Ibrahim Nuhu – Riyadh us Saliheen – 1582023

Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The importance of good manners in community, respecting and respecting others, is emphasized. Prayer to Islam and not being punished until the end of the day is crucial for pursuing a passionate life. It is also important to show proper behavior and not give up on one's obligations. The importance of good manners is also highlighted, particularly in older women who may need support. The segment ends with a discussion of avoiding negative comments and sharing links for further information.
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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wa salatu salam ala Magoo, Rahmatullah La Nina be you know have you been Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Muhammad Ali yo

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demonetisation with Mishary al Mahara

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Alfa Romeo et and we're setting our own anamorphically

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substantial Mishary August Alpha Rathjen ratio. The WOSU data center we have the catabolism Awara. We have the salhi in Allah subhanho wa Taala and ubank affino humanitaire lemma one YogaFit Elena's alert wellfare Lindwall if he were either JioFi la

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Sol last week Al Hamdulillah. We talked about the IRS courted by email with nowhere to support you this chapter of Al MHADA.

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Not a tad horrorland Sannomiya

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being consistent and having the Instant Karma on any righteousness that you are doing to please Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And it's a common means to make it continuous

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not to stop because Allah subhanaw taala loves those activities that are continuous.

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So he mentioned the ayat under this chapter. So that is a Hadith which he quoted also to support the verb

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which is narrated by Abdullah Mohammed Laos. Carla Khalili Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a year Abdullah later con Mifflin Fudan in Kenya formulae for Tara pmla hala

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the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam atoll Abdullahi Anambra letter co Mithila Fouda

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of July number, if you know was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam amongst the youth who used to pray to Allah subhanaw taala the whole night?

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Yeah, doesn't relax and he used to fast every day.

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Every night he prays to Allah completely, completely the complete night and also in the daytime he always fast so the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam advise him to be moderate in that so that he will be able to maintain it in the in the future. So there was a time the province that Allahu Allah Who set him I called him and he told him Yeah, Abdullah let the community live full and then be like so and so person can a formal lady for Tanaka pmla Subhan, Allah universalize Allah Allah sama did not expose the name of the person in concern. You know, he did not talk about the name who is that person the prophets Allah sama did not mention, but he just told him don't be like somebody.

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Somebody Don't be like so and so. PERSON They know Can a woman Lady Fatima Katya manly?

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Why did the prophets Allah, Allah selama advise Abdullah Hibben Amber, not to be like that person because what he did, although it is halal, that is something that is disliked. Islamically is not good for a person to start something which is good in the eyes of Allah. And then at the end of the day, you You stay away from it.

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Yeah, you are doing some of the Nawab Phil, you know, you're pleasing Allah subhanaw taala in that, and then you just decided to stay away from them.

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Could you get sin by doing this? No. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that these noir feel they are meant to support the variety that was you but you know, to back you up. Because no matter how much you try, you will never reach the peak of perfection. To say that yes, you act you act of worship is perfect. You don't have mistakes. Nobody can claim this except rasool Allah is Alonso. So you're going to have mistakes, you're going to have errors, you're going to have deficiencies in your prayer. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah wants you to come back to him with a complete, you know, complete action in the way he commanded you.

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So who fulfill this? Nobody. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala out of his infinite mercy, He prescribed for us these Sunon and then Awatea

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you know, similar and enough so that on the Day of Judgment, you will not get into trouble.

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It's very dangerous for a person to live a life of being only straightforward on the FARA not dynorphin unless you have some that you believe you can maintain them until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala so piano lane is one of the best righteous deeds that Allah subhanaw taala really loves. You can see this

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from the scene of Allah subhanaw taala to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Wamena Layli. Further ahead, Jed behenyl philatelic as an yerba caribou coma Carmen Muda. Allah told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to take some part of the night and pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing philatelic as an additional task on you.

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Why is that? Allah told the prophets Allah is Salam, because Allah wants you to be resurrected at the best physician. Allah wants to guarantee you the highest ranking on the day of judgment and therefore you should be among those people who are doing the camera Lane constantly. So what does that mean preamble Lane earns a person in a higher position with Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah really loves to see a person goldfill pMLN and you also if you look at it, you know you all some that face this attitude is really special. When do you rest at night? Almost everyone is dead. At home when you wake up to play the game allayed. If the family members are not joining you, you will

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be technically alone, alive at that moment. Everything cool down second and the last ship will leave.

