Optimism in Times of Hardship

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People feeling lost.

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There's so many things going on, overwhelmed with weather, with feelings with emotions due to the flooding of information. And many of it unfortunately, negative. It's because of that people are feeling that that feeling of despair.

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And even as some other Muslim organization trying to uplift the spirits of people by bringing them home, especially when we have so many so many events happening right and left to help the people in Ranga in Syria, and now what we see also in philistinism,

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people are calling right now to watch what's going on in the world. SubhanAllah people are being killed, protesters are being killed there and has and no one really there's over talk about it.

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bombing gonna have program and celebration of health school in Afghanistan, that kills 10s and 10s of young fathers and the day of their celebration. And it doesn't even reach the news, unless you have a private access some social media events and so on more of these events, it's making people feel what's going on in the world. And for us, Muslims living in America, the same thing to watching the news. And once the presidency is actually presented to us, and then everything is unfolding. And now people worrying about the economy, as we see now the economic war being between America and China. A lot of people are wondering, is it the end of time? That is the many questions I've been

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asked. In that convention, people asked me, is it time?

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I mean, what do you mean by Is it time? What are you what are you asking? Exactly? Like, I don't know. Are you asking because it's a time for you to start repenting to Allah zona stop, you know, the foolishness you're doing in your life? Are you telling me this is time because now you realize that's exactly what's going to happen? Probably the jail is coming out very soon. What is it that we need to worry about in regard to this issue? Obviously, many people they feel disheartened. And is wondering this are wondering matter and also law. What is that victory that that aid and help that's going to come from Allah subhanho wa Taala exactly the same question that I have already allotted on

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the Ask the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in times of difficulty, times of hardship, when they were surrounded by the non believers, and they thought that this is it, their hearts reach their throats, it is so hard so difficult to comprehend. SubhanAllah and then they asked the question, which each and every one has in their mind and their hearts have been this question. Matter Nasrullah. Where is that victory? Where is that eight is gonna come from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Paula, it is during a time like this. Then in terms of difficulty and hardship, optimism is the attitude of the believer, and specifically the MBR and sudo use of Allah subhanho wa Taala, towards the end of the

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surah mentioning, you know, how the events in the life of use of La Salaam were unfolding, obviously in almost every step of the way of his life, hardships after hardship after hardship trial after trial after trial. I mean, somehow look at the life of use of Allah, his Salaam, one single trial that he gone through, is sufficient to break his spirit.

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His family abandoned him his own brothers were about to kill him when he was young, committed no crimes panela. And then when he when he was just minding his own business and doing his thing, these ladies were around him and surrounding him with a fitna, and he said no to them, and they end up in jail because of that, for what no crime that he committed other than being handsome.

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And then in these in these years he spent in jail, completely forgotten. And when he had that single hope when that man he was leaving, he said, Don't forget to mention mute your master and out of joy and happiness, and now forgetting about user values surround collaborative decision velocity, and he stayed for a few years more and more years in prison for no crime that he's committed.

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Looking at the trials of use of allies around one after the other one after the other one Subhanallah even one of those trials, maybe not so many people pay attention to is when he when he when he saw his brothers, and he was able to take revenge on them. Now that's a trial.

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If you have the power in your hand, what are you going to do with it?

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Are you going to exercise justice? Are you gonna exercise power regardless fair or not fair? And he is used to fuel controlling himself and even when he made that plot with his younger brother, and he pulled that measure that measurement from his from his luggage, the same thing his brothers talked about use of in his face, not nothing he was used in yesterday for kosaka Holloman cabin if he did that he thought he had a brother from before did something similar to that?

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So even in that moment, he thought maybe they learned the lesson but they didn't. That's a trial that's fitness him handler and emotional fitness for use of Allah His Salaam, but you could in every moment in his life in his spirit in exactly his story. It breaks the spirit. But still, he was always he was always optimistic. Allah has sought to

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Salaam Allah azza wa jal in conclusion of surah Yusuf, he says, had it as a as a Rasul hotta estate as a Rasul when the messengers feel this fear desperation when they when they despair or at least they think the spirit the becoming desperate from their people that they will believe or listen to them hotta is a pseudo pseudo unknown unknown coup and they now they have the feeling and they think that they've been you know, that people that the false hood is becoming stronger and stronger. So now the feeling What's going on? Like know how a solid 950 years given down 950 years, and he continued doing dour and then a lot of them That's it, don't worry about them. No one else is gonna

