Omar Suleiman – Repenting From Hypocrisy And Lying

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the consequence of lying to the Prophet sallama, including false accusations of drinking and false accusations of lying, which can lead to embarrassment and false accusations of lying. They also emphasize the importance of forgiveness for actions that lead to harm and emphasize the need for strong message to avoid negative consequences. The speaker provides examples of how lying during tabuk leads to negative consequences, including forgiveness for actions that lead to harm and the need for strong message to avoid negative consequences.
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Very serious warning, you know a lot. So, in the last look at what the Imam read

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when Allah subhanaw taala tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you were to seek forgiveness for them 70 times Allah would still not forgive them. Can you imagine what's the power of this default of the prophets lie Selim the power of the Prophet, the most beloved person, the most beloved of Allah's creation, seeking forgiveness, but if you were to seek forgiveness for the hypocrites, Allah subhana wa tada would not forgive them because it's a particular type of hypocrisy. Remember, Kodama Rahim, Allah says that there are he makes this distinction. There's the hypocrisy that all of the companions felt, which is that it's hard for me it's difficult for me to

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maintain the same state of Iman and the same level of output in different settings. That is a hypocrisy that we should all fear that I might, if I pray my eight guys in the masjid, I might pray longer than when I pray at home. If I am in a certain gathering, maybe I'll hold myself from certain sins, but when I find myself in private, or in other gatherings where that sin is normalized, it's easy for me to commit that sin. That's the type of hypocrisy that everyone should fear. But there's another type of hypocrisy here that Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning, these are the serial hypocrites that would play with the deen of Allah azza wa jal and use it, use it to their benefits

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and they made excuses to the Prophet sallallahu it was that I'm not even leaving oaths sacred. Yeah leafeon Allah Kabila, they swore to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam of certain things. Now let's connect this to something very important from the messenger sallallahu wasallam. On the profits license said that when the believer commits adultery, he is not a believer when he's committing adultery. On the prophets lie Selim said, Now yesterday casada cain is Rico Hua mortman the one who steals does not steal while he's a believer. The one who commits the who drinks when he drinks is not a believer. And the profit slice on him says when he finishes from the act, then he man returns

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to that person but you know what? He also told us a lot honey Listen, I'm a believer can be many things. A believer can be a coward. A believer can be a miser, a believer can be many things but a believer cannot be a liar.

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If a person has that quality of lying, they cannot be a believer he man and COVID cannot coexist. And that's why we find that every single time Allah mentions hypocrisy in the Quran. He connects the trait of lying to it have been Tamia Rahim Allah says shiftless Nam if you start from sewage and abakada. And you go all the way down. Every time Allah mentions on the fact he's done mentions the quality of yuck the bone that they are people who lie, people who find it easy to lie. Now, how do we make this practical for ourselves and listening to the story of tabuk? You know, when a person wants to repent, from committing Zina, there's a way to repent from that very easily. When a person

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wants to repent from having drunk alcohol, there's a wait. But probably the most difficult thing to repent from is hypocrisy.

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Because of the humiliation that comes from repentance with hypocrisy, the humiliation that comes from repenting from lying. How do you tell people when you've been living in a lie? How do you tell someone that you've been lying to them for a very long time? How do you come clean from something like duck, and some panela? We see it over and over again, with politicians, with celebrities. With all of these people, you guys might remember when Bill Clinton stare directly into the camera, and he said, I did not eat on a day of Ramadan, or something like that. Right. And it was perjury. But we've seen the public figures, I'm keeping the PG. All right. We've seen the public figures and

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we've seen politicians constantly disgraced Anthony Weiner, that's another thing altogether. Tiger Woods, you might remember standing in front of the camera after being caught with what like 20 different women.

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And somehow a lot you ask yourself this question. You might remember john edwards, who was going to wit, who really had the shot of winning the Democratic nomination, right, the champion of the poor, those that were following politics, back then when presidential candidates seem sane, okay. And he was this champion of the poor and then Whoa, what happened to them? disgrace and somehow a lot at that point, they have to stare into a camera and they have to say, I'm sorry, but what's the problem there? They waited until that moment.

