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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. We praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whoever is misguided cannot be guided except through him. I bear witness and I testify that there is none worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that Muhammad Sallallahu are they he was selling them is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper as to what follows do Muslims, Allah azza wa jal has reminded us in the Quran to be conscious of him? When he says yeah, you 100 Athena Armando Topo la haka to call to what atom

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Illa one to Muslim on your Muslims in the verses about fasting. We always talk about the first half of the verse because we're talking about Ramadan. But there's a phrase in there we overlook because we're more interested in the CME and whatnot. And that phrase, Allah says, Whoever is traveling or sick, they can make up the fast later on. Then Allah says, you read Allah who become will use Surah wala you read you become a Rasul. Allah wants to make things easy for you. He doesn't want to make things difficult. Today is the day over eats. We're not talking about fasting. But we will talk about ease. We will talk about this phrase in the Quran. That in the middle of one of the actions

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that is very difficult for so many of us fasting, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us, Allah wants to make things easy for you. He does not want to make things difficult for you. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in other verses in the Quran, why Marja Allah Allah a confit de Niemann herridge he has not placed burdens on you in this religion.

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He has not placed burdens on you in this religion, this Deen this religion does not have difficulties in it. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, UD to Allah Who and you have FIFA uncom Allah wants to lift your burdens away from you. He's not placing burdens on you.

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This religion Oh Muslim, the rules of our religion. Our Shetty, our, our deen from the beginning to the end is a manifestation of ease. It's a manifestation of convenience. In fact, there's something there's a chapter in Islamic sciences called the Maxim's of fish collide filthy. Yeah, there's an entire discipline. And there are five main ones and there are many subsidiary ones and one of the main Maxim's these are the legal rulings from which all rulings can be derived. One of the legal rulings one of the five big ones is, the more difficult life becomes the easier the Shediac becomes. Coulomb algo Calamba Tessa, when things become difficult, the Shetty becomes easy. This is one of

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the main principles of our religion. I say this dear Muslims, because sometimes those amongst us who haven't studied Islam, and they're not practicing Islam, they have a misunderstanding. Oh, it's difficult to be religious. It's burdensome to be religious. And the entirety of the Sharia from beginning to end is meant for ease. And one small hookbait will not illustrate all of these rulings. But Subhanallah Where does one begin from the chapter of voodoo and Tahara. If you do not have water, all you need to do is hit your hands on the sand and perform tam Mom, if you don't have water for lucid still do tell your mom wherever you are, you may pray Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said, Allah has made the whole earth for me, a place of purity and a place of prayer. So wherever somebody of my ummah finds himself, they can pray there if they have water hamdulillah and face the Qibla if they have no water do to move and face the Qibla if you don't know where the Qibla is, guess and then pray and it will all be accepted. No matter what the circumstance you will find your place to do will do or to move and you will find the means to pray. The same goes for Salah our Prophet says and I'm said if you're able to stand when you're praying, stand in your first slider. If for whatever reason you cannot, you're sick or you're in the plane, whatever it might be, then

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pray sitting down. If you can't even do this, then pray even on your side. Our scholars say even if you cannot move on your side, you can just move your eyelids our scholars say if you're on your deathbed, you can't even do this. Just imagine your Salah and that will be your Salah in the middle of the battle in the middle of the war when you cannot turn it

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around you may pray as you are, whatever the situation how difficult it becomes the Sharia becomes easy. The chapter of fasting in the Quran, whoever sick whoever is traveling and from Fick we learn the ladies that cannot fast if they are in their time of the month or if they are feeding a child or if they are pregnant and they're worried for themselves, all of the obligation to fast is lifted and they may make it up or they may give the fifth year depending on the circumstance. The same goes for the hedge as well so many concessions are found. The same goes for business transactions and the evidences are on and on. Now somebody says But hold on a sec. Fasting is not easy. We say A ha

