Ebrahim Bham – The sanctity of the Quraan

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The holy grail has been a source of inspiration and motivational learning for millions of people, and has been a source of inspiration and motivational learning for millions of people. The success of the holy grail in shaping culture and making people feel stronger has been a source of inspiration and motivational learning. The holy grail has been a source of comfort and strength for those who want to be strong, and has been a source of inspiration and motivational learning for millions of people. The holy grail is a source of comfort and strength for those who want to achieve their goals.
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you love

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and hamdulillah yada

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yada for you.

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Was salat wa salam O Allah say you did you want more saline for Allah and he was having was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira because Iran a madam for women I'm gonna share it on What do you smell Lana Walkman and walkie

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here he lived and he here

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were you pursuing more meaning and

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career all set up Allah will ask him

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my dear respected elders and brothers we are aware that last week there was this hideous and foolish act in Sweden of the burning of the Holy Quran.

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We are also coming to the month of the Quran, Shadow Ramadan and many wounds ala fi hero Quran. It was the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed. And I thought it appropriate that today we will speak about the sanctity and honor of the Holy Quran. And in reality, my dear respected Venice, those people who take up this particular burning of the Quran, perhaps we shouldn't give them much attention. They want the few minutes of fame, which they get to the means of the media. And maybe we shouldn't add to that we shouldn't give them more oxygen. The fact of the matter is, they will never ever be able to damned the beauty and the honor and the sanctity of the Holy Quran. Yes, we need to

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work on that particular front diplomatically from the Muslim governments. They are supposed to do whatever they need to do. Whether they do we do notice a different matter. But from our perspective, it makes no difference to our respect and honor to the holy crap. This is reality. Quran Quran Allah Kareem Khurana JoJo quirkier warheads, Sweden, Sweden men, or Ramzan. Kiama Kibera man to Karela is the social Quranic Korean Kiasma Kyo barrage by

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my dear respected brothers the Quran is a column of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. The speech of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. It is unsurpassed in every one of its aspects, not only in the Grammy office words, in its literary style, in the beauty of its presentation, but even in substance in his message. Quran supercardioid happening, he Allah,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Quran Kisara Allah subhanho wa Taala Ramsay come uncanonical This is a speech of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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koi there is no other Kitab that has had an impact upon human history the way the Quran has. I'm not talking about Islamic history. I'm talking about human history, no Kitab no book has been so effective. It has had such a radical impact upon humanity the way the Quran has had an impact upon humanity. It has transformed people's lives. It has changed people's ways. It has been being an inspiration and a motivation for millions of people from the time of our beloved Maria Kareem sastra. From the time it was revealed till the day of Tiamat it will continue inspiring and motivating. As I pointed out, curriculum, SME, Jo Insomniac coper, it Napa Asara, just the Quran. It

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is comes from our Creator, because it comes from our Creator, He knows us. Yeah methanotrophs to hamara banana because it comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala it speaks about our weakness, it speaks about our strengths. He speaks about the beauty of human you know, it makes mentioned Kalapana live in Santa Fe us and he talked when it speaks about our strength,

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Insomniac, Kibera mana kaha ki a sub se burka, Madhukar Allah Tala que substantial upon bamboo kata Quran the

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Quran has made mention that we as human beings are the crown of the creation of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. No other creation is greater than human beings. colloquialism if you

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want to remember the Adam, we have given respect and dignity to human being how many samples

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then afterwards it makes mention with regard to our weakness

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hamari comes over here to be Quran

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Allah Tala Teatro se Amalia banana wanna cater of sage welcome sorry batata will say

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he makes mention of our weakness in a correct manner. What does he say with regard to the sun in Eastern Europe the healer canoed human being is very nice sugar to Allah Donna.

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Human being Allah Tala report national cricket

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and economics mentioned in the Sunnah europei like a rude human being is ungrateful to Almighty Allah. How much do we see this? We see it every day because the Quran our Creator, Allah has made mention of the holy Collinson with Eva. We have made human being weak. How many times we succumb to our temptation, despite the fact that we are not supposed to succumb to temptation for who they call it insomnia or joola. Allah Allah says, We have made you hasty, keep Nichelle bossy as a calendar for Maya K in San Gil Gaza. How our history we are, we are running towards end we are making decisions based on his they have towards regret. keeping them out of our geometric data will tell me

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how many people come and said I'm the team plotted here we have given preta laps in his

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fate whenever Bashmet push data. And of course we all know the corpora with regard to it. Why did you do it?

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Medicago Mineta, Manitoba, Manitoba, come here. So Allah Tala makes mention of our weakness not because we must sit down to our weakness letter makes mention of our weakness, so we must stay away from those weakness. So this is the Quran My dear respected brothers. The Quran makes mention of its you know, it tells us about

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its own introduction. It really introduces itself when they work it out when our bot executable was called Jana was Moon was called Johanna whoa we have to give an introduction of it was called Jana Bella Priyanka Thea is Kitab yet is no yet can you pick it up? It was 70 Quran hood AppNeta Hana deskera fermata

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as of the Holy Quran, up Garcia, who sent you than zero min Hakeem in Hamid. I came from the one who is full of praise, who is full of wisdom that Z Luminor Rahmani Raheem I have been sent from Rahman from Rahim, where were you before you came into this world?

