Yaser Birjas – Class 19 Q&A Ta’Seel

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of major sins and the importance of avoiding them at the same time. They stress the need to give food and avoid sin when it comes to obtaining wealth, and to avoid major Badges and not drinking alcohol at the same time. They also discuss giving toys to refugee families and donating when it comes to drugs and alcohol, as well as giving donations to local communities, especially when it comes to Islam. The speakers express dismay at the lack of support for Islam and question whether they should ask their parents for charity.
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Something anyone submitted any questions on it?

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To that one, did anyone open up in the Padlet accuracy with any questions there on your laptop? Or your computer? On your phone?

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Are there any questions? aren't anything here? Something maybe glitching in? Can I get your phone? I gotta hurry, I gotta go. Okay.

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I have a similar handle also to some Marsala.

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First question about major sins, check if possible, can you go further into depth or maybe name the major sins possibly where one could find them as a number of differs according to the source? Well, like I said, some of the Allama they count the major sins to 80 plus some they count them to 40 plus depends on on how they define the major sins. And we say that the most common definition among the Allama is any sin that has a specific measured punishment in the dunya had such as drinking committing adultery or fornication or if there is no hedford in the dunya there is still punishment for it in the akhira such as Riba and Nima which means you know, backbiting and so on. So this is

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considered a major sin as well too. If anything that the Prophet Salah Salem warned against, but did not mention a specific specific measure punishment for it because as a lemon or survive, so some of the Allama they might come some of the server among the Cuba like for example, one of the the Hadith of the Prophet Salah Salem when he was passing by

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two graves, and then he says call in now I'm alive at the bank, who among other benefit Kabir they are being punished for two things abundance punch within that. It's not, it's not considered the majors like it's not a big thing, but it's still punished for it. The first one he says God had condemned even as fitna Mima, he used to gossip

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this person used to gossip. So the Prophet say is not a big deal. It's not a career it's not a major sin, some other element based on other nourishes they counted as a major sin so that's why we have differences of opinion among Roma about the number of Kibera and Sava the other one that was in the grave the professor says can alert and as the hormonal bone when he has to go to the bathroom did not clean himself properly.

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Yeah, Gemma This is what Allah has serious matter whether you go to a public place and a hospital at the airport, mall wherever that you go, yeah, the seat is looks dirty. But do your best not to soil yourself or your body or your clothes from your own you know guy like doing Be careful not to do that because that count among those, we consider them little things, but they actually be punished for mela potatoes on the set of grimey and one of the most popular books on the subject of the major sins actually is the book of mammoth Abraham Allah called Al Qaeda al Qaeda by Muhammad

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the opinion you mentioned about given Zika and cash is okay depending on the circumstances whose opinion was it? I missed that is it open with me and open to me it is given to me Rahim Allah Allah assures me follow the same example as well to meaning in areas where food is needed. It's better for you to give food as the cat the cat and footer, but if food handler is not the major need for that locality, then given as a cat in the value and money it should be okay.

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Can you pay the cattle further with borrowed money?

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I mean, I hope that none not that you needed that money. But if you didn't have that money, you don't pay the gas money. But of course, if you can afford them shut up and there's a cattle photo on your own that should be okay

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okay, we're not gonna go into the opinions of the guy on it like paying zakat on jewelry and other stuff. We're not going to do that.

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Does the Hadith from the Prophet Salah Salem about the adulterer, the thief and the person who drinks alcohol? Does it refer to all sins are those specifically mentioned in the Hadith actually refers to all sins? For those who are not with us in the session is an abuse Allah Soleimani says by less than a heinous moment. The adulterer is not meant in the moment when he is or she is committing the sin of adultery. The thief is not a moment in the moment when he or she is committed the sin of stealing the drinker the same thing is not a moment in a moment when they are actually drinking. So the professor has mentioned these three examples doesn't mean that it's exclusively for these three

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things. No, it's actually for all major sins that acts as a matter of fact, even minor sins. Remember what I mentioned earlier, as well as a prophet Salah Salem narrated and someday says actually not from the prophet but from the Sahaba that Al Eman is like a cloud that just now hovers above the person like a cloud and as that person

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is committed to the biller that sin, some of that cloud is disappeared. This has been a mess in the air and is disappearing in the air. Meaning after they're done, whatever is left of that cloud of Eman comes back to them. So definitely is not going to be the same amount of Eman that they had before committed that sin. So that not just for these three examples, but for more. Yes. Sorry. Yeah.