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believe besides those who already believe. And that's when you know,

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that Allah Subhana Allah to destroy the you know, the disbelievers. But the point is that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal telling us that when the MBR is that moment, when we reach that moment, when we think that there is no hope, after this, Allah subhanaw taala says, Jo na sana, that's when the aid and the support comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. For no gmN Nasha then we give support and help to whomever we will, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that not everybody is going to receive it is going to be selective, people will be tried, those who deserve to be given will be will take that victory, while ireduva Suna and COVID, which remain on our backs, which means the

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punishment will not be averted from this believers and the criminals, Allah subhana wa said to the believers,

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what are you? No,

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don't be disheartened. Don't feel down one tool alone, because you have the upper hand in consuming it, but there's a condition for it. If you truly have faith,

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in quantum augmenting, if your faith is strong, you don't see dispersion anywhere, even times of trials becomes terms of strength. Why? Because this is when great achievements happen.

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When people see that everything is okay and Hamdulillah, prosperity, safety and peace and so on whatever you do is going to be diluted. No one pay attention to it because it's not something unique. But at times of trials and hardships, that's when great achievements are counted. And this is the moment when we start feeling down we start feeling that there is nothing much we could do. This is when you realize there is a lot that you can only do so much. And you will be among those whom Allah selected menasha those who have been selected in order to produce that higher and give that hope and be optimistic, you know, in terms of difficulties and hardship. You see when it comes

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to to being optimistic, it's a personal decision. It's a personal thing really. Because look at us about a salon in the middle of the prison

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for a crime, he doesn't even know what he committed, What crime did you commit unless that was Sir, I'm still in terms of hardship and difficulty like that. He was so gracious. He was so good with the people that these young two young men when they came to him with their dreams, what did they say them? Could you please help us interpret our dream in an IRA covenant, my sin, we see you such a very good man

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in terms of difficulty and hardship to display the best of luck and the best man optimistic. So it's a personal decision. You could feel bad, you could feel you know, challenge. And you could see that this is the opportunity for me to do the best and shall allow the water Katana The second thing about being optimistic is it has to show in your in your heart and your manners. And also in your appearance. I mean, you need to be shining all the time. You need to be need to be physically fit, working in a pile and active and doing whatever you can do. Because many people when they feel this, but what do they do they withdraw.

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They withdraw and they just like why why bother? Why do you have to do this? So they just kind of like withdraw and just disappear from the life from love other people and not facing the challenge. And so No, this is the time we need to come out.

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I'm about to hop on one day he saw a man who was walking, looking down and his shoulders are chicken a falling down as well. Like his arms, arching his back. And he stopped him he says what's wrong with you? Are you sick or something? Are you sick or something's going on? Corolla? No, nothing. So he understood from him that he was acting so humble, you know, because he doesn't want to be kind of like show his his a bad as righteousness. And so it was like humbling himself. And I'm proud of him. della was appalled as a thought, like you call this humbleness. He raised his staff over his head. And he told him the walk straight there for a sec Raise your head. And I want you to square your

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shoulder and work when you walk, walk firm. Otherwise, I'm going to beat you up.

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And he told me he said to me to Elena, Dina don't cause our Dean to die for us.

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Law don't make your dean withdraw like this with your personal withdrawal.

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That no one will be left to display the meaning of being Muslim, being righteous and doing that which is good. Especially in time when we see that somewhat so many of the righteous people, and so many of the martial law those are all that hold on to the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they would like and they're proud of who they are as Muslims and the display, they're a better sister their hijab, Mashallah. And as they're walking around, you know, many people in time like this, they're withdrawing.

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And we're seeing a lot of people even in the heart of the Muslim land, in Mecca and Medina and the land, we see that even they're given up on their religious heritage completely in time like this, people are wondering, Why do I have to do it then. But that's exactly when you need to do it the most. Because this is one time of difficulties and you bring Islam out for people to see. That is when you show how strong you are, and how optimistic that people can seem shallow, who are taller. And one simple message I would like to give on this issue is at least at least one of the way we display our confidence and optimism in times of hardship and difficulty is through a student of the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam and that is smiling. smiling. It's a positive attitude. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was smiling all the time as your man and not smiling doesn't make you any serious. Really. Many people think smiling is going to make you know kind of be look silly and people not take you seriously and so forth. While they are there is time for you to smile and laugh and there's also time for you to cry. And we for the sake of Allah zildjian another time to be firm. Remember chef, Mo loud Allah He says, lay seminal work or laser laser Memorial, Marathi, aloha chlorophyll Bustan. He says it's not a sign of Marula like Cheverly, some sort of trivially to be any keeping

