3 Reasons That Allah Promises Victory

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah where Allah Allah He was so happy woman Well, Amma Berg and today's short Hatha, I wanted to discuss three reasons from the Quran that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada promises his help and his victory to us three reasons from the Quran that Allah promises His Nussle his victory and help and these three reasons are number one in Surah to noon, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions while young Soren Allahumma neon surah in Allah Allah kahwin Aziz and Latina in Makena, whom fill out the almost salata Arthur was Ricardo Amaroo Bill Maher roofie wonder why didn't mancha This is number one. What a young Soren Allah Who Mannion Surah who Allah has, victory will be given

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to those who help Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah's victory will be given to those who help Allah. What does it mean to help Allah? The very next verse illustrates that point, the helping of Allah, Allah doesn't need our help. The helping of Allah means doing anything and everything to help the cause of Allah, the religion of Allah, to be an embodiment of Allah's religion in your life and to spread it to other people in the best of manners. And that's why Allah says that those people who if they had safety and security, alerting and McKenna for all the what would they do a call masala they would pray regularly in Makkah, they were persecuted in Makkah, they had to hide for their prayer and

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maca. They could not have Gemma or Juma. Allah says, if I were to give you power, if I were to give you peace and security, you will show your Salah to everybody your Salah will be a primary pillar of your society that accommo Salah were Arthur was Zakah they would give their charity we're about to build my roof they will command what is good when at home and in Moncure and they will forbid what is evil. This is the first pillar of Allah's help you help Allah and helping Allah means establishing the religion of Allah. It means embodying the religion of Allah practicing the religion of Allah and then helping others by giving what is advice, commanding what is good, forbidding what

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is wrong, this is number one, that Allah will help those who help him while I answer and Allah who many on Surah, Allah is going to help those who help him and as we said, the help that we give to Allah is not to Allah, Allah does either to help but it is to the cause of Allah, the religion of Allah, this is number one, and it is the most important cause Allah will not help those who are not faithful to Him. Allah will not tell Allah says the Quran Khattab Allah hula Agribon, Animoto Sunni, Allah has decreed myself and my prophets shall be the winners, myself and my prophets. We are the followers of the prophets. We are under this we are the followers of the prophets, Khattab, Allah

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Allah has decreed the lieben anniversary. So in order to get Allah's help, we have to be on the side of Allah, we have to be helping the religion of Allah. And this means our Eman and our sunnah. And our rituals, never underestimate. We need Allah's help in this difficult time. See what is happening in the world see what is happening in our lands. We need Allah's help. So the number one mechanism do not trivialize this our faithful in Allah, our Eman and connection with Allah has to be strong. And by the way, this condition is so strong, that even if the other two aren't fully met, still Allah's help will be given. And we see this in the lies of the Sahaba we see this in the Battle of

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butter, we see this thing called the SIA and Yarmouk, we see this in how the Sahaba took on the superpowers of the time, which is the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire, and they managed to do what they did, even though they didn't have the condition number three to the same level as we're going to come to you already get a point of what number three is. So this is point number one, and that is a man and rituals. Never underestimate that point number two, Allah mentions in the context of the Battle of butter, and also the Battle of one or both of these come in here. Point number two, that Allah subhana wa Tada mentions Muslim unity, when it enters through FATF shadow, whatever you

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come, do not differ amongst yourselves. Do not break up into different factions amongst yourselves. If you do so, for tough shadow, you're gonna lose your spirit. You when we're bickering amongst ourselves, what's going to happen? And that's why in the Battle of budder when the Sahaba united against the Porsche they

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One in the Battle of when they differed, and a group broke away. Then when African broke away and a turmoil happened, Allah says, had died official term Wattana Zartan Phil Emery because you lost your hope, and you differed amongst yourselves, that was the cause of the defeat of work. So in budder, Allah says, you were together so you were given victory in Ohio, the Allah says, You split up, you fought amongst yourselves, they almost had a civil war, the some of the Sahaba wanted to pull their swords against them one after horn, and you know, it was a very tense time at that timeframe. And Allah says, because of that differing one of the main causes of the defeat of overload, and of

