Yasir Qadhi – Lives of Sahaba 65 – Salman Al – Farsi – Part 1

Yasir Qadhi
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Ma'am, honor him so in shallow to honor today we're going to be doing the Sahabi Sandman alpha c. So Madden fantasy, and submodel fantasy is one of the most intriguing of the Sahaba. I think all of us have heard of his names. And because he's so intriguing because he's so exotic. We actually have a lot of legends and a lot of stories about him that are a lot of probably not true. And as usual, we have a lot of scattered information about the Sahaba in general, but especially about segmental fantasy, we have even less information because obviously, where did he grow up? He grew up in Iran, he grew up in the land of fathers. And so obviously, we have absolutely no information about him

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from any source, other than what he himself told of his own life later on, at what he narrated to the Sahaba. But one thing that really makes Sandman so intriguing, and really one of the most exotic of the Sahaba isn't just his background. After all, he's the only Persian so happy that we know of. And so really, he is speaking fluent fantasy, his lineage, his demeanor and his looks, all of it is pure Persian. It's not just that he's Persian. But the flip that happened, the very, very ironic and profound change that happened, that he grew up in the pinnacle of Persian power, seeing the glory of what is called the sassanid Empire. And he was a citizen and a member of the sassanid Empire, at a

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time when no one could ever have predicted that the Empire would be destroyed and wiped out. And not only did he live to see the his own Empire, the Persian Empire eradicated, he was a part of the army that fought against it. He was a part of the army that fought against the sassanids and eventually destroyed this asset is and then and to me, this is one of the most profound moments of the sea or the entire was not the tsunami in the era of the Sahaba, I should say, because this happened after the death of the Sahaba. But to me, this incident, more than anything represents the quick and drastic change that took place that Selma not only radi Allahu taala and conquers beloved and found

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his Persia. He is then appointed the governor of telephone in Arabic is called the mme in which was the capital of the Persian Empire. And he eventually passes away in that city of telephone, he passes away in bilateral fighters. So some handle the look from where, to where, look how he began, and look how he ended. And Subhanallah the fact that this is a person who we're not going to see became the, the the Emperor because there is no Emperor, but he is ruling from the palace. He stayed in the palace, where was he living, he was living in the Palace of the Emperor. And the Palace of the Emperor was worse that author Juma was taking places given the whole tuba and that palace is

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still around to this day, we're gonna get there inshallah, next Wednesday, this is a long kind of obviously, it's not just one. So just imagine, you know, somebody who's growing up in a land and he knows this land is the pinnacle of civilization. And lo and behold, we behold before he dies, he becomes the ruler and the governor of that land. And he is ruling from the very bastion of power that he grew up seeing from afar, but not ever seeing inside he grew up hearing of, but never actually being a part of, and now with Islam, he comes in not only as a conqueror, but essentially as a ruler. And as far as we know as well. He is the only Sahabi, who was at one point in his life

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was Austrian, as far as we know, when our from our limited knowledge of the CRR no Sahabi in the time of the process of obviously as a so having the time to process them. No, so hubby was as Austrian other than him. Obviously, after the sassanid Empire is conquered, then the Zoroastrians convert and mass to Islam. And of course, Iran then becomes a land of Islam, and the Zoroastrians eventually flee and leave and they go to India, where they were called badasses, Pharisees, and to this day, their descendants are there. But the point is that in the time of the Prophet system, there were no Iranians Think about it. There is no Iranian in Arabia, other than Sandman and

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fantasy, so the only Sahabi who is

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Persian blood, Persian ethnicity speaking Farsi and at one point in his life as the recipient. Now obviously, technically, he did not convert to Islam from Zoroastrianism, as we all know, we're going to talk about today, he converted from Christianity. And there were a number of Sahaba, who converted from Christianity, at least five or six that we know that were Christian, including the most famous idea. Hatem was a very famous Christian, including i remember i das once upon a time we mentioned a deus Deus is who is our Deus? Yes. The one in thought if who gave him the grapes, right? I das was an adoptee from the new COVID tribe and he converted as well. So there are a handful of

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Christian converts. Not that many, not that many, my guesstimate would be less than half a dozen that we know for amongst the Sahaba meaning amongst the famous Sahaba. Obviously, we're not talking about the delegations and whatnot, that came and therefore, salmonella Farsi is one of those who converts as a Christian. Now, today inshallah will mention half of his story and then we'll continue next Wednesday and inshallah do some of his many many Hadid Casa modifiers. He has quite a lot of ahaadeeth and we'll do them in Shell the next Wednesday. What do we know about Sandman and fantasy pre Islam? We only know what he himself told us and Al Hamdulillah he narrated his story in quite a

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lot of detail in the first person to none other than Abdullah bin Ibis. So Abdullah bin Ibis, being the curious young man that he is, he's absorbing all of this information. So even our boss then narrates this tradition from Sandman and fantasy, and it is recorded in five or six pages of a hadith. It's not quite a hadith per se, because it's a man speaking, but it has the process of in it. So therefore, it becomes aspects of a hadith. And Sandman fallacy is narrating his story talked a little bit above it. This Hadith is found in Muslim Imam Muhammad is a very long Hadith. And based on this hadith basically all of the books about Solomon are written all of the narrations come about

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ceremonial Pharisees. So what do we know? And the basically today's class I'll be going over that Hadeeth and commenting on it. So in mountain forest, he was born in a village called G, G, or some say j, but most likely it is G. And he says that it is close to the city of orama, hormoz, Rama hormoz and brahma hormoz. It is still around today to this day. It is a city in modern day Iran. And there's around 80,000 people in the last census of tumblehome was a small little town and it is in the Who is this Stan province of Iran. Now in one narration, he says that he is from Isfahan. And this is problematic because his forehand is pretty far from Rama hormoz. So how do we reconcile this

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we say that perhaps he is telling somebody his forehand means like the capital or like some large city that is known to this person. Because rhombohedral was nobody knows. So he mentioned like New York or something, even though he's not from New York, because it's like, at least 100 miles away. So it's not that far, but at the same time, it's not in the vicinity. Allah knows best how we reconcile, but he in the first person, he says that he is from the village of G, which is outside of the town of Anoma homos, and he mentions that my father was a on the on is a Persian word that means landlord, okay, and if I'm not mistaken, is still in languages of Punjabi and whatnot. The current