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your guards up in Al Bustan. Al Bustan is just like in the park. What does it mean when you'd be in the park? in the park, you're in public with the people, you just drop your guards down and enjoy time with your family and other people and so on. That's the meaning of it to being in the park. He says, lay seminal Walker, you shouldn't be keeping your guards up when you're with the people in a very kind of like spontaneous gathering and so on. Meaning relax, enjoy your time, even in times of hardship and difficulty. People still need someone who will cheer them up. be among those who give them home. But please follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and smile. Smile it's

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sooner as a prophet Allah sensitive Asuka yada yada when you smile in the face of your brother and sister, it's a charity.

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We see that concept of our attitude of optimism from the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and all his aspects. He said sal Allahu Allah wa salam ala iguala Tierra, which means don't be skeptical. superstition is not the attitude of the believer, la de la tierra. So don't don't always say that either. Which means continue. Basically, when it comes to disease, it's not about being contagious. And don't be over superstitious about many things, meaning you take precautions and leave everything in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala could put your trust in Allah xojo. Then he said, Well, you're a gibellini Alpha little hesson and I love alpha hussen which means good omen.

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And he mentioned whatever he says Allah Salaam pod, and kennametal hassanal Kalamata Eva, the good word, good statements. The professor's amused love to hear Potter's positive statements. If things are falling apart around us, I don't want you to come and tell me about it because I can see it.

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What I need to hear from you is otherwise that you give me hope. Even in times of darkness, you can still see the light I need someone who told me about the light that is out there. Not Tell me about what what's going on, you know, around around us. I know it I see it. But I need that positive word. And that's what the professor's mean by that. I'll tell him to Hasina. I need those who are positive around me.

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That's what the prophet SAW said, um, he did around him people who are positive. And when it comes to leadership, it's a very important quality for people to be surrounded by optimistic people, those who can see opportunities in terms of hardships in terms of difficulties, those who can really produce solutions, not just you know, to iterate and you keep repeating and perpetuating the problem. We all know what we all see it. So what are you going to do about it? Let's talk about solutions. Let's talk about some that we could do a shout out to Baraka wattana when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was one of the most difficult moments in his career as a as a messenger of Allah

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sallallahu wasallam and his mission as a messenger of salatu wa salam O Allah, when he was coming out of a path. When he was coming out of a path, he was beating rocks were thrown at him. salaallah salam people, they even they, they encourage the children that kids can imagine. Like they're forcing their kids who are very innocent, they don't even know what the what's going on. They don't even know what was happening and who this man was, but still they told them to go and hate him and throw rocks at him. Building hates

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In the hearts and the minds of these young ones, like what happens in our time today a

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lot of people they hate Muslims don't even know why.

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Someone else just said that you have to have to hate hate them. And the Prophet says he was bleeding when he was leaving not by

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blood was all the way on his on his feet. salatu wa salam Ali, he didn't know what he was going, as he said solar cell and filament effect to go ahead and tell him I was so concerned, I was thinking overwhelmed by concern. I wasn't even know. I didn't even know what I was going. Like he was completely oriented solar cell him until he woke up and he found himself you've gotten the salad somewhere down in the valleys. And when you saw that sort of La soleimani He rested there. And that young man came to him and had the conversation. jabril came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he says, Yeah, Mohammed, that's it. You did your part. Allah subhanaw taala send him to you the

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angel of the mountains. And he's here at your disposal. So the angel of the mountain he said to me says morning, give me the command. Give me the order. It's a that's your command your words, if you will, I can smack these two monitors over them and finish them for you. Like I can destroy them in an instant. I'm in a moment like this. It's a sweet revenge. It's a sweet revenge like, Yeah, do it.

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But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he had that vision is an optimistic man.

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He said Salah Sankara lalala don't do that. I still have hope. I'm optimistic. I still have hope. Lala probably from from these people, will be people who will worship Allah subhana wa tada from their children from the offspring. I have hope that allow us to produce from that generation, another generation that will worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And actually, it's proven to be true. Because when many, many people they

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will be a part of the people of our time they became Muslim late in the history of Islam. When many tribes they opposite it after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam passed away. The people of above, they consulted among themselves, and they says, Don't do it.

