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There are certain people who try and reconciliate and say that the six days mentioned in the Bible, it actually refers to the box like the Quran long period, not 624 days. It's a logical read the Bible evening. Morning, it clearly states 24 hours it indicates, but even if I use a concordance approach, no problem. I agree with your illogical argument yet, they will only be able to solve the first scientific error of Socrates creation. And second, that first delight and third they are the remaining four yet they cannot solve.

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further say that if it's a 24 hour period, why can't the vegetable survive for 124 days without sunlight?

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If they find, if you say that the vegetables were created before the sun, and can survive for 124 day, I've got no objection. But you can't say the days mentioned are 24 hours as well as the box you can't have the cake and eat it. But if you say it is long period, you solve point number one and three, the remaining four are yet day, if you say the days are 24 days, you solve only point number five, the remaining five are yet day it becomes unscientific. I live with William Campbell, whether he wants to say it is long period, and say that there are only four scientific errors, or say to the 24 days and say the only five scientific errors in the creation of the universe.

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Regarding the concept of Earth,

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there are various scientists who have described how is the world ending hypothesis.

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Some may be right, some may be wrong.

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But either the world will perish, or the world will live forever. Both cannot take place simultaneously. It's unscientific, but this is exactly what the Bible says. It's mentioned in the Bible.

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In the book of Hebrews, chapter number one was number 1011. And the book of Psalms chapter number 102, verse number 25, and 26, that Almighty God created the heavens and the earth, and they will perish.

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exactly opposite is mentioned in the book of Genesis, chapter one was number four, and the book of Psalms, chapter number 78, verse number 69, that the earth will abide forever.

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I leave it to Dr. William Campbell to choose which of the two verses unscientific the first pair or the second pair, one has to be unscientific, both cannot take place, the world cannot abide forever, as well as perish, it's unscientific.

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Regarding the heavens, the Bible says in john chapter 26, verse 11, that the pillars of the heaven will tremble. Quran says this will look more in chapter 31, verse number 10, that the heavens are without any pillars. Don't you see it? Don't you see the heavens are without any pillars. Bible says, Heaven has got pillars, not only to the heavens, I've got pillars, Bible says in the first book of Samuel, chapter number two was number eight, as well as book of Job chap. Number nine was number six, and the book of Psalms, step number 35, verse number three, that even the author got pioneers

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in the field of diet and nutrition, let's analyze what does the Bible See? The Bible says in the book of Genesis, step number one was number 29. that

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God has given you all the hubs bearing

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the trees bearing fruits, those that buy seed as meat for you. New internationalising says, the seed bearing plant and the trees bearing fruits bearing seeds are food for you, all of them.

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Today, even a layman knows that there are several poisonous plants like wild berries, stretching in the Torah, plants containing alkaloid, oleander bark I pointed that which if you ingest if you eat, there are high possibilities you may die.

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How come the creator of the universe and human beings doesn't know that if you have these plants, you will die. I hope Dr. William Campbell doesn't give this vegetarian diet to his patients.

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The Bible has a scientific test, how to identify a true believer. It's mentioned

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in the Gospel of Mark chapter number 16, verse number 17 and 18 it says that there will be fighting for true believers and amongst the signs.

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In my name, they shall cast out devils. They shall speak foreign tongues, new tongues, they shall take of serpents and if they drink deadly poison, they shall not be harmed and when they place the hand over the sick, they shall be cured. This is a scientific test. In scientific terminology. It's known as the confirmatory test.

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For a true Christian believer

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in the past 10 years of my life, I've personally interacted with 1000s of Christians, including missionary, I have not come across a single Christian who has passed this conformity test of the Bible.

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I have not come across a single Christian

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who took poison and not come across any who took poison, and who has not died.

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And in scientific terminology, this is also called as a falsification test. That means, if a false person dies, and does this test, take poison.

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And a false person will not dare it in this test. If you're not a true Christian believer, you will not dare it in this test. Because you try and attempt the false vision test, you will fail. So a person who is not a true Christian believer will never attend this test.

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I have read the book,

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The Quran, the Bible in the light of history and science, written by Dr. William Campbell.

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And I assume that he is a true Christian believer.

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And at least I would like

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him to confirm to me about the falsification test.

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Please rest assured, please be rest assured, I will not ask Dr. William Campbell to have deadly poison, because I don't want to jeopardize the debate.

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What I will do, I will only ask him to speak in foreign tongues in new languages. And as many of you may be aware, that India is a land which has more than 1000 languages and dialects. Only thing I request him is to say these three words

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100 rupees in the 17 official languages.

