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than when you're ready. Okay smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato kita Basra song Kitab somos Roro Kitab Assam now we're talking about the chapter of the book of fasting and the secrets of fasting for the past few weeks we'll be talking about the secrets of different a vida. What are the secrets of Salah the secrets for giving the secrets of of being charitable? So we mentioned that we cover that now one of the things that's relevant to us at least in this time is the secret of fasting Ramadan is going to be coming very very very soon. So just less than three months and Amazon will start I know you say three months

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that's a lot but it's not unusual See, time will pass so fast and realize Amazon is going to come in and I know like every single year Ramadan comes in and out and he would say Suharto was too fast. And believe it or not, your life is going to go like this and you will lose it between saying you know, I'll get ready inshallah tomorrow, and that was too fast. So we always end up in the process of preparing for something for Ramadan, and that we missed it. That's how most of our these houses go without focusing on them without paying attention very well for them. So potassium, what are the secrets of fasting This is the chapter in shallow data to prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan

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coral reef Rahim Allah Allah Madigan Kodama, Rahim, Allah says, lm under the samosas, Caesar to listen to the lady, you need to know that for fasting has a very unique characteristics, laser three very no other data, no other goodies that you do has that, that characteristic of that quality? So this is something extremely unique for for fasting and what is it hot? Well, he referred to it as our gel. This is by ascribing it exclusively to Allah subhanho wa Taala via the fertilizer high schools of Hana assombalonga Anna Jeeva. Because Allah subhana wa tada says, In the Hadith, which is highly concerning Bukhari and Muslim, when the prophets of Allah seven spoke about fasting, he said,

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a song really, that fasting is for me. Well, Anna, Ziva, and I should reward exclusively give the reward for fasting. What does that exactly mean? That means whenever you do something of good deeds, whenever you pray, people will see that right. So you get the praise from the people, Mashallah, He's a fighter. He's mastered code, for example. And even when it comes to marriage, when people want to get married, they ask about what does he does he make the heat pray the five daily prayers. So far, I've been dealing with marriage and counseling and all that stuff and premarital counseling, matching people and so on. I haven't heard someone start by saying, does he fast the month of

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Or does he or she fast Mondays? And Thursday? No one ever asked me this question first. But when you talk about being religious, the first thing people say does he pray? That's the first thing that people don't ask about. And when it comes to charity, and Zika, it's something that is public. Everybody knows that. And everybody sees that specifically, whenever you whenever you do fundraising, whenever people ask to give for the massages, and so on, whenever he gives a car you Come on, you asked about it. Fasting is a very, very secretive rabada you do it, sometimes you will be spending days after a day's fasting, and no one would even know that you've been fasting all

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these days. Why? Because it's a very, very silent and very quiet event. Only the last panel they would know about it unless you come out publicly speaking about your fasting habits. That's why the prophets of Allah Sam says a longer reward for this exclusive and he will say, well, Anna GB, when you do other good deeds, people will praise you for it. So you get some of the reward in the dunya by President by being praised by the people. But when it comes to fasting, and no one would know about your fasting during the day, and again, days after days, weeks after weeks. That's why the bed is for the last panel. The other thing, chances for showing off during fasting time is very, very

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limited compared to other a bar that specifically when you're alone, when you are alone. When you're alone for example, you can make your solo very fast and super fast. And when you give charity, you give charity, the least you can live you can give the least of what you have. But when it comes to fasting, when you are alone, there is no any halfway fasting there is no such thing as you know I'll fast live by just drinking or eating and that's all you can do that whether you abstain from everything or you're going to be breaking breaking your fast. Remember the day when you were making model and as you were trying to run your mouth and trying to be careful because you're too thirsty,

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very, very thirsty. And the water Marshal is so cool that you just want to keep some inside right? As long as you want. But then as you were trying to rinse your mouth a drop slipped and went down your throat What did you do with yourself? You almost choked yourself to death to get it out right? Because you thought is going to be cheating. If I allow this to happen and let it go. This might my validate my fast and it might break my fast and

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I better just take it out and no one was watching him.

