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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdulillah Blumenau Salallahu salam wa barakaatuh Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi seldom at the Sleeman kathira Mama, but those are 100% satisfied with their Salah. If you really 100% satisfied with your Salah I want you to raise your hand.

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Nobody, no brothers no sisters seems that no one is 100% happy and satisfied with his or her salon. Right? But don't you know that your salon is your capital on the day of judgment? Don't you understand that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said when he said I would have missed out on who do I want? Am I the first question ever that you're going to be asked on the day of judgment? He said us Allah, Allah. So it's not about your charity. It's not about your volunteerism. It's not about your activism. It's not about your education. It's not about anything except first and foremost, your salon for either solid sort of alignment. If it was good, then everything else is going to be good

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after that with a faceted

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alignment everything is going to be actually bad after that. So it's sola. sola has that that very significance and importance should we then really focus and understand the essence of our salah and our ibadah and that's why Imam in a moment was added on him Allah, Allah Allah here and imagine Buddha Muhammad, Allah tala and his mythos are over here. He now dedicate a whole chapter for the secrets of Salah Kitab Al Assad Salah first loan FIFA in a salon This is now firstly on FIFA in the Salah chapter the virtues of Salah called masala for in the deen will auto part as for Salah for a melody which means the main pillars of Islam as Allah is the main pillar of Islam. World War Two.

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It's like the ornament the beauty of all the devotional acts, what do we learn from these two words number one, it's a might have been the main pillars of Islam. That means if you're not that pillar done what happens to Islam? It might fall down and that is the meaning of hydroton Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam Allah Abdullah de Bain no bueno masala Furman taka taka taka for the covenant that separates between between us and them is Islam and disbelief is a Salah from Antartica for kotka for anyone who does not pray anyone who abandons Salah he is when he is for God couple of minutes became this believer. He said this believe that's because it's one of the greatest disobedience of the last

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panel data after committing a shirt. So this is the first thing you might have done then we'll order to miss the ornament and the beauty the most beautiful thing that purifies all the actions very bad, you might be the most charitable person you might be Mashallah good in terms of our flock and everything. But if you don't perform your Salah regularly, the mean is completely tarnished. It is completely to everything that you do is completely now stained. Because of that. A Salah is very, very important. However, that doesn't mean if you fulfill the five daily prayers, that all of a sudden you're going to become the most spiritual martial law person now you have to work both ways.

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You have to work on your part. You have to work on your Salah, your slot and your manners, Karnataka Dora FIFA, FIFA is solid yes Byron Katie rota. Matura. There were so many narrations were reported to us in regard to the virtues of Salah woman as any ajdabiya Allahu Shula and the best of all its manners. The best of all the etiquettes about Salah is what Allah has shown to focus and concentrate on your Salah Walker Julius Malema fan radi Allahu anhu and the Beast blossom and undeniably sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the whole call that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what he said quite a moment ago Salatu mokuba is in it basically every individual man or

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woman who has been who was present is able to perform a Salah when the time for the obligatory Salah is there. So you will do then you perfect the will do wahoo Shula and focus in your Salah, verruca when you bow down means the actions of Salah in Karnataka fara to Lima kubla homina the room, it will be an effacer of the sins that were committed before. Mal ammirati Kabira unless this person commits a major sin, whether they cut the Heroku This is for the entire lifetime, which means every time you make Salah that virtue counts for that particular Salah. So if someone may Allah protect us on commits a sin from now until they wake up for failure, and they face a lot of pressure on time

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and they prefer the will do the horseshoe and the ruku. And they do that for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Hopefully, whatever sins that they've committed will be erased. And if someone between federal and door does the same thing, hopefully adore time their sins.

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Prior to that time will be erased and if someone commits a sin between door and also the same thing when they attend selected answer, every Salah is an opportunity for their sins to be erased such an amazing virtue for Salah wirkkala What have you had it an item and an abuse of Allah Allah wa salam o North Mero de la hota ROM report another Hadith man salata, Catherine, la you had to feed him and EFSA ofuro la Houma taka documentdb Annalisa la circumcisions Hadith Muslim that whoever prays to Raka now you had to defeat him and after that you don't get distracted when you're making this these touriga they love your Allahumma Takada moment and your previous sins will be erased, the previous

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sins will be erased again remember that that this is over the virtue of the Salah doing that a vida our current Abdullah Miss obey or the Allahu anhu ma now showing you some examples of those who have perfected their Salah to what level people can indeed perfect their Salah can Abdullah Zubaydah, Abdullah Zubair was the son of a snipe into the record of the law of the land. So he was a grandchild of our workers to deal and he was the second cousin of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam his father was as available as one the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And when the Prophet salla son passed away, our beloved Isabel was very young was about 11 years old, because he was the

