Our Ignorance Is Their Strength

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and potential of Islam, including the implementation of Islam-orratory systems and the use of animals to protect against extreme weather conditions. They also touch on the confusion surrounding the names of the Church leaders and the difficulty of bringing up the names of people who are unaware of the church's history. The importance of learning and being a good Muslim man to overcome issues faced by Muslims is emphasized, along with the use of la ilaha for death and the importance of memorizing the Quran. The speakers stress the need for students to spend their summers in Mecca, approves of the idea of " hungover," and learn from their experiences in their vacation areas to make a positive impact.
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My dose of honohan is dying on a stock settle, when I would have been learning and surely I'm pushing down and say at

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de la, Bella

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de la,

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la, la serie Cara pasado, Mohammed Abu or a pseudo dad,

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the brothers and sisters in the year that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born, it was known for a great event and they didn't follow the, they didn't have years. And they would say this is the year so and so and so and so. But they would follow the years, according to major events. And as we know, that year was known as the year of the elephant.

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There was a king in Yemen by the name of Aloha and abraha. He wanted to build a huge church, the likes of which was not known in that area at that time. And so he built this gigantic church that no one had ever seen. It's like before, and he called it out of belief.

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And after he had made this big church, he told his sermons, he told his slaves to go and commanded people to perform Hajj to this church.

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And of course,

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and now he's trying to bring people's hearts he's trying to touch people's hearts to this church, as time went by, and nobody came to the church. And nobody came to do this pilgrimage, he finally inquired as to what it was, you know, and there are a person had come, became very angry at this church, and had gone, in fact, to the bathroom in the church, make you infuriating the king Avraham, and he said, why aren't these people coming to perform pride, they said, there's another house that these people have attached their hearts to, and it's called the toddler.

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And so abraha said, I will then he said, the way to bring it because he thought people attached the hearts to architecture, and attach the hearts to the structure of the building. And he said, then the only way for them to get them attached to my church was to destroy theirs, and to demolish it. And so abraha went out on this journey.

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He went out on the journey with his NBC, in monetize people bring out their tanks, when they want to attack someone, they bring in their tanks. In those days, their tanks were the elephants. And this is in fact, something that even in Medina, the Arabs had never seen before. And even some of the Sahaba they had never seen an elephant before. You can imagine an animal that big, they brought the elephant

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and they move forward to Mecca. And, and they came with a week of terror anytime they passed by a certain tribe, they would strike fear and people will try stopping them, but they would just push them out of the way and continue forward on their destination to destroy the Kava. When they reach the outskirts of Mecca, they had usurped and, and stolen some of the the goals and the camels of the people on the outskirts of Mecca. And so I've done a pilot, who is the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was the chief of Mecca at that time.

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One to him, he went to abre. And he spoke to him. And whenever I saw the chief of the chief of them of color, he sat him down and he they start discussing, and then I've done a metallic said to him, he said, I want you, you can you know, what would you like to say that I want you to give back our goals. I want you to give us back our terminals. And Avraham was shocked. He said, I'm coming to destroy your house, I'm coming to destroy the cabin, demolish it. And all you're worried about is the goats and the sheep and the camels.

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And then he said something very profound. And this is even before it's not optimal, told him, he said, I am the Lord of those goats and sheep, meaning that I'm in charge of those goats and sheep, and I'm the one who's going to make sure that it goes back to the people. And as for the Kava, it has its own Lord, who is going to defend it. And Abraham was shocked at what he had said. And so they made a deal. He said, You give me back the goats and sheep, and I'll give you the chance to do what you wish with the Kava. We will leave all the people of Mecca will leave Mecca and allow you to do what you want as long as you give us back the goats and sheep. And he agreed. And so everybody

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left in his you know, Mecca is in a valley and then there's

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seals all surrounding the cover. And so the people, they all went up to the hills and just like we have the stadium, people wasting their time in football games and so on. And they go up on the stadium to watch these people got up on the mountain to see and see what was going to happen to the camera. And so they move forward with their, with their elephant in their entire army. And as you know, the elephant is stopped, and it wouldn't go forward. And the person or the Allah subhanaw taala is the one that made that elephant stop. And as they stood there trying to force the elephants forward, a strange black clouds started coming from a direction in the sky. And then as the clouds

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came closer and closer to start darkening the entire sky, we saw that it wasn't clouds, but it was fat middle birds. And you see Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala destroyed him with the most smallest of creation. And in that smallest creation, those birds in their beak, and in their talents, to hell, little pebbles, and with the tiniest of weapons to little pebbles, but from the cloud of those birds in those black birds darken the sky, and the entire army looked up.