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There are only 17 official languages in India. And to make it easier for to William Campbell.

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I've got a 100 rupee note.

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And this has all the 17 languages mentioned here. Besides English and Hindi, I will help him I give him a beginning exotropia in Hindi

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the remaining 15 languages are your bequest him to read. I know the test is they may speak foreign languages

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on their own without help of reading. But I want to make the test easier. I want to see someone passing the test I have not seen anyone. So if you can't say it on his own, or from his memory, at least read it. I don't mind. I'll accept it. And I request the chairperson to give it to William Campbell.

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He has exhibited 15 languages.

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exotropia, three words only

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what does

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the Bible say?

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Regarding hydrology, Bible says in Genesis, chapter nine, verse number 13, to 17. That after God, at the time of Noah submerged the world by flood, and after the flood subsides, he said, I put up a rainbow in the sky as a promise to the humankind, never to submerge the world again, by water.

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To the unscientific person, it may be quite good, or enjoy the sign of Almighty God never disappoint the world by fraud again.

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But today we know very well that Rainbow is due to the refraction of sunlight, with rain almost, surely there may have been 1000s of rainbows before the time of Noah, peace be upon him to say it was not there before Noah's time, you have to assume that the law of refraction did not exist which is unscientific

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in the field of medicine,

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the Bible says in the book of Leviticus, chapter number 14, verse number 40, and 53 it gives a novel way for disinfecting

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a house from plague of leprosy. disinfecting a house from plague of leprosy. It says that, take two birds kill one bird. Take wood, skull it hyssop and the other living bird dip it in water

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and and running water later on. Sprinkle the house seven times with it.

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Sprinkle the house with blood to disinfect against plague of leprosy.

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We know blood is a good medium of germs bacteria, as well as toxin. I hope Dr. William Campbell doesn't use this method of disinfecting Jyoti, the operation theatre.

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As mentioned in the Book of Leviticus, chapter number 12 was the one to five.

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And we know medically that after a mother gives birth to a child,

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the postpartum period, it is unhygienic to say it sounds

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religiously I've got no objection. But Leviticus chapter number 12. verses one to five says that after a woman gives birth

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to a male child, she will be unclean for seven days, and the period of uncleanness will continue for 33 days more. If she gives birth to a female child, she'd be unclean for two weeks, and the period of uncleanness will continue for 60 days. In short, if a woman gives birth to a male child, a son, she's unclean for 40 days. If she gives birth to a female child, a doctor, she then can fight today's outline, Dr. William Campbell, explained to me scientifically How come a woman remain unclean for double the period if she gives birth to a female child, as compared to a male child.

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The Bible also has a very good test for adultery, how to come to know a woman has committed adultery. In Book of Numbers, chapter number five was number 11. To 31. As you say, In brief, it says that the priest should take holy water in a vessel, take dust from the floor, and put it into the vessel.

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And that's the bit of water.

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And after cursing it, give it to the woman.

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And if the woman has committed adultery, after she drinks it, the curse will enter her body, the stomach will swell, the thigh will rot and she shall be cursed by the people. If the woman has not committed adultery, she will remain clean. And she will bear the seed a novel method of identifying whether a woman has committed adultery or not. You know, today in the world, there are 1000s of cases pending in different parts of the world in different courts of law, only on the assumption that someone has alleged that the woman has committed adultery.

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I had read

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in the newspapers, and I came to know from the media, that the president of this great country with a bill clinton, he was involved in a sex scandal about two years back.

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I wonder that why didn't the American court use this bit about a test fidelity? He would have gone scot free immediately?

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Why didn't the Christian missionaries of this great country, especially those who are in the medical field, like my respected Dr. William Campbell, use these better water tests to bail out the president immediately.

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Mathematics is a branch which is closely associated with science with which you can solve problems etc.

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There are 1000s of contradictions in the Bible. Hundreds deal with mathematics, I just touch on few of them.

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It's mentioned in chapter number two

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was number one, and they match up number seven was number six the context that when the people returned from exile from Babylon, when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, when he released the men from Israel, they came back from captivity, and the list of the people are given the list is given in Ezra, chapter number two, verse number two to 63, and named matchup number seven was number seven, up to 65. The list is given with the names as well as number of people released in the 60 verses, there are no less than 18 times the name is exactly the same. But the number is different. There are no less than 18 contradiction in less than 60 verses of these two chapters.

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This is the list.

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I don't have time to run through the list, there are no less than 18 different contradictions

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in less than 60 verses.