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You had a question? Sophia. You can hear us Oh, can you guys turn that the speakers in the comment section please? The speakers on a section

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so what about giving away toys to refugee families? For example, can you give those like you had toys in your household? And then you're done with them and now your kids wants to get good over the holidays? For example, would that be considered I shame haram wrong to do so? No, as long as you watch them, wash them make them presentable and shallow towel and you can give it a give them or send them with their clothes. If you're going to donate something, there is some that that's presentable as well to me doesn't have to be brand new, but at least it's clean it's died in shallow data you can give it away and then the last one should be fine

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when we give charity do we need to prefer Muslims first over non Muslims I would say prefer the need when it comes to charity in general, when it comes to this occur, of course the Muslim so wherever there is a need, like for example, emergency need, for example for us here in the US, hurricanes, floods fires this and that. Is it better to give to help the local community here or just give overseas now we better actually help the local community because whatever outcome is going to come from the atrocity over there it's going to affect us first probably before anybody else. For example, prices might go up on you rate of crime, homelessness this whatever that is going to happen

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you don't want to be affected by that. So therefore it's important for us to save the people around us so that the whole committed handler stay safe. But again when it comes to the QA the Muslims first

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and if you're helping Muslims with food, and if they prefer or request non halal food, is it permissible to do the charity in a non halal food? The answer is no. Because you give from what you believe is halal. So you give it to them shallow that

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obviously they're not going to eat it then don't buy it don't give them that item give it to somebody else who can actually consume it

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sometimes we see homeless people for those asking money in the streets there are some times doubt on how they will use the money like drugs and so on. So this is called prejudice really, because we don't know who's going to do it for drinking or for drugs or weed or really for need. Your job is to give if you feel that Hamlet you're comfortable to give them money so they can actually save themselves give it to them if you don't feel comfortable, just say Allah make it easy for you and move on. But don't judge just don't judge

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there are so many questions with all due respect relevant here

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when we say that the

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ticker and it says all your sins will be washed away or forgiven is that also speaking about major and minor sins are all miners the miners is not the major sins. The major sins required tilbyr specific turbine exclusive turbo for it if you do a sincere turbine, an exclusive sour turbo for it. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept that and wash that away from you.

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Can you give the car without your wife's permission?

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Malay that's a weird question.

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I don't know what you're talking about it because you don't want anyone permission to give the car if the car is do its do on your money is not her business or your business as a matter of fact, even the lady you don't have to ask permission from your husband to give the car on your money. So it's not it's not for your spouse to you know to prove it or otherwise. Because that that if it's do it becomes the right of the poor, the hackles are clear. And you should give it a very shallow data for the poor now

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so there's a hadith that was mentioned in the text that was quoted over here Buffy is an evidence of the Allahu Anhu called Cara Lee Rasulullah sallallahu semua. In the Arakata event, we're in the hay Bullock.

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Metal hip bone in FC lotta Amara nallathanni We're at our lane and manufacturing. And this hadith, the prophet Salah Salem speaking to a Buddha, he says to him, oh aboda in the Arakata Eva, I see you week. Now he says week in terms of what specific area in his maybe in his life, meaning you are not strong enough to be a leader. That's what he means by that. You're not strong enough to bid not everybody can be a leader. So he says, I don't see you strong enough to be a leader. And I love for you, what I love for myself. So that's the meaning of the high when it says, when you hate Barack Obama, when I love for you, what I love for myself, like if I were in your position, I would not

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take particular leadership. However, he says, I am here because Allah chose me to be the messenger of God. But I would love for you what I love for myself, if I were in your position, I will not take leadership, I will not take responsibility to manage the wealth of a portion of a team because you don't have that skill for it. And I will throw the Allah Darwaza was actually it was very, very compassionate, was extremely compassionate to the extent to the extent he was very ascetic that he kind of like leave left behind this dunya that he even he goes after the Sahaba who had extra wealth and he keeps telling them you shouldn't keep this in your household. You should not give this your