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The birds started letting go of those pebbles. And Allah subhanaw taala describes it that whenever that pebble would strike a soldier, his body would begin to tear apart, would begin to tear apart until it finally would explode. And he would be died. And he would fall to the ground but cheats flush and one after the other and some of them tried escaping they were hit with the pebbles and they tried walking away and they would fall down and falling apart. And a loss of Hannah azada destroyed every single last one of those people that had come to take the calendar and all the people have met them. This is before Islam. If you've been here the Prophet for the last SNM was

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born. They were there and they watched what had happened. And that love and attachment to the Kava only increased more and more and more. Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the Quran. By then I would have loved them in the Shavasana regime.

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Tamaki sassano boo cabbie off Harbin see me, john J. The home to me.

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On the me,

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And Allah subhanaw taala says and we'll talk about a little later. And I'm Tara, didn't you see it? And Allah subhanaw taala is reminding everybody of his power. And I'm so lucky for fall out of habit. Didn't you see what I did to the people of the elephants.

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Their brothers and sisters in our in our school have her to school. We had a very nice presentation yesterday. And the brothers because of the theme of the week was about role models. Some of the kids stood up in the morning assembly, and they announced to the people who knows five WWF wrestlers, right? And some of the kids knew some of the new kids and all the hands went up. And he said yes. And he went, you know, 12345 names five of them. And then even more shocking, though they pick up the Pokemon. You may have heard of it. And then he said that what's the difference between a Pokemon and Digimon? And I even had to correct that to ask them what is it? And then, and then this boy

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who's very quiet, he raised his hands. And he said, Well, the difference is that Pokemon evolved. And Digi mind revolves like the Panama, where did you know where did you learn this from? And then of course, the third question, Who are the 10 people who were promised gender during the life and all the hands went down, and a silent speaker the entire crowd?

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The brothers and sisters and we all know that kind of ignorance is a law item. Any gathering you go to you can do the exact same thing. And you will always get the same results. And I tell you today even more and I posed the question, how many of us know what Mr. lochsa looks like? How many of us know Mr. X looks like?

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Because many people when when I see Mr. oxidate The first thing that comes to their mind is that golden dome, the golden dome and you will always see pictures and posters of the three Holy Mosques. You see the Kaaba, and then you'll see the Prophet's mosque in Medina and then you will see the Dome of the Rock. Why is it called the dome of rock? Don't you realize that? It's not called Mr. upside, because that's not Mr. Luxor. And if I was to bring a picture in until I've brought pictures with me today, so inshallah Some of us may for the first time in their lives. See what muscle ups looks like. That if I was to show you the picture, and say what mustard is this many people would not know

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what the mustard looks like.

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Just what it looks like, I remember and I visited Philistine and I visited Jerusalem visited Luxor. And his brother was showing us around another brother sauce. And he says, you know, these brothers are from the US who said, make sure that they go to that mustard, mustard, you know,

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to make sure that they see it. And it was a message that I've never heard of. And I also have pictures of Mr. Ahmad a miracle prop. But he thinks these are messages we don't even know what muscle ups are looks like, you can imagine that you have Jewish people picking off the other places in Jerusalem, one after the other. And there's no media attention for anything. And it's only a few brothers that live there. They know about these places that are actually trying to defend it.

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But this message is a very big message. You may have heard the story that when the alarm came to Jerusalem, and the priest told him to pray in the church, he said, No, let me pray outside of the church. And he prayed because he didn't want people to come and try to serve and take away the church and say this belongs to us. He wanted to maintain it for them. And so he prayed outside and indeed right across the road from from that such a nice little piano where they think that Jesus was resurrected. In Santa that right across from that is Mr. dominant. And in the masjid is a special prayer place where Salafi a UV Rahim Allah, where he used to do his pm or man, or our Muslim leaders

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of that time, would spend their nights worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And that ignorance that when a Muslim is ignorant, that is the strength of the non Muslims. That is the strength of anybody else. Because in the past few days, I'm sure you've heard a lot about Philistines, and you've heard about the history. And you've heard about, you know, what's happening, and so on. But when you talk about the weapons that the non Muslims have, they may have bombs, and they may have their airplanes, and they have their their guns. But in fact, their biggest weapon that they have, is a Muslim ignorance of Muslims ignorance, because if a Muslim doesn't know, the issues, and he doesn't even know what the faces look like, and he hasn't even visited it, that, then