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And then you manage to leave your bed. You know your mattress, your blanket, you manage to read that warm environment, you know, leave your family and go and make although and pray to Allah subhanaw taala to record if in the last quarter subhanaw taala is going to neglect that the way Allah is smarter is not part of the sunnah to treat you in this way. As well as Allah sama said, Allah is amazed with that person who jumped from his bed, you know, go and make room and pray to record for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, A man who according to Anna lady Sajid and waka Eman yeah that will accurate Well, matter of the call Hello yester will

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live in a Allah Munna will live in Allah Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says, What do you think about that person who is standing, you know, in front of Allah subhanaw taala in the middle of the night, the darkness of the night, sir didn't work for him and making scheduled making pm for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And he's doing this based on what the haver? Yeah, the rule accurate. Allah Sahaja says he's doing this based on his fear of being into in trouble when he meets Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment were due.

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At the same time he is hoping the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah subhanaw taala asked us this question

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as the holiest will live in a Allah Munna will live in Allah animal. How Allah is Allah has prioritized like Allah subhanaw taala restricting the knowledge to those people who are doing the camel lane. Because what is the essence of the knowledge? What is the benefit of knowledge to practice it? You know, you learn and then you practice because the real scholar, somebody who practices what he learned, even if it is literal.

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That's the real real scholar somebody who practice what he learned,

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because knowledge without Amel is Oberlin. Allah Sahai is going to become masiva of that person who has who has that knowledge. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Call Hal yester will Lavina yeah la mano livin la Allah moon, in Nehemiah tobacco all Elba you have only one type of people who always reflect upon this virtue. And these are the people who uses their intellect properly and correctly in the way the last one to Watson to do. There are so many things trust me my dear brothers and sisters to be said about the pmla Ally so many so much. You know, we got from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but on top of all of these, look at this advice by the best to

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the best Jabril Ali salaam was giving advice to who Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the best from amongst the angels, giving advice to the best amongst the human being.

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Who the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam and that hadith which you always read, it says yeah, Mohammed Reshma che to find Nicoma YouTube live as long as you wish that you have to bear in mind that a day will come you will live this life. What are the men shea butter, you know, that means you should be careful. Don't ever take this life as a permanent place of state. You will soon live this life back to Allah subhanaw taala for accountability. And each man should live as long as you wish for in the community. You will die one day. What are the main shit? Allah whomsoever you wish?

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They may come over, but a day will come you will leave that person

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Many people lost their parents, wives, husbands, children, you know siblings, friends, a lot. We have in this example on the daily basis. So it tells you that the real friendship is the one that is based on the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And these people that you are bringing closer to you, you have to make a barrier between you and them. There has to be a red line which cannot be crossed by any one of them. You are with them as long as they are doing that which Allah subhanaw taala once when they start inviting you to the wrongdoing, take them become friends or brothers anymore. You Allah, even if they are the closest people to you, such as father, mother, children, wife, husband,

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you know, even if they are like that anyone who is inviting me to disobey Allah subhanaw taala is not a friend. This is your real enemy. If they apparent Allah asked you to be kind to them.

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But lay down

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that barrier, preserve it, and make sure that you didn't cooperate with them in doing that which Allah subhanaw taala detest.

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Kindness is something and obedient to them in the wrong way is something else. You're supposed to be kind to them. You're supposed to respect them. You're supposed to be merciful to them, you're supposed to tell them kind words, maybe they will reflect and come back to Allah but at the same time, they cannot invite you to that which Allah subhanaw taala hate.

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So God told him who I mentioned by the nickname of Jericho, and then he told him, why Mel mache necromage zuv it said, do whatever you want, but you have to know that a day will come Allah subhanaw taala will hold you responsible of all of you activities and actions. Hala, well, hisab Allah has our cake. Yeah, cake means something that is provided

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very accurate and subtle things that you don't even remember you do them, they will be there. And Allah subhanaw taala is going to talk about every single thing you did. And therefore, you should make sure that your best friend in this life is what is your righteous deed.

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That's the only thing that stands for you in this life, and it will stand for you in the grave. And it will be we it will be with you in the hereafter.

