Yaser Birjas – Seeking Steadfastness to the End

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The Bible's influence on surah stories and the K everywhere movement's use of " Easter" to cover up the loss of everything has caused anxiety in public speaking. The K everywhere movement's use of " Easter" to cover up the loss of everything and the return of the Galatians have led to the return of Jesus Christ and the Galatians' return. The segment also touches on the return of the Galatians and their upcoming return of the Galatians.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Bara kind of you know Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira to mama bad.

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Another dua from the Quran that we have in solotaroff Chapter Seven Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why am I attempting women and men big Rabina Allah merger Aetna Robina Africa Allah in our sovereign water of Muslim in the translation Allah subhanaw taala saying and you do not

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and you, you do not resent us except because we believed in the science of our Lord when they came to us, our Lord and that's our Lord, pour upon us patience and let us die as Muslims in submission to you. So this is more of like, remaining steadfast till the end until the last breath will regardless of what we go through in our lives, we always ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to keep us true, to remain steadfast, and stay genuine to this message until the last breath to understand the ayah we also need to put into the right perspective and the right context. This is Allah subhanho wa taala. He is speaking about the story of Musa Ali Salaam and Harun and the story of Musa and the

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ground is one of the most repeated Surah of the Quran. One of the most repeated Surah stories of the Quran, why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala made very strong parallels between us and Benny Israel. You can find a new sorbitol Bacara in France, surah Taha sutra Kasasa Neville, almost in every Surah almost every major surah you will find the mention of Musa and frown. As if it's a reminder for us the believers, we might fall into the Phantom footsteps of Bani Israel, how they failed the mission, how Allah subhanho wa Taala he warned them against doing that. And they failed that mission that Allah has given them. He's warning us not to follow the

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follow up to the footstep of Bani Israel. That's why it was repeated frequently. And he sort of the route off, there's an extended mention of the story of Bani Israel came to the point where Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that the scenario or the scene where Musa stands before for round, and he asked him to present his evidence as proofs, which he does, and he throws his staff, it becomes a big snake. And he puts his hand in his in his, in his bosom comes out bright. And that's when they frown. He goes, You know what?

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This is serious.

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And he asked the people around them, what do you suggest, says now the Phil Phil, Phil muda in a hatchery, called all the magicians, the sorcerer's that you know, have in your town in your country, let them come and meet this man and defeat them. So they did. Some of them have a certain they say they were about 40,000 people, some they say 80,000 People now exaggerate the numbers, probably. But they're definitely definitely were not a small number. It was a huge, massive number. And, of course, at the time of that, that time, when people come from all villages also keep in mind, that major talent the people of Egypt and North Africa at that time, they were known for as what is

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magic, sorcery. So they always you know, have those tricks and so forth a very common thing that they had so which was which is why Allah subhanaw taala he brought them a miracle that will transcend above their tricks and their magic. Something that they would never do, no matter how much they master the skill. They can never do what Allah Subhana Allah has given mo Salah Salam of these miracles. So when they came to turn around, they start negotiating with fram says what do we what are we gonna get it for when he goes you will get everything just when it when it for me, and you will get to be the Mikado, Robin among the closest, the closest entourage I'll keep you the

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favorite. And then when they were stood before Musa alayhis salam

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and they were ready and they announced at the front of the public that in nebulosity round by the by the grace by the status of around by the honor of around by the you know the glory of around we shall win this. Then they turn the masalas reminisce brother on color man Toka Monica Hanuman cream, what do you want to do? They want us to start you want to start so Musa he said card Alko now you begin, show me your tricks. So they throw everything down there and Allah subhanho wa Taala describe what they've what they've done. And what they have done was what definitely something that even more salad CERAM I will just say, men who prefer to Musa Musa human being when he saw all these tricks,

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he himself had some kind of like, he was worried a little bit.

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And that's natural, no matter how strong you are in your image and your your proofs and so on. It is natural to have that sense of anxiety. The other day I was speaking

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with some public speakers on the on the subject of stage fright, so he was asked by somebody, he was asked, Do you have stage fright when you go speak on public? He goes, No, I never. I said that's dangerous.

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He was what I mean. I said if you don't have stage fright, naturally stage fright. I mean you're gonna you're gonna falter. You're gonna stumble big time, because you will, you will be overconfident. Sometimes you're going to make mistakes. It was it's natural that you have that sense of fright. But once you stand on the stage, and you start speaking, abysmal, it's all gone. So most allies, maybe had that stage fright in a moment. With all this as Allah's promises about their magic called for Sahara in a nurse, they tricked the eyes of the people. What does that exactly mean? They brought what optical illusion.

