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All our usual announcements. Once again, we remind you every single week of the same announcement which is to be extra careful with your masks. Make sure your masks are constantly worn throughout the hotbar do not lower your mask beneath your nose. Continue to wear the masks until you exit the masjid facilities do not congregate in the hallways as you exit outside, take your shoes and wear them outside of the building. As usual as soon as the football is over as soon as the Salah is over, we will go exit line by line the same request we have for DUA and for extra donations as well this week whenever you whatever you're able to give as well this week we have three registration booths

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outside on that side. So elections are coming up as you're aware and it is important for us to vote as a community as a bloc community and if you have not registered yet to vote then we're able to provide you registration booth inshallah Tada right outside of the building from behind the building when you exit inshallah Tada

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Samadhi come rahmatullahi wa barakato

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my God

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my God

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Hi y'all

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Hamdulillah we praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and we thank him for every blessing he has given us and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. And we ask Allah for guidance for whomever Allah guides none can miss guide and we seek refuge in Allah from Miss guidance because whomever Allah misguides none can guide to the straight path

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I bear witness and I testify that there is no god other than Allah subhana wa Tada and bear witness witness and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshipper. As to what follows, Allah has reminded us to be conscious of him in the Quran, when he says, Yeah, you hola Dina mono Takala Hello 241 temotu one two Muslim one. Dear Muslims, in the fifth year of the Prophetic Mission, when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being severely criticized when he felt that his enemies were too many, and he was not going to be victorious over them. Allah revealed Surah tel hedger Surah Al hedger, fifth year of Makkah, not

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Medina and in the ending of Surah Al hedger, there is powerful advice for him, and through him for all of us. The advice for him was about his Prophetic Mission. But in that advice, every one of us in any mission that we have, that is for the sake of Allah, we can also obtain the same advice. Allah says to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first that Bheema to morrow frikkin ya rasool Allah, stand firmly and do what you have been commanded to do. Stand up and preach what Allah has told you to preach, be brave, and do your mission your Rasul Allah, foster Bhima took model, solder amines to stand with power, with passion with courage with truth, ya rasool Allah, you do your job

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as Allah has commanded you to do your job and turn away from those who are on the wrong path. Don't pay attention to your critics. Don't let what they say stop you from doing your job. Because Allah says we will take care of all those who are critical of you in Cafe knuckle Musa as in if you do your job, your rasool Allah we will take care of the rest. And then Allah says beautiful versus powerful message. What are Kadena animo, Anika yo do for Sadhguru Kobe, Maria Kowloon, we know that it's difficult to hear what they say about you. We know that you are anxious you are saddened. We know that your heart is hurt by what they say yeah rasool Allah, wa Kadena and ldquo sobre como

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Kowloon for Sabir the Hamdi Rob Baker, welcome Mina Sajid in. So then increase the sphere of Allah and increase the such the of Allah, wa Buddha, Rebecca had to clean and continue worshiping Allah until the inevitable ending of death comes to you. What is the purpose of these verses? And how can we benefit from it? So much wisdom, but we have to summarize because of the time, first and foremost, our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being commanded to do the best that he can first start tomorrow. We all have projects we all have things were supposed to do. We are supposed to do them with our son. We're supposed to do them to the best of our ability. We're supposed to do them

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with Eman with courage. Foss, that'd be my top model. Secondly, there will be opponents, there will be critics, there will be those who make fun of us. Who are the naysayers who are mocking. Allah says, Don't worry about them. Turn away from them. Why are they old? Do not bother with them. You have a job to do. If anybody would have no critics, it would be our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but even he has critics. If he is gonna have critics. You don't think you're gonna have critics? You don't think you're gonna have people who mock who make fun of if anybody deserves to be not made fun of it is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but Allah says We know they're gonna

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make fun of you. We know they really kill you. We know they slander we know they will lie. Don't worry about them, you do your job, we will do ours. What is Allah's job? What is Allah say he was going to do? We will deal with your critics say Rasul Allah will take care of them for you. You don't worry about them, you continue in the path that you're supposed to do. Now, how does this apply to us? If whatever we do is for the sake of Allah. And we should only be doing things for the sake of Allah. If whatever project we have is for the sake of Allah, we can apply the same concept, even if it's not going to be to the same level, the same concept applies. Whatever we do, we will do

