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The Story of Yousuf – Why is it the Best of them all?

Post Taraweeh talk at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.


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alameen wa sallahu wa salam o Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Mama, but honestly, I don't even know where to start from, would come to you and given the scotter for tonight, just listening to Surah Yusuf. It's unbelievable. And he ever wondered why Allah subhanho wa Taala called the story, as it all costs us the best of all stories. Ever wondered why?

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When you read the story, did you focus on anything else other than just you know, enjoying the events? You know why the sort of use of our Instagram is the best of all stories. There are many, many reasons for that. But one of the things not to make any resemblance. Usually when people watch movies, watch TV series, whatever that is, and so on what is the most enjoyable TV series or even movies that people watch? Usually, whenever they say, based on a true story, it becomes more intriguing. Because that's when you realize, also this is real. Like, wow, this is how it happened. historical events, and when you read the story of use of arrays of all the events that he had to go

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through when he was young, when he was in captivity, when he became into the he came into the palace, and when he became came to prison. And then he came out of prison. We met with his brothers and he went back against halala all these events. Can you believe it? These are real events.

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It's not just imagination and drama. This is real. Everything that you need to sort of use on Instagram is real. Allah subhanho wa Taala says nanako Sonic Arsenal cos we recite to you we narrate to your Mohammed, we give you basically to the people to narrate to them the best of all stories. I was wondering, what is so unique about it that you think about sort of use of La Salaam to say why would it be the best stories? How long? I noticed one thing in particular, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the word Asan mercy and mercy Nene in Surah, Yusuf Alayhi, Salam multiple times,

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multiple times, and the word acid or sun and the Arabic language means what is human perfection is perfection. This whole creation was based on what sun perfection, our life supposed to be all based on what sun, Allah subhana wa Taala even said at the beginning of sort of the sort of terroir of Surat Al mulk. The watercolor the beautiful moon Chua, who Allah kulesza did, Allah, Allah Cal Mota will hyah he who created life and death Leah blue aku, au Khun, Asana Amara to try you and test you who is going to be as anomala the meaning of X anomala most perfect in their good deeds. So this whole purpose of this creation to see who is going to be the most achieving and desert perfection

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and their good deeds. So that's the first thing we know about the creation. Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to reward you gentlemen for a dose of Allah based on that as one, the reward will be in accordance to your good deeds. That's why Allah subhana wa Salatu Rahman, when he mentioned two sets of jannette a high level Jenna VIP, Jenna, and you know for the other group of gentlemen, for the people for the masses.

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He said at the end of describing the first two genders, he said subhana wa Taala hanza. Son elanda. Son, what do you expect the reward for perfection out of them perfection.

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You bring me back perfect good deeds, I'll be bringing you the perfect reward. The most perfect and everything that last part gives you is actually perfect. But that's in Hollywood come to standards come to life zone. It's a whole different level. Yusuf Alayhi Salam Allah Subhana says about the story is the best story accidental causes the most perfect story you will ever read in your life. When it comes to look at it as literature and that sense, I'm not going to cover that part. But you will, you'll be amazed. It will blow your mind away Subhanallah how amazing how perfect that story in terms of just as a student studying it as a story as literature. You will be amazed the beginning

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of the story, the plot, the climax, and then going again to other issues all the way to the end. And you will have different scenes and the transition between the scenes the loss of power does bring in it is amazing. The beginning of the story is even amazing and a lot didn't speak about usable who was born and what happened to him as a no no. It's just like a random position. We think it's random position in the life of user by restaurant, but that was the beginning of his life.

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It's just like if you think of it as as a scene, you just zooming into from the sky zoom into the house of your food. You just zoom in through the window to the house of you have cook in the morning Jaco was doing something whatever he was doing. His young boy comes to him. Yeah, Betty. Yeah, but the Indira Hadassah cabin was shumsa will come right to him. Lisa Judy. My father, my father, Baba Baba. I've seen my dream I saw such and such I saw in my dream that a shamsul Kamara said that the planets you know all these planets and all the sun and moon did their prostrating before me. He wasn't

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Very young at the time. Where do you know that he was young? Because in the story, Allah subhana wa in the eye a lot repeated the word right twice. Which means I saw I've seen it was repeated twice. Why is that because when kids speak, they repeat themselves a lot.

