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Hummingbird Isla de la mirada element Padilla or some of the long will sell them an element Odyssey, the nursery bashira whenever the robot will come back to the web for another week of XML Hadith, and this is part three of the series very important classification of how the how the Hadith have been classified and labeled we taken. So he either had it had been classified as hazard as we took last week, and we're up to life.

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And we said that originally, the scholars only recognized that I had the fez, so he didn't drive. And who was the first to classify them as Hasson unlimited me? That's right. So let's do a quick revision of what we took last week.

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We said for a hadith first and foremost, to be classified as Sahih. What are the five conditions that must have

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connected continuous chain? Excellent.

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Number two.

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Yes, that chain is to be made up of trustworthy narrators who have Adela which is

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Number three, and they must be accurate.

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Because you could be trustworthy, truthful, but you might not be as accurate. And then

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the method must be free from irregularities should lose other words has to conform to other ideas on the same topic that I saw here.

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And has to be free from

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hidden defects. Excellent.

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So if I had it has those five conditions very important to know, you realize that first lesson was crucial, because that's like the basis for all the hobbies that come after? So if I hadn't had those conditions, then it's considered so high. Now. What's the difference between sohei and hassen? accuracy, accuracy is the only difference, or ahaadeeth, which is huson. It has all those conditions and accuracy but it's not as accurate. And that less accuracy. What's it called?

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Hopefully for dot excellent hockey, football. Or you might hear a chef say this person half a doctor who is accuracy is lesser, it's inferior. Now that's of two types. Let's have two types. For example, you have two or LMR. Two machines, but one is extremely accurate and the one isn't as accurate. Like Alabama Buhari. Now one who came after him is as accurate as him. So although you have great scholars, no way you can compare between the two. And that just shows you the precision of the scholars that they even differentiated between the levels of accuracy.

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Or let's just say in our time, I should have the last 30 feet compared to a shift from Sydney.

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The big difference, Sheriff Abdullah says attorney fees a scholar, we hear his talks, the medical law, he'll say the Hadith and meten. And we'll give you the chain extremely accurate so you can't compare. And the other one is a person who hasn't been known to make the occasional mistake, occasional mistake. And when they do make a mistake, it doesn't

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ruin the meaning it still conforms to the meaning. And now they're referred to as solder or their bet Sebby sodoku lab SAP they were truthful. They were honest. However, they were known to make the occasional mistake here and there, once they make a lot of mistakes. And that's actually one of the categorizations of viiv which we're going to take next week inshallah, because we're going to split a little drive into two parts because it's just a lot of content. So that's what makes up so here. And we said when there's less accuracy, it's referred to as hasin.

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Are they both accepted so high and Hasson? They sure are that comes on the heading of Al Hadi and Mark Boone excellent accepted. If you remember in Lesson One, we said that Buddhists two types that is so high and has said So today, we're going to start a new type of Hadith referred to as Al Hadi former dude.

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If it's not accepted, it is rejected. So that's Alhaji filmer dude. And of course that's another name for Al Hadith alive. So we've taken what has said his revision of last week. Now let's look at Alhaji so dive

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and had his wife is also referred to as Alhaji summer toad.

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And in the beginning, the Hadith were either accepted or rejected. So Medusa is the word for rejected in Arabic.

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So we're going to look at now, taking the name, we're going to look at how this definition causes and types.

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As for its definition, very easy. Anything that falls beneath Hasson and Hadeeth falls beneath the level of Hassan is considered life. So I'll just summarize the entire lesson for you. Very easy, anything that falls beneath hassen is considered life. So if you had a grading system number one will be sorry.

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Number two will be huson

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Anything beneath three and onwards is considered dive and rejected.

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I'll just give you a very simplified definition. However, let's look at the definition in more detail for your notes.

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The word boy, if linguistically in Arabic means weak, weak as opposed to post, which means strong. So that's what it means linguistically. In terms of masala Hadith the scholars defined as follows. Who am I a charlatan actor. minchah rooted Hadith and Hassan.

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A Hadith which is dive is a hadith which is not meet one or more of those five conditions of hasin that we just discussed. That's what it means. islamically according to the books of masala and Hadith, I'll write it for you.

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By definition and Hadith dive, Omar dude Hua ma falcoda shabbaton Xr mysuru did Hadith al Hassan. It's a hadith

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which does not meet one or more of the five conditions of hazard.

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And this is what Allah mammal Bay Cooney said in his bio cornea, which is a poem on masala Hadith, he defined Alhaji strife as follows were called Luma, and root battle Hasani casole 434, who examined for anything that falls beneath the level of Hassan his life. And he said it is of many types examined many times, the scholar said, there's over 40 over 40 types of law haukeland.