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it's so much easier for them to just come and snatch it away. To give you an example of manuscripts. In in the courses I teach the American open, one of the questions that I usually asked is, first question on the exam. oral exam is, what's the name of the textbook we're studying? And who's the author? And I'm sure that if you got a question like that on your exam, you probably wouldn't be able to answer. You don't even know who wrote the book. And if that's the book that's in front of you, that you're looking through the pages you don't know who's teaching this to, you can imagine old manuscripts that were reserved in, in England and reserved in New York and protecting in these

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Kaffir country or Kaffir libraries. But you can imagine if someone just wanted to come pick up all those books and bring them to the ground, normal, some would say anything, because we're all ignorant of the existence of the books. We're all ignorant of our heritage. And that is the greatest power

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in a chef a lot, and they knew about how disgusting it was, that a person would be ignorant and it's it's something like very sad that a Muslim doesn't know about his Deen and doesn't know about his heritage. Imam Shafi rahmatullah wa when you would see someone an elder, who, who was sitting in the message, he would ask them questions about Hadeeth. And

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if he is the elder in simple questions, if the elder answered the questions, he would answer them properly, he would let him go. If he didn't answer the questions properly. Mm, Chef, he would say, larger Zakah on an economy one.

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He said me you'll be rewarded by this, but not by yourself or by Islam in any way. The yachting sector will buy yachts and Islam. Could you wasted your own life? And have you wasted the heritage of Islam?

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And this is because that person has lived all those lat all those years of his life and we're looking at people living for 50 years and 50 years and 70 years, and they haven't learned the basics of their Deen from you talking about decades of their life, but they never sat down and decided that something's wrong here. And I have to start learning about my heritage. And mmm chef rahimullah wrote the poetry lines. He said Melania de matar Loomis, art and Java, generally to the hierarchy. He says whoever doesn't take the sourness, of, of learning for just an hour will suffer from the pain of big

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Millions today for his entire life. Woman sat down with Salima

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Kabir, Ali Arbonne, Lumosity and whoever

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misses the opportunity to learn Islam when they're young, when they have that intelligence and they're learning, whoever misses that opportunity to Kabira he are brand new effects he to say allow for four times to his death. And even when I when I say four times, that's in the janaza prayer, when the person raises their hand four times, Allahu Akbar, Allah, because that person has lived their life in ignorance.

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Remember giving a lecture about how to be a good Muslim husband, and of course, how to be a good Muslim husband. We find our example in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When you look at the problems of the Muslim youth, or and people getting married, and all these problems, all the answers are in the Sunnah. Then all our Muslim youth do not even have the keys to extracting that. For example, the Quran, how many people of us know how to read Quran in Arabic? Okay, that on one side, how many of the Muslim youth know how to read the Quran in Arabic is just a small minority that actually know how to recite the Quran in Arabic. On top of that, how many people understand the

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Arabic language to understand what they're reciting? And then the percentage gets smaller and smaller. And that's what the Quran with the Heidi, you can just challenge people if they know the books of the hobby, what the name of the books are, forget about asking them if they've ever opened the book in their life. And people just say that, and I remember if someone says, you know, did you memorize the Quran? They go, Wow, did you memorize certain bacara answers and refer is one surah of the Quran. That is just from an ignorance of the length of the Quran. The length of the Hadith is nobody knows about our heritage.

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And Allah subhanaw taala you see in many cultures that the Quran is respected and the time that the Quran comes off the shelf, and I'm sure you've seen this, that people have the Quran divided into 30 books, but they haven't in 30 books and they wrap it in a beautiful cloth and sometimes even get Velcro to close it up. And it's been cut into 30 parts so that they can have a cron funny when someone is dead. The time is the front comes off the shelf is at the death of some person. And Allah subhanaw taala did not reveal the Quran to be read for the dead people. Allah revealed it to be read for the living people. And Allah subhanaw taala calls you to give you life and not to read the Quran

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when when a person is dead. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

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Allah, Allah says keytab when and the know who liked them about that a book that we revealed down to you move on to bless it. And it's as if the reciters now saying Why did you reveal the Quran? Allah subhanaw taala continues

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in a

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month was trying to satisfy this last book that was revealed near death metal. So that verses will be contemplated and thought about and implemented in a person's life. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala revealed the Quran not for the blessings and not for the dead people that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the fraud so people would take that Koran and implemented in their lives.