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course, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions explicit in the Quran that all of us our intimate Nicola, all of us are one and Allah azza wa jal mentions that, why does c mu be Hubballi law he Jimmy and all of you, all of you hold on to the rope of Allah together, and I just recited in the HyVee OMA to come on mutton wa Ada, this is your own Ma, it is one OMA and I am your Lord, so collectively come together to worship me. So the second mechanism, so the first mechanism is fate and our connection with Allah. The second mechanism is society. Second mechanism community. second mechanism is the people around us, we need to form Muslim Unity, we need to come together as much as possible, we

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need to have quantity. So number one is that internal quality, right? Number one is our connection with Allah. Number two quantity bring together as many people as you can, for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is where, of course, much can be said, not the time or the place. But I have given lots of lectures about this because the reality is, and again, because our timing of this era that we live in our fitten are so many, I don't have the luxury of pretending as if this is not a controversial topic. This is the essence of our controversial issues. To what level can we unite with other people with other groups? We are all aware sitting here after, you know, a lot in Asia,

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we're all aware that racial differences should not exist when it comes to Islamic Unity. Correct? Even if there are racists in our community, but we know Islamically there shouldn't be right so nobody is going to justify divisions based upon race. Nobody is going to justify divisions based upon nation state. Even if there are tensions, we know that they shouldn't happen. So nobody is going to justify that we all come together despite our backgrounds, our skin colors, our languages, despite our differences in origin, our nation states we are one OMA of course the problem comes in this crowd. Of course, if I were in a different crowd in a non practicing crowd, maybe their racial

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differences are a problem. nation state is a problem Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, you know in Egyptian versus Lebanese or Syrian yes, there might be tensions or even which Kabbalah are you from? You know which section of Pakistan are you from? Yes, that happens in the nonpracticing crowd in the practicing crowd, if it exists, they know it's wrong, and they don't justify Islamically and they know this is something of Jah Helia so that's very clear. But in our practicing crowd Marcelo, we're sitting here in the masjid Afters a lot in Asia, we have a different issue, which is far more technical. And it's not that easy to discuss. And that is the issue of different fetlock. That is

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the issue of different groups. To what level do we unite with other Muslims that differ with us. And we are all aware there are extremes in this issue. I don't have time to go into a lot of detail, but I will explain to you in a nutshell my philosophy, take it or leave it. We are all aware that some people go to extremes that if you pray like this, or like this, or like this, I don't like you, you're out of my saved sect of Islam, if you say I mean, get out of my masjid, if you don't say I mean, get out my Masjid. We're aware that there are people like this, and especially in some areas of the world, most Muslims are divided into different messages based upon Amin or not Oh no, I mean,

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based upon where to put their hand based upon shoulder to shoulder feet, two feet or distance between them. Alhamdulillah by and large here in North America, even if maybe some people back home were accustomed to that when they come here, they realize we have to throw that out the window. We can't be that narrow minded Shafi humbly Maliki come on this ridiculous we're all the same Oma. So again, by and large to this audience in sha Allah, we all understand that, you know, that's not a big deal. But then the problem comes theological differences, not physically. And this is where it gets technical. And of course, we all have our views here. In my humble opinion. Clearly, we have to

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make a distinction between what level of cooperation and this is to me the key point, unfortunately, some people they think that if you cooperate in one area, it means you're endorsing in all areas. And this is I think, the fundamental problem. Allah does not say that we have to cooperate in every area. No, sometimes somebody his beliefs might be so different than mine. I don't want to invite him to give the hookah because I disagree with

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Maybe they don't respect the sahaba. So okay, I'm not going to invite him for the whole tuber fine, because he has disagreements so much. But how about cooperating to come together to fight an Islamophobic candidate to bring about our constitutional rights in this country? Can I cooperate with somebody whom I would not pray behind? That's really the question here. Can I politically cooperate with somebody whom I think is wrong in their Aqeedah but they're still a Muslim. They're not outside the fold of Islam and my position which is the position frankly of the vast majority of Roma Salah fan wahala fan really, if you look at it, is that of course you cooperate in that which

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the cooperation is justified in what to our ability what Taqwa what I wouldn't want to be familiar with one, even Taymiyah and he was somebody who was very Masha Allah Yandi. He called a spade a spade, he was very straight in what he believed, and he refuted almost every group and the other than what he didn't like even some of the Sufis, some of the Sufi groups who didn't like them, some of the other groups who didn't like them when the Mongols invaded. And you have Cengiz hands grandson who Raku Han, outside of Damascus, okay, in that battle, even Tamia was side by side with some other people. He was refuting in the books back in the day, okay, when there's a jihad going

