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Theological Benefits from the Dialogue of Ibrahim (AS) with His People Dr.

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I wanted to comment a little bit about five verses and sort of the shout out. So that the show deals with many different prophets. And the verse I chose is one of the ones we recite a lot in the Salah. It's the one that Ibrahim alayhis salam is dialoguing with his people. And he says that all of these gods that you worship, I have nothing to do with them except I want to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and then the famous five verses Allah the hydrocone for Hua Deen, well, the deal to me anyways, the way they're married to for who is Shireen? Whether you meet you need familiar him whether they are tomorrow and you're fairly healthy at the Yama Deen. So Inshallah, let's talk a

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little bit about these five beautiful verses and sort of a shout out you can look them up for the context, I wanted to just start off by stating that Ibrahim alayhis salam at this stage is a young teenager. And scholars have differed when did the Risala or the way he began, but it is very likely when this conversation is taking place. He is not yet a prophet. So he is engaging in this conversation and Gibreel has not yet visited him. He does not have direct connection through Gibreel with Allah subhanho wa taala. He is speaking as a thinking rational, young child opposing his entire community. And this is why the story of Ibrahim is so interesting, because we get a vision of what a

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pure and courageous soul is like in a land of complete idolatry. In the land where monotheism was non existent, a young child comes up and he never worships these false gods later on. He's going to physically destroy the gods as you know the story right now, but this incident is taking place before that, you know, incident. So right now he is still debating with his people. And one wonders, how did he come to monotheism? When nobody is preaching monotheism? How did he know idolatry is wrong? And there is one God, how does he know this? One? Gibreel has not yet visited him when nobody is preaching this. And these verses give us the answer. And this is the Islamic methodology. And I

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want us to memorize it and implement it when we speak to other people that are outside our faith. This is the Abrahamic methodology, in contrast to the Western methodology, the philosophical methodology, which is radically different than our methodology. So what does Ibrahim alayhis salam say? I am an enemy to all of these false gods except for the one true God. Allah the hunter colony for Hua Dini, He is the One who created me, so I know he must guide me. This summarizes the Abrahamic Arpita

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He created me, how could you leave me without any guidance? Now, Western philosophy is obsessed with the first part of it, Halekulani and Islamic theology is more interested in the second part, Houdini hedaya Western philosophy from the beginning from Aristotle, it is obsessed with the question, How do I know a god exists? There has always been troubling their minds. And that's why because they could not answer this question according to their own methodology, agnosticism and atheism has spread. It's not an Eastern problem. It is a Western problem, because they're the ones who made it a problem. And in our religion in our after, the fact that Hunter Kony have us He created me I am a

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created being I know this, because I'm created there must be a Creator. The Quranic methodology of proving there is a Holic is to simply open your eyes and look, you don't need complicated philosophical Maxim's and evidences. You don't need PhDs and dissertations. The most obvious of all things that are obvious is that there is a Creator. And that's why Allah is saying, haven't they looked around them? Don't they look at the creation of the heaven Earth? Don't do look at the camel, don't do look at the sun don't do look at the moon, you just have to see. And you know that there is a Hadith and would have been a foul. Did you know that there is somebody who is Rob, who is taking

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care of all of this, when this world exists in this beautiful manner, there must be a rub because there's a rub. And because this creation exists, I know he's not going to leave me alone. I know that there's a guidance and a hedaya so what is that? hedaya Let me find it. This is the Abrahamic mindset. This is the mindset of the one who is upon the pure FITARA. As for the other methodology, it's constantly getting involved in questions that are self evident when you complicate that which is simple you're gonna fall into problems right that which is simple that which is self evident when you complicate it right. When you make it difficult. Well then you're going to raise your own you

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know problems just like the Bani Israel. What type of car what's the this that? Yeah, it's obvious just do it. Right. But when you overcomplicate you do

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dig yourself into a hole. And this is what frankly, Western philosophy has done from the beginning of time. The Eastern understanding that I should say the Abrahamic understanding is that we don't need to prove Allah's existence. Now somebody will say, Hold on a sec didn't Ibraheem Alehissalaam himself prove Allah's existence by looking at the sun, the moon, the stars, and this is a very important paragraph or a subset of the talk here.