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first child ever the first child ever to be born healthy and survive after the hijra from the Mahajan. You know, when people in the people of Mecca de immigrate and they came to Medina, many people just start talking about the people, the people of Medina, you know, the Mahajan, they're not gonna survive, Medina is not a good environment for them, they're gonna die, they're gonna get sick and so on. And indeed, the women of the Mahajan were unable to conceive for quite a good time. And people they say that's because of the curse of being there left their cities and so on. But when Abdullah and Isabel was born healthy, and he survived, the Mahajan was so excited, they said they

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have never been accepted by anything that like the birth of the law of urbanism obeyed or the Allahu anhu Omar Abdullah zobayan. He had a very amazing quality. He was a very strong young man,

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very outspoken, and very courageous. He has a history of basic Islam. Part of this history he became almost almost became like the halifa. After the death of Maya we are allowed on almost he became the halifa. So he kind of ruled a lot of Arabian peninsula in Iraq and some parts of a sham. But then unfortunately, he was defeated by the armies of Hadji Musa photography he was trapped in Mecca. So this story speak about him Canada karma for Salah Khanna who do minerals for sure. They say when our beloved Mr. Beard used to stand up and Salah, you would think that he is like a, like a trunk of a tree, which means what doesn't move. He doesn't move at all. Mineral for sure, because of his focus

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and concentration and salaat he does not move out the line. He doesn't scratch, like many of us do. He doesn't try to check if his keys are in his pocket or not. He doesn't try to look at the time because I didn't check what what time was that when I start my Salah he doesn't do that at all. When he starts in Salah he's firm and he's not allowed to run completely like a trunk you cannot see him actually moving. Our can is dude. Sometimes he would go when he goes to the sujood when he makes us prostration Institute for 10 zero la sofiero Allah hora de la Sabu en la general health sometimes the birds will search on his back institute that is that they think he is a piece of frog or a stone

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basically that's sitting there. What does that mean when a bird comes on purchase money? What does that exactly mean? It means you literally like a dead dead bird like a stone like a rock. So he was so focused on a Salah that he doesn't shake, he doesn't move at all, as if he was indeed like a stone or rock or the Allahu wa Taala was Allah Yeoman Phil hedger. One day he was seeing making salah and allegedly Judas made around the Kaaba that was in he was leading Mecca, and he was besieged by the armies of Alhaji Vanessa photography. He was making salah and the hedgerow of Ismail that space that arch that you see around the Kaaba. He was praying there rhodiola han hydro Qaeda,

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Al Qaeda, it's the the catapult a stone that was flying from the catapult that they threw over him and his army when he when they received them in Macedonia lon. So they have been about the therapy femen fatten said that stone passed by him that even his job his garment was shaken. You know what, what got shaken because of the wind that passes by? And he himself he did not even look around to see what happened.

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Can you imagine that? You'd be standing in salon and something like like a rock or a ball just comes across by you just goes close to your ear, close to your body that you could feel

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That but he himself for the long run did not even look to see what happened. Why is that? Because he was 100% focus on his solar bubble Carla my mood of the moron Mara it Muslim of NASA and we'll take it and use a lot of Muslim events ASR one wasn't the seller for Salah Rahim Allah Allah says I've never seen him looking around or even trying to see or to even with his eyes basically to look anywhere and his Salah what occurred and hadn't met now here terminal Masjid he said one day he was praying in the masjid, and one corner of the masjid collapsed. Imagine the message that you bring in one side of the message collapse. Cada suka data, the entire marketplace all the people in the

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marketplace they came running to see what happened. The people of the market they came to see what happened in the holofil messages you suddenly felt effort and he was there in msgid itself and he was making his Sunnah he didn't even look to see what happened. What can Allah Beatty he either dalmunzie in second they say about him Rahim Allah whenever he comes home, his family they can get quiet because that is at home basically. For either karma a la sala Taka l'amour De hecho but when he starts his Salah, they go back rowdy and they start talking and laughing and so on. Why is that? Because when he's in Salah, he disconnects completely from the surrounding completely. He is so

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focused, so concentrating so focused on his Salah that he doesn't even hear or feel anything that goes around him radi Allahu, Allahu Allah. I know for many of us, they would say wow, can you even get to that level?

