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He's one of our local brothers here in epic he emails and he, when we were doing the talk of the boaters up we had mentioned the Profit System saying that most of the other will cover is from Nigeria that is from not being careful with Nigel said so our brother says can you please please remind us what are the Nigel set and what are the rulings for them on

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e m.

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so basic, simple question is the standard question. In fact, all of the books have fit they begin the very few first chapters always talk about the largest set and obviously, my answer today will be summarizing but for detailed studies, choose your mother hope and choose a Facebook so I'll briefly summarize and adjust that Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the Koran of the earliest of revelations with Dr. Baca, Fatah here, one of the first commandments in the Koran, which our scholars have interpreted to mean that we cannot have not just on our clothes on our body with the backup photo here, and the Shetty has come with assigning certain substances to be impure. When we say impure

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what is meant is that we are not allowed to pray to Allah subhana wa tada with the nudges on our clothing or body. This does not mean that nudges can never touch us. It is permissible to touch nudges for a hedgerow a little wrong, it is permissible when we need to do that a mother changing or a father these days, my shoulders, well, changing diapers are going to touch nudges. Okay? That's what happens. It's not haraam per se, to get in contact with nudges, but it is makrooh to do so for no reason. And it is how long to pray while the nudges is on your body knowingly okay. So the sin is incurred and the punishment of the cover is only linked to the Salah. It is not linked outside of

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Salah if a person has a need to touch an adjuster that's their job, their occupation, they are responsible for something then that is not a sin per se and otherwise other than this it is more cruel to have any religious honest overall. So to summarize, what are then adjusts that there is nothing nudges that grows from the earth, all plants, all vegetation, all natural products, rocks and stones. There is no ninjas amongst them, as well. According to the dominant position, there is nothing notice from the ocean. Even a dead fish is not notice anything from the ocean is pure. The controversy from the time of the Sahaba is over. One of the main controversies is over the urine and

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the extra mint of animals that are eaten marcoola him the animals that are not eaten lions, tigers bears, that isn't just their excrement, but the animals that are eaten camels, sheep,

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cows goats. That is the classic controversy. And the majority of position is that they are not nudges. That's the majority position they're herbivores. And so they're not nudges and the evidence for this the Prophet system said pray in the pens of sheeps where sheeps reside, you may pray in that. So from this it is it is known depends sheep pens have their excrement and whatnot. In any case, that's a controversy. Some of the mud hubs get out of this and they say that it is nudges as well. There's a controversy over the urine of a baby boy who is still being breastfed three of the methods other than the HANA fees. They say the urine of a baby boy is not nudges The reason for this

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explicit Hadith that the Prophet says and I've said you may sprinkle over the urine of a baby boy, and you must wash the urine of a baby girl. Why we have no reason is just the shehryar has come with it. So if baby boy that is still feeding natural, you know it's mother's milk. Of course, those days they didn't have diapers, but in case the urine is leaked out, the profitsystem said you can just sprinkle some water, you can still wear the clothes, it's not going to be nudges whereas if it is from a girl or it isn't an adult or a toddler that is eating and drinking, then it will be nudges. Obviously, adult and toddler human excrement and waste is obviously by unanimous consensus nudges

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with regards to dead animals, dead animals. They are all nudges if they are blood animals. As for animals that are not blood like insects or whatnot, these are disgusting but not nudges. There's a difference between the two, right? You don't want to have a dead you know, but it's not nudges per se that insect for example, it is not nitrous than the jossa comes from animals that have blood that are dead. So any animal that has blood and it is a Mater not a sacrifice. It's a

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natural death or death by another animal, every meter is nudges. living animals, living animals. There is again, a controversy. But by unanimous consensus, the pig is not just totality. As for the dog, maybe one day I'll give a longer electronic because we live in a society because we're surrounded by by those canines. But as for the the issue of the nature of the dog, there is a whole spectrum of controversy. And again, in this brief Talk, I'm just going over very, very quickly. Some have say nothing about the dog is not just primarily the mighty came into the