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perfectly for the sake of Allah, we are going to have our critics we're gonna have those who make fun of us. We're gonna have those who push us back who tell us don't do it who lie who slander who have no morals, and they will say the worst. And Allah says, don't pay attention to them. Do not respond to their evil with evil. Do not respond to their slander with your slander, do not respond to their lies with your lies, do not stoop to their level yada swill Allah, you are better than them. You are better than them. You are not going to return evil with evil no turn away from that evil what? an illusory kin in another verse. I need to die he leaves turn away from the ignorant

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turn away from the pagans turn away from the mockers and the slanders do not resort to their level. And then what does Allah say to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know it's difficult Subhan Allah, think about this old people think about this. Anyone who is slandered, who is ridiculed, who is made fun of their heart feels a pain. If anyone would be protected from that pain, it would be our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but even he feels the anxiety, the pinch. No one likes to be lied about. No one likes to hear the critics. No one likes the mocker and the slander, no one likes that. It hurts. It really hurts. If anybody would be free of that pain, it will be the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but Allah reveals from above the seven heavens, we know your heart is in difficulty. We know it's difficult to hear that criticism Subhan Allah, Allah validates the pain. And this is a mechanism of coping with pain. When we meet somebody in pain when we meet somebody battling depression, when we meet somebody whose difficulties of this world have grown on him and he feels so down, do not dismiss the pain. Do not say oh no big deal. Oh, how can we why are you in pain? Why is this a problem? Because by dismissing the pain, you make the person feel he's not worthy. You make the person feel he's doing a mistake. No, you validate that depression, that

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pain you say I know it's difficult. You say I know life is difficult for you. Allah is validating the pain of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one after the Nanaimo. We know you're a surah Allah, it's not easy paying attention to those people that make fun of you. We know the slander gets to your heart, your heart is in anguish and pain. So you validate that pain in simply validating in simply saying, I understand it must be difficult. I sympathize with your pain with your struggle, automatically. You will form a bond with this person automatically you make him feel you know what I'm not abnormal, life is difficult and this thing is troubling me. So you go to that person and you

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say, I know it must be difficult. I know the situation is difficult for you. And then of the advice you give not the only advice of the advice that must be given is one of the ways we deal with the stress of this world for sabich Byham. The Arabic our convener surgery in one of the ways not the only way some Lula MA and Imams make a mistake, when they say that battling depression is only something that is spiritual, no other things need to be done as well. But one of the ways we battle the difficulties of this world, one of the ways we challenge depression, one of the ways we find an outlet is what is to form a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala the world might be cold, Allah

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azza wa jal, door's always open. The World Might Turn away from me and you but Allah is always listening. The world might not love me and you Allah loves anyone who wants to come to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah so Allah says come to me increase the sphere and increase the search depth for sub they am the robic welcome Mina, Sergey, then, dear Muslims, whenever you're in trouble, whenever your anxiety is overwhelmed, whenever the problems of this world become difficult, stand up and make tech via and pray to God and increase the length of your Sajida and see what happens to your negative feelings just come down in such the in front of Allah and you will find a sense of peace, a

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sense of purpose. Why? Because the one who worships Allah does something that is the most noble to be done. There is nothing more noble than worshiping Allah. So when we worship Allah, the problems of this world become secondary because we have Allah and we have a connection with Allah and we feel the presence of Allah. So we open up the door of dialogue, we open up the door

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have communication with Allah when we increase the sphere and the such does and then our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told why Buddha Rebecca had to curl your cane. Make sure you're consistently worshiping Allah. Make sure the problems of this world do not come between you and Allah because the only solution to your problems is Allah, the only solution and cure to all the issues you have is to turn to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah so no matter what happens, no matter what they say, no matter what they do, no matter the torture, the persecution, no one can come between your heart and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So make sure that that door is always open, make sure that