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Any other dunya that you attach to yourself, trust me is going to leave you in this in this life. He will Allah is going to leave you no matter how much you gather of the dunya if you don't fear Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to be useless. And it's going to be trouble on you on the Day of Judgment when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala we have seen them a lot Allah smarter granted them a lot but didn't use it in the correct way. They got into trouble in this life. And in the hereafter what is awaiting them is is worse. So be very careful. Make sure that your deeds are righteous deeds are righteous and that Allah will take care of you. Allah says in wali Allahu livina, Zilla, Kitab or

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whoever to Allah, Asahi, there is a promise. And this is a very good news that Allah promised to take care of you as long as you're righteous. Yeah, you're struggling to make sure that you protect yourself, you know, nobody's harming you and nobody's doing this and that you know, if you get some close to the to the top authorities, you're so happy you you think so protected.

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Imagine this is from Allah. He says if you are to maintain your righteousness, He says he will be standard for you. Tell me who can approach you If Allah subhanaw taala is on your side.

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And you know what he says in Surah to Hadith, Allah subhanaw taala says Khattab Allah Who lastly vana and our Rasul

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Allah subhanaw taala promise that he has to when he and those who followed his commands, the messengers and those who follow them in righteousness, so don't worry, make sure that your deeds are righteous. Make sure that you're doing the right thing and enjoy the protection and success in this life by the Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then DeVito the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says when

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an Ashara full movement theum who believe wyzoo is taken out oneness. It said you should know that the higher ranking that a person can get in this life and the hereafter

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is based on how much pm he has at night. Is he among the people who are doing the camera late or not? You want to have virtues, you want to be respected by Allah subhanaw taala you want to have the high position and to attain the success in this life. Jabril told Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said do the family you want this clear will lay the road

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Number two, this is clearly

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it's called a set.

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And I do believe you will enjoy this because many of us are looking for

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success in this life all of us actually, even the wrongdoers and many of us have so many things we need

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from who from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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this color sets the hammer Laney let

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the errors you're shooting at night they don't miss the target it talking about the DUA. It making it night. They don't miss target.

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You might be making dua in the daytime Michelle, I will not miss but the one that night these ones are tested. They don't miss the target.

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Why didn't miss the target? Because at night if you remember the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said in Asahi, it says Allah subhanaw taala every single night, the last part of the night will come to the lowest level of the duniya of the heavens, lowest level of the heavens and he will be asking people who will who will ask me for something I will definitely give it to him

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who will look for my forgiveness I will definitely forgive him

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who will call me I will definitely respond to his call Subhan Allah this is Allah Allah Allah mean asking you what do you want

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and unfortunately, this is the best time for was sleeping.

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That's the best time for study. Guys very difficult for a person to wake up. And at that time also shaytan is there busy singing in your ears alayka Leyland Whelan for telling you you still have a long night.

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Keep it on

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you know if you are married also you're next to the family. Another factor also that distracts you

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you know, so many things you know, and they're awkward that shit and put the knots hee hee Tae on your head also they're they're distracting you.

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That's why it is so amazing to see a person neglecting all of these factors and go into make wudu to pray to Allah subhanaw taala to look at. It's really amazing. It's really amazing. You need strong jihad. That's why Xena, the wife of the liveness owed when one of the live vessels stood up at night to go and pray to Allah subhanaw taala and she told him Please come back. We still have long, long man we still have time.

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Come back to sleep of the liveliness ordres of his hand. He said yeah, Allah Houma Islam one hour. It says yeah, Allah dia to, and I'm only one. What does that mean? Yeah, Ally cannot handle the battle alone. Because Chapin is telling him you still have a long, long night. Keep it on and his wife the one that he can see, you know, she's literally telling him that we still have time please come back. Shavon is doing she's doing so I've lived Massoud Cydia, Allah there are two now.

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Even to defeat one of them is difficult. But now she joined the team, you know, she asked him she said who is? Who is the other one? He said shaitan

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Subhana Allah surgery Allah He Salam told the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he said if you want the sheriff in this dunya and akhira is it Allah Kabir capability? And he will Allah it brings Akina to the heart. If you live with Allah subhanaw taala that part of the night, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said was solo, the lady will not sue the hill. He said pray at night, while people are asleep.