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Pashto is still around, right. So this goes back to ancient Persia on and it means landlord right To this day, to this day admit landlord, so this term they have gone is very common in the books of history, Islamic history, it was a title. And it essentially is a serf, Lord, okay is a person who owns lots of land. And he then negotiates with the people to farm. And they'll, he'll get quite a lot, and they'll get a percentage. So he gets rich. And you know, the people work the land and whatnot. So his father was a rich man, on from outside of this village of GE, or in the village of GE, and he says that my father loved me more than anything else. So much so that he would keep me in

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the house, like little girls are kept, means don't go outside and be a young man just be inside, like little girls are kept. So nothing else to do. I continued excelling in worshipping in the Zoroastrian religion, there were the restaurants. And until I became the keeper of the fire, that is always kept alight, and I made sure it never went out. So his father being a rich man, and because he's not engaging in trade, he's not becoming a service, man. He's not doing anything. So what else is he going to do? He just goes to the temple keeps on going to the temple, until finally in the temple, they make him a very prestigious person. And that is the one who is

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is in charge of the fire. Now this isn't quite a priest, he has not gone to the Training School of the priests, but it is a priestly role. It is a category that is very, you know, very noble. And of course, in the Zoroastrian religion, you should all know, the policies are the only major religion of the world. That policies is what Indians call Zoroastrians, and they're the only remnants of Zoroastrians in our times. Really, there are no more Zoroastrians in Iran any more policy or footnote, there's a few left, but pretty much if you meet a Zoroastrian 99.9% of the time will be from India, okay. And the Indians called them policies because they're coming from Persia, forest

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policy. So they're called policies to this day. They're called policies. So the Zoroastrian religion is one of the oldest oldest religions of the world. And it goes back to the to stressor roster, and there are two stra it's very difficult to see what his real theology either was alumnos best Was he an actual prophet of Allah? Or was he just a philosopher like Buddha, or what not Allah knows best is difficult to say. But their belief is that there are two primary gods and they are the only religion in the world that believes in two gods, they're the only religion. Every other religion really believes in one major God, even Hindus, philosophical, even one God, ultimate God, the only

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religion that really believes that there are two actual all powerful Gods is the restaurant ism. And this makes it very atypical. And Allah knows best because of this my own inclination, it seems bizarre to think that it would have been a prophet that's a bit too much of a deviation, to go from one god to to all powerful gods.

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And of course, they believe in the God of good. Huda Mazda, and the God of evil and a man. And this world is a battle place between a Honda Mazda and a handyman, and judgment will come. When finally ahora Mas, the Congress overheard a man when the God of good Congress over the good or the God of evil, and for them, the God of good is represented by light. Light is not the God of good, the God of good is represented by light, and fire, fire. And the God of evil is represented by darkness and whatnot, it is representation, obviously, not an actual. And so when we say they worship the fire, technically, this is incorrect and a Zoroastrian would be insulted by this, they do not worship from

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their perspective, the fire, they view it as being an embodiment of our representation of God. And the fire for them is a sacred element, even in the house, even in the house, when you light a match, it is something that is a ritual or something that is a holy thing, meaning that it is something that is considered sacred, but they have a special type of fire, which is used in their temples and that fire, according to them, it goes back to the beginning of time, the fire that is found in the temples, it is a fire that has been lit from the beginning of time. And so every time they open up a new temple, they will light the fire of the temple from another temple, you cannot just take a match

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and go like this. Okay, they will light the fire of the temple from another temple. So believe it or not, I met as a historian convert

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to Islam, and I asked her about this issue, as like, how did you guys get the temple in America. So they had to commissioned a special plane to get a fire from a temple and bring it over here on extinguished, right. And they will keep it so that data is now then going to then be used to light a fire here. And then once the fire is anywhere here, then the other temples can be used from that fire. Understand, right. So that's the point of the fire being sacred. So send minded fighter sees his job is to keep the eternal flame going. So very big job. Okay, he is in charge of that flame, the one that they think is going back all the way so and to this day, their temples have a permanent

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fire in them to this day. That's the whole point. There's always going to be a type of fire. That is going to be I don't know, the technicalities of it, but that is their theology. So sent by the Pharisees in charge of this one day. He says my father became busy in some type of project or construction of the house. And he said to me, Son, you see that I'm preoccupied so I need you to go to such and such a land to bring the rent back okay. Generally set him I never did this. He was kept in the house because his father loved him so much. You can tell that he was one of those overprotective others right? You can tell very, very conservative, very rich you don't doesn't need

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his son to do it. But in this case, he goes, look, I'm really busy in this project. And obviously when it comes to large sums of money, you can't just send an employee

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You need to send flesh and blood. So he says to his son cell man, that well obviously we don't know his real name. That's another thing. So mine is his acquired name. One can assume that his original name was something like Sandman. Because when they would take their names salmaan was his name pre Islam. Okay, pre Islamic in Arabia. So the Arabs could call himself a man. So one can assume there are theories and I there's no point going down that there are a number of names given what might be a Persian equivalent of cinnamon. But the point is that

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Selman is his pre Islamic Arab name, but not his Persian name. Clear. So the pre Islamic Arab name is aerobicized from the Persian. So his father says to himself, man, whatever his name was, go and collect the rent from that from that area from that province, and do not be delayed get back before sunset, or else your delay will cause even more issues for me, for you are more beloved to me than all the property or land that I have. So he's very concerned about sentiment, he wants to protect him. So sentiment then goes to this other land. And he said, I happen to pass by a church. And I heard they're singing. And the singing means the hymns, we all know how they sound, we all know they

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have a very unique way of doing their chance, think of the Roman Catholic hymns, right? Because that's going back, going back all the way to that time. And they're there they have a way of worshipping that is in its own way very eccentric, and very,

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you know, it does have its own sonorous element to that singing. So I heard their hymns, and I entered to the church to see what they're doing. And he ends up spending the whole day in the church. And he said, I didn't go to my father's land, I didn't go collect the rent. So much. So my father sent out search parties to hunt for me.