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No one was watching you and Subhanallah specifically for the young ones as well. That's one of the greatest education for children regarding self consciousness is about Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah is watching over them. That's one of these beautiful, beautiful ways of turning them. Why? Because these kids they themselves know that if they cheated during the day, when they come to break their fast, you can tell they haven't completed the fast in the right way. Because they're not as excited when they come to the end of the day and they know they've been fasting all day. That's why it is very unique. And the losses are some really, this is something special for me and I shall give

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the reward for it. Call him allow the model of the author said whatever we had an adult for short often attributing this to Allah subhana wa tada as exclusive rabada This is enough honor for fasting over the other a better the other good deeds for the camera shadowfell by Theodore for delay, just like the house of Allah subhana wa tada was also raised in terms of honor, by attributing it to Allah subhana wa scribing it Allah xojo when Allah says in Surah Al Hajj, Waterhead, beta, the

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beta period, purify and sanctify my house, so Allah subhana wa tada call this his house. Well in number four foot did Assemblyman Yang says the reason fasting was missed so special for two reasons. These are the two reasons why you need you keep you keep in mind whenever whenever you fast number 1am huduma. And who, sir? Well, I'm a robot, because it's very secretive. It's very secretive, and a hidden deed.

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This is something not public. And that's why it's very unique layer a whole hog wallet huria. People don't see that. And Ria which means showing off. It's extremely difficult to do while fasting. Because if you're going to be showing up for that you lose.

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Who's going to benefit from this? If you talk about you being fascinated and get yourself thirsty and hungry for no reason in this case, but people that want to do it only for the sake of Allah Xhosa. The second reason I stanny and the hora de villa. He says this is one way of defeating the enemy of Allah azza wa jal who is the enemy of Gemma we talk about him a shaitan because the prophets of Allah Sam says in the Hadith third machete energy we live near the majority of the shirt on actually runs in the in the in the body orange in the system have been added just like the blood in the veins. So when you fast and now you get dehydrated a little bit for the sake of Allah zosen

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there is no enough fluid for the shaitaan to keep active and also metaphorically also as well that you yourself when you're fasting you're less likely to commit things when you're when you're young. You have full energy. So that's kind of inhibits you from doing things. Carla, Carla doula it will it will defeat the shaitaan the enemy voila So Jen Liana was elected to the Shahada vasila de la do a shout out because one of his tools is these desires when Mr. Taco Shabbat been actually what should these desires they become they become active active will become more active towards committed to following these desires when you eat and when you drink when my damage output Shahada masiva for

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shelter unit or the donated helical Mara one when the field of desires when the field of desires is

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mokuba which means basically it's fertile. Meaning you can you can you can plant there and it keeps growing and it's always lush and green over there. Shelton they keep coming and they feed off of this you feed your body wherever you keep always you know and they're constantly feeding your body in that fashion meaning you don't put your your body to the system of fasting the shelter becoming and feeding off that energy will return

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to the quality human metallic and when you live these desires these paths and these pastures will not be as lush as as it should be for the Shelton God office Samia Barranca Tara tomorrow photo mature and there are so many rewards so many a hadith speaking about the award for fasting so what is the pseudonym for fasting How do you prepare yourself for fasting he says there are specific certain recommendations you do and you observe when you fast number one used to have was to her it is highly recommended that you prepare yourself by eating the pre dawn meal which is we'll call us to her what he wrote and even you delay that heard so used to have the Soho Soho is recommended and

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it's recommended to delay that

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and you you you rush into breaking your fast when the time is up. When the sun goes down, that you break your fast right away. When you if there are a timer that when you break your fast you use what first timer you start with Tama. Cora is the hub of Judas, Ramadan and generosity is highly recommended in the month of Ramadan with very good maruf and a lot of good deeds warcaster to sadaqa given some

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My charity down Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam following the example of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Now, do you know why many massages, they do their fundraising Ramadan? Because when people want people want really people in hunt when they're hungry is when they're suffering, they're more likely to give and be generous. Which is ironically, we always do then fundraising dinners, right? We usually feed people and they ask them for money. But Ramadan is completely the opposite. You get them hungry, and then you ask them for money. So the Association of charity with hunger and starvation is so strong panela because when you're hungry and you know what the meaning to be

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suffering, and you start asking people to give, you become more charitable and that's one of the most successful fundraising. The one that happened during the month of Ramadan.