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Don't do it. They said Don't be the last people to embrace Islam. And then the first people to leave it says don't do that again. And they were among the few tribes and the few areas that remain steadfast on Islam and defended Islam, hallowed over custody for the Allahu Allahu wa. And that is the vision. This is how you build you build, you know, vision, you build hope. You see people you see the potential that can that can be done in these situations circumstances. And even in Makkah, when Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was given down under Sahaba de la terranova feeling, you know, the feeling down they've been they've been hurt. They've been beaten. They've been almost tortured,

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you could say and here's the sort of Lucha Salah salami taken up in the shade of Aqaba, kebabs. Bernardo de la Toronto Hi, roomie, three among the Sahaba de la Toronto, Canada, the weakest link in the society, they didn't have big tribes and big names to protect them from what's going on in Mecca. So they were subjected to so much of these hardships, they came to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, they look at me sleeping in the shade they will cover taking a nap in the shade will cover and they will kind of like surprised, but they were feeling down some of hardship for them. So this is Yasser Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah distance Atlanta, like Yasser Allah, I just couldn't you just

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ask Allah to make dua for us like you're sleeping like nothing is happening. Why don't you make the drought for Allah azza wa jal to help us to support us to give us to give us you know, some aid and support. And the Prophet says me calmly he said, he said Uppsala, salam, and he gave them the good news. Because those were before they have been tortured more than you you think that you haven't seen anything basically said selasa. Like you talk about hardship, haven't seen it yet. The real hardship for the people before you they were tortured to death. And then he gave examples and he said to them said Allah Salaam, I swear said I'm optimistic I swear, that they will come when peace

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will prevail over the Arabian Peninsula. When people will be traveling from this such a place and such place with no feeling of fear, no fear, except that fear Allah subhanho wa Taala and the wolf might pray over on their on their animals. What I can come to start June and that is the word of prophecy as a muse. But you're very hasty. You are hasty people. You know what come to hardships. I know. For us as we think of our situation, our circumstances today. We think there is nothing like this ever happened before.

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And the situation of the oma is so down, that you can't believe what's going on here is real. It's so surreal the power you can't even imagine and believe that Muslim leadership, whether it's political or religious is at that level.

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But looking into books of history of being Cathedral Hamilton, a member of the seal, in his book, Al Cameron, he was speaking about an events prior to the sacking of Baghdad. If you know the history, the Mongols when they came to about that they create a big massacre. Never heard of before.

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Unbelievable. That was the end of the Islamic, the basses dynasties rule over the Muslim world. But it was about 40 years prior to this event, and imaginable a theorem, his book outcome he was speak he was dreading talking about it like because he doesn't want to be,

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you know pessimists. So he was avoiding mentioning it in his book of history. Finally, he felt compelled to start writing it down and it wasn't volume 10 for those of the collection, he said that he said that have been trying to avoid the subject, because of its magnitude. And because how disheartening it is, you know, to the people of the hear about it and read about it. And he starts speaking about the event of the Mongols, psyching of towns and cities and areas, way before the time about that. He didn't see the sacking of Baghdad. He thought for years before that event, he thought what was he what he was going through and what the oma was going through was the end of time. And

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the way he described it, so gloomy. He thought that like this is the end of time, nothing in the history of mankind have ever, you know, reach that magnitude that he was talking about before the cyclebar that happened. But then he said I feel compelled right now to mention because many people they see they say I have to document that. Even Timmy Rahim Allah, Allah spoke about something similar to this afterwards as well. So there's always there are always events happen in the life of people where they think this is the end of it. But then the hope of Allah subhana wa Taala always, always come what I can come to start June. But we are just hasty

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requires effort from each and every one of us really. And we will see how that optimism the Prophet sallallahu Sallam if we take this as part of our life, it will bring a shout out at the fruit vanilla as the origin of great achievements in terms of hardship and difficulty. You know, one of the last examples the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, showing us the meaning of being optimistic. Salatu was Salam O Allah when he was in the cave, with overcrossing during the Hippodrome, I mean, there is no escape.

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There in a small cave.

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And the Prophet even sort of la sala Mira, Boca decreto, the Messenger of Allah, Yasser Allah, I swear, they just look down there, they would have seen us. If they just look down, they would have seen us what happened. But during that time, prior to this moment over Casa de p reached that level of anxiety and fear and probably desperation, that's it, we're done. They caught up with us. But there was Rasulullah, Salah Sam with him, and he's just telling him Latin, in the llama door. Allah is with us.