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But he is now in the church, we can imagine he doesn't say it, we can imagine he's engaging in dialogue, asking questions, absorbing all that they're doing. And he then decides to convert because he says that I felt that their way of worshipping was better than ours. They're the absolute means not just were version, but overall, their religion and religiosity was better than ours. Okay, so he senses a truth in Christianity. And there is no question that Christianity is much closer to the concept of God ophira risala than Zoroastrians. From our perspective? Even modern day Christianity, how about Christianity 1500 years ago, once a man is talking, right, so the Christianity of

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Salmond's time is really the closest ones, we'll get to Islam. So he appreciated it, and he decided to convert. So he said to the Christians, where can I find the apostle of this Deen? Where's the author of this Dean? They told me be loud to shall be allowed to shine. Now notice here at this stage, we can assume he is a teenager, okay? Because the story is just beginning, baby, and his father would not have sent him to collect rent, unless the bare minimum is 15. Like 15 would be there, our 1819 Okay, the bare minimum was 1516 years old. So he's now going to do this chore for his father. So at this stage at the age of 15, and 16, he's not happy simply saying, Okay, let me

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become a Christian. He is saying, Where do I go to study the awesome of this team?

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Like Sal man is really and this is throughout the entire story. He is a seeker of Truth. He is somebody who's searching for much more than just a superficial understanding. I mean, can you imagine? Not only is it a new faith, not only he spends the whole day quizzing, interrogating, absorbing, then deciding to convert at that stage. He says, tell me, where do I find the source and the origin? What is the essence of this Deen that I can go study? So they told him be like the Sham Syria, which means Jerusalem and Damascus, all those as God. That's where that's where our origin is. That's where the Austin is. So when I returned home, my father rebuke me yamane Where have you

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gone? Where were you? You were delayed, I told you to come back immediately. And he told his father and this is the naivety of a teenager thinking that his father is going to side with him no matter what he does. So he tells his father that I passed by the church, a church and I was entranced with their religion, and I felt that their religion is better than our religion. So I want to enter their religion. What's gonna happen?

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Will you abandon our fate and the fate of our forefathers? Surely our fate is better than theirs, and a back and forth and mind glosses over it again. We can

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We can imagine, you know, shouting, yelling match what not until finally, when his father realizes he's going to convert, then his fault. He said, my father became scared for me. And he tied me up and put an iron chain on my legs

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tied me and made me a prisoner in the house, that you're not going to go back to the church. Now.

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One, let's pause here for a second. The year we don't know exactly. However, probably one can say, around the time of the birth of the Prophet system, or when the Prophet system as a young man, okay, one of the things about Selma, we don't know his age.

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And lots of Legends exist. Some say that he lived for 120 years. Some say 151 even says 300 years. And the moment that he says, I doubt all of this, most likely he died, Max 7075.

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And this is the fact that mythologies develop. And people make a small thing and make it much larger. And so the man takes on a mythical status, and some high level, we don't have any indications that he was somebody who was supernaturally long in living, it seems to be an older man. So by the time the province comes to Medina, he's maybe a little bit age wise, older, or maybe around the age, we don't know exactly, you know, for sure, he's not a young man. But at the time the processing came, he is still working in the date pumps, right, which indicates that he has physical strength to work as a manual labor, as we're gonna see. So maybe 60 years old at that time. So

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therefore, he is born roughly 550, let's see earliest to 560, which is roughly when you know, the Profit System is more so around this point in time, that we can assume that he is born. So what is happening in Persia, about Christianity? Very interesting point. This is not mentioned in the books of CEOs, because again, they're not looking at it the way that we are, the Westerners would look at it. From our perspective, what intrigues me, what type of Christianity is salmaan exposed to

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in the sixth century CE II, what Christianity exists in Persia, and a

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little bit of research indicates that in Persia, the only branch of Christianity that was flourishing was the branch that had been exiled by the mainstream Byzantine, Roman, you know, the the church which became Catholicism. Okay, I call it Neo Catholicism approach, oh, Catholicism? Basically, not Neo. It's proto, it's the original, original Catholicism. And that version of Christianity is called nestorian. Christianity, okay, in historians. And then historians, by the way, believe it or not, they're still around these days. There are a lot the historians, okay, because Iraq, is Iraq was Iran back then. Right. Back then the province of Iraq was within Iran. And

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the story and Christianity is the earliest sect of Christianity that is still alive to this day. The earliest sect, no sect that still exists, goes back before nestorian Christianity, and they were formed 450 BCE. That is 1600 years ago, that's when nestorianism is formed. You can't compare it with his Protestant Christianity, which is 200 500 years old, or even Catholic Christianity which split from orthodox 12th century 10th century CE II, right? So this Christianity is the earliest version of Christianity that is still around. And they have a very unique belief which is considered to be heretical by all other sects of Christianity. They believe that Jesus Christ has two distinct

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natures, fully human and fully divine. So Jesus is fully human, according to the historians, and he is eventually fully divine, and many amongst them believed in something that was called adoption ism, adoption ism as a Christian term, that means that Jesus was normal, fully human. Then God adopted him to be his son.

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You can see that this version of Christianity is definitely not anything like mainstream Christianity in our times. You can see why Jesus is a regular human born human, everything human at some point in time, according to again, obviously just like every federal car, they have shoes within them. So the main point of nestorian Christianity to this day is that Jesus has two natures. He is fully human. He has a

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human aspect, and distinct he's also divine, the way that modern Krishna say he is fully human and divine simultaneously. He has one nature one will, everything is one, they're saying two. And when you say two, you're saying there's an element that is fully human is a normal human being. Okay? And as you should all know, in, you know, by now you should all know this fact, the whole issue of early Christianity is defining Jesus and Jesus his relationship with God, how much human how much God, what percentage, how much will this and that the relationship, all of the isms for monophysite as diverse as the whole thing. So historians, they're definitely not Muslims, there are different than

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not more haidong. But one physical amongst them has a very interesting theology that, you know, it's, it's not Islamic, but it's definitely not Christian, the way Christians understand it. From our perspective, Jesus is human. And he's not biologically the Son of God. God at some point, adopts him. That's called adoption ism.