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Many people see things differently, not the way they're supposed to be. So Musa when he saw that Allah subhanaw taala, ordered Musa alayhis salam. Al is a term you now do you do your miracle? Throw that miracle to them.

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So Musa alayhis salam he through the staff, Allah Subhan Allah says in the ayah Carlo hyena Ilan Musa LTSR. With Sparta Musa just throw your stuff. fader here telco familiar if you go and start eating and collecting everything, throw it on the ground. They collected everything.

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And as we were watching that, Allah's process will work I'll help help the truth was established because all that magic is gone. All this all the ropes and sticks and tricks. They're all now disappeared from the ground. The only thing left on the ground is what the staff of Musa or the snake that was going there called for holy Boone Alico and Colombo salary, they were defeated miserably.

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When Columbus already they were humiliated in front of the public because they were bragging about themselves and showing themselves in order to be the masters of the skill and everything. And now in an instant, they were all everything was gone completely. Karl we're all clear Sahara to surgeon and Allah subhanaw taala. And speaking about the response of the magicians and the socialists, all KSR decided and they dropped he said they dropped in sujood instantly.

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Palu Amana gerbil al Amin, we believe in the Lord of the world.

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They did not even know how to call him.

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They didn't even know how they don't have the name yet. How to call Allah subhana wa Donna, but they said we believe in the Lord of the Worlds called Robbie Musa Harun the Lord that moves on her own call for

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we don't know what they call him. But whoever that God that Musa and her and her own are calling for, we believe in Ankara. Like basically what they were doing is absolute submission, instant submission to the word of Allah subhana wa Taala in that moment for call Carla Serrano enough round is a politician obviously a smart guy. When he saw himself in trouble, oh my god. I mean, these are the guys have called everybody to come and watch them. They're going to now give me the support. They're gonna give me victory. And now in front of the public, they're embarrassing me. He has to do something about it. It was a clever politician. So he stood up immediately. And he goes, Carla, I

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meant to be a cobbler and other local. How dare you believe in him before I give you the permission. Like I need to judge I need to be the judge. Not you. another ayat Allah Subhan. Speak about for island. He says ah, in Nola. Kabira Conradie. Allah mahkamah. Sir, you got your plot in this somewhere else. He's your master. He's your headmaster. He was teaching him all these tricks. And you just doing this in public right now. So you can deceive this. You know what we know your trick right now. We're not gonna believe you.

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And the people of each of the time what did they do?

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They said, Yeah, you're right, you're right. First off Acoma, Fatah, Al Anon kind of common philosophy. They listen to him. They obeyed Him because they themselves they wanted to believe

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because they don't believe in the most that's gonna change their lifestyle. But believing him around we stay where we are. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that and he says God in the heart that I'm a chroma key to move will Medina that's a plotting that you've done before. The two clergymen Allah so you can change our ways. Curl for sofa Tala Moon, I shall show you I'll warn you. And then he mentioned their punishment, color or cotton idea commercial commercial. If you show you're going to be crucified. You're going to have your hands and your legs cut. You're going to be crucified on the trunks of these palm trees, called the model Salima can open mine and you're gonna do this to

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you. Then what do you expect the response of these people? We talked about 1000s of them right? What the response you expect from these people? No, no, no, we change your mind we change your mind. No. They said Carl in a lot of banana Malibu. That's fine. Because we know we're gonna go back to overload. Now you

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in other Ira said louder. That's not going to harm us. Because now we know the truth about Allah subhana wa Subhanallah This is it.

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The Absolute example of perfect conviction and belief,

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like from pursuing the dunya and in the in the glorious moment of their time of their career, you are presented before the Pharaoh before the entire population of Egypt. It was a festivity that they brought everybody in the middle of the day. So there was no no doubt about what you see with your eyes. So it was their highest moment of their career, certainly for pursuing the pleasure of the Pharaoh to now abandoning everything forgetting about everything and willing to die and suffer the pain because no doubt they saw the truth. They're just an example of how strong P how strong and Eman can be in the hearts of people. And we all hope and wish our Ema is that level of demand. Not

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that we are the biller We ask Allah to inflict any pain upon us or any trial like this. But to give us the belief, the strength of Eman that these magician they had in that moment. They said we don't care because we're never going to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and they said well mr. Tonko Mina, Allah and I'm gonna be robbing Allah, masha Allah. Why, why you want to do this? Is it because we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and the sound that came to us from Allah azza wa jal after it became very clear for us, it's clear, there is no doubt in it for us. Then they made the DUA that we all would love to say, and we live in shallow data to make it part of our life. Carlota Birna our

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Lord, now this weekend to Allah subhanho wa taala. Africa, Alena sobre. Like we are not going to change the outcome. He's going to kill us. He's going to torture us. We're going to have to suffer. We ask you that you put patients upon us now Yeah, Allah showers with patients so we can endure that pain without without returning back to our old ways. Robina Africa, Elena sovereign, whatever phenom muslimin and keep us steadfast until the end.

