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Levels of Certainty (Yaqeen):
Certainty (Yaqeen) has three levels to it:
1. ‘Ilmul Yaqin [The Knowledge of Certainity]
2. ‘Ainul Yaqin [The Eye of Certainity]
3. haqqul Yaqin [The Truth of Certainty]


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of certainty in various fields, including religion and avoiding mistakes. They also touch on the use of "has" and the importance of maintaining one's beliefs. The "has" used to mean "has" in certain situations, such as when someone is asked to do something and is told they will do it. The "has" used to mean "has" in certain situations, such as when someone is asked to do something and is told they will do it, and how it is used to avoid mistakes. The "horrible hour" is emphasized, along with maintaining one's beliefs through shacks and YouTube content.
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Have a DA yeah Allah Mahima comme la

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de la la potencia to this because we're gonna close with this today in

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what is the definition of La

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novel idea

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to realize to recognize something that we need is exactly with certainty

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that you know it the way it is and you have certainty about that knowledge

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and this is why sometimes they call it what a Malia clean

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there is a level up by the way

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happily a keen eye in

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the eye of certainty.

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There is a one level above Baba which is what has been the truth of certainty.

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What is the difference between these three

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have polyethene

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I have a glass pair of glasses behind my back

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Will you believe me?

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Based on my credential with you

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when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam stood on the mountain for Safa

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additional numbers and he said to Christ medical price level to lockup and alpha eligible behind this valley or mountain there is an army

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that is about to attack you. Will you believe me?

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Did they believe him or not? What did they say?

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Nah hidden alayka Khadija

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we never experienced you lying we have no reason not to believe we believe you had a million they have certainty about what he said because of his credential like i said if I didn't have bit of glasses behind my back behind my back here based on where this guy he lied before? No.

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You know, or that's why lying is a problem because if you lie one time

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by you if you believe me This is called daily routine so you believe that I have glasses behind my back and you're certain about it. Be careful with that certainty thing.

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But if I show it to you

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that's called what I really have in the eye. Certainly that knowledge reach what?

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senses pub I give it to you touch it, you will go ahead and read it this cold water. Happily Hakim

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and those three were mentioned in the Quran right? So hey, Emily

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Decker 202 munakata sofa talamona to Makayla sofa tala moon. gala Allah tala Muna alemannia team letter one l jehane.

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sumela Tawana I in eliakim. So this is to have polyethylene and saltwater.

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So the three were mentioned in the Quran.

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And a lot of us don't understand

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what is called eebo EDK photography. Now.

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Abram said, Allah, Allah show me how do you resurrect the

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Muslims who say look at Abraham, he doesn't believe that Allah is no No, no, no, no. Abraham had the El Bulli, Hakim.

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He had the knowledge of certainty, he knew that Allah can resurrect the dead. But Abraham was asking for what? Robbie, he was asking for what I was asking for what to see.

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Because of his loss, Allah knows what's in his heart and he's the friend of Allah. Allah said to him, I will give you hopefully, I will make you do it.

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Because he was

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a robot and you know 34 birds, chop them, mix them with each one and you call upon them. They will come to you

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Hello and and this is your echo the knowledge Islam talking about Islam talks about Elaine with certainty but for that knowledge to work it must be with certainty now what is the difference between knowledge malphur provides the opposite of knowledge I'm sorry What is the opposite of knowledge?

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What is the opposite of knowledge?

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What just say

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and you have two types of Gen

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There are two types of ignorance two types jealousy jealousy maraca symbol ignorance compound ignorance

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what is jealousy?

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Do you know when is the Battle of whether is

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I don't know this is simple ignorance.

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Now I can teach you

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but imagine somebody said it was in the fourth year after he was in the second year right it was in the fourth year after

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and he looks at you like this

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this is called WOC a compound wa jal maraca now what do you need to do you need to take away the fourth year and insert what

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the second year you have to take away the wrong and please what the right culture and this is by the way a lot of people are like this

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and a lot of them turn away from the truth because of it because the ego enough's when you come and try to correct them enough so will you know better than me?

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Man you don't know better than me. So some of them actually but a lot of fields first of all you have a you have really people these days who say we don't know

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and people would compound ignorance

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they are very hard to

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educate because you still have to clean the wrong information the process and replace it with the right information.

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Like we mentioned with knowledge There are levels up

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we said what there is what

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I in eliakim

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What about ignorance here

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there are levels down

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have run

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a shed

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what is the one

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that you know something to be correct but there is a percentage

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of doubt in a small percentage

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will go back to that example of whether one is better

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you tell me I think it's in the second year after hegira but maybe the third

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she has a percentage of what

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remember Emily again which is the lowest of knowledge what what your what your what shorten

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and by the way if you drop to suspicion that doesn't make you a Muslim anymore.

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Like if I asked you does a lot exist if you have not seen a lot right? So Emily opinion wanna tell me what?