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And when he adopts him, then he becomes the Son of God, essentially, metaphorically. Now, obviously, this view is way better from our perspective than the Trinitarian view that is now common. So it's not a coincidence, we try to say what I'm trying to say is, it's not a coincidence that Sandman found people that had views that were very close to Islam, and they're protecting this thing, and they're going to get to Islam. So nestorius was a priest who died for 50. And he was declared a heretic. And you should all know that early Christianity is marked by a series of councils, the Council of Nicea, that council isn't that, and one of the most earliest councils that Council have

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Chelsea dawn and 451 seat. And in this council, they declared nestorianism to be a heresy. What does that mean, politically? If you are a historian, you must convert or die

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in the Roman lands in the Byzantine lands. So what did the followers of nestorius do? They fled? Where did they go?

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Iran, Persia, so they were came, they came to Persia century before settlement. And in Persia in Iran, they were allowed their faith, because the sassanids viewed them as being advantageous. Why?

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they are enemies of the church. They're enemies of the church. So that, you know, in those days, in those days, religious bigotry was the norm. If you were not a part of the faith tradition of the land, you weren't allowed to live there. So generally speaking, they wouldn't allow non religious, not people of other religions to come. In this case, the assassins welcomed them. And they allow them to have their churches and worship as long as they're not, you know, preaching one other. But why? Because they represent a, a threat to the church. Right, that the mainstream Church of Rome of visiting Empire, this is a federal court that considers them to be hermetic. So good, let's house

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them, let them come here, let them flourish here because there's no threat to us. We don't feel scared by them. And we can use them against their own people later on. Okay, now, obviously, what's going to happen in 100 years, forget your own people, you become Iranian in blood and marriage and looks and what this what happens is the reality of, you know, intermingling, and whatnot. So this is one segment and fantasy is now coming to the picture. And it is very clear when you hear the story of Selma, that this group of historians, their teachers, their connections, their knowledge, even their gospels, in their books, is totally separate from the other churches and again, us Muslims,

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many of us are very, very unaware of Christian history, and not that I'm an expert in and far from it. I'm not an expert. But one of the things we should all know is that again, in the early in these early years, all the groups are writing their own Gospels. All the groups have their own holy books, there is no one coroner of the Christians. There is the gospel according to this, according to that, according to this, well, at one point in time, there are hundreds of according to us, right? It was only by essentially, you know, church decree and whatnot that the four were chosen. Those four were chosen based upon, do they conform to our theology is not the other way around. Right? They were

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chosen based upon this is our belief, the Nicene Creed, which of the Gospels conforms to our creed, and the others will be destroyed. That's the way they decided it's not the other way around. So others were destroyed. Point is one can imagine the historian churches have preserved statements of Isa. This we know for a fact because of what we're going to read, and they have preserved gospels that are other

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Known to their Western counterparts, and this is a loss other than Selma now gets access to this group of people. Okay, so back to our story here. So Simon is chained up. So he sends them a message, which means that like any rich person, he has his employees, he has his servants. He has his people that love him, and will do things for him as a favor. He sends a message to the church, telling them what happens. And he says, when there is a caravan that's going to Syria, tell me, which means I want to leave my parents house, I want to go to Syria. When they arrived, he gets the message. So he says, tell me right before they depart, so right before he they depart.

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He hears of their departure, and he gets rid of the chains and shackles, which again indicates that he was there just to please his father. He doesn't have another plan. He cannot run anywhere he is a Persian, or is he going to go? He can't go anywhere unless he leaves Persia. So he gets rid of the chain shackles. And he joins this Syrian caravan to go back to be led to sham. Now where did they go in Sham we do not know. We can assume Jerusalem. We can assume, if not Jerusalem, Damascus, these were the two major cities have shot. These are the two bastions of Christianity at the time, that he might have found what he wanted to, but we don't know he doesn't give us the city's name. So he said

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when I arrived, I asked for the greatest scholar that they had. So they informed me of the patriarch of the land. So now so Pinilla from Persia, he now gets to, if not the most, but one of the most powerful and influential Christians alive at that time. Okay. And so he goes to the patriarchs, so that you can imagine the patriarch of the city, you can imagine a person that have great power and influence, and informs him of his story. So that patriarch allowed me to live in the monastery. In those days, if you dedicated your life to the church, basically, the church would then take care of your food and drink and you could live and you become a monk, you become a hermit, basically, or a

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monk, you become a priest, so they will take care of you. And in return, you will basically service them. So he allowed me to basically enter the church. Now, this allowance, this entry, essentially gave him entry to any other church after that, because once you're dedicated to the life of service, right, so you can then go from any church, and this is what a lot of that was that one of the most powerful people alive, gave him that status that he needed is acceptance into church service. Because once you're in that track, then essentially you can transfer to any church, which is what he's going to do. And it was Allah. And Allah works in ways that will never understand that this

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powerful man, he needed the powerful man to get him in. But Sandman and Pharisees said, This man proved to be an evil man.

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This man proved to be an evil man, he would order the people to give charity, and then he would hide it and eat it himself.

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He would steal the people's wealth. And he had amassed seven chests of gold and silver. And he was an evil that whatever else Evil One can imagine, you know, typical, as we can imagine, okay? And powerless Allah, that this evil man was needed, because he was the most powerful person, and Sandman needed to get into the system. And that person had the power to do it, even if he wasn't good overall. And when he died, they came to bury him and Selma and said, Do you know the reality of this man? They said, what he said, that he would ask you to give charity and yet he would keep it himself. They said, Do you have any proof of this, he said, I will show you where all the money is

00:34:02 --> 00:34:34

kept. Now, if you're a man of the church, to this day, by the way, to this day, everything you earn you give to the church, if you are if you have dedicated your life as a priest to the Catholic or what not to any of the orders that editing or any order that you have the Jesuits any order, you have to give everything you earn to the church, and then the church you will have to justify this is my rent this is so then you get back, whatever you need to live. And I know this because my own advisor was a Jesuit

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

minister what not to do, and he actually told me this that every paycheck that he got, it goes there, then what he needs, he comes back, and he has to write every expensive is that his own money that he earned, it goes there, then it comes back what is needed, the rest all goes to the church, okay, so no church person can amass a wealth