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event me and most of the, or some of the Hanafi scholars said that the skin and the fur of the dog is not nudges only the saliva is nudges. And this is a very strong opinion. His opinion that also referred to on it hasn't been Tamia. He strongly argued this that if a dog brushes against you, the skin of the dog is not nudges. What is nudges is the saliva of the dog, if the dog licks if the dog puts its tongue in it, and many of the other scholars said everything about the dog is nudges, just like the pig so there's that controversy over there. Otherwise, most other animals they there's their skin other than these two, it is not considered and that just the only controversy is over

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dogs and as for pigs that has an agenda by unanimous consensus, cats by explicit heads are not just their even their saliva, our Prophet system, explicitly Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim he allowed us to use the water that the cats had drank from, we can use it to do will do and whatnot, there is no problem with that. from human bodies, obviously, stool and urine we mentioned the other things that come out are muddy, and wet. And muddy is the fluid that is released in the state of sexual excitement called pre seminal fluid. And this is not just according to all of the scholars of Islam, what the is a whitish fluid that comes out because of a medical issue. And again, this is considered

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to be a no just as well it is not typical, it is not common, but it is a medical issue. Sometimes that happens. The controversy comes over the male * or the seminal fluid, the two of them at times say it is not just believe it or not, two of them have their say it is not just the sharp fairies and the humble is say that the male fluid is not an adjuster. And they say how can it be not just one man is created from it. And Allah says in the Quran well after the kurama bunny Adam How can a lot create us from that which is nudges and the other two men have said that it is nurture so again, there is a controversy over that issue. Allah knows best but the position I follow I'm humbly

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as well generally is it is not an adjust what is an adjust as well from the body is flowing blood. Now this is very important a lot of people get confused spots of blood, nose bleed, just that comes out. All the scholars say a small amount you see what a dumb is forgiven. A prick, a paper cuts some nose bleed This is forgiven. What is not forgiven in terms of an adjuster is demin must forehead because the Quran mentions gushing blood flowing blood that blood you cannot pray and unless it is literally like armor is dying but the last one they mentioned when he was stabbed to death he prayed in that state. This is a lot of what you're gonna do. I mean, if you're a prisoner or something

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that's a loaded or otherwise flowing blood is considered to be nudges. And this is pretty much the majority position. With regards to leather again maybe one day I'll give a longer lecture there are Believe it or not nine opinions about leather nine different opinions about leather. Very big issue of debate amongst the classical vocal hop. We are more most concerned about pig leather because we don't choose dog leather anything like this a pig leather. There is a minor controversy. Abu hanifa is most famous student of will use of and a number of scholars all claim that there is no an adjustment in leather. So I will use of the student of Abu hanifa would give the fatwa that and this

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is not just his a number of prominent scholars they said that nothing of dried leather once you can actually not dry tanned leather is the precise term. Once you tan leather they say it ceases being nudges. Even if the origin is nudges. The dominant position is that pig will always be natural whether it is alive whether it is dead, and no doubt it is best to avoid pig leather Allah knows best no doubt it is best to avoid it just to get out and this would also include the bristles of the pig which is used in very fancy combs you know some really fancy combs they have boar hair boar bristles when they use them. So this would also be there. If you follow up we'll use position it is

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permissible, but the dominant position of our

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Madonna is that it would not be considered permissible. The other controversy was over alcohol. By alcohol. We mean obviously, Hummer, which is ethanol, everything that intoxicated. And again, this is an issue of controversy. The dominant position definitely in early and medieval Islam is that hunger is niches. However, believe it or not, it's one of those opinions that modern field councils have pretty much reversed by and large. And for there are many reasons for this beyond the scope of our talk today, the dominant fatwa in our times by almost all major Phil councils, is that ethanol is not nudges. And the fact of the matter is, there are explicit evidences in the Syrah in the