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You know when child says baba baba Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, you know, you know, I saw and i and i so repeat themselves multiple times show you how young they are, how young he was when he was bringing that sort of his dad, my father, my father, Baba, Baba Baba, you know, I saw my dream that I that the planets and the sun and the sun and the moon. And I saw them, the ultimate constituent for me. Repeating that shows you how young he was and how kind of like, hopeful and bring in that news. But then you expect to bring that dream to your dad, you that will be very excited. Wow, this is awesome. So beautiful. Why don't you go and throw it? Why don't you go something? No, no, no, his

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father told him, don't you ever tell your brothers?

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How depressing that moment is?

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How depressing that moment is when your own father tells you don't tell your brothers. I'm afraid the shaitaan is clever, and is going to turn them against you. Please keep it for yourself.

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How could I have a little kid keep it for himself that Long's panela. But then the story moves on.

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He didn't commit anything wrong. He was just a little kid going out with his brothers, who were plotting against him. But he didn't know he was going with him anyway. And then somehow was being so hopeful and thinking about the event and the story, his brothers are getting so much, you know, it's a tense moment. Some of them are hesitant. Some of them are not happy with what they're going to be doing some of the food that they bullied by the other brothers and siblings and so on. But then still use it was going having fun or expecting to have fun, only to be betrayed by his own brothers, his own brothers.

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And it could imagine the scene in the event. Probably he tried to find you know, hope in any one of them. Like calling them My name is Dr. Phil and for trying to go to the older one and to the middle one. And maybe the one was young, right older than him. But everybody just basically kind of like, left him on his own. And then he was put into that war room. He was put there early ceram as a young boy, of course, moments, what do you expect from a young child? It was taken into captivity, he was sent to Egypt, strange land, strange culture, strange language, far away from his family, peoples. They say, why didn't he tell them that he lives somewhere over there? Come on, you want to go back

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again to the same brothers who just about to kill you. It was young, for him to be in this uncertainty, uncertainty of going away with these people to strangers, than going to the certainty of death with his brothers. So he left he said they're in Egypt. And all of this he kept going and asked how long until he was put in a test that he wasn't even prepared for probably at least has it has nothing to do with it. His tests his tests with that lady. And then he was put in prison because of all the ladies of Egypt, probably the elite, you know of Egypt because of what Moses crime for which he was put in prison. He was handsome

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as he was too handsome.

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That was his crime.

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So why would you put someone in jail because he's handsome. You know, I remember sometimes just recently, if you guys remember in the news, there was a lady who was unfortunately she was a teacher. And she was assaulted one of the kids in school, you know, sexual assault, and she was put in prison. Her attorney was was his his case in the court say that she cannot be in prison because she's too beautiful for you know, for prison. That was one of his points. That she's too beautiful. She's so gorgeous to be in prison. Can you believe that?

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I think is that is that I would have used that that attorney for a while back then probably. But the point is usually Sam went through this as well. And then he got into prison.

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What are you gonna do anyway? Have nothing to do? Nothing to lose. So he stayed there. Then these two young men they saw him they say can we see you man, she's such a good guy. We have these dreams. So he gave them the interpretation of the dreams. And then when he thought one of them is going to survive, he said, Hey, don't forget about me.

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Could you please tell your your Lord when you leave about my case, he might get me out of it. That young man left and he forgot about use of like everybody does right? Out of sight loss. And that's it. So use Valley ceram he was probably hopeful every moment he hears the keys. The keys actually the only kind of shaking when the doors open. What is in his heart and his mind.

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set amount for me how long he stayed like this a very long time before he gave up and it's been four years.

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More years after that, until Allah Subhana brought him back out from that prison. And even when the king went to send for him, What did he say? He said, No. Ask him first, about these women who cut their hands. Why did they do that for now, someone in his position he doesn't have that even privilege of even arguing with the king. Like they couldn't who would say What, sir? Excuse me? Who did they kill himself? Keep him there forever.

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But instead he said, No, no, no, I'm not gonna live like this. That didn't bring my innocence out first. And they brought him out.

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And then Allah subhana wa testes from being prisoner for being now the man who's in charge of the treasury of the of the world at the time, Egypt.