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

Right. This is in the classical system. These days, some of the richest people in america are pastors and televangelists, right? They have their martial law, private jets and planes martial. That's about a cola. And they think that that is their service. So, point being that he showed them the gold, seven chests of golden silver. And it's clear that this is a man who would tell them to give to the poor, and he would then take their wealth and eat it himself. And so they became so enraged, they said, We will never bury his body. And they put him on a cross as a dead man. And they stoned him as a dead man. Okay. And so Pamela, this was his first priest. And this was the largest

00:35:43 --> 00:36:36

church of the city that he was in. And it also shows us when we seek Allah's refuge, every single religion has its hypocrites and sinners in their ranks of their clergy, were asked for refuge and said, I'm an ask Allah for his loss. But this is the reality and it also shows us, no one likes a hypocrite. No one likes a hypocrite when they are the villa. So when they discovered the reality of this man, they then made a better job of choosing his successor. And this was all a lesson. Right? So Sandman and Pharisees said, they then chose somebody. I swear, I have never seen anyone who doesn't pray five times more righteous than him, meaning no Muslim, apart from Muslims, no non

00:36:36 --> 00:37:14

Muslim I have met with ever righteous than him. That's what he's trying to say. Okay. Leave aside the Muslims. Anybody in my life before meeting the righteous Muslims, I have never met somebody more righteous than him. And when I was a gal, and I had that, but if you look at some other faith traditions, and who they chose to be their leader without mentioning specific names, but scandals are taking place in their version of their, their teachings, and they are desperate for legitimacy, so they choose somebody that seems to be far better than his predecessors, were judged by outer appearance, right. This is the reality that when the corruption becomes so bad, and rock bottom,

00:37:15 --> 00:38:04

they need to salvage genuine bona fide religiosity. And this shows us sincerity shines through even amongst builders of copper. You can be sincere as a coffered guys, you can be sincere as a coffee, and that sincerity, because it is sincere, it shines through. So when this guy turned out to be so corrupt, they did a really good job. And they got somebody who even said, man says, in my whole life, before coming to Islam, I've never met somebody better than him. And he was not greedy of this world at all. And he desired the earth era. And he was more upright than anybody I have met all day, all night, he was was stuck to him, he was a person straight in his character. And this is true

00:38:04 --> 00:38:44

Allah as origin mentions in the Quran, that there are those of the Kitab that have that characteristic that they have. They have, and this is before the coming of Islam. So we hope good for his teacher at this point in time, he seems to be a genuine, good believing person. And again, it shows us that true religiosity, it brings out this love in people. Look how much Solomon said that, in fact, he said that I have never loved anyone, at that time in my life more than him. Like obviously, before meeting the Prophet system. I have never loved anyone more than I loved him. So this shows as well, that real religiosity, it shines and it brings people's hearts. When his death

00:38:44 --> 00:39:12

came on his deathbed, I went to him and I said, you know my situation, and you know how I came here. And now by the author of a law, you are leaving this world. So what do you advise that I do? So the man said, Yeah, boy, I don't know anybody in this city. That is upon what I am upon other than one friend of mine in Mosul, Muslim in Iraq, in Mosul.

00:39:14 --> 00:40:00

And the people have changed, and the people have altered and the people have destroyed, so go to that man. So it's very clear what this priest is saying. And this priest wherever he came from, he is being brought to Jerusalem as a very high position. And in this holy city, he is saying, the people have changed religion, and the people have altered the religion of Jesus and the people have destroyed so there are Christians at this time. They see what's going on with the council's they see the destruction of the books, they see the turning away, and they are fully aware. And this is what a lot of xojo says they change the Kadima and they know it

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

Right, your headphone cable homie, Ida moon, they know it Allah says in the Quran. These days, one can say the Christians don't know, they don't understand when it is happening, the righteous Christians see it. And so Solomon's teacher is one of them. And this also shows us as well. And we're going to see this again, throughout all of his teachers, that his version of Christianity and the teachers version, even though nestorianism was a sect, within nestorianism, whatever this teacher is upon a smaller sect, it's almost gone. So he's saying in this land,

00:40:35 --> 00:41:22

there's people are gone, go to somewhere else, go to Muslim. And so he then went to Mosul, and he went to the church there, the man that was supposed to be there, and I stayed there as long as Allah allowed me to stay. Same question when I was about to die. I asked him the question, Where should I go? So he said, My son, I do not have anybody following our understanding me and my Sahib, other than a man in Nazi been and Nazi been is the English was a mischievous, mischievous, so go to him. So I went to him told my story. So now we have the so we have the initial church guy, then we have the righteous man, that we have the Mosul now we have new cvghm, who are already on number four now.

00:41:22 --> 00:42:00

Okay. So realize in these days, as I said, once you're in the track, to go to another monastery, at least your food and drink is provided, so he doesn't have to worry about money. And that's the color of Allah that He met the corrupt patriarch, because he got in when it wouldn't have been the easiest thing to get in. The corrupt guy, despite his corruption was powerful. So he wrote him the letter to get him in, one sees in house, now he's a priest, or he's a monk or whatever his track is, and not he can go to all of these monasteries, and transfer within the system. So where does he go? It is called this service. And this service is in modern Turkey, close to the Syrian border. And this

00:42:00 --> 00:42:45

service actually has a very, very rich heritage. And I did my research about this city as well. And it seems as if this service was a bastion of early Christianity, and one of the earliest churches of the world is still found there. To this day, one of the most ancient churches, it is called the Church of St. Jacob. And this saint Jacob lived 200 years before Sandman, he is one of the signatories of the Council of Nicea. So this guy is one of the big guys, St. Jacob, and he then dies in this abyss. And his church then became the most famous Church of that region, you can imagine, he's one of the signatories of, of the of the Council of Nicea. And it became a place of learning as

00:42:45 --> 00:43:28

well. So there would be priests who would teach, and some say it is one of the first Christian seminaries in the world. This is during the time of sound, mind and fantasy. So I put one plus one together, this is not found in other books, as much data, it could be wrong, I put one plus one together in the year 500, to 600. This abyss was a bastion of Christian theology. And this church of St. Jacob was where lots of priests would come and teach other Christians. And I find it very reasonable to believe that the man mentioned would have been one of these people. That goes, there's a mountain in Muslim in this service, excuse me, who is upon this theology go to him. So Allah knows

00:43:28 --> 00:44:10

best. It might even be the Church of St. Jacob. And unbelievably, the Church of St. Jacob is still at least two three rooms of it are standing to this day, because it was built in the glory period. And you know, very magnificent structure. And so so panela, if what I'm saying is possibly correct, maybe even the very rooms and chambers, as a matter of fact he lived in could still be standing to this day, there are pictures, you can go online, the Church of St. Jacob in nisibis, Turkey, and this church is visited by Christian pilgrims because it is one of the oldest churches in the world that is still standing, it goes back to 400 ce II. So think about that, okay, 400 z, it goes back.