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Further, it's mentioned in Ezra chapter number two was the most 64 that the total congregation if you add up, if you add up, it comes to 42,360. And if you read in a matchup number seven,

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verse number 66. They also totally the same file 2260. But if you add up all these verses,

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which I do do my homeboy, this is a list. This is a list of Ezra

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This is a list of Nehemiah chapter number two named matchup number seven.

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If you add up I had to do my homework. If you add up in a rush up number two, it doesn't come to 42,003 60 it comes to 29,818. And if you add up, name match up number seven, even though it doesn't come to fall 2003 60 it comes to 31,089.

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The author of the Bible

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presumed to be Almighty God does not know simple addition. If you give this problem even to a person who's past elementary school, he'll be able to get the right answer. If you add up all the 60 verses,

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it's so easy, Almighty God.

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They know, adding knows Billa. If we presume that this is the word of God,

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for the freed up number two

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verse number 65. It says, There are 200 thinking men and women named match up number seven, verse 67. There were 245 thinking men and women were the

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200 over the 245 in the men and women context is the same, a mathematical contradiction.

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It's mentioned in a second Kings, chapter number 24 was number eight, that Georgian was 18 years old when he began to Ranger Islam and the rain for three months. Second Chronicles chapter 36, was the mind says that Joe chin was eight years old when he began to rain and rain for three months, 10 days was George in 18 years when he began to rain or was eight years old. Did it rain for three months? Or did it rain for three months? 10 days?

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For this mentioned in the First Kings, chapter number seven, was Moroni fix that in Solomon's temple in a molten sea. He had 2000 bucks.

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In Second Chronicles, chapter number four was number five, he had 3000 bucks, did he have 2000 bucks? Or did he have 3000 bucks? That I leave it upon order William Campbell decide which is correct, there is a clear cut mathematical contradiction. As mentioned in the First Kings, chapter 15, verse number 33, that Basha

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he died in the 26th year of reign of Asa

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Second Chronicles, chapter number 16. Was the No one says that Bashar invaded Judah in the 26th year of the reign of Asa, how can basa invade 10 years after his death?

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It's unscientific.

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To make it easier for Dr. William Campbell, to answer

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to the points I've raised, I'll just mention it in brief.

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The point that I mentioned, the first point was the creation of the earth and heaven, the universe was in 624 days.

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Light was there before the source of light. Why number two, three.

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They came into existence before creation of Earth. Point number four came into existence before sun. Point number five, vegetation came into existence before sunlight. Why number six,

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light of the moon is its own light.

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Point number seven,

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the earth

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will perish or will abide forever. Point number eight.

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The Earth has got pillars. Point number nine, the heavens have got pillars. Point number 10. God said you can have all plants and all vegetation, including the poisonous plants. Point number 11. The scientific test the false vacation test of Mark chapter number 16 was number 17. at

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point number 12. A woman remains unclean for double the period if you give birth to a daughter as compared to a son.

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Point number 13.

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Using blood to disinfect the house against plague of leprosy

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find number 14.

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How do you find out the bit about a test for adultery?

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Point Number 1518 different contradictions in less than 60 verses of chapter two and they match up number seven. I didn't count them as it in different countries only has one.

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Point number 16.

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The total is different in both chapters. Point number 17 are they 250 man and woman are they 245 50 million woman?

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Point Number 18

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was Georgian 18 years old, was the age old when he began to rain.

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Point number 19.

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Did he rain for three months or three months 10 days? Point Number 20.

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There Solomon had 3000 births or 2000 births.

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Point number 21.

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that Bashar How could you invade Judah 10 years after his death? Point Number 22.

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Is Almighty God. He said I put up a rainbow in the sky as a promise to the humankind never to submerge the world again by water.

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I've listed only 22 out of the hundreds available, unscientific points in the Bible scientific errors. And I request Dr. William Campbell to answer them and he

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Irrespective whether he uses the concordance approach, or the conflict approach, as long as he is logical, he will never be able to prove scientifically all the strange aspects I have told him

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we agree.

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In Jesus case peace be upon him, to him was revealed the engine, this is not the engine, it may contain part of God, but the other unscientific portion is not the word of God. I would like to end my talk by giving the courtesy of the Glorious Quran from Surah Baqarah chapter two verse 10, which pays for my little little Lizzy, next to guru Gita Abbe de him. So Maya Luna has a million dollar leash to be feminine kalila for a long time, de him elomi Maxi Boone vo to those who write the book with their own hands and then say this is from Allah to traffic with it permissible price. VO two those are what they write, bow to those for what they earn. waka Donna hungry layerable alameen.

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I would request our audience to bear bear with us and maintain decorum for the continuation of the dialogue.

