Hussain Yee – MCO Tip #9 – Plan Ramadhan Activities Together

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming movement control order and encourages attendees to participate in it. They also mention a dinner game and a chance to perform a shot at 10. The operator reminds attendees to take their time and emphasizes the importance of planning ahead.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah He was on the edge my Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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your brothers and sisters 14 the movement control

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is the best time for us to reflect

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and we know life have to move on.

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And this is the ninth reminder gifts that we want to share with all of you we know that Ramadan is coming soon

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maybe a month times we are going to meet up with Ramadan and Mubarak.

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So it's also very important for us to plan Ramadan activities together

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to see what we have to do. If all this movement control order, still carry on then we know that we cannot

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go to the mosque to perform km Ramadan known as traveling to all of us

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because it's not encouraged here to mix. Even our intention is good

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but Allah and mighty make it easy.

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inshallah we can perform km Ramadan at home not only Kamara, mother, even the power to play and now we have not been encouraged to perform in the massage. Yeah. Then the sooner prayers so you can do it together with your family and the son the eldest son can lead to prayer or the father

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can ramadan ramadan, known as thrower is not difficult. When it comes to the citation.

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In the prayer you just recite whatever is easy for you. The important thing is to perform the prayer in the best manner with Adam to Medina. No rush that's why you got there our way through our mean. You perform the prayer in a very relaxing manner

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to our rasa, Tarawa.

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You don't have to rush Take your time. We have a lot of time yet to perform this prayer. If you feel that you want to delete to later our You're welcome. After Margaret. You break tasks and then you pray your Margaret prayer and then you had a dinner game. And then after dinner, you want to delay a bit here to perform a shot at 10. And then together with Kimora modern travel, you can do that you don't have to rush and Kamara Medan is highly recommended

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to do it at home.

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If you can, but

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if you are praying in the masala because there is some remind the extra kind of activity is good it benefit you more.

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But if not, the prophet also have said to us in the Hadith Sahih Muslim after lasala forbade the Lama to buy the best prayer other than foreign do

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is at home that mean the sooner pray is highly recommended to perform at home. This is a good time for you to train yourself to be leading in the Ramadan. Now all of this movement control order is not here to stop us from doing what is good.

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Yeah, but it's here to give us the opportunity in the same time, the partner of a law to do things to get not just an individual, the husband something very active but not the wife, the wife something very different, not the husband and the husband and wife are very deep and not the children. So this is the time for us to get together and do everything together. Gemma Rama they are extra blessing if you do all the good thing together. Even all the charity work must carry on. We don't stop doing all the good things that we can do. You must try your best to reach out even to help the poor and the needy. You have to plan because the more you do good deeds for the sake of

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Allah especially in Ramadan, then all the rewards will multiply.

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And without forgetting,

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here, the sacrifice of those who have been working 24 hours around the clock to safeguard our health. The doctors, the nurses, the security force me almost no one can i reward them

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and how his mercy on them and protect them from any harm that may come to them. So many

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Allah make this Ramadan is coming very soon the best Ramadan for all of us and in Europe will and will be led to upgrade that one. And then hamdulillah mean slowhand Mohammed the shadow Allah and stuck Furukawa tubulin salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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