00:44:10 --> 00:44:21

So when Selma is visiting it, right, this is the biggest Church of nisibis. Without a doubt, it is the most famous Church of nisibis. And it is the church where there's lots of famous

00:44:22 --> 00:45:00

intellectuals and thinkers, it makes sense that the person that is being mentioned, because these people are a typical, these people are not sheep. These people are thinkers, the people that's in mind is meeting, they're rising above the flock. And typically speaking those people, they are the profound thinkers, the intellectuals, they're not just going with the flow. So Allah knows best. This is my theory. It could be that he is at this church of St. Jacob. And therefore he goes to this service and the same story. He goes there for a few years. This is for the guy now. When he's about to die, he tells said man tells him, you know my story, the person

00:45:00 --> 00:45:25

I was signed to send me to Soren. So he sent me the song so now he sent me to you. Now you're at your deathbed. Where should I go? So the the priest says, I swear to you, I don't know of anybody of our group left, except somebody in a moody number five, no. Okay, I'm moody. I'm moody is an English, memoriam, memoriam. So go to our Maria go to memoriam and

00:45:27 --> 00:45:35

memoriam. Again, I looked up as much as we can, not much that we know about this city. But one point before we get to the city, one point.

00:45:37 --> 00:46:21

There must be at this point in time, there must be a few 100, you know, at least maybe 100 million Christians or something, if not more, at this point in time. And of them, the vast majority are pro Catholic, Roman Catholic, okay. And the fact that said man is meeting not only, you know, the remnants of the stories, but then within that sect, he's meeting people that are essentially on a theology that is absolutely unique. Literally, each one is saying, I only know one guy that we're still believing in, until finally he gets to the one guy that will lead him to the Prophet lism. The question that I asked you is, How on earth did he end up with those five people that are on that

00:46:21 --> 00:46:28

theology? And what this shows us, when you are sincere, Allah will guide you.

00:46:29 --> 00:46:36

When you want hedaya, then a billion people might be wrong, you'll find the one person who's right.

00:46:37 --> 00:47:05

This is the blessings of sincerity and helaas and tawakkol. When we had to work out a logging for high school, whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah will find a way out for him and provide for him from places he never expected. And so he goes now to memoriam and memoriam. It was a famous town in the Byzantine times it was built in the in the early Hellenistic period. When I looked up about it, you know, the famous

00:47:06 --> 00:47:32

ASCII opera SOPs, fables Aesop's fable, fable, as your posts from this town of memoriam, the famous Hellenistic philosopher, and memoriam was a fortress town that protected Constantinople. So Constantinople was surrounded by towns all around it many distances away. And Amaury moves, very heavily guarded fortress To this day, the fortress is still there, but the city has long been, has long been

00:47:33 --> 00:48:18

abandoned, when Wow, we have our Maui halifa first attacked the Byzantine Empire. Remember, we talked about this or talked about the earlier years, when while we first detect the Byzantine Empire, he attacked memoriam. And he was not successful. So he couldn't get to Constantinople. Because again, he didn't conquer continent when he attacked it. So he got to a memorial, and he attacked me. So that shows you again, the so a Mauryan is basically up north between the Arab lands and Constantinople. Now, why did Sandman end up there, because he has to get down to Arabia. So Allah 's origin is sending him to an outpost, another land in the middle of nowhere, but it's close

00:48:18 --> 00:49:09

to the Arab peninsula. So all of us hotter, all Alaska. So now Solomon ends up In Memoriam, and his six teacher is there. And here he lives for a while. So we can assume now he's 4050 years old at the bare minimum. And he says that now, I actually acquired wealth. So now he's living a good life, he acquired wealth, he owns cows and sheep. And basically he became a man of some property. And now once again, his six teacher is about to pass away. And so he asked the same question. Now at this time, you need to ask yourself, why is he asking the same question over and over again? I mean, he must have graduated from the School of Christianity. Right? He wants to finish like whatever studies

00:49:09 --> 00:49:24

he needed to do, right? Because what was the first one he was? 15 is like, Where is the muscle? I want to go, Greg, I want to go study. Okay, he's gotten his bachelor's, master's, three PhDs. Now, how much is he going to study? But see, this shows us who salmaan is.

00:49:25 --> 00:50:00

salmaan is a seeker. And the seeker always wants more knowledge. He's never satisfied at this stage. There is no question. So the man could have had his own patriarchy. He could have opened up his own shop. He could have just gone independent. He has earned that right because he's been in the service of senior figures across but he's not interested in the power. He wants knowledge at this stage. He still hasn't heard of a profit coming. So he's not searching for a profit. So then why is he going from teacher to teacher to teacher because a truly humble man, the

00:50:00 --> 00:50:32

Not one to limelight. A truly humble man wants to always benefit from those more knowledgeable than him. A person who wants to learn will always want to teacher and a person who wants to be in the spiritual ambience will find a spiritual guide. So this also shows us again, the importance of being in the company of righteous the importance of studying with the people of knowledge. Now, his sixth teacher finally opens up the door to the Promised Land of the prophecy. What is the sixth teacher say? He says, Yeah, boy named My dear son.

00:50:34 --> 00:50:45

No one is left, as far as I know, doing what we used to do. Our understanding is gone. from the face of the earth out of watching out

00:50:46 --> 00:51:21

pause, your this shows us how various sects of Christianity disappeared, one after the other. Okay, people knew that this is a very small understanding. They might know one or two or three people that have a similar understanding, and then that's it is gone. early Christianity saw hundreds of different fiddle coins, and they were not supported by the dynasty by Rome. Catholicism is the official Roman Christianity understand this right. Catholic Christianity was called the kingly Christians, right.