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And the last thing God told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it says, We're resume is taken out while in us. So you should know that what makes you as is as his means somebody who is highly respected by people, you know, as is not arrogant.

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We're talking about somebody who is highly respected by everyone. People believe that this person, this person has principles and he has values and he knows he's not that person that could be belittled.

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If you want this, stay away from what people have.

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The prophets Allah sama said if you show this in the sense of you know despair from that which other people have, they will love you and they will respect you.

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So this is clear Malay so the prophets of Allah who Allah Who selama tulip they live in camera he said letter Camilla for learning very new Kenya como Layli photography Emily, don't you ever be like so and so person because he used to be doing the Kiama lane but now unfortunately he stopped doing the camera lane.

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So what does he want us to live in our to be doing to be consistent to take something that she can afford doing until he meets Allah subhanho wa Taala because usually when you will

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Take it, you know in the higher way, you know rather than starting gradually and taking the simple amount that you can maintain, you know 11 record is really moderate. At night you probably live in regret like rasool Allah sama is really moderate. We're not saying more than that is not halal No, it is halal to pray more than that. Shepherds that means me I mentioned that there is no limit for the numbers of the camera laid according to that salad a salad

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there is no place where Celeste Allah sama restricted to only 11 BY statement by the province that Allah Allah Soma he chose for himself 11 And the best is to choose for yourself what the professor sama chose for him or himself. Prayer Lee loving the content very moderate, you know, the most moderate record is 11 and a cut then a sharp Romaine you will enjoy you maintain the fortress, you know you do whatever is supposed to be done in the Kiama lane and insha Allah you will be able to maintain it until death

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until death but if you take a 36 record for instance, or half of the night to break trust me by the time we reach 40 Most likely Rahim Allah Yeah, that's kind of a bother you will start making excuses. Well I have a lot of work you know, I have a lot of, you know, things to do you know, you will not be able to do the family.

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Or take something literal which insha Allah be even though God your soul is going to be able to to become more supima Ali until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah grant is Tofik

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and said that I didn't want to live for Him of Allah Babu is to hubub

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Babu is to herbal tea will tell me what Allah cotton was he in the lockup? This is a new chapter that will talk about the recommendation by the Sharia, that whenever you speak, you speak nicely. You say good things.

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What Allah cattle watch, and you meet people with smiley face, good face.

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This this is quite interesting. There are some people in this life they believe it is part of righteousness, to get angry whenever you meet others.

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I don't know whether you meet these kind of people or not, but they do exist. They don't say it utterly, but their actions is telling you that these guys, you know as if they believe that righteousness is all about you meeting others with a very serious face. And that's contrary to the message of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and if that is part of righteousness, walleye, oxime Avila the first person to do it is Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, but go and check and see how is Rasul? Allah sama meeting people, even the bad one. There was a person that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, this hola Shira.

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He said, What an evil relative is this man. He called him evil relative.

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But when he comes into the room, I shall was

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expecting to hear as well as Allah. Some have been a bit harsh on the man. When the man came to the room, the prophets Allah is Salam, O Allah and Allah will kill up

00:23:23 --> 00:23:27

the prophets Allah sama was very gentle and lenient when he speaks to

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Allah. She's also surprised when she says Dr. Salah He just said he is this and that but the noun you're talking to him in a nice way.

00:23:36 --> 00:23:50

He says yeah, Isha suhar Allah, look at love for the most of the half of the people. Is it Aisha in the shelterness men Tarraco. Now so Maha Fattah for she

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will come apart in the visa lesson. He said, Aisha,

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you know I have to behave like this to him, so that he will not get into trouble. Because the worst kind of people in the eyes of Allah is a person who people stay away from him because of his evil manners and attitude.

00:24:08 --> 00:24:36

It's Hala. That's Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to tell each and every one of us that it is not part of righteousness for you to meet the Muslims from your brothers and sisters with a very serious and angry face. which most of us are doing up to date. You know, the best one maybe is the one who says salaam to you with a very angry face, touch your hand and leave it very quickly and turn his face to the other direction.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:50

What does that mean? You are not welcome. Whereas Rasul Allah is Allah sama he shakes your hand. He holds his property, they sit until the time he feels that you want to go and then he releases the hand.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:59

He looks at that person with angry face No. Pursue lies a lot of summer sit with a person in a way that person was

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

start to believe that he is the best person to resume like salicylate

00:25:06 --> 00:25:23

already know the story of that companion, who was treated in this way by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he even, you know, stop the conversation and he said, Yeah, I was like, wait a minute, I have a question. Because he sees the way the prophets Allah sama is focusing on him listening to him and attentive to his, his, his state of speech.

