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The importance of acceptance of Islam's rule on one's behavior and belief is crucial for success in the world, and one should not feel the pain of past experiences. The speaker provides four ways to gain rewards from Allah, including working on one's behavior to achieve real health and being aware of one's actions to avoid harming others. The importance of acceptance of Islam's decree and not feeling the pain of past experiences is also emphasized.

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Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was sahih woman who Allah Hammerberg

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today we will discuss one of the other aspects of the heart. One of them icons are the Stations of the heart. It is the station of real law of being content and happy with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when Allah subhana wa Tada describes the Sahaba what does he say? We all know the phrase and half a dozen verses. Radi Allahu Anhu what all do and this is the station of real law. They are happy with Allah and Allah is pleased with them, but all the Allahu Anhu what I'll do I'm and in surah Al Fajr at the end of Surah fajr What does Allah say? Yeah, yeah to enough so most of my inner ears URI Ihlara. Becky, what's next? Are all the 10 muddled Leah returned back to Allah rah the you

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have achieved ridurre melodiya And Allah has achieved about with you meaning it is a two way street. You must be content with Allah, You must be happy with Allah and when you are happy with Allah, Allah will be happy with you rather your 10 Most of the year. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the believers entering Jana and Allah says Jana tinta Chi Minh Jana to Adnan does you met Tatiana and how then Allah says what did one on Mina Allahu Akbar. Allah was really one, but the law is bigger than Jen itself. After mentioning Janna Allah says Allah is the real God is more important than Jana. And we see this in the Hadith Bootsy as well. When Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask the

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believers hadith is in Behati when they enter Jannah Are you happy? They say Yes Can they get can they do anything more for you? They will see ya Rob what more can you do for us haven't you caused us to enter Jana having to cause this to be in Jana told hold. Allah will say I'm giving you something better than that. From now on. I shall be content with you and never angry my real law is written for you. So Allah Zilla is more precious than Jana itself and our Prophet sallallahu I think he was setting a mention that whoever has the ruler of Allah subhanho wa Taala has tasted the sweetness of iman as we'll come to in a hadith. Now, our scholars mentioned there are three

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categories of readopt three levels of reward riba Billa Biller, World War II nila, what do you got to fill up very quickly? A real dog being content and happy with Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a requirement of iman. Allah says in the Quran fallait Allah He Abdullah Iraq, a horrible cliche Do you want me to take other than Allah as Rob, you want me to choose other than Allah as Rob, when Allah is the rub of everything? You must be elated, overjoyed that you are a Muslim, you must be happy that Allah azza wa jal is your Rob that Islam is your religion that the Prophet system is your prophet, our Prophet sallallahu are they he was sending them said that time will Imani Monrovia

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Billa Robin when Islam Medina and whether Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and a B and what a Sula. He shall taste the sweetness of iman. Whoever is happy and overjoyed that Allah is his Arab, and Islam is his religion. And the Prophet system is his prophet. This is a requirement of iman. You must be overjoyed that Allah is your Rob and Islam is your religion. This is the law biller. The second level real law is the law. This is where many of us struggle this is the struggle real gondola, you must be content with the decree of Allah what Allah has decreed for you, you must accept it. Now. This requires a longer discussion. We don't have time, I have to be very specific.

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Being riba with Allah's decree does not mean happy. It means you accept. It means you acknowledge that Allah has the right to decree and you must accept that decree. You are not going to have in your heart a grudge or with a biller against Allah, this is Cofer. You're not going to have in your heart and anger stop for Allah because Allah Allah, even if you don't like it, you must accept it. Even if you're sad and you cry deep down inside you console yourself. This is what Allah has decreed our prophets of Allah who I knew he was setting them said, You shall not have Iman. Until you know that what has happened to you, you could never have avoided it and what you could not get you could

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not have acquired it no matter what you try. You must accept reliable qaderi Heidi he was sorry he were Hulu he was already here.