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Yes, we know in the Quran, Ibrahim alayhi salam is having another debate with his people right Fela magenta either he led or alcova when the night came, he saw a star Paula has rugby he said this is my Rob. When it disappeared. He said I don't like that which you know, disappears. Camera. Bazilian Allah had Robbie when he saw the big moon. He said, This is my rugby when it disappeared. He goes no, this can't be it either. Right? Fun Amara shamsur Basilica kala Hydra Bahasa Akbar, this is the biggest of them. This must be my Lord, right? Then when it disappeared. He goes, none of these I must in new agenda was the father of Sumatra the moment a woman was shaking. Now. Somebody will say,

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isn't he searching for God's existence? We say this is a very dangerous, an incorrect interpretation of this passage. This is not the meaning of this passage. Sometimes unfortunately, we our children are taught this in Sunday school, that we say Oh, Ibrahim alayhi salam was searching for the truth. And he examined the stars Subhan Allah, this understanding is not coming from our roadmap. It is actually coming from the philosopher. It is coming from the philosophers of Islam. Our Allameh completely rejected and negated this understanding. And there are many evidences every time he actually has like 10 pages of discussion on this. It's a very dangerous point. Do you realize what

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you're saying when you say that Ibrahim says that is my Rob.

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Do you realize what you're saying that Ibrahim Ali Salam is a Stafford Allah and in which they can cover it and pagan and Allah says multiple times. Why am I kind of in in Western Kenya? What am you aquarium was shaking in America? It kind of omitted Hanif and caught him I did. So Ibrahim is praised multiple times. He was never emotional. He was never pagan. He's always turning towards Allah. And then somebody comes and says, Oh, he thought the sun is his God. He thought the moon is his God. He thought the sun is his, you know, God. The response is, as I've been Tamia says, Ibrahima Karna Munna Iran Wollombi, hakuna health Iran, that Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was using these

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questions to debate and he was not using them to search for the truth. You see, when you debate somebody, right? Sometimes you take on his premise to show how illogical it is, okay? When you're debating, somebody said, Okay, tell us if this is true, then what will happen? And then you show it's not true, then you go back and you continue doing it. In this conversation. We as Muslims, I should say as mainstream orthodox Muslims, because obviously, the philosophy, the philosophy, you know, the group the philosophy, right, and he had been seen a type and although they have a different understanding of Islam, and we disagree with them, let's leave it at that for now today,

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right now, point is their interpretation is that Ibrahim was a fellow Souf.

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And Ibrahim is examining and extracting he doesn't know there's a God, he's a, you know, agnostic, and he has to prove there's a God. So let me take one false god, okay, not this one than the other false god, then when all of them are negated, then I will choose the correct God. No, that's not the way actually. That's why in the end of this, see, in the end of the section, Ibrahim explicitly says that I have rejected all of this in the world Jack towards here, Linda the fatwa Sumbawa Hanifa. And I'm going to turn my face and head to the One Who created the heavens. Look, he says, created the heavens. So point is, we have to not misunderstand this section. Ibrahim never doubted Allah. Allah

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has said, even I must have never doubted Allah, but I miss him is never becoming a field of software. A philosopher proving Allah's existence this passage is a debate. It is not personal reflection, is that clear? Right? He's debating his people. So Allah the HELOC money for Hua Dini, my Lord created me and destroy, you don't need more evidences I am created there must there must be a Creator, we are more interested in the second bit. There is a creator, I must therefore have hedaya from that creator, and I know Allah is gonna give me that hidayah that Yaqeen that Ibrahim had was so strong, it essentially caused him to become a prophet eventually, right? He's so certain

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Allah is gonna give me guidance. I don't know what it is now, just like the process of Hatha Hara. I don't know what it is. I don't know the exact way to worship Allah. But I know this way is wrong here. The same understanding that purity of the fitrah

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purity of the intellect and the soul. You know something is wrong. You just don't know the 100% right answer you have in the right direction. That's what Abram says he knows there's one God the process of knows there's one God, but he doesn't know the details of how to worship Allah. The details of the theology will not go into the Makita Boylan II Eman you didn't know what his GitHub you didn't know what his Eman until we revealed it to you. So Ibraheem Alehissalaam is here clean was so strong. Eventually Allah sent God down and made him a prophet. You I know Allah is gonna guide me, Allah the holla Khalifa Dini, this also, by the way, demonstrates another Islamic key

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principle, which again, is in contradistinction to many understandings of, you know, modern, Western philosophy. The One Who created us, is going to be the one who tells us how to live our lives. There is now a very common trend, spiritual but not religious. This is very common in the millennial generation. That if you ask them, Is there a God? You know, not the way you guys think there's an energy there's a forest, there's cosmic, there's karma, this and that, you know, they named these things, because deep down inside, they know there must be something. So they call it spiritual. There must be some energy, some higher power, but I don't believe in organized religion. Okay, this