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you're constantly worshiping ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada and then realize as well, in this series of verses, Allah does not give a concrete solution. Other verses Allah says you will be rewarded Allah Allah says, you will get a victory in this verse, Allah says, until death comes to you establish this lifestyle of constantly worshiping Allah and having that connection with Allah, there is a hidden meaning here and that meaning is as follows. Sometimes, sometimes victory is not in this dunya sometimes sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes you will not gain the upper hand. Sometimes your enemy might seem to overcome you. Sometimes the righteous person is thrown in jail,

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the evil person seems to win. Sometimes the pious person is killed by a brutal army by a brutal terrorist or whatever, sometimes that happens. But if you worship Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, You shall be the victor in the ultimate success of the hereafter and that is what is most important and that's why Allah says why Buddha Rebecca hat t Acharya attain in that worship of Allah, firstly, you will find the peace and the comfort against the troubles of this world. And secondly, you shall be the ultimate winner, if not in this dunya maybe you will in this dunya maybe you will, and the Prophet system was the winner in this dunya he conquered MCCA he the Jah nostra law, he will attack

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he entered Mecca as the Conqueror he was the victor but not everybody is going to win in this dunya. But if you worship Allah, everybody who worships Allah will be the victor in the next life and that is what is most important. So we summarize the message from the series of verses as follows. First and foremost, make sure whatever we do, it is done for the sake of Allah, the NIA, the class has to be there. Secondly, we had better do it to the best of our ability, whatever project we have, whether it's our project, whether it is something for the masjid, whether it is Sunday school, once we finish this COVID crisis, whether it is anything for the sake of Allah, even our dunya projects,

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we can link them to Allah our job our risk anything if we do it for the sake of Allah, it will be an act of worship. So number one, link it to Allah number two do it properly the verb sada means to do it with courage with perfection. Number three ignore the critics no matter what you do, there will be critics if the NABI SallAllahu SNM had critics do you think you're not going to have critics ignore the critics turn away and you continue doing the best of your job number four make sure that that overwhelming emotion does not bog you down it's okay to feel sad it's okay to be overwhelmed but turn to Allah with this via increased your such does and number five make sure you have a habit

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of a bother why bother Rebecca Pattaya directly attain be consistent in their Ibadah of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada because when they are clean comes and they attain here means death. One day you're clean comes and you are in the worship of Allah then you have indeed been successful. Even if your enemies don't realize this in the eyes of Allah that is the ultimate success may Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless me and you with and through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout their lifespan. I ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask Him for He is the food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah Hilda had an aha the summit her lady the myriad what have you that Allah Nicola who one? What do

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your Muslims we are all aware of the political climate of the land that we live in. We're all aware of that an election season is upon us. And when I was growing up in the 80s, there were harsh debates in this land whether voting is halal or haram. It is sad to note that still there are some voices that are discouraging us from this action with very superficial understandings of the goals of Islam. There is this claim by some people these days it is

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very minority back in the 80s, there was an actual vicious debate going on that voting is haram. And this is something that they based on the notion that if I vote, this means I have approved of the entire system. My vote according to them means that I approve of each and every thing that the system does. But you see, this logic number one is fallacious, it is wrong. And number two, it doesn't solve the problem. As for the logic being wrong, if my voting meant an approval of the entire system, then my presence and your presence and America is an approval of the entire system. What is the difference? We are paying taxes in this land, we are supporting the economy of this

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land, there is nothing wrong per se, with living in a land as long as we are doing what we can to promote the truth. Also, it doesn't solve the problem you're not voting is a mechanism as well. It is also making a statement you not getting involved knowing that somebody that's going to harm your religion, harm your faith, harm your community, your inaction becomes an action in this context. So both neither is this a logical

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framework that it is, in fact, you are not tacitly approving of the entire system. And nor does it solve the problems that we have. Now, I will also be honest and say I am not one of those who say that voting is the only solution not at all. Voting is one thing out of many that needs to be done. I am not somebody that is that naive that says voting will solve all of our problems. But for sure, I am not that naive that to say that voting is haram. On the contrary, we are choosing the candidate that will preserve our freedoms the most that will allow us to be Muslims in this land that will allow families to be together. And that is your decision to do I cannot tell you on this member,