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Is that even religion? Is that even rain? Can someone really get to that level? Well, I'm unlike Muslim Mara and bilinear sada they allow that and he did that. And I'm sure if you if you put so much effort in getting to that level and show love, dedication, who shouldn't, you might get to that level specifically, specifically, if you become so emotionally attached to Salah imagine when you're on Salah, and you start now flying because of joy and happiness and feeling of spirituality perhaps you will be crying in your Salah will lie whatever happens around you, you wouldn't even care. You will you wouldn't even pay attention to what happens around you because you're so focused and you're

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so enjoying every moment of your Salah. What kind of aliveness is saying same alley, the son of a person are they allowed to run around the Allahumma EDA

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his father alone what he used to pray, he would turn yellow basically he turns pale, he turns pale for clear Allahu Fidelis he was he was asked well what happened to you what what's wrong with you when you make what do you always tell people what's wrong with you? Why are so scared? For Karla Karla affected Runa by other men returning home Don't you know before whom I'm going to be standing right now? Understanding before Allah subhana wa tada that's why the Imam when they sometimes they will stand in front of the people they will remind the people that make this your final Salah that imagine with whom in front of whom you're standing, you're standing before Allah subhana wa Tada. So

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when you make that conscious decision that you are going to be standing before the law surgeon. Hopefully it will help you focus and concentrate on your Ivana now remember him Allah is bringing us to the slices This is not the virtuous of Salah. Now let's talk about what you do. How can you focus on your Salah call wylam another Salah tr cannon awaji baton was sooner, he says you need to he should know that your Salah has pillars, obligations and sunon now offer which means these are recommended acts. So use or whatever you do in Salah some of it is essential for the validity of the Salah. Some of them are essential for

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the technicality of the Salah to be to be good and to be right and acceptable and some are considered sunon Museo de enhance the quality of your rabada annual Salah but he wasn't focusing on this. He was not focusing in this this is these issues can be discussed and books of * what he wants you to pay attention to called Whoo hoo ha as for the soul of your Salah. Then indeed the spirit of your Salah baraha and Nia, the intention will have lost sincerity while horseshoe focus meaning the focus on your Salah will helldorado call the presence of your heart. So these are four things. I want you guys to remember that. I want you to repeat this with me number one, what is it?

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And Nia The first thing What is it? And Nia which means your intention? I don't mean by this intention? We don't mean by this intention that you're making salata. bourassa in particular, no, that's not the intention we're talking about here. The intention is to whom are you doing this Salah for us are you doing it and you need to always to be observant of why you're making this allow for number two is last sincerity. That everything that you do for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah

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Without associated no partners with alas those that you're not showing off with that it's only for the sake of Allah xuejun number three, what is it an issue that's not concentration focus on your Salah. And when you do your Salah you don't get distracted by the designs of the carpet you always focus on your salon la vida and number four called the presence of the heart Your heart is there with you that your heart is there focusing on the ibadah it's not like your eyes are focusing on the on the carpet and then your heart is somewhere else you can either need to be all together in this place and at that moment, which is the Salah Carla for insalata Why do you need to have these four

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together and solid to be to count you know as the best. He says for inner Salah usila Touch Malala at Karen one Mona Jatin my fan your Salah is reports at car words of remembers when monada subtle communication between you and the last panel data what file and actions can we repeat that again? Gemma there are three things when it comes to Salah you're doing three things number one I've got remembrance words it remembers like what Tell me what the role was it remembers that you do in Salah.

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Pray citation SoTL Fattah, what else

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so how to be an Allah Subhana Allah Diem. How about saying Allahu Akbar all these are words of remembers you remembering Allah azza wa jal you glorifying him subhana wa Taala you praising him. So there is words of remembers. The second thing is when when our job the meaning of monada that subtle communication and conversation between you and the last surgeon? What are the subtle communications between you and the last panel? Tada? What is it?

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The fact itself when you say Dina serrata must have been your Allah goddess with a straight path. That's a communication between you and the last panel data. What else are the subtle communication between you and the last surgeon?

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Institute? What do you do? Do?

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You supplicate and you make your help me with that you're helping with that. But there is much more profound and deep, subtle communication between you and Allah subhana wa Tada. And what is it?

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Can you think of something that is deeper than just making dua and making words of the What is that?

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Can you think of something?

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Say louder?

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What is it exactly? I know it's a Jew but what is the essence of it?