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Where were you born who are Quran Majeed, Philo Himba who's I was in the protected temperance in Jannah. Before he came up, we're happy that Quran, Allah galacticraft Hamza Amin purchaser, how did you come upon? How did you come upon this world? The hero hula me, I came through him Rouhani canta. Who is he? Was he reliable? Was he reliable? Allah says Masha didn't he was obedient to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. He is full of power. He is obedient when Allah Allah gave him the responsibility, he will be obedient, he will bring Allah to Allah has

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Kalam and he will bring Lazarus Amanat upon the right person, and no one can take it away from him. He was very powerful. No one can take it away from him. So he came to nestle at the root. I mean, who did you come to in this world?

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Muhammad, I came upon Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam on which part of the body of one mashallah when he was telling me

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I came upon the heart of our beloved in the cream sauce. Why did you come up

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and come up mapset yatta yatta goon Angela who? They took region Asimina Sumati in a norm. I came to take people away from ignorance, and from darkness to light from the darkness of disbelief and prefer to the light of the sun.

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I can to take them away from the darkness of superstition, superstition, to the light of conviction. I came to take them away from the darkness of ignorance into the light of knowledge. I came to take them away from the darkness of transgression and guna and sin to bring them to the light of obedience and the thought of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. When did you come shadow Ramadan under the wounds Zilla fi era Quran which 92 Come in. Now we'll see later in

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the night in which it came it is the most superior night of the entire year.

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The month in which it came is the most superior month of the entire month of the year.

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And the only one who became

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a nurse. It is the best one but then Allah subhanaw taala

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you have Quran

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I can go on making mention of the beauty of the Holy Quran. It is absolutely amazing with regard to making mention of the Holy Quran, who say the first audience of the Holy Quran or the Arabs, they were very meticulous in the choice of the words very specific industry.

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Each day adored oratory and effective communication. eloquence was the fourth. composing poetry was the passion. They vied with one another they competed with one another in eloquence. Well, it made you had a mighty a place to look at the ticker symbol and is the bomb. I'm here, back he told me what to ask him here on Ko basketmaker silica.

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They are dumb, they don't even know how to speak. These were the people. And you know, when the Quran was recited to them, they were astounded to fail with Amara dosing. He was from the tribe of DOS. They came from the Hummer, from the region of the Hummer. But Gaya used to be a very influential person. And very well known. The people of Moscato live by you don't listen to Muhammad, Arbitron. kosuna again, to jump up Gomorrah who you will become upon the wrong path, you will become Muslim. So you see I came to Mackay put cotton wool in my ears. That peep I must not listen to Muhammad I must not listen to the Quran. So while I was making Tawaf, I saw maybe a cream sauce and

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I'm reciting the Quran. Then I said to myself, I'm an intelligent person,

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metal shine I would have called Battle metal concepto I can be able to discern between right and wrong. He told me not to listen, what is wrong, let me go in listen. So he said, I went to go to call to go to our setup. I told you the people said, I must not listen to you. What are you preaching? What are you speaking? What is your message? So every utterance or Salam, according to the books of history read,

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called who Allah wa had put out there when

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he was finished.

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He read we read this every day doesn't make impact upon us. Here it once he became a Muslim, here and once he became a Muslim, he went to his family. He told his father I got not from now on

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I got no Taluka he said why I have changed my religion for the sake

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of control

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10 went to his wife stay away from me why I changed my religion. She said your religion is my religion. So when take could take could take a muscle. And he said but don't take a whistle for the water that has been dedicated for the items.

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Take clean water, she made it herself she became a Muslim listening to a few highlights of the Holy Quran.

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So this particular to fail when Mr. Dorsey he became a Muslim, he invited his tribe and making mention of it because it is part of my research for tomorrow sera Jelsa. So I'll make mention of it more in detail, but inshallah this was what, and then he brought Ebola to Moscow to become a Muslim, who became the greatest contributor to transmitting data probably never gonna be a person who didn't want to hear the Quran, the Quran once and he became a Muslim. This is the Quran mighty respected whereas therefore they say don't read the Quran. That's why they burn the Quran, they fight him for the Quran. Allah Allah in the Quran says we're called

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lattice Maoli handle Quran to follicle and to the people don't listen to the Quran. And when when the Muslims used to recite the Quran, they used to make noise that can look national second, Allah He This is the sign of the weakness. They don't have an academic response to the Quran, therefore, they come up with these things. Can you imagine? I always say yeah Hamada was more gemondo Lemonade. We don't even come into our mind that they burn our Quran. Let us go and burn the Bible. Not why Muslim ever things like that.

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Just can you imagine deceive Muslims or intolerant? This Muslim man to any Water Festival? Yeah. Why? Because he has a point to sell monkeys

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don't want to corral

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the Bible.

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Nature's commands.

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We don't even think about it. It shows that confidence in our Eman. They can take it.