00:51:23 --> 00:52:04

mukhiya and the Sadhguru key It was called right, literally the kingley Christians Why? Why did Catholicism because it becomes dominant, because the the Office of the Emperor supported it. Constantine supported it, the other versions of Christianity, they're going to dwindle away. And that's why To this day, the story and Christianity is hardly anything, I think maybe less than 50,000 are left, right. Coptic Christianity survived because it was in Egypt, and then the Muslims came and protected the cops. If the Muslims had not come, even Coptic Christianity would be gone. The Muslims came and because of that Coptic Christianity is still around in India, which is another

00:52:04 --> 00:52:27

early non Catholic version of Christianity. Other than that, the coptics that historians and then you have the Maronites, the three versions of Christianity, other than that, all of them and all three were in our Muslim lands. By the way, it's not a coincidence. All three were an Arab Muslim lands, because the Muslims really didn't care which version of Christianity you followed. And ironically, it was Muslims who protected these

00:52:29 --> 00:52:48

rather extreme understandings of Russia's not extreme but a typical understanding of Christianity. So the sixth guy, what is the sixth guy tell him, he says to him, I don't know anybody in the whole world that is still following our understanding. But you are now close to the time of the prophet who will be sent with the religion of Avalon.

00:52:50 --> 00:53:13

So we know that in this version of Christianity, there is mention of a prophet who is linked primarily with input to him, which is interesting, because Risa lamb is talking about a profit that is Abrahamic and not a profit that is, when he is happy, when he

00:53:14 --> 00:54:01

when he is wrong in right. So he must be telling some of his followers about a prophet that is Abrahamic. And this means non bunnies, half bunnies, right? Because they wouldn't mention Ibrahim unless it was of that nature. So he says, This man says, He shall come from he shall emerge from a land he emigrated to it's not his motherland. It's not the land that gave birth to him. He left his land he emigrated to a land and he shall be based in a land that is not his. Okay, so this is one of his signs. One of his signs is that he is preaching Abraham's message, one of his signs, his land will not be the land that he was born in, he has migrated to it, and he will be based in that land.

00:54:01 --> 00:54:18

And what is the description of that land. It is a land of dates and date palms out of Lukla, lots of date palms, in between two planes of volcanic rocks. Now this is we all know the city of Medina.

00:54:19 --> 00:55:00

And there is no doubt and this isn't a hadith in Muslim environment. There is no doubt therefore, in our minds as Muslims, that at least 70 Imodium is telling these signs to some of his disciples. He's predicting right as Allah says in the Quran, one mobis Shira Umberto soudan Yeah, team and by the way, this isn't the Quran, there's going to be a prophet, his name is going to be Ahmed. So there are signs that Lisa left with his followers, and these are some of those signs. Then the mall says to sell man and the clear cut idea that you should recognize him by. These are a shout out there's a yacht that you will recognize.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:06

And by our three number one, he will not accept SATA.

00:55:07 --> 00:55:09

Number two, he will accept his idea.

00:55:10 --> 00:55:22

And number three, there is hotter manure on his back. These are the three things that you must test him with. Number one, now Yeah, Kota Sadako.

00:55:23 --> 00:55:37

But number two he couldn't do. And number three, there's going to be the hotter manabu. When you see the hotter maneuver, you will recognize it. He didn't describe it. Okay, he did not describe it. Now. These signs

00:55:39 --> 00:56:01

are reported from other people as well in the Sierra. And that's why we are certain that our Isa or the solo artist set up told some of his followers so when we did the CML, we mentioned the emissary from heraclius that came and visited him into book and that emissary his name was

00:56:02 --> 00:56:04

the emissaries name was

00:56:07 --> 00:56:08


00:56:18 --> 00:56:19

Are they for steak? Or the

00:56:20 --> 00:56:23

the emissaries name was not no one.

00:56:25 --> 00:56:28

But he was known as the one from 10. No.

00:56:30 --> 00:56:33

10 No, he, okay. To know.

00:56:34 --> 00:56:57

Yes. Our note taker is taking good notes. Michelle is a watercolor. But Google isn't working today apparently on his notes. The one from 10 No, 10. No, he, okay, the one from attorno. Do you remember his story guys at the naukri iraklia sent him with signs, and one of those signs was

00:56:58 --> 00:57:15

seal. Now here is the point salmaan has never met heraclius. Sandman is not living in Constantine in Constantinople as he's not living in the Roman lands. salmaan has a whole different track of Christianity.

00:57:17 --> 00:57:36

Yet still, Sandman is being told by somebody right? In some small city, in the middle of nowhere. This is one of his science. And we learned from the heady that hierarchically is contacted one of the most learned clergy,

00:57:37 --> 00:57:52

one of the most learned clergy of Constantinople, Istanbul at that time, to get the signs of prophethood. And that man gave some signs, one of them was the seal. So without a doubt, therefore,

00:57:54 --> 00:57:56

there's some connection,

00:57:57 --> 00:58:37

whether it's the same person, or the same tree, right? Or maybe even, maybe even some knowledge that was kept secret, except to some groups of people, and it was then lost over time. But there's no denying that this knowledge was mentioned by Jesus Christ Himself reasonably volume. So this man dies. and sell man is now left without a ship, without a teacher. And Selma wants to get now to a land he has no idea where it is. He has no idea which land Even it is in. Let's see here is Allah.

00:58:38 --> 00:59:26

Allah, Allah azza wa jal has willed that he now ends up in this a moody city, right, which doesn't even it's a small little camp. I mean, literally off the map. All of this is a loss of what is our Moriah It is the first stopping station for the Arabs. So Panama will law he looked at a lot of other from where, to where, to where, to where now, he doesn't know where to go. So in this fortress city, a Arab Christian tribe called the Balu cult, and yes, kind of like the cut, they will call the club. Because in those days, pre Islamic days, that kind of was considered to be like a fierce fighter. Right? So some tribes viewed the club in a positive way. And so they would call somebody

00:59:26 --> 00:59:41

can so the founder of the club tribe was called tell by the way all of his brothers were also named after animals much older to particular. So one of them is a wolf. One of them is an eagle, so you have like all of the Caleb's brothers, and he called the guy called all of his sons animals.