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All was in his hand a fitna greater than being in prison.

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But all of this until his brothers came, and he has a moment of revenge against them. But he didn't. And He forgive them. So all of this that I mentioned to you now is just kind of like different chapters of the story. But all of this goes back to the same principle why the story is the festival because the the main theme of the story is not about use of going to prison, fighting his brothers fighting his desires, or that women chasing him out. This is not the means to the man actual purpose of the story was about his loss of power that said, like, we have left a bra that can cause him ever to live album. We've lived examples will prove the science for those who reflect and the story of

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use of La Salaam is all about Sun

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is all about grace, in all events and aspects of life. Show me where in the sort of use of Allah is will you see us if it is acting, immoral, irrational, in a radical way, or whatever that is, in whatever position in life show me where

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in every moment of his life

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when he was young, when he was young, look how Allah describes him when he was still in the house of the man of Egypt.

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He said a lot of highly about him. kavala Marbella should do it now. hookman were Elma Okay, that you can assume

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that when he reached Willa Bella should when he reached that age, that youthful age, meaning being a teenager right now, or a young adults, Allah says, We gave him hope Manoir Ella Bella should though he became aged puberty, he reaches a should, which means that strength, the physical strength of a young man, Allah gave him two things that you need to in order for you to survive the atrocities of life. hoekman Elma, good judgment and knowledge,

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good judgment and knowledge. Just being smart. doesn't mean you're going to make the right decisions. You to have wisdom on that. So I gave him the knowledge and the wisdom by which he would rule the right way. And Allah says about him. This is that's how we, you know, we take my son in when he was in prison. When he was in prison, these two young men, they saw him what'd he say about him? Can you please help us interpret our dreams in an Akuma machine? We see you as

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someone who Mashallah like you have a perfect, perfect martial law, you know, any character?

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And then that was when he was in prison. Why would a person in prison be display a good character Gemma? Why? What are you getting out of it? But it's a standard,

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the standard of law of manners. And then when his brothers came, and he pleaded with his younger brother as they arrived, and he kept his brother with him. He kept his brother with him somehow look before he kept the brother with him. When he told him listen, you my brother took care of your brother. Don't worry about it. I'll take care of you. And then he went and he pulled that whatever they're actually they were hiding the seal the seal or the or the cup, whatever, when he took it from his luggage because you see it's with him. What did they say in the face of use of LSM color as a pocket silica, Holloman carbon, you know, if he stole it, you know, like his own brother. He had a

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brother before he did the same thing to say get in his face. They never forgot about us, even though he's probably in their mind. He was dead.

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But they never forgot that grudge they held against you the values that I'm using could have taken that moment against him right away. But he says no, no, no, you know what, until Sharon McKenna that's not he's gonna dismiss that. But then later on, when they came to him, and they said, Carla, you are Aziz.

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Aziz, please, in Hello, Evan Schaffer. He has an old man his father's an old man

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in America, please keep one of us instead of him in an era kannamma cillian. We find you to be my son.

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Though this was said to him when he became the head of Egypt, Treasurer of Egypt when he was rich and wealth.

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And it was said to him when he was in prison, he had absolutely nothing.

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There is an evidence that when it comes to character

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and manners, it doesn't change.

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circumstances would not change who you are.

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It might change what you are a prisoner, a leader, a king, but should never change who you are.

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It should always be the same as Alex MSM standard. And it's for that reason. Towards the end, it was also mentioned again, that he was from the person in whom Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the theme of sand in the story views about Islam. So for those who say, You don't know my family, I don't have to know your family. But I know you've dealt with them with their son.

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While you don't know my fitna that I go through at work over these people this use of dealt with it with a son. You know, Chef, you know money, it's fitness, blah, blah, blah, use have dealt with it with their son, Power Authority, exploiting people and this and that. He dealt with it with a son. You think of whatever fitna, whatever try that you dealt with and you didn't want it used was Elisa dealt with it with a son. The whole story is about a son. Make sure that you always maintain that same standard of character who you are doesn't change what you are might change, but who you are, will always mean that perfect standard with some knowledge of how to make your mother ma Senora

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Bella lemon, Sara Marie como de la vaca.

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These are the way to remember this