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It's the humbleness, humility, servitude, submission, obedience, all of that. What is it? you're communicating all of this to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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when you come on time for Salah, you know that you're busy working, you're busy cooking, you're busy acting this or that you're busy studying, driving, whatever you do, but then you interrupt everything you made your will do. And then you came on it you come on you make your Salah? What exactly are you communicating to Allah subhanho wa Taala when you do this, aren't you communicating to our last panel on your obedience to Him, you serve with you to him, your humbleness, your humility, don't you do that when you make this salon this a better, this doesn't happen verbally. And you don't do that through the actions only. That comes from inside from the heart. This is the

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subtle communication that we're talking about here. The third, the third thing that you do and Salatu mentioned followers, and actions. The actions are what raising the hands when you make your tech be, make a new record. When you bow down and moving down to the search the position when you do that you go up and down and the long standing the long standing for the last panel with Allah. That is devotion. These are signs of devotion There is no doubt about it. So you're doing three things in Salah you're doing worship remembrance at car. Number two, the subtle communication between you and the last soldier Elmo nyjah and number three LFR these are the actions that you do in your Salah

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Paloma Adam hodl called La Sol Matsuda will carry well monada if the heart wasn't there, if the heart was absent, if the heart was not present, at that time, almak sudo will carry over monada does not happen means the purpose of these words of remembrance. The purpose of this subtle communication does not exist or not happen.

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When you just recite the fact that the only thing you remember from it is I mean, what did you exactly say?

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What did you really mean by saying a dinner Serato must determine your heart was not there. You did not communicate the essence of Allah guide me to the straight path. You didn't communicate that properly. You said it, but you did not communicate that properly. You just said it. That's all the same thing when you make when you say somehow

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Allah Institute. That's a word of glorification you glorifying Allah azza wa jal Oh Allah you praising Allah by saying Subhana Allah Praise be to Allah the Most time. But when your heart wasn't there, you only said it, you did not you did not communicate that to Allah Xhosa meaning you, you did not, you did not appreciate that did not say that enough. That's the meaning of it. You just communicated that verbally but it was empty, formless essence, which is the presence of the heart. On the unknown, Nautica is Allah Mula Bandha. Filled damiri Kennedy manzi little Hadrian. Because not ms speech, speech, if the if it did not express what it's there in the heart, it becomes worth

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When someone says something, they don't mean it. What does that mean? This is speaking nonsense. And that's exactly what it means. When you say things, you don't even mean them. Seriously, if you don't come from the heart, then we don't make any sense. If you keep saying all day Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala and you just have no idea what's the meaning of Subhan Allah? What would that sound like? Like nonsense. But if you just sit down for one minute, and you say from your heart, Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah, and you focus on it, you recognize the meaning of this Praise be to Allah, so just always praising Allah subhana wa Tada. And as you say, these words as

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you utter these words, even though they're very simple, they're so short, as a statement. When you say these words, you're focusing on the meaning of that, that is the communication of the heart. That's the manager, that the subtle understanding and communicating these words for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's when it really benefits you the most. When you go down and see Jude, and you start saying, Subhana, Allah, Allah, from the heart, not just from the tongue, when you make your ruku Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah Bernardin. And you say that you Allah, Praise be to Allah, the greatest panel data when you say these words from the heart, that's when it means the most that

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these are the sort of communication and believe it or not, when you start enjoying these words, when you enjoying these words, can you imagine how long your solute is going to be?

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While you're enjoying sense of hanok bill and support of Bill, Adam, would you rush your Roku answer just because there is something else you just want to finish started to go and catch up with? I doubt it. Because at that moment, that is the most enjoyable woman to the most joyful moment to you, the most serene, the most peaceful, the most beneficial as that you do. Whatever you think of after salon wouldn't matter to you.

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And that's when you start enjoying your Salah. And your event called Rahim Allah, waka Delica, la Sol matsudo are similar to the actions that you do in Salah if the heart wasn't there, they will be meaningless. The ruku answered, you don't show humility or humbleness. They only show someone doing mechanical acts. That's all. You're only doing this obligation just to get over that. That's it. But the benefit the true benefit of that Avada is not there at all. Currently no is a current matsudo malkia and finma. Because if standing, it's to show servitude, women are required to shoot the lower limb and bowing down and making such that is to show glorification of Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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reverence to Allah. So Jen, what a miracle Calvo Hydra, but the heart was not present at that moment. Let me Massoud meaning, the essence of that action was not there. It didn't didn't feel fulfill the purpose from your soul, Maqsood for in and fairly matter Harada and Matsuda he bought the assault and Latvala because the action if it doesn't fulfill the purpose, it becomes superficial act. Whatever you do, if it doesn't fulfill its purpose, it just an image, nothing else. And that's exactly the meaning the meaning of our Salawat sometimes you only make the Suna in two minutes, literally in two minutes.

