The Final Days Of Hajj

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The speakers discuss the history and cultural significance of Afghanistan, including the importance of completing the Hajj before leaving to avoid embarrassment and visiting the region of execution for spiritual reasons. They also mention a path for massages and a beautiful street path in Paris. The segment touches on the importance of visiting the grave of the Prophet Muhammad sallam for a better virtue and the presence of a dormant volcano inbs of the valley. The speakers also discuss burials for the deceased and the importance of staying in the graveyard for comfort.

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They combine to offer to offer a further worth of product. So one tawaf, desulfurizing for both, if they need to do site as well to do site as well if they haven't done it before that so whatever actually left for them to finish their Hajj and complete their Hajj, this is the time for them to do that before they leave. Because one study of colors candelas over. Now, for those of you here, who hadn't done the old hair, and the Cabana and you still would like to do it You have until tomorrow sundown. So if anyone wants to do it here, you still have the time to do it until sundown shallow talent you could do it online, you could do it yourself go to the farms or another very empty and

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you're gonna purchase and then just do that in shallow water code. That's very crucial. Very important you have to do so. Now, when the hedgehog if any of the hijackers decided to stay longer, let's say somebody with a mental overload,

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and then they decided you know what, I'm gonna stay and shallow data a little bit more, two hours, three hours, five hours, six hours. If they stay too long, then they need to do it all over again. The reason why because the professor says after I had to accumulate the I had to come Bill

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Yanni combative, Emeka will bite and make the last thing you do is to do to off or this do visit the house of Allah subhanaw taala and Mecca. So the last thing you do is you do tawaf and then you leave, if you can.

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Now where did they go? Some people they come back home, other people they go to Jeddah they go anywhere else they want. What about Medina? Is it mandatory to visit Medina as part of the rites of Hajj? Like if you don't visit Medina will hatch the bill valid? The answer is absolutely Of course. Visiting Medina has nothing to do with the validity of Hydra Rama it's of course his virtue in it. Because it's the home of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Muslim the visa lesson was there which there is a virtue over praise the missionaries Salah Salem, they have the reward for 1000 salah the many virtues from an interview Salatu was ceremony, but it's not. It's not mandatory, and it's no

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obligation to visit the city of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam when people go to Medina, what do they do? What's the thing that he could do in Medina? Now in terms of the religious aspect of being in Medina, the Sunnah is of course the visit that the masjid Nabi SallAllahu Sallam that's the purpose to go visit Miss interview Salah Salem you pray that if you can catch a moment to go into a router, and you pray there in a router, which is a special place imaginary Salah Salem the professor says my Veena member you have at RADA, Maria lagenda between my member and my house there is a garden from from from Jana over that like you go there and you register yourself and that registry

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of the people who be hopefully in genuine shelter barakaatuh also in terms of spirituality,

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of course being in Medina and the salah Salem pray as many as you can you come to the masjid frequently, as many times as you can for every Salah you pray there's there's 1000 times reward. Another virtue that you visited Medina for as measured Koba. And the Prophet SAW was I'm used to visit Cuba almost every Saturday. So the water loss Ramadi and he goes to the price to record for that because that was the first measure that was ever established in the city of Rasulullah. His salvato lie was the Romani

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their historical sites that you should visit their Medina, such as the, the Battle of location, which is where the name of the mountain forehead itself, and the shahada are also buried over there. Like is that mandatory? You have to do that? No, listen, it's just for historical reason. You go there to make dua for the for the shahada, you just witnessed the place and just kind of like, imagine how it looked like back then at the time of the prophets, Allah salah, there is the word conduct took place as well. Massages Saba as they call them, you can visit that now mashallah they have made something interesting about visiting Kedah, there is actually an entire path. pedestrian

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path for Mazda NaVi Salah Salem all the way to much of Koba very beautiful Parisian path actually takes about 45 minutes or so, to 50 minutes to walk that path. Those have been with the camera with us for you remember that walk. My show was so beautiful. During the night we were walking together after a shot Mashallah. And the place is alive, like there's a lot of stores around a lot of people around. And it just is a beautiful experience to do that shallow Tara

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from the other places you could visit magenta in Avista law of Salem. You could you could go actually to some other historical location where the territory of the Jewish community used to be there some of the some of the water wells that existed within tend to be at the time so a lot of lows family. And there is one thing that's interesting that so many people don't know about actually a volcano, a dormant volcano in Medina.

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that cause destruction tumors in the Salah Salem more than about probably maybe 100 years ago, which was registered books of history. The lava was all over the place. And it's dormant right now it's like dead. So if you want to go and check it out at your own risk, the one it's not a big one is a small one. But it's still it's something that not so many people know about that exists in Medina. Yeah, it has volcanoes, activists, Pamela. So there are many things you could do in Medina and abyssal Obatala was Rahmani but there is nothing better than spending your time in the masjid. Make some TA and declare and just reflecting on the beautiful life of the prophets of Allah Allah wa

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sallam. What about visiting the grave of the Prophet sallallahu sallam? No doubt when you come in Sahaba of the Lord Ramadan they used to actually do that like

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Dr. RAMANI did that. Mr Dara della Terra Nevada so when they came they go to the grave of the prophets of Allah Salah and they give salam salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Koba Casa de la Monica on photo and that's it nothing more. You're not going to make their to to make dua for him because he doesn't need your DUA so the lotto Salah and you're not going to make dua there because otherwise gonna have a better virtue no because you make it I make glad to Allah subhanaw taala anywhere you want but differently vision the giver of the prophets of Allah Salah you know when he first arrived in Medina

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out of other requests as well to should be okay in shallow water Kota Allah, how about a lot there that a lot of dead

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bodies every single day goes there Subhanallah for burial. If you get a chance, go ahead, witness that you will see the simplicity of the graveyard in Medina. Now not everybody who's buried there, which is the irony. Many people they call genital bacteria.

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Gemma everybody's buried there

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has not been genuine. Don't call it generic. Okay. It's just a cemetery. Okay, that's it. Why? Because again, even when Africa were buried, there are some of the prophets.

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And until this day, God knows who was buried in the grave and in the cemetery. Yes, there are some of the confirmed Sahaba are buried there. Like when I showed the ultra grave is there no doubt about our errors there are the Lanois confirmed, even though they some people they can tell you which one is the grave, but Allahu Allah, we're not sure about that. So the virtue is just to visit the grave that the cemetery make the DUA like the purposes of death for the deceased, and reflect on the matter of death. That's it. There is no more virtue more than that. So may Allah subhanaw taala give us all the opportunity to visit the house of Allah azza wa jal in Mecca, and visit the city of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us to do that you're a Brahmin, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to accept them the judge their Haji Allah, we ask Allah to forgive them their sins and shortcomings and give them hygiene marudhara Brahmin will ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to send them back home safely or Brahman and give us all the opportunity to be there for hygienic Syria Allah We ask Allah subhana wa jetset from us our our Arafa our aid or revive our TA and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada way. He gave us the opportunity that we got up to the masjid that one day we got it together and Mazel haram and MACURA Bananaman imaginable abuse of the

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law they will sell them an agenda for dosa with the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Azza Masada handled him a little bit Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam o Baraka, Mohamed

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Salah coulomb and

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we're going to continue inshallah until after tomorrow the last time we do it after salah and the rest of it is for you to do that. until sundown inshallah.