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Did you not feel ashamed of yourself until you were caught? Now let's go back to the story of the hypocrites. Let's go back to the people that held back from tabuk

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We have the story of a great repenter khabib nomadic all the time,

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who stayed behind and tahbilk and who as a result of his Toba, as a result of his repentance suffered six grueling months,

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because he was willing to face the consequences of being from those who who stood back into a book for six grueling months waiting for repentance from Allah subhanho wa Taala faced isolation, even from his family, his friends, his family, so panela he went from being a supreme companion to being a person who was isolated and people would not speak to all because he wanted that Toba from Allah subhanho wa Taala for what he had done. It did not matter to him what people would say he didn't lie to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't come to the profit slice them and say I'm not like the other ones and make an excuse like the hypocrites made, the hypocrites made excuses and the

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prophets lie. Some accepted their hypocrisy and said Go ahead, continue. Go ahead. And then what's the unresolved they die and the prophets lie sometimes it's difficult for them does not count, but kind of nomadic chose to come clean. And he made no excuses for it. And he was willing to suffer the consequences in this world and what happens? Six months later, Allah revealed his Toba, Allah revealed that he has accepted his repentance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says up should Karen be be grateful Okay, Arab behavior young with the best day of your life since your mother gave birth to you. Allah subhanaw taala revealed his Toba being accepted from above seven heavens. Can

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you imagine that? After all that he went through just because he refused to remain in hypocrisy, and he refused to live in a lie. Like the hypocrites. He wanted to have his Toba accepted here.

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What does this mean?

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I go back to a story from Earth none of us are found well the allowance add on which will lie the first time I heard it.

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I imagined a person in that age. Can you imagine an 80 something year old man walking up to a kid and pinching his ear because of something that he did wrong? And then the kid looks at him angry that you pinched my ear wrongfully, an earth man, the one from who the angels felt shine. Think about this. Well, like think about the scene. The first HELOC I gave in my life was on earth man will be a long time. Think about this scene, a man from whom the angels feel shy. The halifa of the Muslim saw that that young man was harmed by him. And he bends down in his 80s and he tells him pinch my ear

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and says Of course I'm not going to pinch your ear. He grabs his hand and he puts it on his ear he says pinch for in a piece loss of dunya a one minute this Rasul Allah, because justice served in this world is far better than justice served in the hereafter.

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Think about that. I'm willing to face the humiliation I'm willing to face the punishment I'm willing to face expiation. Why? Because I want a lot to forgive me. I want a lot to forgive me. I'd much rather that come in this world than come in the hereafter. So the greater the sin, the more the Toba will hurt the mighty his Salaam and how were forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala for their deed they were forgiven for Tanaka Adam and Robbie he carry matabele Allah forgave them. But that didn't mean that they did not have to suffer some consequences. So tubal you know la Hito buttonville suha repent to Allah sincere repentance, compare cab body Allahu taala and home to Abdullah and obey

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urban salute. cab lived for those six months in despair because he wanted the repentance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Abdullah bin obeyed and saloon was a hypocrite in the profits license said you know what, let them go. Let them let them stay in his hypocrisy. And when he dies, though, what's the difference? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could stand over the body of capital the Allahu taala and one pray janazah on him and seek forgiveness for him and it would be accepted because Allah has already announced his Toba has been accepted. Whereas the prophets lysozyme could stand over Abdullah urban urban saloon and even give him his own garments and shrouded in him and

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seek forgiveness for him and it will not be accepted.

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And not this loss of dunya. I want to make this arcilla justice served in this world is far better than justice served in the hereafter. It's a normal bond dear brothers and sisters and when we think about the things that we have done

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In our lives, when we think about things that require Toba from us, but they are particularly difficult to make tau before. There are certain things that are particular maybe easy to make tau before. And maybe we can convince ourselves well if I make enough repentance for this, I can still ignore this part. No. One hand doesn't watch the other.

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Two bullied along he towba tunnel suha repent to Allah subhana wa tada sincere repentance. And a sincere repentance is when you go back to Allah subhana wa tada and you say, you know what, I want to be forgiven at all costs. Whatever it takes for me to be forgiven by you. I'll take the consequences. I'll take the package that comes with the Toba because the last thing I want to do is to meet your wrath on the Day of Judgment. We have to think deeply about what we have done and we have to think deeply about what we have brought to this month. And we have to be willing to face whatever consequences those may be for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and so that we don't face

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them in the hereafter. But in the law hi Alfredo. Uber Jamia, Allah forgives all since Allah forgives all sins, may Allah subhana wa Tada. Guide us to repentance May Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our hearts. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from ever falling into lying or falling into hypocrisy. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us for our sins, the small ones and the large ones, the hidden ones and the public ones, the ones that are shameful and the ones that are not May Allah subhanho wa Taala make his sights more beloved to us than the sight of his creation and make his forgiveness more important to us than our reputation alumna Amina kulu probably handle stuff a lot.

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You're welcome. So now I want to come up on time because

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