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You will see and this is in the Quran and Sunnah you see when someone needs to see the numbers in common someone wants to leave the prayer they'll say, Brother, you leave the purpose and no, no, I don't know how to meet the prayer. Someone else needs a prayer. And then there's like a little scruff that happens over who's going to leave the prayer because everyone's embarrassed because they don't know how to lead the prayer. And you'll see at the time of the Prophet Solomonic, he's sending out 18 year old men 18 are meant to lead entire armies, with people with with sahabas in an army, atrial 18 year olds, and you'll see that when they go out for jihad, you see the boys standing on

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their tippy toes, so that the prophets of Allah and Sam can see them that they're high. And they're so that seem like they're tall with the province. And a lot of them would reject people that were like 12 years old, and so on. And you'll see when they were 16 years old, they would be allowed to go out for Jihad at the age of 16. And that would be great for

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some people and if someone was to sit down and memorize the Quran, you you'd see that the sutras that a person hasn't memorized it maybe in 3040 years that the person has lived. He hasn't memorized

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I tend to read on top of everything, and I'm sure you can memorize it in maximum 15 minutes. You can memorize it in 15 minutes, but the person would have wasted 30 and 40 years of his life. And he never sat down for 15 minutes, and what's going, what's going wrong?

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There's something called a niagra syndrome. And that is that many people, they go through life, allowing the river to push them along. But anything that life brings them that here's a new job, and here's this and here's that they just go with the flow and just let the river happen to them. Let the river take them along on this journey with ignorance and so on. And they just keep going until finally, when they reach this river doesn't go on forever, but then it comes to a waterfall. And that's death. And the person only when he's coming towards the end, and he starts hearing the sound of the waterfall getting louder and louder. Then you realize, Hey, I should try stopping this. I

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should try swimming in the other way. But by that time, the waters sucking him in too strongly. And then it's over. And then he falls down in the waterfall. Allah subhanaw taala says what he says is stillness filmer Tony lebih nyaman gonna say

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no to me too brutal.

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Martial Artists is Toba. And repentance is not for those people who commit sins have either have or are not those people who commit sin and continue and live live with the sin and it's no problem. And one day I'll repent to a lot when I get older, I'll do my Hajj and when I get older, I'll do this and I'll start praying the message that Toba isn't for that person who waits his entire life has either hovered or hadn't remote until death comes upon them. And now death is on their chest. And the soul is leaving their body. And then they say upon at any time. That now is the moment that I will return to a law. Now is the moment when I will say la ilaha illa. Allah, there was a nice life

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I had fun die with La ilaha illAllah. And I'll go to Jenna. I'll tell you, the brothers and sisters that if you are if any human being lived their life in this way, don't think that they're going to say la ilaha illa. On their deathbed, they will not say in the law, what they will say is Allah subhanaw taala is in the Quran. Or better God for law, send me back. That's what they're gonna say. Give me another chance. Let me take a retest, let me do it over again. Just wipe out my mark. Give me another chance, or a better john Locke lonley meadowside handymax. Perhaps I will do good in the things that I left behind. And the loss of Hannah Tata says, sudden says there's no going back.

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Rahim Allah loves one of the great scholars. And these scholars when when you take your textbooks and I know you have textbooks about this big, and you'll spend maybe in two weeks going through the test textbook, and people do this to fix a computer and other people do and read through textbooks like this, to do this and that there were scholars and you see something like interested free to encyclopedic Encyclopedia Britannica. There are scholars who wrote volumes of Islamic knowledge with volumes that being all by themselves, not with the committee, but by themselves. They wrote it. One of those people was alarmists, roughly mohalla he says that if you see some old person who spent

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spent his entire life and he never sat down and learn the Quran, when we talk about learning, we don't mean just sitting around and memorizing features. We mean really understanding what the font says, and implementing our lives. He says if you see someone who hasn't learned the Quran, and hasn't written hobbies,

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we know that he is one of the moon people. The moon people have come to you. And then they asked him or alarmists, what is upcoming, and what is moon people. And he says they're the people that when the moon comes out, they gather together. And they talked about the old days. And now Subhanallah they would wait for the moon to come out because they didn't have electricity. And these days, that moon has been changed. Now we have life. And now we replace it. They talk about the old days, meaning that they would wasted time and idle chat, meaning that they would be watching sitcoms at night. And they would be you know, watching television, wasting two hours, three hours and just

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chatting with each other drinking tea.

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He says that these people they waste their entire life and if you ask them how do you perform we'll do and how do you do Salah they wouldn't no

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alarm is set to stay away from these people

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playing him or him. He divided the ignorant people and divided them into different categories.

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He says the first person, the first giant is someone who is knowledgeable, and does not follow the knowledge bases that he's practicing. And he says that this person is the worst time of death. And it's a smart point from eternal claim Rocky Mountain law because even though this person has knowledge, he's still considered ignorance a giant, because he doesn't practice what he knows. So he doesn't really understand the wealth of what he has.