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You know, Allah keep us steadfast, keep us Muslim in those who submit to you until the last breath. So Allah subhanho wa Taala made them an example for the world like look at us for 1000s of years later, we are reading their stories. And we mentioned them as what among the first believers, the first believers in the message of Musa alayhis salam of that may Allah subhana wa Taala reward them general Brahmin. So let's repeat that Dr. Together and Sharla Zildjian Robina

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Ephorate Allah in sobre la, whatever phenom muslimin

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Robina Ephorate Isla in our sobre

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what our Muslim in

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Urbana Afrezza Allah in our sobre

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what often muslimin

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Robina if Diana

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webinar co Mina will help

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antiviral fatty Hain

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Rabbana lotta Jana Malecon Malala mean

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Robina the alumna and fusina

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while lambda for Lana. What are Hamner then Hakuna nominal ha serene

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Robina origina Manhattan Hill Korea.

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Allah Allah may Allah Allah

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wa Alana Milla dunka Walia

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watch our Lana min lagoon canal sera

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Robina ma Calacatta Harada Bartylla

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Subhanak Sakina either Banagher

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Robina in Nikka min to detail inner

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fucka the zeta when aluminium and unsolved

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Robina in an SME Anna monad Ian you know the real Eman

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and Amin Obiora become

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for mana Robina for learner don't Obinna

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look I've run say attina

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What often I'm algebra

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Tina Marwat Allah Rasool ik

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well to Xena yo multi ama

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in Nicola TOEFL Mian.

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Robina Furlanetto nobuna

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was Rafi and Marina

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was a bit Aqua Domina

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one sadhana Allah Coleman, Catherine

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Robina man Bhima and Zelt

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what Ivana Rasool

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facto guna Masha Helene

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Taco Bell Mina in Cantus semi Alim

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Allahumma inna now the bigger whether Rihanna min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Rabbana have Alana mill lagoon cada Rio Tinto Yeva

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in NACA semi or da

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Allahumma Marechal molk.

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To the milkman, Tasha

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Wattens Uriel mole common man, Tasha.

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What's your resume and Tasha?

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What are the low man Tasha

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biomedical hire

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in a Kyla coalition career?

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Today July 11

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We're today June Hara lane.

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We're talking to Jill Hi MNL made

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we're talking to Jill may you terminal Hi.

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What are the commands Russia will be ready hey Sal

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Robina in Montana

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for Lana don't

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walk in other than not

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rob BANA la coluna.

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But it had Atena

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will have a learner mill Doom Kurama.

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In the hub

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of Ghana, in Africa Jimena nas

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laomi Lara Buffy

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in Nicola to coloful me at

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Robina Santa Ana Atlanta

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have run Accra Ghana.

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For electrical merci

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Robina LA to hidden in Siena of Tanana.

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Robina wala Tamil Allah inna Israa

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Kemah Hamilton who

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are the naman COVID Inna

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Robina wala to her Milna Mala ta catalana

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wa for Anna I work for Lana for HANA and Tamela Anna from SORNA Adela co mil Catherine

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Robina. Africa Elena sobre

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was a bit after Domina

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one Sona RL calm and Catherine

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Robina Tina dunya hacer una

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Villa para hacer una

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Joaquina other Banagher

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in LA we're in LA Rajon

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Allah majorna famously Bettina.

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Waterkloof Lana, hi Ramona. Rob BANA Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta semi rallyin

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Robina wha Jalna Muslimeen allOK

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women the RIA Tina

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Omata Muslim at aluk

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Arena Amana Sequana

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whatever Allah inna

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in Naka entered the wobbel Rahim

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Rabbana wa jal fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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attic while you are living al Kitab I will hikma

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while US Akina in Naka analyzes will Hakeem

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Robina Asia al hurdle Bella Amina

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was zoeken Amina Thammarat

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wa Hello, man I'm and I'm in home Billa he will Yeoman Arthur

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Allahu Medina Siddhartha musta team

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serata Latina Ananda Allah him.

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Viral Moldova I am

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one of gollin,

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Spanner Colombo Hamlet ASHA has to sell our equipment a lot


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