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You must accept the color of Allah Now, accepting color is about past incidents. It's not about today or tomorrow I have said many times other predestination has nothing to do with future planning. You never use Kadar to plan for the future because you don't know Kadar, you don't know what is decreed. If you're in a bad circumstance, don't say okay Allah has decreed I'm in a bad circumstance work to change it, do everything you can to change it. But anything that has happened in the past, any tragedy, any calamity, any death or loss or any suffering of the past, this is where Revo comes in. And you must accept somebody is sick battling cancer, you fight that tooth and

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nail you go to every doctor, you do everything you can, this is not read up. It's not a rejection of the law by trying to cure the cancer. But suppose it is not cured and your loved one passes away, then what rebar must come in, in the law who were in daily here on your own. So the law is the law. Real law formed from the decree of Allah this is the second level and the highest level, rebar Fila being happy and rejoicing at the rejoice of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala and being distraught and sad when the religion is hurt when the religion is humiliated, so your happiness and sadness is linked to the happiness of Allah subhanho wa Taala what

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will make Allah happy will make you happy an example of this what is happening in the world today so many tragedies so much pain and suffering, your heart should feel that pain and suffering because this is not something that Allah is pleased with our brothers and Philistine you know our weaker brothers and sisters what is happening in Burma around the world, we should feel a sense of pain for them. Conversely, when something good happens for the Ummah you should feel a sense of happiness and when our Prophet sallallahu are they he was setting was alive to please Him was also to please Allah subhana wa Tada the famous incident of the conquest of Makkah, when Abu Bakr Siddiq when his father,

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Abu Kapha was brought being carried in a shield because he couldn't walk that's the wheelchair of their time. His beard was white. He was 90 plus years old, and the Prophet SAW Selim put his hand in the hands of Abu Kochava to accept Islam and Abu Bakr began to cry. Why his father is accepting Islam. Why are Abu Abu Talib we're good friends Abu Kapha boo Tada we're good friends. Abu Bakr began to cry said the artists will Allah I would give everything if your uncle Abu Tada was here now and instead of my father's hand it was your uncle's hand because I know how happy that would make you. That is the Eman of Abu Bakr Rila for the for the prophets of Allah who either he was setting

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up who amongst us can get to that level. That's what I'm talking about Reba Fila, real dog for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now to conclude, how do we get to the status of Rila point number one,

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monitor your intention? Make sure you're doing it to please Allah when you do it to please Allah Allah is pleased with you, woman Yeah, file daddy COVID de la amount of law Tila, first of all the MO Whoever does this a good deed in the Quran. Allah says whoever does it to seek Allah's pleasure, Allah azza wa jal will give him massive reward. Point number one your intention. Point number two be perpetual and consistent and eager to do the good deeds. When Musa comes to to resigner to speak to Allah. What does Musa say? Why Gil to a Laker rugby the total law I hasten to come to you oh Allah so that you can be pleased with me. And Allah says in surah Taha that Fussa baby Hamza robic a

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couple of solutions you a couple of Rubia woman Anna, a lady for Sabir are often ha de la I look at toradol. Pray your Salah regularly before the sunrise is before the sunset at the two ends of the night and day. Do it like a Targa. Once again, being eager in your good deeds and doing your good deeds on time and doing them with who sure will bring about Allah Zilla point number two, point number three. One of the ways our scholars say to gain the result of Allah, especially when it comes to the concept of Kedah don't do anything without praying salata, istikhara pray salata istikhara regularly, anytime you make a major decision, so whatever happens then you shall have real thought

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that Allah has chosen what is best for me. This will help us to gain the law. And the final point we will mention, make dua to Allah so that you are given real law and you attain real law and you do the deeds of real law, our profit system would regularly make dua that oh Allah allow me to do women and family ma thiruvalla Allow me to do deeds that are pleasing to you. He's making this dua to Allah woman, Allah Malema talaga. I want to do deeds that are pleasing to you. So these are four ways that we can insha Allah to either work on to gain the reward of Allah. The final point as we said, to conclude, the law is a two pronged element. You must be pleased with Allah then Allah will

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be pleased with you. So

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You work on being pleased with Allah in these three manners, real dog Billa real dog Anila and Reba Fila work on these three things and when you perfect them, Allah subhana wa Tada will be pleased with you may Allah azza wa jal make us of those who wrote the Allahu Anhu will do and will continue tomorrow with Santa Monica Monica de la hora culture

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