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plateau is to have Buddha Rasul Quran and it's highly recommended to spend time studying the book of Allah the Quran, with a teacup of Ramadan, and you spent more time more hours more nights in the masjid Attica detaining yourself in worship for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, Ramadan. Let's see Mr. Fleischer, our, particularly the last 10 nights of Ramadan was the year that he had to feed. And you also it's highly recommended for you to increase the level of your Avada you know, after Ramadan people they're very excited that Alhamdulillah they have done a great achievement, but then what happens to the energy slowly and gradually as you become distant from the month of Ramadan, you

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start losing it right. And as you start coming closer to the month of Ramadan, the momentum starts building slowly and gradually and becomes handler that becomes the greatest during the last 10 years of Ramadan but the moment Ramadan is over. If you don't maintain that energy, take yourself to the next level, you lose it. That's why if you would like to keep the strongest or the highest momentum after Ramadan, then use the time of Ramadan to maximize your event. Whatever you do before Ramadan, double that if you can, slowly and gradually until you get in Charlottetown to greatest momentum. Another recommendation for myself or for all of you. I want you to check your schedule for the month

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of Ramadan of the last year. What did you do in the month of Ramadan last year? Check it out. How many nights you skipped from salata. turabian Ramadan in the masjid

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you need to make sure that you don't skip that many you skip less than that if you're going to have to skip anything then it Let it be less than that. And if you had to skip because you were traveling or because you there was something going on maybe you had some big dinner at home and so on that doesn't mean not to pray taraweeh at home so you don't do that you just do it same thing if you finish the Koran once you need to be proud of that and a lot of Bananaman but now double it this year may if you plan to double that you know how much it took you how much time it took you to finish from the Quran then one Ramadan How can you make it twice in this Ramadan? How can you make

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it three times and if you've given that much money during this year, I want you to see how much how to double that if you can. And if you handle that if you are able to feed that many people that many families, friends and so on and this and this last year how can you double that? So maximize the effort and the event that you do during the month of Ramadan and I would like to suggest also to diversify this data. So do some charity summaries of the Quran feed people stay after after the message during the weekends and so on. Do as much as you can have the burden caught on him Hello Dan have a say hi him and Harriet I shall be alone Anna and insert Bukhari Muslim. I showed a lot on how

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she said can abuse a lot of Saddam is

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when the last night's start Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam showed them his or her home, that he will tie his misery which means his loincloth that means he will he will get himself ready for the battle. Also, it could mean that he would abandon pleasure meaning having pleasure with his with his spouse or sallallahu wasallam Well, I had lain and he was spent all night awake in Nevada, what I call the Allahu and he would make sure that his family is up and his is awake for the event during the month of Ramadan, the last night of the month of Ramadan. But what if we managed the misery what the meaning of time is is our which means is built basically Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said it

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has two meanings number one, but our autonomy set which means he would stay away from his wives in terms of you know, having any pleasure during the night

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was sunny and how can I energy do a dish media filament? The second is an expression that means you would put so much effort more effort and in doing good deeds. What kind of sandwich do you how do you feel actual portable, a little cotton why he did that sallallahu Sallam because he was hoping that he would attend and witness the night of power. Laila to cuddle. What's the reward for lotto kataragama what is the reward for

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Laila to Qadri Kira.

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Min alpha, what's the meaning of alpha

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1000 weeks right?

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One sub 1000 months.

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Alpha means 1000 months, if you count that, if you calculate that you talk about more than eight years, every single every single year, you have the opportunity, and the chance to maximize your records of good deeds by eight years. Imagine if you live 50 years, 60 years, 70 years of this 70 years, you had facet 55 years for 5060 years, for example, more or less, eventually. And every year, you are able to do that about a quarter, that means you're doubling and you're multiplying your good deeds, you're gonna buy all these eight years per Ramadan, of course, every night of Latin Quarter. So make sure this year, if you haven't had the opportunity to do or decaf, that you take your days

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off during those last night from Allah. Or at least make some time to come and witness the event during the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. Kala bourbon Fiesta, some of you either way, this is not a chapter on the secrets of fasting. What is so mythological mahratta fasting has three levels, I want you to see yourself, where would you fall on the levels of fasting under which one number one Carla Soma moon, the fasting over the moon. And he means by that the common people, the fast thing of the common people caught our soul muscles. What's the opposite of that I want to the common people, the some of the elite, the fasting of the elite, the Special Forces of fasting,

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basically, this is the fasting of the elite. And then he said was Oh, whoa, Susan, who sues. That means the elite of the elite does now the very special, the very special quality or category among the elite. So this is basically the cream of the cream, the best of the best in this regard. So there are three categories, people who are fasting, what they call them, the fasting of the common people, and you know, the fasting of the elite, and then the fasting of the best of the elite, the elite of the elite. Now let's see, what does that mean? And where would you put yourself in terms of fasting? Let's see you might be martial among the best of the best right Bismillah he said for Amma