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Why is that? Because you only want to fulfill the obligation of doing so now that's it,

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but to enjoy it, to joy yourself Nero to Allah subhana wa tada to erase your sins, to elevate your status, to build the house and agenda to please Allah subhanho wa Taala with this, to confirm and justify your servitude to Allah azza wa jal, these meanings if they're not present at the time of making a banner, they lose, they lose the meaning the Salawat they lose their meaning and that's why many of us do not enjoy the salon because it's empty and become void for material purpose. Instead of enjoying it to connect with the last panel what and a subtle communication. It became an obligation I have to get over with, just do it and move on with your life. That's it. The sooner the

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faster, the better it is. And that's why people enjoy praying behind an amount of praise faster.

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than someone who prays longer. God Allah tala Li Nan Allahumma lahoma voila, voila. kena taqwa. minko inserted hace las panatela says, les Annette aloha to whom I'm speaking about the sacrifices you do on the on a holiday, meaning the heading that the animals that you sacrifice during that day. Allah subhanho wa Taala says lady and Allah Allah Allah human means Allah is not going to get anything from the meat. What are the mouthwash? No, he will get anything from this blood that you shed over there. What are you know, I mean come the only thing Allah subhana wa Taala will see from you. He will see the taqwa, your righteousness or your piety. That's what counts the most. As for

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the blood and for the meet Allah who is underneath of that Allah has asked you to give it to the poor even. But what he needs from you for doing that. What he needs from you. To do that for is to show your gratitude show your taqwa, your righteousness, and your piety, while Massoud Anil was reliance upon on Watada who will was what really reaches a loss aversion is the attribute and

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the attribute that captures the heart.

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What really reaches Allah subhana wa Taala in regard to the sacrifice is the attributes that captures the heart when I see another taqwa men come and let the Hata hamdullah LMT third Allah Hata homina LMT third oma bloober This is the attribute that captured the heart that forces the heart to fulfill and obey these commandments. That Allah subhanaw taala was asked to interview for abdomen huddle call before Salah you have to have your heart present during your Salah. What can you send me her shadow for you reflect in tatara Allah subhanahu wa tada will forgive a temporary, a temporary distraction.

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Allah will forgive that temporary distraction. We don't expect you 100% to be present in the Salah from the beginning all the way to the end. That's natural as human beings, your mind is not wandering around, right? It's going to happen. However, that doesn't mean this every single time you make your Salah

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if this is the case, every single Salah you do it's 100% distraction. Every time you pray for or nothing. You're always distracted. What does that mean? That mean the heart is never there.

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But for every Salah you do you put an effort to bring your heart into it, then you get distracted. That's understood. We're human beings. And we're going to have to struggle to make it always present bodily and the holder of a very high and stable token.

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Because when you start your Salah when you start your Salah would complete consciousness of keeping the heart involved in that data. It will continue it will move on and continue for the rest of the solid that means in the middle when you start seeing yourself distracted, what do you do? you force yourself back into focusing on your Avada and a new Santa Barbara. Now he has given you a practical advice. And he's given three actually things. One man led the team will be hired to solokha Tierra How can you bring life back to your salon? How can you bring that live back to Salah.

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He said number one a man and a woman will call became a de karma the presence of your heart. Your heart has to be there when you make your salon when ma who and you for a woman Lady mahamudra Villa you have to empty the heart from everything else. Everything else besides that salon.

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When you come to salon, you don't worry about going back to work on time. You don't worry about school, you don't worry about exams you don't worry about anything else when it comes to Salah you only worry about one thing that you may go solo right and perfect and Allah Subhana will accept that from you. But I want to start off with article him How can you achieve that and him the word l him in the Arabic language means basically the strong result. That means you have you have this strong resolute and always determination strong determination on achieving things always determine on shaping goals. So when you start your Salah you have to start with this strong a determination that

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your heart needs to be the color for in the whole matter a hammock matter. Amica habra calbuco Aurora means whatever whatever Alma hammacher basically will will come to your heart anything that concerns you so much, anything that worries you is going to capture your heart. So for the world is you is your work what what is your is your food, what was your money, your business whatever What is your so much is going to capture your heart and at the time of Salah if the only thing what is you is what is your salon. the perfection of your Salah is going to capture your Salah.