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Hadith of the most famous one, when alcohol was made. How Tom, what did the Sahaba do? They threw it in the streets. And the rewired say that you know, we could smell where we're walking, you know, in the streets flowed with comedy for two, three days, you are not allowed to dispose of an agenda in the streets, you cannot just throw something outside where people are walking. And the Sahaba did this, which demonstrates they understood how it is haram to drink, but it is not. nudges poison is how long is not nudges. Right? They're not everything. How long is nudges? You understand obviously, right? gambling is how long, but it's not just that gambling tokens are not nudges per se. So the

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point being that by saying ethanol is not nudges, this means all of these soap dispenser things are the when you go to the

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the hand sanitizers and when the hospital would you call it when they put the thing on the hospital, you know, when you go to the to the one they got the wipes then when they put the medicine over, because if you say that alcohol or ethanol is nudges, then you are basically saying all of those hand sanitizers and the cleansing of the of the hospitals would be a type of nudges. You cannot use any needle anything. It's a really big outage, right? And when you look at it technically, there are many evidence to show that ethanol is not nudges. Also, the perfumes that we apply has ethanol in it, it is not natural, it is permissible to apply because you're not consuming that ethanol. So

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these are a quick brief history or a summary of an adjust that in all of these the strictest nudges, there are three that are above and beyond the other things. Number one, everything to do with a pig that is the worst type of an adjuster. Number two, the saliva of a dog is the second worst type of an adjuster. And then number three is the menstrual blood. That is the third type, which is the worst of the Ninja SAP, then you have all of the gadgets out there one category, then you have the urine of a baby boy in the slightest type because it's not quite nudges but it is still not quite pure, you have to still sprinkle water on it. So this is a brief summary of the Ninja SAT. As we

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said, What is how long and sinful is to pray when any of these substances knowingly is on you. If it is unknowing, obviously you are forgiven locally for long enough scintilla whoosah. But if it is known, and you don't care to take precautions, and you stand up to pray, this is where our double cover comes especially for urine because out of all of this list, it is urine that every single human being is interacting with on a daily on a daily basis. So if you do not take care and you're careless splattering not cleansing oneself that is where the bulk of our punishment comes place because it shows you don't care about the shitty of Allah subhana wa tada before we move on to the

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second question, important disclaimer. A lot of people do not know that the Shetty does not require water when we do is ninja. This is a shock to most Muslims to learn. In reality there is zero controversy by unanimous consensus of all of the metahuman scholars of Islam. Even if you have gallons of water next to you. You are not required to use water in the restroom, either for urine or even for vacation. It is not a requirement. It is better it is Mr. hab and we thank Allah in our cultures people think it is wajib it's good but technically it is not wajib technically it is not required you may use anything that is dry that dries that that area until no traces are are left Why

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do I say this? I'm not saying you stop using the loader keep the loader okay. Install the loader get the handloaders only $20 install it very good. Okay if you even better in Europe they have the bid a system which is even better. I'm not saying don't use it. What up Why am I telling you this? Because a lot of people when they are not at home or within Muslim houses, they're stopping in the restrooms and public places. They assume that Alice This is not just simply using the restroom without having your handy Lota with you, right. They think that palace I cannot pray and this is

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A very serious fifth error, you do not need water to be pure after going to the restroom. Toilet paper does the job you keep on wiping until no traces are left until it is dry and no traces are left and that applies even to identification as well. There's no problem in fact the default amongst the Sahaba they would not use water even when they had water they wouldn't use it because it was just a hassle they would have to carry and whatnot they wouldn't use it they would use just the materials out there these days the the toilet paper suffices. So just because you stop in the restroom on the way to between places and whatnot, don't think that you're in the state of an

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adjuster and by the way, you can use toilet paper put it under the sink and Marshall you have a portable Lota Mashallah. Okay, so you can even do that if need be. But my point is, even if you don't use water, it is still pure and tall here. And you may I mean, meaning you're not in a state of Georgia and you we pray in that state. That is the first question.

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