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The speakers discuss the negative impact of theODE on the Muslim community, including the importance of wearing masks and knowing the names of Islam. They emphasize the importance of having a positive attitude towards one's beliefs and not giving up hope. The segment also touches on various categories of Islam, including the importance of praying for Islam's mercy for forgiveness and the potential for positive experiences. The segment emphasizes the importance of knowing the meaning of Islam and its impact on one's life, as it is used as a way to achieve goals and change behavior.

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Smilla usually begin with our announcements.

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So we're still doing the Ramadan drive, and that is to help our Syrian brothers and sisters refugees. So inshallah you can start giving your money in sha Allah Zakat is also eligible. The Ramadan Food Drive account, this account is on the screen over there. So please start donating as you realize that when you give money now, it usually takes on average, I work with charities all around the world usually takes between four weeks to two months to actually get the money to the people there, right. It's not something that's instantaneous, it's very difficult to get the money instantaneously in fact impossible. Therefore, you start the campaigns early. So we want to benefit

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the people during the month of Ramadan and therefore giving now inshallah it guarantees that it will be distributed in the time that is the most needed. We also have the same announcements which is to make sure that you're wearing the mask throughout all times and only take it off when you exit the masjid out into the parking lot and of course as usual your usual donations to the masjid and we've been asked to make dua for all of those that are sick May Allah azza wa jal grant them current Shiva and give support to their families insha Allah Tala

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Somali come Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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Hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for he alone is worthy of praise. We praise Him for having guided us and created us. We praise him for having gifted us the gift of Islam. We praise him for every single blessing he has given us, the blessings we recognize, and the blessings we do not recognize. And we asked him to send his Salatin salaam, upon the one who was sent as attending the mean. Dear Muslims, Allah Subhana Allah Allah has reminded us to be conscious of him throughout the Quran for He says, Yeah, you hola Dena, mono taco la haka to call to Walter Mutanda, Illa will unto Muslim on

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the times that we live in, it is inevitable that the situation sometimes overwhelms us. Sometimes we become sad feelings of despair, we look at the realities of the pandemic, of the economic situation of the politics of Islamophobia. And it is very easy to fall into sadness, to fall into a sense of where's the hope and all of this. And it is at times like this, that we have to remind ourselves of one of the pillars of our faith, one of the pillars of iman, which is explicitly mentioned in the Quran. And the Arabic term is very important as well, even though unfortunately, not many of us are aware of it. And that is the term or Raja, the term or Raja. The concept of a Raja is a fundamental

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pillar of iman. And it is linked in our belief in Allah subhanho wa taala. And it means that we are optimistic and we think the best thoughts about Allah subhana wa Taala it means that we have a positive yearning. That's what Raja means you're expecting the best you're hoping for the best. This concept of Raja it is so important that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has described it as a characteristic of Eman, your junella Hera, they have the Rajah of the Ark era, your Juna Rama Tara big. They have Raja of the Rama of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And in fact, we should also learn from the Sierra, one of the greatest setbacks for the Muslim community was the tragedy of ODE. It was a tragedy that

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literally caused a shock amongst the Sahaba it was a tragedy that did cause despair, to set into the ranks of the Sahaba and Allah azza wa jal reminded them cheered them up, gave them comfort in surah. Allah Imran and one phrase he said, that will attack you know, don't give up hope while attacks No, don't feel sad. And then Allah azza wa jal describes how can you be sad? What's our June I mean Allah Hema Allah your June when you have Raja with Allah, and they have no Raja with Allah. Literally, in a time of catastrophe, in a time of sadness. Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the believers, how can you feel the same as those others the Quraysh? How can your philosophy be the

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same when you have Raja in Allah, and they don't have Raja in Allah subhanho wa taala. So what does it mean to have Raja? And what are the categories of Raja and what happens when we have this concept of Raja in Allah subhana wa Tada. That will be some brief points of today's hutzpah. Ibaka yam defines a Raja as thinking or believing that the vastness of Allah's Mercy is going to have an impact on you to have Iman in the vastness in the car of dorama of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and to believe that Allah has Rama will be manifested in your life. That is what Raja means. And in fact, in one passage, he says that Raja is linked to Iman in Allah because he asked a rhetorical question,

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no one or he says how can anybody who knows Allah's names and attributes not be optimistic? How can anybody who understands that Allah is Rahman and Allah is Rahim and Allah is Al Bara and Allah is Karim and Allah is Allah sin of Naka yam says, How can anybody who knows these names, not to be optimists.