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So for these moments when you stand before Allah subhana wa Tada. Stop worrying about anything else. Because eventually you're going to spend these seven minutes in salani right

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You're going to spend these 10 minutes in what in summer, so Worry not about anything else except for your salon for those five minutes for those 10 minutes for those 1520 minutes, half an hour, whatever salon that you do for or Nashville, Korea, Malaysia or sooner, any Salah that you perform, don't mind Don't make your heart worry about anything except for the Salah at those moments

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by Allah

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for Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah He Illa sorrowful him Mattila Salah there is nothing to cure that unless you force your heart into thinking and worrying about Salah once referred him at jaquar Waldorf will be handed over to the mandible after we have departed dunya How can you force your heart into focusing on Salah he says all of this will be dependent on the strength of your Eman strength of your email and your faith in in the day of judgment and believing how significant is the stronger your belief in the hereafter versus the insignificance of the dunya the more focus you will have on your Salah and you're a badger or a thermometer or a toggle back alejado for Salah farlam

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unassailable hold off with a man fish the Gita says if you tried and you tried and you found out that your heart can never catch up to the salah and your heart is never focused on our Salah. See it needs to know that this is because your Eman is weak. And if your Eman is weak, you need to work so hard on it to bring it back to strength and power. You need to work on your Eman. When you strengthen your Eman you'll be able to bring your heart back to focus on the Salah under a banner while monastery The second thing that you need to do to focus in your salon at home with a man and column that you bring the right understanding to the words that you recite and you pronounce and

00:31:47--> 00:32:23

Salah. You understand what you say in your Salah. Even if you don't speak Arabic language I know you might say but I don't speak Arabic. But you still memorize the Fatiha right. You know how to decide the Fattah? Shouldn't you focus on the words of the fact that every time that you decide that even if you don't speak Arabic, you need to focus on the meaning of these of these words. When you do and you say Subhana Allah Allah subhanaw taala they don't you know the meaning of these words. You need to focus on the meaning of the word Subhana Allah Praise be to Allah who's the most high? Because whenever you say the most high what is what exactly you're saying here? What do you what do you

00:32:23--> 00:32:27

understand from this? You realize if Allah is the most Hi, who are you

00:32:29--> 00:33:10

then who are you this is basically communication between the last panel or the admitted he is the most tie which means I'm lowering myself and position of servitude for the most types of Hana wadala that is power will lie. When you recognize a lot to be the most Hi, that empowers you that you know Allah as it is above everything subhanho wa Taala so you need to focus on domain the meaning of what you say call for in Amman wha hotel calm. This is now this is something above just the presence of the heart, the presence of the heart not just being present, simply when you make reconstitute. No, it's even meaning in understanding these words in understanding these words. Karla Liana Obama,

00:33:10--> 00:33:56

Carol Calvo Hauser and my lovely gentle manner, sometimes your heart might be present with just the words, not with the meanings of the words. You might be deciding. Then a Serato monster table Allah guide us to a straight path, but your heart is just focusing on reciting it not necessarily not necessarily in needing it. needing that guidance, the essence and your need for guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala so mokara Rahim Allah family Sorry for the delay drug kill manner. You need to focus your your mind onto onto understanding the meanings. We'll call it with FL Hata Shatila by dispelling all these distractions, woke up to Mr. dua and completely corrupted away from your heart

00:33:56--> 00:34:40

and your mind. for eternal Nevada either Lampton kata Lambton sorrowful Havana, these my word, the word Nevada, he mentioned is the sources of distractions. If you don't stop and cut out and cut off all these sources of distractions, your heart will always be absent, because it's too busy dealing with these distractions, these sources. So McCall, well my word, these sources of distractions come in two things or two categories, these categories of sources that distracts the heart imahara whether it is a via which means something that is obvious some that's that is public something that's outside What am I Bettina and some are subtle, the things that from the inside, so external

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

and internal that's what he means by that. These sources of distraction. You have external sources and internal sources ANOVA Hera imahara means these external well he Ma and ship my Estrella Sam our bustle, what distracts the site and the hearing

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

What distract the side and the healing things that comes in front of you. And think that comes around you that you hear their voices and sounds? Well in my Bettina, and some of them are internal distractions. Carla, we're here to shed This is the most difficult.

00:35:16--> 00:36:00

It's the most difficult common to Shabbat beehoon houfy. Oh dear to Denise just like a person who is distracted dispersed. And all these concerns of this dunya like someone who is concerned about his children, his spouse, your money, your age, your sickness, your future, your economy, your this your that Imagine if you have all these worries. These become like sources of distraction to your heart. You don't you don't hear them by your ears. You don't see them with your eyes. But you can hear them and see them by the eyes and the ears of your heart. And they keep your heart so busy. You're distracted by all these things that are the sources for Cardiff no lie and hassle free cruise even

00:36:00--> 00:36:41

and why this person unfortunately, is not is not the only concern about one thing. What I'm using here is audible buzzer in this case, even if you close your eyes, it's not going to help because that concern is not external. It's actually internal from the inside. Leon nanofiller kalvi caffiene finish design a bit. Because what is that in the heart is more than enough to distract them. What's there in the heart is more than enough to distract? Conover, allegedly. Now, what's the solution? What's the healing? What's the medicine for this? What did I do? Delica in Canada, Mr. de la hora as was for these external sources of distraction. We've got Mr. Sam Alba, sorry to cut out all these