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so some would or moon as for the fasting of the common people. So who woke up full botany Well, first Jan pata shala just to abstain from eating, drinking and abstain from the pleasure meaning from intercourse during the month of Ramadan. That's it. What does that exactly mean as your mind is there only fasting the minimum what is fasting for them? They're just fasting of these senses is just not to eat or drink or not to violate Ramadan, you know, during the day in terms of you know, having intercourse that's it. And then he said, Well, I'm not someone who's I'm someone who says now the faceting of the the Elite Four who occur for another means beyond it's not just stopping from

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eating and drinking so they do that and they add to this cuff another watching their gods of the goddess to their sight and their eyes their garden their eyes and their sight right now one listen their tongue well yet their hands were rigid their legs was summer, their their hearing well boss on their side was a little Java he analyzed them and all the body parts and learns from committing the sins. So he's now saying in addition in addition to abstaining from eating, drinking and pleasure during the day, they also go beyond the physical concept of fasting

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they go to the spiritual concept right now of fasting and that is to also make all your senses observe this spiritual fasting and he says you have another How does the another train others means to the site itself? How does the another or the site fast what's the facet of the of the site Mr.

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Botha meaning to lower your gaze not to watch the thing that allows penultimate unlawful do this is for both for men and women. In addition to that, not even wasting your time and your life on watching TV just to kill time during the month of Ramadan. Because we all know we all know people's Harlem in Ramadan is coming and you watch the news right now and if you watch TV or you go to the internet, they're heavily advertising and marketing for what what they call it Ramadan drama.

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And everybody's anticipating right now. What's coming on television in the month of Ramadan. Why on earth are you preparing yourself for these kind of things in Ramadan? Why?

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Why this anticipation? Like you? Oh my god, what's gonna happen? Oh, I wanna I have to watch this thing and song. Why do you have to waste your time and your energy and kill them?

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Hold on, just by watching these things carefully, carefully. Then we'll listen. So the first thing of the tongue, what's the meaning of the facet of the tongue over him? Does it mean to keep quiet all the time? Of course not. That means to abstain from saying or talking what we call them. Fat to listen the pitfalls of the tongue and speech. were originally Well, your origin, the hand and the leg. As for the hand, today, one of the biggest sources of committing sins by hand is what

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can you guess?

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Typing, texting, using the fingers. This is one of the biggest thing these days, people they might not now speak ill, but they can type it up.

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They might not say bad words, but they can easily tap them up right now. They don't feel that they're bad because they're not pronouncing them. They're just typing them up. It's becoming one of the common sources of committing in haram things and sin. In addition to that, of course, searching the Haram things by typing these words and all that stuff and so on. They get the word religion by walking, taking yourself to that source of fitna and source of haram was somewhat bizarre hearing, listen to that, which is violation for fasting, like backbiting, and you just listen to that music and just listen to that. So eventually, you just kill the time and kill the spirituality of the

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month of Ramadan. By paying attention to these things will settle joda time, of course, everything also will have the limbs, you just abstain from anything that violates the month of the month of Ramadan. So this is someone who's who's the fasting of the Iliad. So we know the fasting of the common people. And now we know the fasting of the Iliad. Do you guys think this is this is achievable? Is it possible to fast like this during the month of Ramadan? Can you fast and abstain from all these things that he mentioned right now? Is it possible? How much hours if achievable? Is that that is is it by 100%? Or do you think it's 90%? possibility to do that?

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Can you give me a percentage? What do you think? Well, how much would people be able to abstain from this thing?

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Come on, you guys are so quiet. Tonight. Let's go on over 90% do you think people they can do 90% Janet, stay away from that stuff. 50%.

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The average is that many people still it's it's for many people, it's still hard for them to do that. It's still hard for them to do that. So most people will be doing someone or move the fashion of the common to get to that level. You have to be from the elite. Meaning you have to be from the Special Forces of Ramadan, you prepare yourself for that. And then what is left then if this is something not that easy to achieve? What's left for for some hostile forces. Now the best of the best, the elite of the elite, what's the fastest of those people who also move

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the fast thing of the heart, from what? And in him edenia Well, of course, moving down in LA, he said the fasting of the heart, from the whims and the thoughts that takes you away from Allah azza wa jal

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just thinking about do something wrong.