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he exists.

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There is a day of yours there is a day of judgment.

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Even though I have not seen it,

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even though I have not

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experienced it.

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heartily clean is not there but the emolia penis deal. But now if I asked you as a Muslim, there is a day of judgment.

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Yeah, there is a day of judgment but I think so crawled out of state this philosopher fellowship.

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take you out of Islam.

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Shiva did I was he the pillar in our them or he How was

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he Buffy cool to add

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to a

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Know the most a teeny won't have your clean? Yeah, there is an hour but

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ideally, just to show you that how simple it is, you know, the I always take that example they use 22nd of December the year 212 what was happening there 2212 to 2012

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people said that the Day of Judgment is going to happen on that day.

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Some people actually said that fear human human interaction in December Alvin was not.

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Now for you as a Muslim, you must have been the only one who knows when the hour is

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the gibreel ask Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jabril Ali Salam asked Mohammed Salah Salah Mehta sir when is the hour What did he say?

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You don't know I don't know.

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So, you must have

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the knowledge of certainty that no one knows when the hour is now if you are entertaining that there are some Hindus with all respect to the Hindus in horror or Mexican whatever they are knowing the hour is

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your Islam is gone

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because navadmin eliakim Allah Allah what shows what are the conditional Allah was the first

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element in

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the knowledge that must need to work

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I always have a hard time and I remember I was in San Diego explaining this subject

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and one of the brother came to me after

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the lecture and he said I could tell that he had a hard time really trying to convey this to us because

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I can give you a good example that you can follow he said you know a jar of honey

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you know a jar of honey right? Honey Honey

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you know that right? What happens if you drop one drop of vinegar in it?

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vinegar you know the vinegar? Just drop one drop of vinegar what's going to happen?

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Likewise, your your cane cannot be what

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that's what's called our key that is why they call the Word Swag.

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Akita something that is what unquestionable you don't question you don't. For one is one level down that you cannot go there. You cannot go the if you doubt for a second that Allah has created. If you even though you may believe 99.9999999999 but that's not enough. It has to be

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100% or more you can go on. That's where we believe a man goes up and down. Right? A man goes up and goes between ideally 18 hopefully 18 takoyaki. And Julio can stop he cannot go below Albania. Can you go down the route of Islam?

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You're gonna know more Islam.

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So at least you have to maintain what actually attain.

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But if you want to taste the sweetness of this faith of this Deen, then go to iE ngulia clean now, like Hadith

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Natha hamdulillah.

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The companion who went to Abu Bakr and said handler is a hypocrite for waka Kala Lee was when we are with the Messenger of Allah.

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He talks to us about Jen and he'll we reach what I can.

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As if what we see

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our demand goes up from El Bulli akin to

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imagine they're sitting with the Messenger of Allah. Allah Azza wa sallam is describing for them Jen and Hill as if they see it.

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Now when they go back home what happens?

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They go down to

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El Bulli appeal they go back to the base lol Islam deliver.

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So now he's questioning him his email and his

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favara said Man, I feel the same way and enough similar shape.

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Let's go to the Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu wasallam said to them by a law if you continue spending all your time with me, you're gonna reach eliakim

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but he didn't say that literally. But he said you're gonna

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shake the hand.

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Do we see angels? Do you see like when I shake the hands of who?

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But that's the nature of you have to go back go do not go below.

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millia King Emily Aquino, you must have the knowledge of the heat the knowledge of a law that gives you certainty that you don't even question if you go down to one

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that's dangerous that takes out of Islam. There is one level below, below one, which is

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a one a suspicion that you believe it but you still have a suspicion. A shack is when you believe it and don't believe it halfway equal. Equally. I tell you there is a day of judgment, yes and no. Equally equal. You believe that there is a day of judgment and you believe at the same time there is no Day of Judgment. So there is what is checked. There is ill.

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Which is illusion, I think that's the proper English illusion that you say, well, there is no Day of Judgment, but I think there is. So the percentage of doubt is more than what certainty.

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You're getting that. So let's say that,

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let's use the example of beds. When is the back of beds, we know that it's in the second year of college, right? What is one? You say what it is the two after a draw? But

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I'm not sure. Maybe the third even though you're certain

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but you still have

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a small percentage of what

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this loss was Sita didn't mean have one puppy check. When is the Battle of words? I think it is in the second year or the fourth year. One of the to

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see what both look at the last one, which is the illusion that we have. When is the Battle of words. You tell me what it is the whole key.

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Maybe the second so it's the other way. But in any rate, you cannot have any of these lm Mahima Come on.

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We explained that today Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim mahkamah

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next lecture inshallah we're going to start with

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fourth method in which the author of explained inshallah presented to us inshallah the sound good. It will learn Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Did We Learn lm Rahim Allah, Giacomo failla so in front of a shadow Allah in a hidden stuff Raka today, well hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen inshallah for next Tuesday inshallah tomorrow