00:36:41--> 00:37:16

distractions that distracts the eye and the hearing like what will who will or woman or tabla when you start when you make a Salah. He says come closer to the table, meaning don't pray in the back of the masjid. Pray in the front. Pray in front of a wall or behind the world wide so that nothing comes in front of you. Because if you pray in the back, there will be a greater size range. You could see so many things. But when you pray at the front, you only have one focus in front of you. You cannot be distracted by the people who pray in front of you. You only focus at the Imam or what is in front of you, Carla,

00:37:17--> 00:37:56

one another another LMS ala mode. So Judy, and also by focusing on by looking at the spot of your salute, you don't look around you look always at the spot of your search that what draws you to Salatin and modern monk Puja and avoid praying in the places that's so decorated. Unfortunately some of our masajid they're very decorated. They care so much about the decoration of the carpet that becomes a source of distraction for those who pray handle our carpet in this messy display into watercolor that's good and a lot of Bananaman because you can't see distractions much over here. But some other massage I've been to I've been to they have Marshall all these fancy fancy carpets and

00:37:56--> 00:38:08

fancy designs. Now when you start your salon your mind starts following on your site starts following all these designs. And you start your salon in one direction your eyes at the end of the salon will be on the other side of them as

00:38:09--> 00:38:49

you get distracted. Some massage they have so many decorations on the walls that even in salon you get distracted by all these designs and the best when you have nothing to distract your sight caught our Allah through kinda Masha Allah Hassan and don't live around you what distracts your ears means you're hearing like some TV playing laptop, whatever sounds around you don't live this around you to distract you. Some people they will be watching something on TV. They don't want to miss it. So when they pray they pray in the same room why so that I don't I don't miss any part of the game for example something on an alarm Stan feels so sad because in this case the Salah is challenged by this

00:38:49--> 00:39:30

concern and just like he said Rahim Allah to Allah, if your concern is something else it will capture your heart. And if your heart is captured by that concern, Salah cannot be that concern. And we always we said that for the 510 minutes that you're making. Make your concern the salon only the salon because while you make a new salon, you're not going to be able to do anything else. So make your salon the main concern. You will enjoy that event and those sort of those few minutes. Colorado himolla Donna fen an obeah Solano selam la masala fee mbj Nia de la Alam, NASA. This is the story of the Abuja him the Sahaba of the law of the land, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he,

00:39:31--> 00:39:32

he actually

00:39:34--> 00:40:00

he received the gift of indigeneity which means like an outside government like a coat or something like that. So a lot, a lot of ceremony and it has stripes, nice designs. So the prophet SAW some he made Salah wearing that thing. So when he finished the Salah when you finish the Salah, he immediately took it off. He wrapped it up, he says listen, take this, to Abuja him and give me his image Ania I want to get his whatever his garment that he had this switch basically

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

It says the cursor in the journey of Abu gem was a simple plain soap. And the Prophet that he had was designed, he says for in alhazmi Ancelotti and even these designs distract me mice Allah

00:40:12--> 00:40:53

Subhana Allah He was wearing that shirt Salalah symbol that soap and all that he was focusing his search the perhaps the designs on his sleeves and the designs on his soap salata lower Sarah might distract him so much. Today we pray on our prayer rugs that you bring these Mashallah fancy Turkish or Persian prayer rugs and they're all colors and designs. And the more colorful the prayer rug, the fancier it gets an even you use you use the and you pride yourself with these prayer rugs, although the sooner and better for you to have a completely plain colored prayer rug if you're going to have a prayer. It's cheaper in terms of you know what money but it's even valuable for you for Salah it's

00:40:53--> 00:41:13

better for you for the salon Sharla Warhammer lodato in Canada model batinah he said next, if these sorts of distractions are coming from internal distractions for today for a large the way you you treat that be Anuradha Neff Sokka Harun Illa maka Sala by forcing yourself

00:41:14--> 00:41:23

forcing yourself which means you need to you need to practice self discipline. That's what it means. You need to practice self discipline kohara Neff see

00:41:24--> 00:42:03

the Nef sakara illa Maja Crawford Salah by forcing yourself to focus on what you decide and Salah Where shall I be here anniversary and keep your mind focusing on what you're reciting and live everything out? West Delhi Delica and how can you achieve this? And yes, there are a couple of the holy facade you need to prepare yourself for this before you start your Salah. We are near the Ashura by trying to wind down all what you do before you start your Salah. Don't start a new task knowing that Salah will be in 510 minutes. Because if you start a new task before you start Salah, that means your mind is going to be distracted, you're going to be busy with that. Don't make your