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That's so bad. And now that's definitely is one of the hardest thing to achieve or do that some of the hardest thing to achieve under someone called Anil him me denier, you know, some people, they just sit down, they just have so much time they don't know what to do. So what it does, I think in doing this, I think and I'm planning to achieve things they would not want to do, they don't wish to do. And if they do, they will regret. So just the thought and the idea of doing something that is considered law, and you don't like it, it's very cheap behavior that you do like something like that says the heart fast. Meaning you don't even these thoughts don't even cross your mind. They don't

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cross your heart. Why because of hamdulillah My heart is busy and is very strong is far away from even thinking about these issues. Call our coffee I miss you a lot and I will clear and also you make your heart so clean from anything that's beside the last panel with Allah will have some little shadows and 30 vivid model says this type of fasting will be explained in some other place. It's very special, very has a lot of things to do. But what I want to mention about the point here that you keep your heart clear from anything besides the last panel dialogue, this is what I've been calling Rahim Allah has been preaching and speaking about in many, many of his books, but definitely

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some metalia that a totally a means to evacuate everything in your heart, evacuate your heart from everything, keep it completely empty from everything. And then at that layer, then you feed it the sweetness of Allah subhana wa tada and the worship of Allah azza wa jal. So if you would like to enjoy the month of Ramadan, you're going to have first to clear hearts from everything besides the last panel done and then if you look in there, if of course you don't have it there yet, and he gives an example

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They've been claiming he gives an example very unique practical example. He says, imagine someone go into a marketplace, you want to go to a marketplace. And that marketplace is full with what would foot would love to have goods and colors and things and products and so on. Many people they go shopping, when you go shopping, and you can ask and you see yourself when you go shopping, specifically window shopping, or you go for one hour shopping, when you come out from that store, how do you feel? You feel extremely, extremely exhausted? Maybe not necessarily physically, but mentally, and spiritually, your heart aches, and you feel the pain in your heart. And your mind is

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harder. It's extremely, extremely exhausted. Why is that? Because you've seen so much. And so many of these things hit you hard in the heart, Oh, I wish I can get that thing, but it's too expensive. I wish I can wear that thing. But I think it's haram for me, well, I wish I can do this, I wish I can get that so many things. That will you are overwhelmed and overload your heart, you get extremely exhausted, your mind gets extremely exhausted as well, because there's so many things versus versus when you go to a marketplace, when it's when it's empty. Let's say if you have been to a mall, a shopping mall, for example, that's about to be opened and there's only one or two stores

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still open. When you walk and all the windows are empty, and you walk out of that place. Even if you spend the same time you will not have the same stress as when you go out to that store or that place would have all these you have seen all these goods. Why? Because you didn't overwhelm your heart with all these things. And that's exactly what happens here.

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If you have so many things in your heart, that you desire, so you desire to worship Allah Subhana you desire to please Allah azza wa jal and these are the all these things and dystonia, your spouse, your family, your job here education, your career, your hobbies, all these things, a fetus out to fulfill all these things and he tries to capture everything at once your attention is divided. Now your focus is divided and that's why your energy will be divided. And that's why you will not enjoy that Ivana. But at that time when Ramadan comes and you know that it's the time that you start charging your spiritual energy and spiritual battery, and you free your heart from everything but

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Allah subhana wa Taala that's when you can get yourself to that level of some social issues. The first thing of the best of the best, the best of the best. So be careful Ramadan is coming and I want you to look at yourself last year last Ramadan. Last Ramadan, where were you fasting at what degree? Was it fasting of the among the common fasting or is it higher than that? And if you are deaf that first degree first level, I want you to move on to the next level. If you want to handle on the next level, you need to go go even higher right now. So always upgrade now make a plan inshallah to move on to the next level for the hammer low data. And when it speaks about some of

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these etiquettes he says an Adobe sama source as for some of the etiquettes of the facet of the elite, not the Vasa so you watch what you what you look at God and your site will have to listen. And now you got your tongue as well and my god mean kurama and Muhammad amaku so you got your tongue from speaking that which is how long have you been disliked? Oh man, are you even just talking nonsense, nothing that is very beneficial to you. Because the prophets of Allah Sam says meconium rubella Hello my fellow ohioan is meant that the Prophet says in the Hadith, whoever believes in Allah and the final day should say good or remain silent. So if you're going to be speaking nonsense

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and nothing that is beneficial, better keep quiet and speaking that nonsense. Carla Harris at Bethel jawara we also got all your body, all your your your limbs, from doing anything that is wrong or haram, Call of Duty melawati Allah and Allah Salam aka the Messenger of Allah says as a man no matter how the zoo will furnish a house if you another Tamasha if you don't stop saying or speaking nonsense, and cola zoo, he means false testimony or some of the interpretations meaning just speak in vain talk something that's not beneficial. That's not even harmful 100% but it's not very efficient either. Well, I'm gonna be and you act upon this nonsense, and then talk FileZilla and

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hydrogen fueling adamawa Sha, Allah subhanho wa Taala is no need for you to quit your your eating or drinking. Meaning keep eating and drinking. That's the fasting is not that beneficial woman as some of the etiquettes of fasting. I am telling Tom if you lay don't fill your stomach with food during the night.