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In fact, at the moment boost he gave a number he said there are 49 to be exact 49 a lot of people don't realize when they say this hadith is weak. Many of them do they fail to realize that there's so many types of weak Hadith. And remember, Bruce Lee said 49 so when you say weak Hadith, what do you mean? Is there a false in the chain? and makes it more I love or motorcycle or more of one? Or more or less? Or is there a fall in the actual narrator himself? And where is that fault is in his Adela? Or is in his accuracy to get to take next week? It's very detailed. And that's why you find people unfortunately, they don't have this respect for knowledge or the Musharraf because they don't

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even know this stuff to begin with. You find some people, they just come out of daliah and they think they know it, or they may have memorized the few Hadith, but Little do they know all the background work that has gone into those books. And that's why when people don't sit in front of teachers or front of machines, you find that can at times have it the other, which is lack of manners and respect. And when you do study this stuff, it really makes you appreciate the scholars and what we have in this theme of hamdulillah.

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So Albert Cooney said, anything that's beneath Hasina, why did he say hassane? Not so here?

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Correct? Because if you said anything beneath suai, then it couldn't be still accepted hazard. See, the precision of the Arima and here at Bocconi, he said, anything which is beneath hazard is considered life. So that's a summary of the whole lesson for you, and how do you thrive is anything beneath hasn't? That's it. So what are the causes of weakness of ahaadeeth, we're going to take that now. And that really basically take us to the end of the lesson, and this is crucial to know

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what causes a Hades to be weak. All the causes can be summarized under two main headings. Just remember that all the causes or the factors that can make ahaadeeth weak and bring it down to the level of dive can be summarized and categorized under two main headings either a missing link in the chain or a defect in the numerator one of the two already for you on the board causes of weakness

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and in masala haven't had if you find this under the heading of as Babel buff as Babel, doff the causes of weakness,

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to all the causes all the factors that can make a hardy thrive, you can categorize them under one of these two headings, either a break in the chain number one,

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or a defect in the nereda himself. And today, we're only going to look at the first part of breaking the chain

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because we don't have time to get into Part Two and leave that for next weekend. But as you can see, a break in the chain is many types because the chain can break in many ways true. A chain can break in the beginning,

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a chain can break in the end, a chain can break in the middle,

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can a chain have various breaks.

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Okay, so as you can see a break in the chain. There's many different forms. So let's look at that now. And to give you an example of how I break

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In the chain can occur, I'm going to draw this diagram, it's probably best to do so as well have an example of a senate an example of a chain.

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Let's just say you pick up the Muslims of Alabama,

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of course, who's the author?

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Lima gelila, remember when

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and who was one of his machines.

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So it's the next person in the chain. And a chef, a chef was Allah Malik good.

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Malik ridetech from nefaria, who was the freed slave of abnormal

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was a companion 100%. So he took from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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That's an example of a chain right there.

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Mohammed Salah celebrity, literally at the end.

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The chain starts here at the beginning with Allah Muhammad is Muslim, you pick it up and you read a hadith. So he's the one that is starting the chain. Now where did he get it from? He took it from Isha Schaeffer, you took it from Israel, Halima Malik, took it from NAFTA, I took it from even Omar, who said that the profile is supposed to serve said audit. So that's an example of a chain.

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So we're going to look at now, what can cause this hadith to be considered weak, we said among the factors is a break in the chain. So we're going to look at that today. As you can see, just like any chain, it can break in various places. And depending on where it's broken, there's a different name. Those names are dependent on where the breaks occur where the defects occur.

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So if there's a break, in the beginning, it's called Moloch. That's the first type of Hadith dive, which we're going to take tonight. More a lot. So the types now if you're writing your notes, types of weak Hadith

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number one more unlock.

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By definition, it's a hadith in which the chain has been broken in the beginning. Excellent.

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So underlined, beginning

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an example of the break in the beginning, Allah mama Schaeffer is missing. So in the Muslim Allah Muhammad, the rights from Alec, where did you get that from, was initially as a break in the beginning. So that's an example of a more unlock. Now why is referred to as Warlock, because if you were to invert this chain, if you would have basically rotated 90 degrees, and the prophet will be on top at the top of that chain, Mohammed, Ali Salim, because he's our leader, then all the names underneath, which are the links in the chain. If there's a break in the beginning, or many breaks from the beginning onwards, the Hadees will be literally one block hanging. So that's what the

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definition of modloft is.

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suspended or hanging.

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That's quite an accurate definition. All you have to know is, well I look is a hadith which is live. Why because the break occurs in the beginning. Now, what else can a break occur?

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in the middle? Yes, let's go in the middle. Now let's progress. If it breaks in the middle, it's called one out there.

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Number two,

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literally broken.