00:25:25 --> 00:25:29

So he said, Yeah, also like, wait a minute, who is the best? Is it a Google Karami?

00:25:30 --> 00:25:39

So Hala, you can see how much the Salesa took his heart? He said, jasola Who is better? Is it a mobile Karami? So Alexa said, I will work.

00:25:41 --> 00:25:57

And then he said, How about Omar? It's almost better than how about a smart man is better than he said, I stopped after this. Out of the fear that I might mention some people that I used to think that I'm better than them. So let's Allah will tell me that they are better than me.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:15

But the point is, look at how Rasulullah sallallahu Matilija team in the way the man thinks that and believes that he is very welcome, and it is true that he is very welcome to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is therefore Madame Elijah sola sola sama don't do that. So let's see what kind of Hadith

00:26:17 --> 00:26:43

quoted by a quoted by Imam unknown and that is a chapter he started with the Quran. Firstly, a pilot on Allah Tala works with Jenna Hakka, little mini, Allah subhanaw taala asked the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam to be gentle. Jana, these are the feathers of of a bird. So the statement expression here is about you being gentle and lenient when you are dealing with the believers.

00:26:44 --> 00:26:53

That's Rasul. Allah is the highest ranking you can ever hear about until the Day of Judgment is their ranking of Rasulullah selasa.

00:26:54 --> 00:26:58

Even the Oh last minute Roesler, he is on top of

00:26:59 --> 00:27:09

the Han Allah, he plays with children, it says salaam to the kids, it sits with poor and people very gently and he was very kind to everyone

00:27:11 --> 00:27:18

and us because of our titles. You are this and that either political

00:27:19 --> 00:27:46

political affiliation or Academy affiliation, you know, sometimes we don't say salam TV so hello, I was with a group of young young people in a couple of years ago. You know, they talk about somebody they said to hello and they were complaining they said Subhan Allah Swanson so person used to say salaam to us. But right after he got his promotion in the university, he became somebody never meet them as a salaam anymore.

00:27:47 --> 00:27:48

Subhan Allah,

00:27:49 --> 00:27:53

Allah it is very shameful. You know, we supposed to be acting as a role model.

00:27:54 --> 00:28:13

It says salam to everyone as soon as Allah sama is higher than every one of us, never pass people without saying salam to them. Actually, some scholars said when he see people, he started to say that salaam to them before they say salaam Chang, who is supposed to stop, they're supposed to start or as soon as Allah so might go quicker than them.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:30

So that's why we have to do as he did. And he was able to gain the heart of everyone. And we also have to do art Allah who we need to take this message of rasool Allah Silla, you have to understand that people in the community are not your children.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:33

People in the community are not your children.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:49

They are not under you. You are none other than a seller, a business person. If you to be harsh to the customers, what happens if you see them come into your shop? You have to understand that they don't have any alternative.

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That's why they say the customer is is king, right? Why? Because whatever they requested, just listen. Yes, yes, you did. Sometimes they Hush you come down, you know, because you want them to come back again.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:11

A day is like it's like that. Have to be learned. You have to have wisdom in your doubt. You have to make sure that you put things in their proper place. And this is the middle of the hikma

00:29:13 --> 00:29:19

invite people with wisdom Allah subhanaw taala says order LSVT Rebecca Bill Hickmott well motivated hustler.

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And you have to know that good manners are the most important element in the data. You have good manners, you're going to win the heart. Even if people don't agree to take what you are saying trust me. They respect you.

00:29:36 --> 00:29:47

At least sometimes when they see you they don't do that which they know you don't like. They don't accept your opinion, but at least they respect you. So you minimize the amount of the evil that is committed in the community.

00:29:48 --> 00:30:00

That has to be there. But unfortunately, most of us are not aware of this. We just believe that you have to be harsh. You have to meet people with angry face. You have to stay away from saying salaam

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To people except those people who you think they are part of your client. Anyone who has the name of Muslim you're supposed to say salaam to him wherever you meet.