00:42:03--> 00:42:47

last phone call five minutes before to start before you start your salon, because your mind is going to be too busy with the last conversation. Instead, you need to focus on the salon and get ready and prepared a time I had ahead of time. car washed at the feet of stage three, they called me you need to put an effort by again, emptying your hearts from everything else that distract you. We just did the NFC decal, ferati hataoka mabena, de la, la la la and keep reminding yourself, remind yourself about the hereafter. And the dangers of standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala one day alone will How will will not LA and the how scary that scene is going to be on that day for lambda School of

00:42:47--> 00:43:16

COVID. Alec, if your thoughts are not going to be settled down because of these thoughts, these these these notions right now failure and unknown in America for FEMA, a hammer wash to her, then you need to realize if by thinking of the athlete standing before the last panel, what allow skated that is going to be on the Day of Judgment. If that's not sufficient for your mind to settle down on these thoughts and these ideas, then, you need to know that what captures your heart is what is most important to you.

00:43:17--> 00:43:31

Whatever is distract in your heart, this is what you desire the most. And that's what distracts you the most. That's what you think is the most important thing for you. And while you're making your salad if you're thinking about food at that moment, that is the most important thing for you.

00:43:32--> 00:44:14

Which is somehow less so sad. That for five minutes, you could not stop thinking about food. Even though you just it's a matter of five, seven minutes 10 minutes, making your annual Salah for Karla palliative dilkusha what we'll look at article Allah, you need to educate yourself learn discipline yourself to stop thinking about these things and quit these desires. For him all the low data quality continues afterward until he gets to the third point. But I want to finish with this point a shout out in continuation to what we mentioned. In the letter it says the disease alella the disease here, metadata metcon Atlanta Illa de la kawi when sickness and illness intensifies, what type of

00:44:14--> 00:44:18

medicine that requires to heal it strong medicine.

00:44:19--> 00:44:29

If the sickness was just barely and it's something like some easy rash, or maybe just cold, sneezing and so on. At that moment, you don't need antibiotic.

00:44:30--> 00:45:00

But if you leave it until it increases and the start the case your case deteriorates. How can you heal yourself? You need antibiotics. And if you neglected that until you get infection that will develop into maybe tumors or something like that. It's no longer just antibiotics. You need what surgery. You need intervention in this case. So that's exactly what he's saying in this point. Depends on how how sick Your heart is.

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

At that moment, that's how much medication you need to bring to it. So, if these desires and these distractions are still subtle, still easy and at the beginning stages, you can simply shallow data by taking him here, which means prevention, preventing yourself easily by being eating healthy, acting healthy for Salah, doing things in the healthy way inshallah that will be sufficient for you. But if it if it increases, then you need antibiotics means you need help from outside. You need someone to help you you need advice, you need to talk to somebody you need to do something else from outside to heal, to heal your heart and shallow data. But if you think that you got to the point

00:45:39--> 00:46:17

that is beyond just antibiotics, that means you need intervention. That means serious, serious treatment of the heart, which is shallow data we're going to be talking about when we come back next week, not next week, the week after that and Sharla soja next week, it's spring break, many people perhaps will be busy with their families and maybe they will be going somewhere in Charlotte and outside. So we're not going to have class next Wednesday with a Wednesday after that when the last sojourn Another thing I want to mention too as well regarding to the class since the daylight saving will and you will come this weekend in sha Allah that means you need to push your the time one hour

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ahead. That means starting after we come back from Spring Break the dose inshallah will will move between Europe and Asia. So becoming between Melbourne and Sha so we start off to South America, and we finished by salata, Russia and shallowater Baraka with Allah, that's right after the after the spring break in sha Allah who as those are also in addition to that, starting this coming weekend on Sunday, which is March the 10th. I want you also to know to know, since you're going to be moving your the time one hour ahead, the terms for the slot will change one hour as well. So take that in consideration Vegeta will become 645 and Salatu. Lucia will be at nine o'clock inshallah, we'll give

00:46:54--> 00:46:59

you more in regard to the terms of Salawat vnla. Tada. So,

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any questions before we take the final announcement?

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not serious series of classes on this subject. We'll do that in Charlottetown. One day we'll do that inshallah to focus on the solid because this is the questions this is something very important, that needs to be presented in details. We shall do that inshallah focusing on this until in the future, but before we take another question, if you don't mind, I want to share some hamasaki basically to give us an announcement

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Sharla for some news coming up very soon. So if you have a few minutes inshallah, just to have this announcement inshallah so that we can come back for the q&a.