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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explains the chapters 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 and 57 of the book - Kitaab At Tawheed.

Chapter 50 looks at the issue of every name which leads to the service of other than Allah being prohibited. It implies that any name which implies worship of others than Allah is forbidden.

Chapter 51 reasserts the fact that the most beautiful Names belong to Allah SWT and that we must call Allah by His Names. We are also explicitly instructed to shun the ignorant, evil apostates. We are also made aware of the punishment promised for the person who commits apostasy.

Chapter 52 lays stress on the fact that we should not say As-Salam (Peace and Security) upon Allah. The Shaykh provides the explanation of As-Salam (the peace) and how As-Salam (the peace) is a greeting or salutation. As-Salam is not proper to use for Allah - the reason being Allah Himself is As-Salam (the Peace).  

Chapter 53 tells us whether it is alright to say: "O Allah, forgive me if You wish." The Prophet ﷺ said to make the appeal with firm determination,asking whatever you can of Allah - the reason that nothing is too much for, or beyond Him.

Chapter 54 sheds light on the topic of forbiddance of saying: "My slave-boy" or "My slave-girl."

Chapter 55 delves details on the topic of the one asking with the Name of Allah is not to be rejected.

Chapter 56 talks about nothing but Paradise be asked for by Allah's Face.

Chapter 57 deals with what is the ruling on saying: "If only such and such..." there is clear forbiddance of saying, 'If when something adverse happens to you and the reason is that in doing so, we open the way for the work of Satan.


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