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That's why they do all these things. And more and more people are coming to see the truth of it all needs and if only we can understand it and show it to people. And we can advise the people with regard to the beauty of the Holy Quran. Look at what the Quran makes mention of it throws, you know,

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variety of Sciences. It tells a tells us about the history of nations is not a book of history. It throws light on a variety of services. It is not science. It is not poetry despite its beautiful and captivating charm. What it is it is a diet of Almighty Allah it

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on just about astronomy. It says Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah created seven heavens and seven Earth our little agreed Allah knows it tells us about the Earth and

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it has made the Quran the Earth into a flat terrain although the Earth is round alive. We don't we don't realize it's around

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otherwise as it is people are going in circles they will go more in circles

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as contaminated no confusing or confused but Allah doesn't make it so Allah

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Allah has made it into a fresh look it out meaningfully Allah Tala meets mentioned with regard to a commonality valley to the room bead or homeroom of telephone was around people stood amongst the mountains, you will find red color mountains you will find you know black color mountains you will find mountains that are covered in snow become white, the patriot of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala operated Walmart

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Don't you see the water to drink carbonated to Japan

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and to mantle to Mohammed

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avenues Kota Hasan as man say you're not aligning with Tara, did you bring it down from the heavens? It aletta leveling it down from the heavens.

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Further say Shobhana Allah, this is the beauty of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala it debates and challenges us people who see their moon who Lords then one Allah says no color fee Mahalia to Allah the faster data if they were more than one another would have been corruption and

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it could occur to you.

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Tennessee no no it has any superly salami.

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Sadie cook Ah, it all is in a present gel. Macaca

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Oh my companion of the day of the present

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is many a nurse Beto is one.

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He's one great powerful Allah better. That makes mention of looking at the beauty of the Quran he speaks about so many different things that Allah I don't know how to make mention with regard to it. It tells us about the honeybee. These are all surah in the Quran upon the honeybee. Scientists today tell us to make one pound of honey. To make one pound of honey. The bee has to travel at 8000 kilometres and to sap the nectar of 2 million flowers before it makes one pound of honey. And Tara says we're Ohanapecosh Elena, we inspired the bees to make honey. We told it where to make it its house. We told it where to go how to go in the earth. And after doing all of this, it gives you

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honey Shara telephone one oh fish if I will. Look at the beauty of the old Inspiron with regard to its its guidance. It tells us about things that are so important. It tells us LATAM shipping

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tells us about things that are so soon, day to day routine.

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It tells us about one atom shipping optimara Americanism in perpetual. Don't walk on the earth with arrogance in the Kolento African one.

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You can step over and open the earth you can reach the mountaintops. What are you walking on towards pride? Walking with a sweater? Yeah, what are you going to come into? Are you going to split the Earth? Are you going to read the mountaintops?

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Subhanallah Allah says one atom shipping

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us. Don't look down upon people. Don't regard yourself superior to people. Don't talk loudly what people don't scream at people in ankarana Swati hmil speaking loudly was a virtue, the greatest amount of noises made by the brain of the SM the donkey that is absolutely no no virtue. So brothers let us keep our Taluka the Holy Quran very were very various ways to read the Holy Quran. For every letter you get one you want. And the people have written that there is not it's not a word, a letter every not every word you get tell you what every letter you get. There are 87,530 words in the Holy Quran. You have to record 87,500

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words in the Holy Quran is not that much plascon There are 325,008 384 letters in the Holy Quran

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325,000 letters. So if you read the only Quran one time 355,384 multiplied by 10 Now that's how much

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Want to get me one atom of the holy crap?

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This is my brother read the Holy Quran, listen to the Holy Quran, understand it in the proper context interact with it. Come closer towards him, help me get in heaven is better for you. This is the way they are supposed

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to one day was going faster Masjid

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he heard someone read it in other

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words come upon the people who do even humara the allow terminal for one month became sick.

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It's eight minutes ago to be Mara. One day someone came in brought tomorrow the ultimo someone came in, ignorant person came in the gathering of Amara.

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So he started criticizing Maria louder. He started shouting woman. Can you imagine someone shouting?

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And he started saying, Oh man, you are not just you are not like this to the person who brought the person became, you know, fairly ashamed. So you saw Omar getting up. Omar now was getting up to go towards this person. So now he says I'm going to be embarrassed. I brought this person he told me I got some work with Omar take me to Muslim brought him to Omar. And then he started speaking these inappropriate things. So he said when I saw him we're getting up. I started printing machine he Allah what is going to happen to me I brought the person this is going to end up into something of an embarrassment. He said I read the iron coral Alpha. We're about to build off.

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Be kind to people.

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tolerate the ignorance be forgiving. Don't what the people who are ignorant tell you don't take it to heart. You said Omar was in Jalon. Omar was angry, he heard the Quran and at one iron. He sat down and you know what the word says Karna worked perfectly in the tabula. He was someone who submitted to the

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practice. This is our our Eman with regard to the Quran. That particular burning of the Quran inshallah will make one iota of difference to us will it make a difference? See no Inshallah, we will remain Wolfforth upon the Quran. In our weakness. We haven't showed the people the beauty of the Quran. Let us take it upon ourselves that we will show people the beauty of the Holy Quran one stasis once tasted impossible to get to that one

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