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So if this chain was broken in the middle, give me an example which name would be missing?

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And Mr. Malik good.

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So by definition when

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the break occurs in the middle

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and is considered life

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this is mythology. So the break is either in the beginning as we said the chef is missing it's called monologue if the breaks in the middle in this case, it'll be Malik Malik is missing. It's referred to as mon Katya. What else kind of record Koshiba in the end, right? If it occurs in the end, this is the third type of weak Hadith in terms of a broken chain or missing links in the chain is referred to as Morrison.

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The word Marcel came from Uppsala to send Yeah, so you could translate a sentence. It's a break in the end.

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So who's the last person in this chain before someone if normal in this case, so the break occurs there? If not, what is missing is the missing link. So now, what did he do? He literally sent the Hadith and he said call out of sola. He sent it over. He missed the Sahabi. So it's when the break occurs in the end. So Marcel, by definition is that the break occurs in the end. So in this hadith example that we gave, we said even Ahmad is the one missing.

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So taking a break in the beginning, what's that called?

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Good break in the middle Moncada

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Good braking, the end,

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good motorcycle, what else can happen to the chain?

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A lot of work but you can have multiple breaks through. You can have multiple breaks in between just like you know, multiple breaks in anything in your leg, for example, multiple fractures.

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Not that I'm advising you do that to anyone.

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Now when you have two or more consecutive breaks, it's called more abundant.

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commonly translated as double break, although that's a very accurate translation. I would say the definition clarifies it more. It's when you have two or more consecutive breaks underline the word consecutive

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two or more consecutive breaks. That's considered more abundant. So it doesn't have to be two. It can be more, but there have to be consecutive. That's the key. That's the key. So give me an example of I had it which is more about who's missing.

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For example, Scheffer in Mali good Salima Medina writes directly from NASA. Right, that would be considered more about what about sherfane Malik and nerfed? missing?

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Good, still considered Marvel, we said because two or more consecutive breaks, that has to be consecutive. Excellent. So that's what model is and it came from our Bala. Now albala in Arabic means is shudder to give a hard time to become severe. Because it's become a double break. It's severe. Right? It's worse, and that's why I'm gonna use that word. He said

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Bala be Kufa. Allah Kufa gave me a hard time why he said they're not happy with an Amir another is an immediate happy with him, the people of Iraq. So he said they gave me a hard time. So I said, Bala be the was more about from our Bala was to give a hard time. So sometimes it's called double break. But as we said, it can be more but really, that's the problem with English, you can't find a precise translation, that's pretty close.

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Now, if the missing from the beginning, was at the finishing of

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molars if it's missing from the beginning. And if it's two or more consecutive breaks, even in the beginning, it's considered Marvel. In other words, 100 can be considered more about Mr. Locke at the same time, we said more or less by definition is when the beginning is missing true. So if the beginning is missing, even if it's multiple, and you have consecutive breaks, then it's considered model. So therefore, it can be considered both at the same time. Let's consider it even weaker.

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So sometimes, it can take multiple lacquer.

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And if the break occurs in the middle as well, it just kills more Katya. So that had eaten physical share for a Merlot and nerfect missing. It's considered what I loved mon pata, and marble all in one.

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And the final type of Hadith, which is considered life in terms of the breaks is more than less, this is a break. That's more metaphoric. It's not literal. Where there's no one missing in the chain is an actual break. But what is it the person for example, narrate from someone in a way, where he will conceal that narrator, he'll hide the name, for example, he'll give them a nickname. Or he'll claim that he learned it from someone, when in reality he didn't. That's called mandalas. So here, there's no break in the chain. There's no break. However, the person what they do, the way they narrate, is they basically conceal it in a way or they hide the name in a way for various reasons,

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which we'll explain. So the name is actually missing. But it's more about consuming. So you could translate Model S as to conceal

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or hide.

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In Arabic, it came from that lesson. And that lesson is used, for example, when a man is trying to sell something and he hides its defects. He hides that products faults. So della sell back. So the seller is hiding something trying to sell something to you, but he's hiding all of its problems. So he concealed something that's where the word would then less came from, to conceal or hide. And

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so an example of mandalas, where

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the naraina will hide the name of the person in the chain for many reasons. For example, a person will say, I took from Abdullah or I took from Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah, the son of Abdullah that he's saying that way, perhaps he wants to conceal or hide that person's defects may be used, that person was a Matata, and he doesn't want to say his name. Because then if he says his real name, everyone's gonna know this person was an innovator and the Hadees will be rejected. So there's various ways of that.