00:59:42 --> 00:59:54

That doesn't sound very good, but he called other sons animals. So one of them was called Kevin, and then that founded the new kind of tribe, okay in the bedroom calibers of taccone tribe, from the bedroom and by the way from the bedroom

00:59:55 --> 01:00:00

is the famous Sahabi all of you know his name but none

01:00:00 --> 01:00:03

Have you is registering now who is from the famous tribe of guys?

01:00:04 --> 01:00:07

The famous tribe of ketapang who exactly who is he?

01:00:09 --> 01:00:09

Which one

01:00:10 --> 01:00:18

you know him the word a very good Mashallah. Mashallah. And I wonder why you remember him?

01:00:20 --> 01:01:07

Is there a connection you feel with is like the one that jubilees used to resemble the here I'll kalbi there's the curb right there. The Hill Kelby right, by the way is a they've been had it was also from the tribe. The adopted sons are in the same house so so the blue color go come by and sell man is asking every tribe where they're from descriptions. The Bernal Caleb described a land most likely it's in the to book region, most likely because that's where they were up there. And they said lots of dates and whatnot. There are no dates and I'm moodier. Okay, so the first tribe that mentions dates, said man's bells start ringing. And he says, Look, this is all that I have the

01:01:07 --> 01:01:13

goats, the cows, the sheaves this all that I have. I'll sell them to you, if you take me to your land.

01:01:14 --> 01:01:55

So part of this was a lot harder to get him to this little nondescript Village. Okay. So the Bonnaroo kind of took all of that property. And he said, as soon as we got to word the Cora which is in Jordan are right under Arab land. soon as we got to why the hora, they tied me up. they deceive me, backstab me and they sold me as a slave. And this was the standard issue the dangers of that era. There is no civilization. That's what you understand. We have to understand the tribe, your tribe is going to protect you. If that were to have happened to another person. Then when as soon as it reaches the tribe, the tribe is going to attack How dare you do that? That's the law of Jamelia.

01:01:55 --> 01:02:38

There is no international law there is no 911 government that's the problem segment is a stranger what's going to happen. So there's no safety and security. Now what we really notice here, this Hello, one thing when I was reading this, there's a famous Hadith in Sahih Muslim, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said How I wish I could see my brother in my echo. And the Sahaba said, jasola aren't we your brothers? And he said, No, you are my us hab on Tomas hobby. You are not my brothers, my brothers are those who will come after me. And they would wish to sell all of their possessions just to see me.

01:02:40 --> 01:03:32

manner fallacy quite literally sold everything he had on the desire to see the prophecies and even though he had never heard about him, yet, does even know who he is. Look at what level of love that sell man had for the stranger he has not even met yet too willing to sell his whole life and then to literally become a slave, he became a slave. And as you know, he was then sold into slavery as the bundle to the bundle or either somebody from the bundle or either purchases him. Now another thing that we notice over here is that once again, no more. Seba is a mostly about if you have tawakkol in a law no mostly but is able Siva. If you have true tawakkol in a law, the worst disaster is really a

01:03:32 --> 01:04:22

blessing in disguise. If you have even use of being sold into slavery, he would not have become the minister had that not happened salmaan being sold into slavery, he would never have ended up to be one of the most famous Sahaba if this had not happened. No one is a loser. If that person puts his amount and trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. So Sandman is sold into slavery. And as a direct result of that, as we know, he ends up in Medina because who did the Baruchel sell him to the barnacle sold him to basically somebody, it actually he went through somebody from the hood, and then this yahudi sold him somebody from the bundle provider, so it was actually double, okay, so it wasn't one step

01:04:22 --> 01:04:47

even then. So after six teachers, now he becomes a slave to two people. He goes to one yahudi within sells into another one of the Bernal Cordova. So now finally he ends up in Medina and he says, As soon as I saw Medina, to your country, I had your theme. This was the land that had been described to me.

01:04:48 --> 01:04:59

So before even the coming of the professor said and he knows a lot is watching out for him. And a lot and this is again what we expect from somebody with strong EMR. And he then

01:05:00 --> 01:05:15

comes to Medina happily. And he says that, once upon a load of beautiful narration here, he said that I became happy, even though the condition I was in should not have been one of happiness. Do you understand what he's saying here?

01:05:16 --> 01:05:21

And it will lie what he meant. What email, he's a slave.

01:05:22 --> 01:06:06

And he says, who would be happy being a slave, but he goes looking at the land of Medina. I became happy, even though my situation was not one of happiness. This shows us the strength is a man even before he had real he man this is a man that is raw that is coming from a loss blessing without even having heard Islam. And so in sha Allah, Allah here on this melodramatic anticlimax, this sheherazade moment here my shoulder dibala color for those who got that one. We will pause over here and then we shall resume isn't it either next Wednesday, Sandman story from Medina and we might even have to go three weeks I don't know because Emma has a lot of ideas and he's also very interesting

01:06:06 --> 01:06:09

ideas as well. We'll see inshallah Allah Xhosa knows best inshallah, we'll pause over here.

In this two part video, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi attempts to unravel the life of Salman Al Farsi RA who was a Persian Sahabi.

We get acquainted with Salman RA biography and his early life as a Zoroastrian and his tryst with Christianity and his conversion to Christianity.

It is just amazing and mind boggling to discover and this is even contemplated upon as to how a boy who grew up in the pinnacle of Persian power and rule would eventually fight against the same Persian people from the Muslim army. Moreover, he is appointed the governor of Madaain and we realise he has now the bastion of power which he had once only seen from far. Allah’s Qadr outdoes everything we can and would have imagined.

We also get to know how Salman RA yearned to meet the Prophet ﷺ and which lands him on the land of Amuriyah where the Banu Kalb cheated on their promise and he is sold off as a slave to the nephew of Banu Qurayza. He eventually lands in Medina and he says he is overjoyed at the sight of this city of the Prophet ﷺ.

Do listen to the next part in the series to explore the happenings on Salman Al Farsi RA ultimate wish to see the Prophet ﷺ.

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