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One of the signs of the Day of Judgment is a salam ala and Malika people will not say salam to each other unless if they know them. And that's not Islam Islam over so less Allah Azza is to say salam to everyone that has the identity of Islam. May Allah subhanaw taala Grunty script and Tofik in the Holy Quran, Jamila intrafusal Subhana Allah who will be handing a shadow Allah self regard to be late Salam aleykum rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh?

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00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

at the distance of a single car

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:02 --> 00:35:09

right, we need to fulfill for the wife of the disease, who is 44 years old and has no children.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:12

What should they do for

00:35:15 --> 00:35:17

me like Rahmani Raheem? So that's

00:35:19 --> 00:35:23

gonna be you know, have you been hammering said a lot earlier he was having to sell him about.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:25

There's a question about

00:35:26 --> 00:35:34

the neighbor who passed away, what is his right upon his neighbors.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:42

And in particular, they ask him about the right of his wife, and older women, right?

00:35:43 --> 00:35:46

As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned

00:35:48 --> 00:35:49


00:35:50 --> 00:36:39

they should be kind in the sense of sending food, especially in those days after the death, she would not be able to think of doing all of these things. So the neighbors have to cooperate and contribute to her well being. To make sure that she's feeling comfortable, to reduce the impact of the test on her. It was her Allah, nowadays, we go to the houses and burden them, they have to prepare, they have to cook they have to suffer, sometimes they have to take from the inheritance, to cater for the needs of the visitors. That Islamically the Prophet sallallahu Sallam advises the neighbors to support the family with food, because what makes them busy as already arrived. So they

00:36:39 --> 00:36:52

have to do anything possible to make sure that she's feeling comfortable. And they reduced the impact of the test on her. Whatever she needs from them, as long as it is within the affordability, they do, you know, to come forward.

00:36:53 --> 00:37:33

Allah subhanaw taala will reward them in sha Allah for this. And the prophets Allah and Zuma talk about the one who support and Arbella we do that lost a husband. It says it just like somebody who is making jihad, FISA vanilla. And it's just like somebody who is making caramel like constantly is a very great and important and excellent act of worship that allows one or two loves to see a neighbor or any Muslim who knows about these type of people to support them and to grant them comfort. Allah subhanaw taala forgive the deceased and combine us with him in Theodosian Allah in ecology Emilian, Kofi.

00:37:41 --> 00:37:43

The extent to which we need to keep in contact with them.

00:37:48 --> 00:37:53

Yeah, it's just we should be normal is talking about cousins, cousins are not Mehari

00:37:54 --> 00:37:56

they're just like the strangers in the street.

00:37:57 --> 00:38:42

So that barrier remains, but since that blood relationship is there, so this is the difference between them and and others. You know, you cannot say that a person shouldn't talk to his cousin. Yeah, just because she is. What do you call a stranger to him? No, that amount of maintaining the ties has to remain in the normal way that he has to know that no, unnecessarily, you know, halwa all of these things that are rejected and are supposed to be, you know, with others, she's also like that, unfortunately, this is not well, you know, she, they act it you know, almost like the siblings. And this is wrong, as long as marriage remains between two people, then the barrier has to

00:38:42 --> 00:38:43

has to remain

00:38:44 --> 00:39:13

there as the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala brought by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam but as I said, it's not to say that he cannot talk at all to them know the relationship the blood relationship remains but they have to do it in the correct way. They have to do it in the correct way as I said, No, hello, you know, no unnecessary talk that can lead to evil you know, anything that can lead to evil then he has to block it just like the way he blocked it with a stranger on on the street.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:19

Shake there's another question. It's not clear what

00:39:21 --> 00:39:32

the question is is I will be meeting a sister who shares mutual interest with me with her Willie what are the questions that I should ask her? Why'd they should watch the video?

00:39:35 --> 00:39:36

Alright, suppose that

00:39:37 --> 00:39:39

I think this question has to

00:39:42 --> 00:39:42

we will share the link

00:39:48 --> 00:39:55

Thank you very much. So hammock a lot more we can learn to surf or go to the lake AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi overcast.

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