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They can conceal or hide. So he didn't actually miss the person. The name is mentioned, but they're hidden in a way that's called that lease. So it's not literal, but it's more as we said metaphoric. Another example of that lease where he'll say,

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he shaves name. And he gives the impression that he heard off his shirt, but he didn't all say to you, for example, I say hormonal hassall. He said, Now he's my shift. Now when I say it like that, you're gonna think okay, I heard it from him. In reality I didn't. So it's the gives the impression to give the impression that they heard it when in reality they didn't. That's another form of studies. As you can see, there's various forms, various forms, and depending on which form of at least they use, that actually can be given a different name. So if it was released from his own chair, it was called modellers. But if you use Dudley's referring to a share he's never studied

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under that's called more selfie. But it's all forms of Dudley's or forms of concealing and hiding, so by definition, to make it simple, it's to hide a narrator's name

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by using a nickname

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to give the impression,

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one heard the narration

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from the narrator himself, but in reality, they didn't.

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For example, all say, I heard chef, they must say,

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I'm a student, I can't say like that. If I were to say it like that gives the impression and I heard it from him. What I'm intending is I heard my chef told me that she has invested because he's a student. So in reality, why chef a chef Hamada, he's the student of even Bez, but if I told you I heard Chetan Besa, you're going to assume that I heard it from a chef from the bed directly, when in fact, I didn't know for most at least. And this is done for various reasons, such as to hide weak neuritis, or number two, to high deviancy. Maybe that person then reading from was me. And I want to basically expose themselves. So they want to ensure that the chain is free from any defects in and

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riders which we're going to get in next week. Or they could give various names, various nicknames of one person

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that does this as well, various names of one person to give the impression that they have many teachers, many scholars, many machines, so he'll know right from multiple sources, multiple narrations and use a different name in each one. But all those names are really the same person. Like for example, my name is Mohammed. And I'm also Abner Abdullah, and I'm also from Alabama. And I'm also Abul Qasim and Abu Ayesha and Omar and Abu Ammar hot tub. And Alastair, right. So he could say I heard from Alastair another ratio. I heard from Mohammed another ratio. I heard from people Abdullah, I heard from Abul Qasim I heard from Arusha it's not the same person. So it can be done

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for many reason that person is known as a motherless is basically counterfeiting to fake the phony. So what he'll do, he'll either hide the name, he'll say, I heard from Abdullah Abdullah Cevallos, the son of the civil law, it's a very broad name, right? Who is that person, it could be anyone. So it doesn't want to mention the name of the person perhaps is deviant. So he's trying to hide deviancy or he's trying to impress, though it's, it's done for many reasons. To hide weakness or to impress people give the impression that they met scholars or had many teachers. So as you can see, the person isn't missing from the link. They're there they mentioned, but they faults, or their name

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is concealed, as we said, for various purposes, depending on the person. Now, how do we know if it's leased or not? That's when there are a lot of Hadith. We'll look into that person's biography. That's the only way. Look into their biography. Was he known for today's was he known for giving false impressions? Was he known for concealing? Because a person can give a nickname not intending to this, like young man and others, Grover Lamar, who were contemporaries of Mr. McMahon, they did that but they weren't doing it to try and deceive just because they had nicknames for the machines at times. So they weren't the only Suna was a person who just took from

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meaning a moment. But that was a shocker. Everyone knew that was his shirt. He just mentioned, Ahmed, not because he wants to deceive because everyone knows, for example, or he just maybe was lazy that day. Didn't want to mention the whole name. So it can happen. So sometimes just because a person uses a nickname or doesn't mention the full name, they assume our model is no we didn't have that right to say this shape or that scholar was a motherless that's left to right. And they look into the biographies of these men. So as we said, In summary, Heidi thumbdrive I wake Hadith is it accepted? Generally speaking, it's not it's rejected. However, next week, we're going to look at the

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exceptions. Next week. We're gonna look at the

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Exceptions there are times where you can use Hadeeth and die. But generally speaking, it's not accepted. And that's why it's called what what's another name for had his wife?

00:25:09--> 00:25:18

murdered? Right? We said that the beginning of the lesson. Another name for the wife is murdered, rejected. Good. And then we said by definition, what is it? Anything

00:25:19--> 00:25:21

that falls beneath has a good?

00:25:23--> 00:25:29

And then we said all the factors that determine or had this to be weak or do I fall under two main headings What are they

00:25:34--> 00:25:57

good as a break in the chain or there's a defect in that array data. So today we've only focused on the broken chain and we gave examples of how a chain can be broken in the beginning if it's broken in the beginning what's that referred to as well if the break occurs at the end just before us a lot more sell good if the break occurs in the middle. But the good if the if there's a double break two consecutive breaks or more

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more eyeballs, more eyeballs good if there's a hidden nereda somewhere.

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Comella increase your own beneficial knowledge and righteous actions me so panic alarm will be from technician one.

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Mr. Furukawa took willick