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is actually, in some most European countries, this philosophy is more than Christianity in America, we are still a Christian nation. So Christianity is more in most European countries. There are more people who say, I believe in something but not your god spiritual but not religious. Right. Then there are people who say I'm Christians, the world is changing. Now, this simple verse refutes that entire understanding Allah, the Halacha, Annie for Jolla, Houdini, how can there be a higher power, and he doesn't interact with you? He doesn't care about you. He doesn't tell you how to live your life. And this way again, Allah says in the Quran, that I said would Insano on youth raka Sudha did

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man think that he would be left in randomness and chaos? Did man think we would create him and then let him be? That doesn't make any sense what type of God is this? What type of father what type of Rob what type of hard work how can you create this beautiful creation and then let it be and walk away and have nothing to do with it? So Abraham Allison has fit for a new the fact that I am here means there's a God and the factors that God knows he's going to guide me Allah the hydrocone for Hua Dini, then why should I worship this god? Whoa, holy adultery money we're spinning he's providing for me my food my drink every day I wake up and I don't know where it's gonna come from.

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Lo and behold, it is there. There is a ROB that is actively involved. Why then are you to for who are Yash Feeny when I fall sick, then he cures me. Our scholars point out Ibrahim alayhis salam is already speaking in a manner befitting of Allah. When I fall sick, he cures me. He ascribes the sickness to himself and the cure to Allah. Even though in the grand scheme of things, everything comes from Allah. But when you speak about disastrous calamities, when you speak about something which is negative, you try your best to remove its ascription to Allah. When I fall sick, even though the sickness in the grand scheme of things comes from Allah, you ascribe it to yourself, I

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felt sick, then you ascribe the cure to Allah, He cures me. This shows us the edit. Now again, technically it is not wrong. Of course, it is a matter of al Qaeda. Everything happens by the will of Allah azza wa jal, but when we speak, specially when we dialogue in the MACOM of Dawa, we have to be especially how are we talking about Allah subhanho wa taala. Right, and that's why the story of Heather and Musa, the same thing happens right? When he drowns the ship

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to EBA I wanted to poke the hole in the ship. And when the child is, you know, going to be replaced and whatnot for Araga Rob Booker and your blue bow should the homeless or when the wall and the orphans are kept there with the wall right for the ROB Booker and yeah, blue. How should the Homer your Lord wanted the two orphans to grow up? Notice? I caused the hole in the ship. Your Lord wanted to protect the orphans. Notice how he changes the depth of the dialogue right. And that's why even a prophet system he taught he taught us was shall replace the ileka we do not ascribe evil to you, oh Allah in our Kitab in our talks, we do not ascribe evil to Allah subhana wa Tada we try our best to

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have other with Allah we then married to for Hua, your screen welder you meet Tony Thumma yo hain, subhanAllah Ibrahim alayhis salam already understood, there must be a cycle of life here. This life cannot just finish with death. It doesn't make sense that this life finishes with death. So the one who created me, he is going to be the one that's going to cause me to die. And then beaver

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is erected again what led up to the thermal European in these five verses to Hey, the decider after all mentioned Subhanallah, the purity of Abraham's Arkell. In the simple verses, there must be a God that God is guiding me that's risotto. There's going to be heaven and hell and DJ of judgment, because the fitrah says, this world cannot be meaningless. There must be something bigger, there must be something better. Therefore, the One who created me, the one who guided me is the one who caused me to die and he will bring me back to life. And therefore if that is the characteristic of this God, if this is how the Lord is, then I'm confident that my Lord is merciful and tender and

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kind Well, the ultimate arrow and yell fear are the hottie at Yoma Dean, my Lord is not an evil Lord. He is not a sadistic Lord. He's not ordered Lord of punishment when this world exists, and there's so much beauty in it so much Rama. I am confident that when He resurrects me in sha Allah, hopefully I am I am optimistic that he will forgive all of my sins. Notice how good he is perception is of Allah Krishna one and Allah azza wa jal that the Lord that I have is a merciful Lord, a Kadeem, Lord Allah for the Lord. And this is why Ibrahim alayhis salam, when he raised to this ranks Allah azza wa jal caused as we know when he was thrown to the fire Gibreel to come down. Most

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scholars say that is one his new Bucha and recite that began when he was thrown into the fire of an emerald most scholars say which means this entire conversation is coming straight from the pure fitrah and soul there is no direct communication with Allah in any case, some benefits insha Allah from these verses May Allah subhana wa either allow us to take Ibrahim and the process him as a role model may Allah Azza wa Jalla allow us to walk in their paths and have that spirit of their Iman and across and to work cool. And you'll feel just like Kamala Harris and Polycom rahmatullahi wa barakato

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