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on, and the Mongols are invading, when your lives are at stake here. At that point, you really have to move beyond I disagree with your theology here, we have to come together for the common good of the community. And there are a million examples past and present. I mean, our Prophet system took the help of even a non Muslim and I believe in God to guide him to to Makkah, if you trust a person, that they're going to come together for a greater good, so what are our No, there is no problem, you come together for the greater good, even if you disagree, theologically, and this is something that is crystal clear, we have to learn to distinguish between types of cooperation, we also have to cut

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down and minimize the sectarianism that is rampant in so many places around the world. As we're all aware, last week, in Afghanistan, a masjid was bombed on the day of Juma. 100 people were killed, because there are a different type of Muslim and people were justifying and saying they deserve to be killed. Subhan Allah, Allah, you know, the Allah who run it, and he was the Khalifa, the first split of Islam occurred in his time, and the group called The Hardy giants who are very extreme, very bizarre. They didn't believe in the Sunnah actually, they didn't have books of Hadith, they don't have the they have a totally different interpretation of Islam. They're neither Sunni or Shia

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at the holidays, a different group. And they were very bizarre in their beliefs. I did all the Allahu and negotiated with them sent them the greatest scholar alive, even a bus to debate with them to try to convince them a large group convinced and came back, but 1/3 remained or some say half remain. So a group remained and they said, they're not going to convert back to mainstream Islam, they're going to remain upon their beliefs. Ali was the Khalifa or the Allah one of the Islamic States. He wasn't a governor. He wasn't a minority in America, he was the Khalifa, what did he say famous in every book of history says, if that is the case, we have no right to force them to change

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their belief, as long as they don't harm other people. This is the Khalifa. And he says, You know what, I can't force you to accept my interpretation of Islam. You have your interpretation, you're praying, you're fasting, I can't I can't fight you. I can't arm you. This is the Khalifa to a group that frankly, is even more bizarre than many of the groups we have today. And he said as long as you are peaceful, and you don't hurt other people, I'm not gonna you know you I have no right over you. They he only attacked them when they began attacking other Muslims. Then he goes we have to because of violence here. So Subhanallah brothers and sisters will die we have to be careful. Allah is

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telling us to unite. Allah is telling us to come together. This does not mean we endorse every group out there. It does mean we have to be pragmatic, we have to think we have to strategize and we will come together with groups we strongly disagree with for a greater good, even if we will not come together for other things. As I said, I will not invite somebody to the masjid who curses the Sahaba I will not invite this and I personally will not pray behind that person. But for other factors, political factors, yes, we come together and we have a greater good this is the second point. And yes, Allah's Nasir will come because quantity is a factor. We need quantity when we do something.

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And then the third and final factor. Allah says in the Quran, we are a doula homeless dotato mencoba. Prepare yourselves individually your own strength, physical strength. The first was spiritual strength, the second community and quantity and the third your own physical strength, you need to be prepared. You need to have the techniques the mechanisms, you need to know what to do in the battlefield. The actual techniques of fighting are known in our times in places the techniques of PR of media of public awareness of campaigning, this is our doula home to prepare for them.

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So Allah is saying have a plan. Be prepared for that plan. Master that plan. This is the three step technique of Allah's help coming down. Number one, your own Eman, your own Taqwa the quality of relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada make that number one. Number two come together as much as you can. And I said there are circles of cooperation, the more important or theological the narrower their circle for Salah for Hoba very narrow, but for politics, we can even get the help of a non Muslim politician as our promises of God to help I gave it lecture right here, multiple my ID and others, he got the help of a non Muslim politician, we can come together because we do need

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quantity. And then point number three, each one of us has a talent, we nurture that talent. We mastered that talent and we make sure we're good at it. And then insha Allah to Allah collectively, Allah is not so welcome. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to help us throughout all of these difficult times. We ask Allah Allah to that we are on his side we want to be under his above ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We ask Allah for His mercy for his he Daya We ask Allah to allow us to be beacons of virtue and role models of Taqwa and to be resurrected with the Prophet sallallahu it he was send them on the Day of Judgment was set on wanting to Allah here Baraka