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there's a difference between a little bit of effort to show Allah You're serious versus making life difficult. There is no doubt waking up for Fudger is an inconvenience there is no doubt doing will do what is cold is not you know the most pleasant of things. But if you look at it, the Shetty are only requires a level of discomfort that is bearable. It's to show that yes, I really want Allah salvation. I want to get Allah's mercy. I'm serious in this. But once the level of irritation becomes difficult that you cannot bear life threatening. Well then Allah says in the Quran if you have nothing else to eat, even the pig becomes halal. No problem. Allah wants to make things easy

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for you. He does not want to make things difficult for you. The Shetty are all of it is EAS one ma Jaya la confit de Neiman heritage, and therefore brothers and sisters, those of you especially after this month is over who have this conception that Oh, to be religious means I'm living a constrained life. I'm living a difficult life. I urge you to dispel this misconception from your mind. I urge you to rethink and reconsider because the one who embraces Islam and the one who chooses ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and the one who becomes religious finds a level of comfort in the heart finds the level of pleasure in the worship of Allah that makes the slight discomfort of praying of doing will

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do a fasting infinitely worth any discomfort that one might face brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada did not make the religion difficult for us. Look at how easy it is to be a practicing Muslim out of all of our day. 24 hours. Allah says do as you please just spend 1520 minutes a day in your five dailies otherwise, that's all the whole day is yours. But after every few hours, take a few minutes break turn your back to the dunya face the Qibla of Allah subhanho wa Taala and show me that you're serious out of all of the wealth that Allah has given us out of all of the wealth that Allah has given us. Uncle Sam asks us 30% of our income, and Allah asks us 2.5% of our savings is there

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any comparison savings which means if you didn't have the whatever is saved for the full year, it means that you have to look at the surplus that you've had for the whole year. If you spent it on your rent, you spent it on your children education, then there is no zakat on what you have spent for your needs. What is remaining the surplus after one year not even after one month that surplus in your bank account 2.5% Yet still many of us find that difficult the whole year eat and drink as you please Ramadan just during the daylight hours from Fudger to from fajr to Muslim show ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada your dedication. These are the Fatah Add to this the Hajj for those that are

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physically capable and those that can afford that journey for Hajj once in a lifetime. And you have done the bare minimum practicing of Islam. Then look at the major sins What are the major sins murder and adultery and these sins that are actually harmful for society. Every sin that Allah has forbidden is harmful for you and society. Look at drugs, look at alcohol, more people are killed by alcohol than any other substance abuse in this country. When Allah has forbidden something he has done so because in forbidding it is our life, in forbidding the substance is our life. So all of the major sins without exception are detrimental to our spirituality and even to our physical bodies.

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Allah has not made that which is beneficial to us haram. Allah has only made that which is harmful to us haram. In other words, if you actually follow the Sharia, you will live a better lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle and on top of this, you will gain Allah's pleasure. Dear Muslims, being religious is not a burden. It is liberating. being religious is not constrained. It is the essence of freedom.

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aim to embrace religiosity and to wants to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will liberate you like nothing else. ultimate liberation is in subjugating yourself only to Allah. You will free your souls from the shackle of this world the shackle of pleasures the shackle of every vise and haram you will free yourself for the worship of Allah. Therefore Dear brothers and sisters on this auspicious day of Riedel fitter when we finished one month of fasting one month of somewhat rigorous is not very rigorous to be honest because look, we did enjoy our lives, we enjoyed food, good food, plenty of good of bodies we enjoy we enjoyed good companionship in this is a sign to be religious

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doesn't mean you give up the pleasures of this world. In fact, in fact, perhaps the best illustration of what this means on the day of read which is meant to be the most spiritual day and the best day our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to dress up in our finest carpets to take a shower and hostel to put on perfume. He said to us a yum or even a Yamo. Acklin was sure he literally said this, the days of read, these are the days of eating and drinking. We are supposed to eat and drink. Allah says in the Quran, who Manhart Rama Zerah to Allah Hilah to Accra, January birdie, he will tell you about him in a risk, the good food and the good clothes, they're not haram.