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To stick at all good coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is in the nature of the Divine to be good and merciful. So when we believe in the names of the Divine when we believe in Allah subhana wa Tada automatically that should bring about a feeling of positive energy, a feeling of optimism. And that is why Raja is linked with iman in Allah. If you know who Allah is, you will be optimistic, simple as that. If you understand the names and attributes of Allah, you will always look and think positive of the future. And there are many categories of Rajab, and in today's football will mention only five of course there's more than these. But there are five primary categories of Rajab the

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first of them are our job, to expect Allah's reward for our good deeds. If we gave some charity we have a job that Allah is going to accept and grant us His blessings. If we are good to other people. If we are praying and fasting, any good deed that we do, we have Rajab that Allah azza wa jal will bless us. And of course, the highest manifestation of this Raja is to have Rajab in Allah's Jana, to have Rajat that Allah is going to give us Jana, every one of us without exception, do Muslims, every one of us should have the hope of entering Jana. Do not give that hope of no matter how sinful you are. Because Allah's nature is to forgive I gave it up but two weeks ago go back to that football,

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we should have Raja hope that Allah is going to forgive us and again and grant us Jana. The second category of Raja already mentioned it briefly and that is that Allah shall forgive our sins. The first category, Allah shall bless our good deeds, Allah will reward our good deeds. The second category of Rajab, Allah shall forgive our sins. And I gave a Hotbird to three weeks ago about how important that principle is that yes, every believer should have hope of Allah's Mercy never give up hope in Allah's mercy for forgiveness. So the first two categories that you want Allah to bless you for good deeds, and you want Allah to forgive your sins. This is something that is fundamental to

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our iman in Allah subhanho wa Taala the third category of Rajab, the third category of Rajab, and this is the Rajah of the elite of the pious of the righteous that are Jah of those that have the highest level of Eman. The third category is Raja in the meeting of Allah subhanho wa taala. Looking forward to meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men have Balika Allah He habila Holika who whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him. The Quran tells us that hola Erica your June they are hoping for the car with their Lord. They want to look forward to meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala they're excited to meet Allah subhana wa Tada and that is

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the Rajah of the ultra pious, the more sin the mood Turkey that Elijah of those who are in sha Allah, Allah, Allah, they've reached a level of human they're confident even as they fear of course the opposite. They're confident that I'm looking forward to Jana, I want to see Allah subhana wa Tada that is the Rajah of the highest category. The fourth and fifth category is origin of this world. The first three are more religious, the fourth and fifth are of this dunya. The fourth category of Raja is Raja, when you make dua for something, you have an optimistic attitude that Allah is going to give you what you asked for. Okay, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Never make dua to Allah, except that you are certain that Allah will give you what you're asking for this isn't our job, you have a certain is that I know Allah is going to answer my dua that is the highest form as well that you are having this attitude that how can the Samir hear my dua? And how can the Rahman see my need? And how can the Karim be asked and not give me from his garden? So we make dua with the utmost Raja, we want Allah's response. And we're confident that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will respond to our dua. This is the fourth category of Raja. And the final category of Rajah is to expect our difficult situation to become easy to expect our situation right now. Whether it's

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job, whether it's family, whether it's the pandemic, whatever it might be, but to have optimism and Raja, that the current climate that you're in whatever it might be the problem you're facing the crisis that is troubling you that Insha Allah, Allah, it will change soon. If not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and you constantly have Raja, that your negative will become a positive and your cause for despair will become a cause of hope and your grief will become happiness. There is an always never ending source of optimism.

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coming from the heart of the believer. Why? Because the believers optimism comes from his Iman in Allah subhanahu wa taala. And this is something that even the Quran mentions this category of Rajab, that in the context of certain is syrup that Allah says if the parents ask you of your wealth and you don't have that wealth right, then the Quran says that we're totally alone and home of Ramadan Mirrabooka terror Jew, if you have to turn away, not able to give your parents what they're asking for, but you're still hoping total Juha that Allah will give it to you later on meaning the concept here is you don't have the money and your parents are wanting some money from you. So the Quran is

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saying if you have to turn away from them do so gently Don't be nasty say I don't have anything to do with gently say Inshallah, it will come. And then Allah says it's Rebecca tough Jew. You're still wanting Allah Rama and you're hoping Allah will give you the risk that you don't have right now. And that is our job for this world or a job for an increase in your paycheck or a job for your bank account to go up and Allah uses the term Raja and Allah says don't worry have Raja you will get it and you'll be able to give to your parents Inshallah, to Allah but don't be mean and nasty when you cannot give it that time. So Raja is not only allowed, it is explicitly linked to our current

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situation, to depressing scenarios, to financial problems to grief and worries in our marriage, whatever it might be. Our Iman in Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that we should have Raja and of course there are many benefits of Raja and of them obviously when we have Raja we become optimistic about life itself about anything that happens we're optimistic that inshallah tomorrow is going to be better. It gives us a sense of positive energy Raja as well. It helps us in our worship, it drives us forward to do good deeds, it drives us to make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada to ask for Allah's forgiveness over all that makes you a better human being in every aspect of life, in your