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I mean, how could people in a moment like this can believe that Allah is with us, when everything around us speak to many people to be otherwise?

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People just wonder, and that's when the test of the man comes in.

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This is when people are really put to the real test and that's when many people they lose it. But that's part of the test. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He didn't say that you're going to be saying I believe and leave you without being tested. No, you will be tested. Has he been asked you to call your guru Amano home life afternoon? Do believers think that they're going to be left to say I believe I'm not going to be tested. So this is part of our tests. And those who have strong belief Those are some faith will survive and prevail. And if you would like to be among them, you have to be optimistic.

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When Musa alayhis salam when musala is salam, he was he was taken very ill to the shore, and then they will come back they see that the Federal round is catching up with them. They said in Alamo drakul we're gonna be we're gonna be taking you know, easily, like they're catching up with us. Moosa with full confidence is his color color in a matter of deciding No, no, don't worry, Allah is with me, He will guide me and change the laws of physics for him with the miracle of splitting the sea. Now this is something we don't expect for us to happen. But if you truly have that strong faith and a strong belief in Allah subhana wa tada no matter what, no matter what happens, you will always

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prevail. melomakarona mangoes are optimistic or banana mean. And Allah make it easy for the Muslim Ummah Rahmani Raheem. Make that first of the believers easier blind, I mean, alleviate the sufferings of those who are suffering around the order of man Rahim. Allah wa sophrology Moroccan what does that mean other stuff through in order for him

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hamdulillah al Ameen. sallahu wa salam Baraka, Amina Mohammed Ali was seldom at the Sleeman kathira My bad, how can I be optimistic in terms of hardship and difficulty? The first thing we should really work on is attaching our hearts our minds to Allah subhana wa tada more than anything else. This is

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Is the time people should run back to Allah not away from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says for sure rule Illa run away back to Allah. The word federal in the Arabic language means to run away that means run away farther away from from the source. But here last passes for funeral Illa you run away back to Allah subhana wa tada because no matter how much you try whatever you're trying to go back go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's where you find safety that's what you're going to find peace in shallow diabolical with Allah He says Aparna was insulted. And what about our center in Oman Public Law says we have sent to nations from before to Mohammed

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Al salvadora they've been taking because they rejected that ambia and the mursaleen they've been taking Bill betsa it was wrong with misfortune and with trials. So being they've been tested severely, libido around so that they might get around, which means they might reflect return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala falola Jiang basato. Dora, perhaps when these misfortunes come to them, they should have returned back to Allah xojo Well, I can kosaku but their hearts were hardened.

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Their hearts were sealed and closed. That's why they could not return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala was a in Allah homeshare tanwar malam and a*aba made it beautiful to them what they're doing. Don't be deceived what's happening around us, don't, you know, believe what the shaitaan is telling you look, it's over, you lost, you can't be faith is not gonna return back. People are losing their faith, leaving Islam and so on. So don't worry about these things. keep focusing on that message, and never be deceived by the flooding of the shaitaan. Another thing that we need to work on in order for us to survive and stay positive is shallow data. You have to you have to

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encourage yourself and put yourself on a certain task when it comes to acts of worship and everybody. And I mentioned that before, I said you have to have a secret everybody. A secret requires something between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala that no one really can, can have access to that someday between you and the law surgeon because in terms of difficulty, as Allah Subhana Allah says, alladhina amanu nikolova Medical Allah, Allah radiculitis manual kulu those who have faith believe and have faith in Nakuru medica and find tranquility and peace in the remembrance of Allah. Indeed, in the remembrance of Allah hearts will find peace and tranquility. And that is the

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time when start looking for peace and tranquility. And finally, Allah Quran, the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what we need. It was sent as guidance, but we are far away from learning the words of Allah subhana wa that hamdulillah last Wednesday we had a beautiful gathering COVID in the masjid studying preparation for the for the for Ramadan, and how to understand and how to recite the Quran. I hope that you can look back into this and try to start connecting with the Quran and the month of Ramadan. Not just reading the Quran, connecting with the Quran the book of Allah subhana wa tada only then you will see the meaning of being hopeful and the meaning being

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optimistic. Allahumma lymphoma and Phantom one fan of Mr. lantana in analyzing Hakeem alum at info center taqwa was anti-romantic. Antonio hom Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah. Allah, Allah Allah wa salaamu Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was the main one of the La Mancha Rashida Viva la Mora was nanavati. One sir Sahaba does main woman who do Medina welcome Salam