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Isn't that what people do during the month of Ramadan? ojima you know, suppiler some people so ironically, they fast all day only to take revenge from that day at night. They're all day hungry until the sun goes down and then Subhan Allah to take revenge. As if it's just this this hate to be instead of fast.

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That when they come to break their fast it's just like they have never been eating any for for ages. Although fasting so it should teach you what that you're strong enough to continue with not so much food

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and the next thing you do when you break your fast just to eat a little and then you move on. That is the lesson that we should learn from Ramadan. But it seems that that and the habits of Steven is that we prepare we wait for Ramadan only to enjoy the dishes of Ramadan you know there are special dishes they only cook during the month of Ramadan. And if you even try them after Ramadan they don't taste the same right? Because the Ramadan specials and these only come on the menu for the month of Ramadan even if you try them tons of times after Ramadan trying to feel the same taste. They want taste the same. Because they're very special for the season. And that's why you will be waiting for

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Ramadan to come to enjoy that same meal you'll enjoy last year. That doesn't mean to eat so much. That's why he says horrible jacobina to die when you eat, eat reasonably just little for in Houma, adamawa and shot ramen button. He is the son of Adam never filled the vessel worse than his stomach. Do you never felt anything worse than your stomach? And that's gonna be sort of awesome as well. Carla, Natasha, well, Elaine, let me interpret when FCV Berkey says if you're going to be if you are going to fill your stomach, the beginning of the night, you won't benefit from the rest of the night. If you fill your stomach at the beginning of the night, which means when you break your fast

00:31:37--> 00:32:09

and fill your stomach, do you think you're going to benefit from the total time? Of course not, you're going to come so stuffed panel, you could barely even breathe. If you want to make that away, you can make it even you're lying down that's better for you. But that's what he says you will not be able to benefit from the rest of the night. If you fill your stomach, the beginning of the night remember that you're not going to benefit from the rest of that night. That's why in some cultures, and we learn that we used to live in Medina, some of the culture some of the good habits that we learned from Medina is that when you eat

00:32:10--> 00:32:37

usually people they don't eat the full meal at breaking the fast time know, when they break their fast they only they only have dates, maybe some muscles and some fruits and some stuff and coffee and tea and that's it. That's after after the break. They're fast matter of time. And then that's it you go to Salam and hamdulillah you stay there until salata Russia, you pressure the pressure away. And then when they finish their therapy, they come back for the full meal.

00:32:39--> 00:33:12

So that when you come back hamdulillah you enjoy you're invited because you didn't you weren't happy. You were satisfied? Yes, you will not you are a little bit hungry, perhaps. But still that kept you awake for taraweeh sounds like you were stuffed and the sugar level goes all the way up there shoots the brain. And that's it you shut down yet. Now, so you have a sugar sugar level that is reasonable, would allow you to enjoy the event. And then when you come back, you can enjoy your meal. And when you enjoy your meal, Carlos, if the sugar level goes up, what are you going to do after that? Go to sleep. And that's the point, you go to sleep and then you work out for 200 of the

00:33:12--> 00:33:52

whole and you will go for Salatin surgeon. So he says woman's matter shall be I want to lay enough sci fi. But if you're going to be eating so much at the beginning of the night, you won't benefit from the rest of the night afterwards. Look at Alex, he worked so hard. Let me interview NFC Caribbean, although she that also applies to your hood. That also applies to her means if you eat too much for Soho, he will not be able to benefit from the beginning of the day until the whole time. Why? Because you can't breathe during the day, the beginning of the day, the food is still in your stomach and you keep trying to keep bourbon and you just feel Oh my god. It's too much I can't

00:33:52--> 00:33:59

eat. I can't even breathe. I need to drink if I can. But I'm fasting until though when the body takes you know, takes it into the system.