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possession, give it away give just give it out keep giving it away like he wants people to live simple life like he does. So when during the time of us man or they allowed

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us man or the law and during his time the wealth in the OMA became mashallah and all over. People's became wealthy and rich and money came from all over the world was cannula. So, the medina grew, the city grew and obviously with that growth, people who are not necessarily into the practice of the deen properly or whatever, so Buddha he kept doing going after the people of Medina. So the complaint or the motto Dylon so clearly I mean it could you just talk to him. I mean, he keeps making the ANISONG every moment for us like I want to enjoy my house. I enjoy my ride. I enjoy this. He keeps telling us you shouldn't be riding this.

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This donkey or this horse or this camera, right? So he talked to me, he goes, Do you remember the Prophet service? I'm telling you, it will be in our Salah for halogen Medina. He said to you that look, yeah, Buddha, when Medina grow big enough to read the boundary of Medina reaches the mountain of Salah, leave it.

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So he just like like a wake up call for me says you know what I was right. And here are the ALLAH and he left he went to a shop. And he died in a sham in a very famous story when he was the prophet saw him coming and has a tangent, but it's an important thing to mention about the Buddha. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was going into the battle of the book, then when other people were kind of escaping and kind of like delaying their arrival and somehow disappear in the desert and they disappeared go back again to Medina with the excuse, oh, my camel couldn't make it. I felt we could whatever. Either one of those people whose was right, couldn't manage it in the desert and he left

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it and he walked into the desert like risked his life to catch up with the Prophet sallallahu Taala

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and the Prophet SAW Selim he, every time they see somebody coming in this era, Salah someone's coming. So one of those moments he says called Khun Avada and then as the man was approaching and coming closer, then it's a Dr. Salah that's aboda is a Rahim Allah Allah, Allah messenger Buddha. Em Shiva Hayden, where moto Hayden Roboto Haider. He's going to walk alone, die alone, and will be resurrected alone, like exclusive for his resurrection. And he died alone. And some of the Sahaba they mentioned they were in a caravan going to a sham, they saw a group small group of people in the desert. And when they approached them, they said what's going on? Because so I wouldn't have also

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realized most of them as the companion of the Prophet Saracen just died. And they looked at him and they recognize that was a Buddha, or the Lord and a badass he was actually buried there on the borders of a Shem so the Hadith of the Prophet says, I'm telling him, that's not for you. Leave it not everybody is fit for leadership as a man, not everybody's fit for managing money or organization so be careful what you put yourself

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can you give charity on behalf of your unborn child as you're pregnant?

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It's not like a fictitious child and

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so as a matter of fact, you can if you'd like to start maybe a workflow on their behalf and from the beginning put charity where it grows on their behalf inshallah Tada and should we find in the last version?

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Long, Stan, and I don't know who's putting these questions over the Obama thing. These are serious questions.

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Healthy embryo of those Allah has blessed with Quran and wealth is acceptable. But it brings my heart sadness as that I wasn't given that same privilege and I feel guilty about this.

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Is this a sign of incomplete Eman? Should I instead ask Allah to prefer me and strive harder? Look if you if you see other people being blessed with the name of the Quran, the name of wealth that they give and it makes you feel sad that you're unable to reach reach that level. There is nothing wrong with that if you don't wish them any harm.

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But if you start wishing them harm like why they have it I don't have it. I wish for them to make mistakes when they decide for example, now that's that's messed up.

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But if you still wish for them and hamdulillah to enjoy the name of Allah and wish and ask Allah to give you the same or even better, that should be okay insha Allah

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someone said that Shana I think I learned that he died alone somewhere on the outskirts of Medina. Was it in a sham or near Medina actually near sham because it wasn't a rather an Arab that is in the boundary of the Arabian peninsula with the borders of a sham, Allahu Tirana, Zach Maha Samadhi kilometer Leviticus, Hanukkah love 100

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