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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The use of "hasn't been enough" in the previous hadith is discussed, as it indicates a lack of satisfaction or satisfaction is not sufficient. The importance of Tober every day to fight for forgiveness and avoid sin is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to have Tober every day to avoid overwhelming the body and causing harm. The need for Tober every day is emphasized as it can achieve overcoming these pressures.
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But how often does Allah subhanho wa Taala accept the Toba from a person? What do you guys think?

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How many times I'd like to the type of female?

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Is it one time for all the sins? For every time I make Toba? Allah will accept that type of Amina in this hadith, even Ibis are they allowed to Nevada and Annecy Malik is number 23 and other Saudi hain, Karla lawanna Libby Adamawa them and they have a habit and the Hakuna Allah Who idea and what I am law who Elektra were to below alimenta.

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In this hadith, the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam said, ever son of Adam were to own a valley full of gold, he will desire to have to, and nothing will fill his mouth, except the earth which means the grave.

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And the Prophet says and then he said, and ALLAH turns with mercy to him, who turns to him in repentance. So this hadith the Prophet says I'm speaking about the desire to own more for human beings we never feel having enough from this dunya Gemma as Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran called What to have bone al Maleh Hogben Gemma you love wealth was so much passion and love I

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mean, who doesn't want to have another million for the million that they have in their hands every month and this one goes for the taxes the other one says from Inshallah, right?

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But seriously the promises and that's the nature of mankind, you will be eating something and we look at the other person thing in the plate, you can see that with kids particularly it goes towards was from from a young age as your kids will probably be eating something in their mouth, another one of their hand. And there are gender therapies that are just on the plate.

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Because they want to catch up before somebody else does that Subhanallah because as human beings, we will always desire more always are more because more it seems to be give us more security. The more we have the more secure we think that we will be not knowing that all this risk comes from Umoja MA from Allah subhanho wa Taala then the prophets of Assam says if the son of Adam will have one entire valley full of gold, he will wish for another one.

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What are you gonna add to rob? Nothing will fill his mouth except for the dirt or dust. There's another expression some the Senate have said here means when they are in the grave.

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Another narration another actual interpretation in this dunya what does it mean exactly? What does it mean? You might fill your mouth with dry with rice and meat and Hala you will your cheeks My bulge out from the sides of morsel of food you have in your mouth and you're still willing to chew it and swallow it.

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But if a speck of dust lands on your tongue, if it's like an entire mountain, you'd want to spit it out. You can't even you can't even just can't breathe anymore. If a lot of dirt goes into your mouth, you start spitting it out and try to dig up this feels that your mouth is completely filled with that. But the entire morsel of food, your mouth is still empty you can still put something in there.

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That's the meaning and other meaning the expression goes beyond the mouth. Specifically to the eye specifically to the eye. What does that mean? When people look at the food Subhanallah no matter how how big that amount of food is? There's still the eyes is not having said it's not satisfaction from it. This needs more look for more right? But if you're just a speck of dust, or even actually a hair from your own eyelashes, falls into your your eye. That's it you feel that you lose your sight. You're blind now and you don't know just gonna have to keep watching your your your eye to get out Pamela This is how we how vulnerable we are as human beings.

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And that's when the Prophet says himself Carl, were to Allah Allah Manta, and Allah will accept the Toba for those who always return back to him in Toba, which means every time you come back to Allah with Toba, Allah is willing to accept that from you. So the question is, how many of us have those urges and desires to have more and fight for more than sometimes even we crossed the line to get some of that more? Probably, maybe this is every single day, I thought might cross your mind and intention you might plan to do something they can action to achieve and acquire some that you'd not be proud of that require Stober from you. And here the prophet has given us hope. SallAllahu

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wasallam. As long as you come back to Allah will Toba, Allah Allah Tibbett Toba from you.

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So you need to start first. You need to come back to Allah subhana wa Tada with Toba and Allah is willing to accept that turbo from you. So therefore, how often should you repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala Gemma putting us in every single day, all the time. All the time. Ask Allah for forgiveness all the time. Ask Allah for

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October and Ramadan is the month of October is a month of forgiveness. Start preparing yourself may Allah subhanaw taala, etc mural Bananaman Walla Walla any questions?

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Is there a difference between still far and Tober? Well, depends on how you look at it, so are still far is part of October, right? I mean, you will need to repent, you need to seek forgiveness, and so far is usually by Tong October is by the heart and also to the action that you pursue afterwards. And October, October is probably for the input for a situation of a lifestyle. Mr. Ford is an action you keep repeating it, and you keep saying it by tongue. But overall, obviously, as far as part of October, a lot of data now

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what if a person's commit sins every day and appends every day? Well, if a person commits sins every day, that's natural problem, because we're all one on one week we could do that. But the sins are different. Obviously major small, you pay attention to you don't pay attention to it. All of this could happen to us. So the required to have Tober every single day is definitely is needed. It's definitely needed. However, if someone pre meditates the Toba prior to committing the sin, that's a different story. Like someone says, I'll do it and just say stop for Allah. Allah will forgive me shallow data that doesn't count like this. Because the Toba has condition we spoke about beforehand,

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SubhanA colomba 100 Asha and stuff to like

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I said has not forgiven, notable for that sin. Well as there is no sin there is no trouble from it while you're alive. The only sin that has not forgiven after you die is committed Shinnick with ALLAH SubhanA wa turn worship even a mushrik someone who worshipping idols, they still have a chance to repent as long as they still breathing as threats are alive. If they die before they repent from committing that shirt. That's not forgiven, as Allah says in the Quran, then Allah Allah Felicia kabhi delicately Masha, Allah Subhana Allah will never give the shirk and is willing to forgive anything less than that. But even the majestic again the idol worshiper as long as they're alive,

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still have a chance to repent to Allah subhana Adana now

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what a shock. I was shocked because the meaning of fear because when you associate Patras with Allah subhanaw taala and worship, whether it's worship by heart, making such the asking other than Allah subhana wa Taala for things that only Allah can fulfill for you, all these are different forms of should go into dead people and ask them to help you and support you. That was a form of shelter. And the least of it is area. The area is different than the major should RIA which is showing off when he tried to do things to please people, not ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna, but that's way less than the major show. May Allah protect us all. From all types of critical Brahmin. Allah Allah Monica longer

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handed a shoulder surgery so much going

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