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rituals in your goodness to other people in your optimism with Allah subhanho wa taala. In coping with the stress of this world Rajat brings about nothing but good in every aspect of life. And of course, most importantly, Raja brings about a love for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and Tawakkol in Allah and a constant wanting to ask Allah subhanahu wa taala so Raja, dear brothers and sisters is one of the fundamental pillars of our faith in Allah subhana wa Tala. So much so that many of our early scholars they said that Allah azza wa jal is worshipped based upon three emotions, hope well hope for Raja that we worship Allah because we love Allah. We worship Allah because we're fearful of

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his punishment, and we worship Allah because we are hopeful in Him and His mercy. That is how important that our job is. It becomes one of the top pillars and motivational factors of our iman and worshipping Allah Subhana Allah to Allah may Allah azza wa jal bless me and you wit and through the Quran, and May He make us of those who is vs. They understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. He it is that we worship and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and the one who answers the door of the week. Dear Muslims, the term Raja is a very accurate term. And it is in contrast to other terms that are not positive. For example, Tammany or Termina, even an order we have done that is not used in the Quran, generally speaking to describe to describe this reality and concept. What is the difference between Elijah and between other such terms like other versions of hope you're all aware that Arabic is a vast language and the same adjective in English one language one word in English as maybe 10 in

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Arabic, right? You're all aware of this. So why did Allah Allah use the term Rajab and not choose for example, Tammany because Raja is a conviction that brings about a change in one's actions. And to many in the Arabic language, it is simply a thought that doesn't actually bring about a change in your life. And we shouldn't just have to money without having some action based upon that. Right. So the point being, that when you actually have Raja in Allah subhana wa taala. When you have genuine Raja, it is going to impact your lifestyle is going to have a difference. And this is in contrast to the one who does nothing. Let's say that he's living a very sinful lifestyle.

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All right, he doesn't do out make dua, he doesn't pray, he doesn't do anything. And then you go to and say, Oh, I have Raja that Allah will forgive me. No, this is not Raja, this is a foolish desire. Raja means your actions are demonstrating you have a true hope. And if you truly hopeful it will demonstrate in your connection with Allah in your constant asking for forgiveness, and you're doing of good deeds because you want Allah to reward you go back to the five categories of Rajat, right, every one of those categories is going to impact your life. You're going to be doing good deeds, expecting Allah to reward you, you're going to be asking forgiveness, expecting Allah to forgive

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you. You're going to be thinking about piano and the day of judgment and wanting to meet Allah subhanho wa taala. That's the concept of exam, you're going to be making dua to Allah and overall you can have a positive attitude in life, right? That is the term Raja, and that's why it's used in the Quran and Sunnah and asked for the term harmony and other such terms, then those terms in and of themselves do not have the implications of what we are talking about. Therefore, we have to differentiate between mere abstract concepts of desire and genuine Yaqeen that Allah azza wa jal is Rahman Rahim And Kareem and manaan, that Allah azza wa jal will cause a positive change and that

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will bring a change in your life dear Muslims in sha Allah Allah to Allah we make dua to Allah that tomorrow will be better than today that the pandemic is going to wind down that the vaccines will be effective we have that young teen we have that positive Raja insha Allah Who Tada we are hopeful that soon our massage it will be packed like they used to be we'll be praying in the main hall again we hope insha Allah to Allah we pray inshallah to Allah that soon soon we're going to be back to normal and life is going to go back to normal. That's what Rajat means, and it gives us hope every day and every night. It makes us better people, better Muslims, better humans better citizens in

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every aspect Raja causes a positive impact in our lives. And the more we know Allah subhanho wa Taala the more our Raja is going to be, may Allah make us of those who have perfected the raja Allahumma NIDA and for aminu, Allah Mala turn FL Yomi them and he loves a PATA wala hum Manila for Raja wala Dana Illa Kadota. What are Meridian inertia, feta? Well, I see you're on inliers sorta Allama fildena What is one in Alina? Saba, Pune, Bill Iman. What a treasure. I feel Cubana xinlei Lila Dena Amano Rob Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam our Muslim in Allah who is an Islam I will Muslim in Allah whom is Islam I will Muslim in Allah Muhammad Aradhana or Arden

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Islam almost demeanor be Su and finally Lubin FC Ted mero Peter the bat Yahoo Yahoo Aziz rebirth Allah in Allah Allah Amara Combi I'm an embedded between FC within the Malacca eco safe was selesa become a UL Millennium engineer he will insert for call as the man called NEMA in Hola Hola, Malaika you saw Luna Allah Nebby Yeah, you will Adina Amman or Sol Lu Allah He was telling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik well and I love the Quran surah Muhammad Ali he was a big marine everybody Allah and Allah to Allah Yeah, mobile Adley well if Sonny what a tidal Cordoba Wayan and fracture it will Moon kirribilli You're either Camilla I love coming to the Quran. Oh the

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