00:34:00--> 00:34:06

And what is so ironic and I know some people might say a chef, please don't say that because the whole is my special million.

00:34:07--> 00:34:50

I know some people will like some sisters melibea with the nanny, some says or they complain that their husband they desire another they demand to have a fresh cooked meal for her. So basically they switch their lunch on their dinner to star and so her fresh cooked meal for her. I said well what are you talking about when you say cook me and we talk about Jani cooking eggs or something like that? And so I said no, no, no, no, no. So we're talking about fresh and fresh meal. Like me Chicken Rice, this stuff and I said Are you serious? People that eat that for so who said I can't even imagine people do that for your whole life. And I've never even done that except one time I tried. I

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

wanted to try something like this. I said let me try what people eat and it was. Well like this last year I tried once. I thought one night I said tomorrow Forget it. I will never do

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

Do that again. Because I couldn't I couldn't even function that so that is power. And I said how people do that. So when you eat for what's supposed to be term, not just some date, some water, maybe you want to eat something Yeah, and just reasonable reasonable, very reasonable. I can't eat more than this will lie on just just a yogurt and water and that's it. We're done. That is

00:35:23--> 00:36:05

and people they ask, can you really function like this for the whole day, I said, Yeah, handle I've been doing for the past many years. And you see, it's normal. And for the thought the same thing, when you break your fast matter of time, take a little bit of Murat and just a little bit to help you to help you go through the beginning of the natural predator away. And then when you go back home, you can eat your full meal if you desire. And if you want to do that call the unaka throttle akin to refill casserole photo, because eating too much, eating too much this abundance of food do little castle for to inherit laziness and fatigue, you get tired and you feel fatigue. So you're you

00:36:05--> 00:36:52

have no energy to do anything. So my food Tommaso domina see me because I can change the purpose of fasting is defeated. When you eat too much. The whole purpose of fasting is defeated. What's the point if you fast all these hours and then the rest of the night you spend that an eating and enjoying the time sweets and fruits and other stuff and so on. We're not saying it's wrong. I'm not saying that is haram or Gemma but again, you won't benefit from the from the meaning of fasten the secrets of fasting are very unique and very special. And you won't enjoy that. Unless again, you deprive your body from the normal habits of eating. And if we've been taught to defeat these habits

00:36:52--> 00:37:01

during the day, don't ruin the night for yourself. So don't be too much too extravagant. And for the brothers Take it easy on the sisters for the parents

00:37:02--> 00:37:45

and for the sisters you know once in a while Okay, so that doesn't mean that all Ramadan are going to be any on Syria and then milk. No, the needs to be diversify your meals and make sure that this is something 100 that you benefit from both of you. You learn physically to prepare yourself for something like that. And also spiritual handler you're more energetic right now. And also, you know, you train yourself that life is not just about the enjoyment of eating and drinking is much more than that he says dannemora the men who do katama June the essence of fasting is that you taste the meaning of of hunger and starvation. You need to feel the meaning of being hungry and being

00:37:45--> 00:37:47

starving. That's the purpose of it.

00:37:48--> 00:37:58

And said we're gonna tackle al Mustafa and also part of the essence and the meaning of fasting is you leave what you can enjoy of the pleasures of this world

00:37:59--> 00:38:42

when you fast for all these those 12 1314 hours a Gemma The food is there, right? You can cook and eat if you want to, you can just open the fridge and Mashallah you can enjoy whatever you want to enjoy of juice and milk and food and so you can enjoy that. But fasting you treat you're teaching yourself to stay away from what you usually enjoy, I have the pleasure of this dunya. So if you do that during the day, and then you kill it during the night, you have defeated the purpose of fasting. Ramadan comes in shallow data, I want you to prepare yourself to be among those who fast as elite of the elite, the best of the best, and I hope inshallah you start changing around your habits

00:38:42--> 00:38:59

and scheduled for the month of Ramadan. Get ready to change your habits of fasting, what are the etiquettes of fasting? And how can we prepare ourselves in sha Allah for Ramadan, which is coming very soon? This will be our discussion next week with Eli as well. Ah, any questions?

00:39:01--> 00:39:05

Yes, sir. question regarding the

00:39:10--> 00:39:11

delay, how much is too much?