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Allah says I made them for you. I made them for you. Allah azza wa jal is encouraging us to dress nice on eat to eat well on eat, but within that which is reasonable and within the guidelines of the Shetty out, dear Muslims, being religious is not something that subjugates you it liberates you, turning to Allah subhanho wa Taala and embracing a lifestyle of ethical and spiritual virtue is the ultimate source of your happiness in this world and the next and on this day of read when we are supposed to be on the holiest day throughout the day we say take the route. And along with this we are also wearing our best and eating our best. This is the religion of Islam or banner Artina dunya

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Hassan Warfield Hera has woken up and now what a beautiful religion Allah has given us what a magnificent faith Allah has given us. Everything is easy, the Sharia is easy. Our religion is easy, the rituals are easy. So then why why are Muslim? Do we find it so difficult to embrace this ease on this day of read I remind myself of all of you to embrace the lifestyle of Islam and you will insha Allah Who to Allah taste the sweetness in this world before the next May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you we tend through the Quran, and May He make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. As scholars forgiveness us will ask him for his

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love of food and the Rahman.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hill wa Haddad ahead of Samad Aladdin amulet wala Mueller, what am your Kula who found what I do? Do Muslims on this day of happiness on this day of rejoice? Even if it is a day of happiness, one of the things we do need to consider and think about for our own good is the family and friends who we do not have on this day. Last Read, we had some people sitting here they're not here. And all of us especially during the last two, three years because of the COVID crisis. We have lost close relatives, friends, family, and they are no longer with us. Really, it was different with them, we would celebrate with them brought her family brought her friends. And a

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day will come when those memories will be of me and you and the people will be left behind thinking of us. So yes, it is good to be happy and rejoice. Yes, it is good to be married. But along with this measurement, there should be a practical understanding that this life is temporary. And eventually the number of reads We have will finish up but there's a quarter up there. There is a quota for the number of reads I will be enjoying and you will be enjoying. It is an exact number. It is a precise number. Allah knows it. I don't know it. Even the medical mode does not know it right now. Allah knows it and it is in our books Kulu Shane and the hobo coder, everything is covered.

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That number is diminishing, every single eat, we celebrate one, eat less, and then the next ate less and then the next eat less. So yes, be merry and happy. But always in your mind. Keep this point in mind that this dunya is temporary and we have to prepare for the Ark era. So whatever we do, we do within the limits of Allah within the route of Allah, whatever we do, we make sure we do not cross the red line of disobeying Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and

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If we do crossed that line, we repent to Allah and we repent and we repent and we never stop from repenting. This is the reality of life. So enjoy your eat today. And especially with family I keep on reminding ourselves, oh parents, shower your children with love on this day give them memories on this day that they will cherish and wish to replicate when they have kids when they become your age pass down. This is our legacy. Now, this is the religion of Islam as practicing this land now. So today make it special for your children. Make sure this is the happiest day for them. Every single age you want to shower them with love. So that insha Allah Allah Allah, they enjoy this day, this

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religious festival this day of read that goes back to the time even before the Prophet system but of course our processing revived it they need to know this is the holiest day of the year and make them feel special on this day. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless me and you and accept all of our good deeds on this day. Allahumma in NIDA and Minoo Allahu Allah then if you had any AMI them, but Illa photo, wala Hammond Illa Faraja what are they in and Illa Kalita What am I read on inertia? feta, whether I see it on Illa? Yes, sorta. Allahumma fildena What is one in Alladhina? Saba, Pune, Bill Iman, what athleisure I feel KHUDOBIN as hillbilly Latina. Robina in Cairo for Rahim rebels Allah in

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Allahu Allah Amara Combi Amerind better behave in FC within the Malacca the Kudo se was hailed as a become a youthful movement Unum and Jin Hee were insane for call Azim and Croydon oedema in nulla homolytic because we also Luna either Nebby Yeah, you already in Amman or Solu Allah He was selling motors NEMA Allahumma salli wa salim, Abba the Quran, abductor Asuka Mohammed while early he was a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah yeah Moodle Bill idly well Sonny Terry the Oba warrior in Halifax che will Moon carry well wealthy the

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Koran oh the Corolla has come wash Kuru who Yes he did. What did the Corolla he to Allah Akbar Wa famous salah?

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