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obviously, who to vote for but it is self evident and obvious given the choices here. It does not mean when I vote for a candidate that I'm approving of everything that the candidate does, this is some guilt by association that the Shediac does not and cannot stand for. And there are plenty of evidences in the sphere of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Najwa of Maccha agreed to cancel the boycott, because of the pressure that certain people put our profit system took advantage of that he did not say, Oh, if I agree that you guys cancel that it can come in that I'm approving of the dada dada No, it is what it is. You have to make the best of a very negative situation, the

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prophet use of Alayhis Salam, the Prophet Yusuf alayhi, salam, he was a minister under the king of Egypt, does this mean that he approves of the paganism of Egypt, that he approved of the King being worship that he approved of the idolatry, he was a minister in that pagan land. And because he was the minister, he managed to secure some rights for his family, the Muslims, he managed to do some perks and benefits, it's balancing the lesser of the two evils. These people think that they will keep their hands pure. And they are not pure, because they're living in the system, paying taxes in the system, supporting the infrastructure of the system. And then secondly, their inaction. At times

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of stress like this becomes an action when you see somebody drowning, say, oh, that water might be not just I'm not going to jump in, you have chosen something trivial than the jaws of the water. And you have given up something more important, which is saving the life of that person who is drowning. This is the metaphor that we have right now. Nobody is saying the system is perfect. Nobody is saying there's no negatives, but the negatives of not voting for outweigh. We are a large bloc in this country, and our numbers are getting larger and larger when we form our alliances. So my point to you is very simple that choose your candidate that's up to you but do not remain neutral at a

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time of great fitna and strife choose the lesser candidate of evil just like in the Muslims of Abyssinia, there were two candidates at that time, the Joshi was not a Muslim, and they preferred in a Joshy over somebody else they may do our to Allah that no Joshua wins because he had a nephew that was doing a coup d'etat. And if the nephew had come into power, he would have expelled the Muslims. So the Muslims were praying that making the Joshy the one that is that is the ruler and indeed in the jar she did when and allowed them to remain in the land. As you know, it's not wrong to want the lesser of two evils, wanting the lesser of two evils does not mean you approve the evil of the

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lesser of the two evils. It is pragmatism. It is common sense it is from the Sierra, it is how we live our lives and the religion of Allah is not a theoretical abstract religion that has no tangible reality. The religion of Allah is a lived religion that you can follow wherever you are in the world and therefore I am not aware of any major scholar of our times who says that voting is haram or should that's something back in the 80s we had this so please do your job as civic Muslims of this land and do whatever you can so that inshallah we maintain the freedoms to worship Allah in this land Allahumma indeed they are in fact

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minion Illuminati have you heard me them buddy lover for a while? Uh hum Manila for Raja what are they in LA Kobita What am I do you want Elijah feta whether I see Ron in LA CELTA Allah ma fildena Well if one indigenous Abba Hoonah Bill Iman, what are they trying to call Rubina? Lila Lila? Dena Amanu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah humma Islam our Muslim in Allah Humann aracena or other Islam will misdemeanor Bucha and vertical who've been watching TED mero featured BT Jaco yeah as he is right above the law in Allah to American women in better behavior NFC within the Malacca photoessay with a letter become a UN Millennium engineer who were insane for call as an accordion oedema in

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Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Nebby Yeah, you Alladhina amanu Sallu la he was selling him with a cinema Allahumma salli wa salim roboticle And I love the Quran surah Muhammad was the he was such a big Marian everybody Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motivated Adley What ehsani What is the ideal CORBA Wayan and in fact che will won't carry well badly your elbow Camilla Allah consider karoun Oh, the Corolla has come, wash Kuru he has come what are the cruel lie to Allah Akbar Wa Caymus Salah

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all Hayao sala de Hi Jana

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oh god

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and hamdulillah helping me in a rough manner will he be mad at me D

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is Dino say a whole

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the first lesson was can get up in trouble and start thinking

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have a feeling for a long time

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