00:39:13--> 00:39:51

The question is about how much should we do this to her? To what extent what time basically. So how about the law that they described the time when they used to make this rule and they said that the time between there's 130 which is the time when you need to abstain from eating and drinking was the time needed to recite 50 verses from the Quran have you know of average length 50 is of average and so you're talking about basically any how much that reciting maybe sort of man for example, if you want to do that a little bit more. So you're talking about 1015 minutes that's that's more than enough Muladhara na,

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

and by the way, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he recommended with the layer suhoor as late as possible. So you can order

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

until right before now, and the question is,

00:40:06--> 00:40:06


00:40:14--> 00:40:51

What exercise? Are you talking about physical exercise. Now the question is about physical exercise during the month of Ramadan, what is recommended of the exercise during the month of Ramadan, you know, honestly, I am not a doctor here or nutritionist to give the best advice on this. But definitely you need to re adjust to that. And I really recommend that if you are good emotionally always Yani into physical activity and physical exercise, I highly recommend that you ask a specialist on what you could do when you're fasting. And one of the advices I read about a while back, and I'm not sure if it fits everybody is that the best time to do your physical exercise right

00:40:51--> 00:41:25

before you you break your fast. Why? Because your body's low, you're exhausted and your body is now almost Yani, the minimum of energy and so on, it says this is the best to lose weight. Because whatever you're going to be whatever exercise you're going to do, is going to take from that fat and that sugar that is left in your body in your system. So that's when you really lose your weight, you know, exercise, right before you break your fast. But again, that's not necessarily the best advice to everyone, I suggest that you talk to a specialist and shout about this. What law? Any, any last question? Yes.

00:41:31--> 00:41:33

Yeah. Talk to me about

00:41:42--> 00:42:20

the sisters asking that one of the times when we eat too much within a month of Ramadan, and sometimes if you don't have choice is when you get invited, right? Because when you get invited and people they look at your plate, they would say that's all says No way. Try this one, try this one, try this one. And then they say, Listen, I spent all day to cook this food, you guys are gonna have to eat it, right? So if you can apply socially, to eat more, honestly, I would, I wouldn't even take that as an excuse. I get invited like everybody else. But I still monitor what I eat. And if I'm going to be eating, I only feel once. So I don't go twice. So whatever I'm going to be eating, it's

00:42:20--> 00:42:58

going to be on that first round. That's it. So perhaps maybe, you know, if you want to learn how to show courtesy to the to your host, just take a little bit from each and a dish and then let them know that Listen, I tried that I tried everything and a lot of Bananaman. So, but again, I wouldn't I wouldn't take this as an excuse, let the people notice and hamdulillah It's beautiful. Or another suggestion is say, I would like to try that. However, could you please put me a dish to go? I will take it with me in Charlottetown I know in some cultures, there is no way you can ask for a dish to go. It's like no no thing come on. You're so greedy, right? You're taking food with you or the villa

00:42:58--> 00:43:13

stuff from why I can eat it right now. But I'm willing to eat it when I come back from taraweeh just leave me something I'll just eat right now something in shallow data but I need to enjoy it when I come back from Saudi Arabia. That's a suggestion Shall I hope it works. inshallah now,

00:43:14--> 00:43:15

guys, any questions? Yes.

00:43:18--> 00:43:18


00:43:21--> 00:43:21


00:43:28--> 00:43:31

spent half of Ramadan and invitations right.

00:43:34--> 00:43:35


00:43:36--> 00:44:13

the, the the idea here is that, you know, Ramadan is coming. And you know, it's a social opportunity for people to get together and so on. So if you're going to be getting invited on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, let's say every weekend, that's almost like spending half of Ramadan on invitations, right. And you know, unfortunately Unfortunately, when it comes to these invitations, they it's very extravagant. And the family that that is hosting the invitation for them it just like forget about taraweeh right, we'll get back to our house for the rest of the weekend. Because they're too exhausted and tired to do anything after that. And that is that is in the spirit of the

00:44:13--> 00:44:43

month of Ramadan. So maybe it's better if families if families can take the opportunities of the month of Ramadan, the thought of them as meaning sponsor of Thor in the masjid and then invite your friends and family to them. Listen guys this Saturday, we are sponsoring the thought and the muscle and shallow dialogue. I want you to come on bring your family do it. So in this case hamdulillah you bringing your family your friends and also benefiting the Muslim community and getting something any public for everybody inshallah Donna, that's a good suggestion.

00:44:44--> 00:44:45

And the last question

00:44:47--> 00:44:58

so next week and shout out when we come back. We were discussing the other day and the etiquettes of fasting specifically totowa Mondays and Thursdays how do you do that? Next week and Charlotte's panic alone behind it. I shouldn't learn