibn harithah was short and dark skinned and had a flat nose. He was separated from his family at a young age and sold as a slave in the markets of Ukaadh. But the Divine Qadr of Allah had ordained something else as this man’s future. Zayd RA was purchased from the market by a man named Hakim ibn Huzam who happened to be the nephew of Khadija RA.

When Khadija RA got married to the Prophet ﷺ, she gifted Prophet Muhammad ﷺ this boy as a slave. From that day onwards, Zayd RA was pretty much family to the Prophet ﷺ and was treated likewise.

Zayd (R) was married five times in his lifetime, most important amongst whom was Umm Ayman.

Zayd’s father Harithah was searching for his son frantically ever since his disappearance and through another man, he became aware of his son’s whereabouts in Mecca. He set out to meet his son and landed at the doorsteps of the Prophet SAW to take back his osn Zayd RA. Muhammad ﷺ left the matter to the jurisdiction of Zayd and gave him free will to choose his path. But Zayd decided to stay alongside the Prophet ﷺ saying that he wouldn't leave his side for anything this world has to offer.

This prompted the Prophet ﷺ to take Zayd as his adopted son and named him - Zayd ibn Muhammad.he accepted Islam and when time seemed apt, he was married off to the Prophet ﷺ cousin Zainab bint Jahsh. This marriage resulted in failure and met an end in the form of a divorce. The Prophet ﷺ then married Zainab after a divine revelation. This was met with severe criticism on the rules and regulations pertaining to adopted sons.

Then, Allah sent down a verse in Surah Ahzab that settled matters finally.

‘…Nor has He made your adopted sons your real sons. That is but your saying with your mouths. But Allah says the truth, and He guides to the (Right) Way.Call them (adopted sons) by (the names of) their fathers, that is more just with Allah. (Al-Ahzab 33:4-5).’

"Mohammed is not a father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the last of the Prophets” (Al Ahzab 33:90).

It was after this revelation that Zayd Ibn Muhammad was reverted to his name with his original roots - Zayd Ibn Harithah.

“And [remember, O Muhammad], when you said to the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor, "Keep your wife and fear Allah," while you concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose. And you feared the people, while Allah has more right that you fear Him. So when Zayd had no longer any need for her, We married her to you in order that there not be upon the believers any discomfort concerning the wives of their adopted sons when they no longer have need of them. And ever is the command of Allah accomplished.”

He was always sent on expeditions only as a military commander and nothing less. He died a martyr in the Battle of Mutah where other brave hearts also were martyrs -  Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and Abd Allah ibn Rawahah.on his death, Muhammed SAW wept till he was sobbing alongside Zayd RA daughter when he was questioned by Saad ibn Ubadah on his behaviour to which the Prophet ﷺ replied -'This is the yearning of the lover for the beloved.’

Many Hadith have been told since time about Zayd Ibn Harithah and by him through narrations from his son, Usama Ibn Zayd RA.

Please do listen intently to be mesmerised and acquaint yourselves with the greatness of this Habib of the Prophet ﷺ.


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