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Now I call upon Dr. William Campbell to present his response to Dr. Zakir Naik.

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Well, Dr. Nick has brought up some real problems.

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And there are so these problems that he has said, and I don't deny them, and I don't have good answers for them. But I will tell about

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we're going to make a mathematical study of prophecies. It's called the theory of probabilities.

00:22:20--> 00:22:26

estimate and we'll estimate the possibility that these prophecies could be fulfilled by chance.

00:22:27--> 00:22:33

I now call upon Dr. Zakir Naik to present his response to Dr. William Campbell.

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But, uh, William Campbell, only touched on two out of the 22 points I made only two you can only solve two problems. The six day creation problem and false delight came and 30th. But the remaining four problems yet is there. So Dr. William Campbell chose to say days long period and out of six, he solved two scientific errors. The remaining four have the creation of the universe. He does agree to it. That's good. The King James version as well as the New International Version, which Dr. William Campbell refers to drink and deadly poison, not eat drink.

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Dr. William tambor doesn't know the Indians out here, surely many more exotic, Marathi, even I know.

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William Campbell did not reply to my 20 points, and he started speaking about prophecy. What does prophecy do with science in the Bible, if prophecy is the test,

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but even if there's been one fulfilled prophecy, the whole Bible is disproved with all of God. I can give you a list of unfulfilled prophecy, according to your theory of 30 of poverty Bible is not the word of God.

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Irrespective whether you use the conflict approach, or the consultative approach, if you're logical, you will not be able to take out a single verse of the Quran, which is contradicting neither a single verse which is against established science.

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Dr. William Campbell cannot understand the Quran. That does not mean Quran is wrong. The Bible says in john chapter 10, verse number nine and 10 that we have made him in me from clay, like poured out meat and cottage cheese.

00:24:44--> 00:24:53

powdered milk and curdle cheese is the exact plagiarize ation from Hippocrates. Yes. I'd like to pose this question or rather

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

this test to Dr. William Campbell. Why don't you attempt the falsification

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

Test of the Bible given the book of Mark, chapter 16, verses 17 and 18.

00:25:08--> 00:25:35

and prove to the audience here, right now that you are a true Christian believer. My question is, is Dr. Zack and I, the Christians explained the concept of Trinity scientifically, by giving the example of water which can be in three states solid, liquid and gas in the form of ice, water and vapor. Similarly, one God is Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Is this explanation scientifically correct.

00:25:37--> 00:25:54

The word Trinity is not in the Bible, but it is in the Quran. Dr. rocker, you said there isn't any mistake in Quran I see more than 20 mistake in Arabic grammar. And I will tell you some of them.

00:25:56--> 00:26:00

In Nola, Vina hado wasabi alone

00:26:03--> 00:26:04

in Bukhara. And

00:26:05--> 00:26:12

in the larina Manu la Vina hado Sabine, which is Assad or Assad.

00:26:14--> 00:26:33

Num, num, brother. Brother one question at a time. Yeah, but the same thing. He said in sofa 63 in vanilla Heron mistake, and they knew let's head on. Can you explain that?

00:26:34--> 00:26:35

And the book is referring to

00:26:37--> 00:26:38

is the Quran infallible?

00:26:40--> 00:26:40


00:26:50--> 00:27:11

Dr. Campbell, since you are a medical doctor, could you please explain scientifically the various medical aspects that in the Bible regarding because you didn't answer them in your rebuttal, for example, blood use as a disinfectant, better water test for adultery, and most importantly, that the woman is unclean for double the period when she gives birth to a daughter, then as compared to a son.

00:27:13--> 00:27:37

Okay, Dr. Campbell, if you cannot answer the contradictions in Genesis regarding the creation, don't you think that the that proves that the Bible is unscientific and therefore not from God? I admit that I have some problems with this. The Muslim yardstick, the Quran is far superior to your yardstick the science, therefore, you should believe in Quran which is far superior.

00:27:39--> 00:28:00

Dr. Campbell agreed to Dr. Night that the errors he showed are not wrong, and that he can't answer them. So does this mean that Dr. Campbell agrees that the Bible has errors? So it's not the word of God? There are things in the Bible that I can't explain that I don't have an answer for now. How can the son be two years older than the father?

00:28:01--> 00:28:07

Believe me, even even in Hollywood flame. You will not be able to produce it.

00:28:43--> 00:28:45

Oh my Creator, oh

00:28:46--> 00:28:54

fulfill our aims in life. Allah forgive our son. Yeah.

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00:28:57--> 00:28:58

the Most Gracious