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And he kills others. Because when people see him that he's knowledgeable, and that, that he's not practicing, they will also follow the wrongs that he is doing. Just like you'll see some knowledgeable brother that comes. And suppose he does something haram after he leaves the masjid. People will say, like, when when someone else coffee, some will say, Why are you doing this, he says, well, brother, so and so is doing that is that knowledgeable person that's not practicing the knowledge that he has. The second category is someone who has no knowledge, but has lots of action, that he's doing a bit, and he's performing things, but that person is worshipping Allah with

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ignorance, and he's doing incorrect things. And the people, they follow these kind of these kind of kind of worshipers, and then they will be misguided by those people also. The third time is the person that has no knowledge that has no action, and that characterizes a lot of people in the time that we're living in. And for that person, if you were to ask him what the purpose of life is, that pretty much the way they're acting if the purpose in life for them is to eat and drink and procreate, nothing else. And someone had on a bumper sticker, that life is a game and the person with the most toys at the end is the winner. And this is what the people act like that, that life is

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only for eating and drinking and procreating that their life is the same as an animal's life is the same as a cattle because the cattle does the exact same thing if that's the purpose in their life. And the fourth category that no claim lock and unlock quotes is a person is actually like you see here the let me play the devil's advocate like people say that these are the devil's advocates for real and they call people away from knowledge and they call people away from a bad

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Meanwhile, Mr. Mathur stuff you

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salatu salam wa salam ala Nabi Baba, Baba,

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the brothers and sisters, the brother or the the young boy, the Muslim boy that was killed and Philistine. His name was from a doula, a doula. And it's very interesting of his last name, a doula, an RV in something which is very, very precious. a doula and it's actually a singular, and it means like a gem, something very, very precious. And indeed, that boy was very, very precious to the Muslim ummah. And indeed, you every single one of you are precious to the Muslim Ummah, that in your life, you're either going to be a success for this film, or are you going to be a failure, and there's no in between? Because you have said, La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, you're either

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going to be something that is not will be proud of a young boy like Mohammed Dora. Or you're going to be a sadness, like Imam Shafi said to those people that didn't spend their lives learning about 13, and practicing lodges, I've gone into snam that may not give you nothing good in return, because of that person wasting the years that Allah has blessed them. I seen in India Olympics, when they had the Summer Olympics, they had this person, you know, jumping over

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the hurdle. And they said, move, move a nation in 9.7 seconds or 9.3 seconds. And I said, we've had a lot my entire nation, humanity will get excited, because someone shaves off a few seconds, or a few milliseconds, from running 100 meters or running 200 meters to power law. But 100 and on the other side, that it only took one bullet. Through this, this young boys had to move the entire world when he learned in a loss of 100 data, just like you heard of the boy and the king and how he gave his life and when the king had killed him when he said Bismillah behind the hula when he said in the name of the Lord of this boy, Allah subhanaw taala with the death of that boy brought life to an

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entire nation brought Islam to an entire nation brought La ilaha illa Allah to an entire nation and inshallah Allah that many people will be guided by the struggles that we go through, and you'll see that in the hard times. They may

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People learn from these from the things that are happening.

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But just like you have, you have, sometimes you have a thermometer, and sometimes you have a thermostat, the thermometer whenever the heat goes up to the monitor goes off, up, it's reflecting the heat. And when it starts cooling down, a thermometer goes down. Also, as the stars would say, should not be a thermometer, that should be a thermostat. It says when things go up, and when things go down, you need to be able to control it. And the key to being a thermostat or being a thermometer is knowledge of your team and practicing of this game.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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in the Quran, he describes those people that came before us, those people that did get revelation, the Torah, the people that did practice their, their book, Allah subhanaw taala describes it in the Quran, and how they are cursed and so on. And in fact, when Muslims reading the Quran whenever, like even our best, he quoted an ayah and he said, and the people said, wasn't this revealed for an empty tab? And he says, Subhana Allah, to the effect of music that all the candies are for us all the beautiful is to talk about Jen are for us, and all those sour ones that we don't like the ones that are talking about Johanna Denise always for the kuffaar. Because no, that's not, because when Allah

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subhanaw taala talks about 100 keytab, from how they are cursed, and how distressing to become that person did that Allah is telling us, saying that if you do what they did, your result in your conclusion will be the same as their conclusion. Unless the front of Allah says in the Quran, method or levena from you

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can sad

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conocida says messenger livina from Minnesota to the example of those people who are entrusted with the Torah

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and then broke that trust and didn't take the responsibility to practice and learn the Torah method. And they're like donkeys, yeah, from you know, as far as like donkeys

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carrying books on their backs. And this is exactly when you see Muslims that put the Quran upon themselves, that they have no idea of what is in that book that they put up on the shelf. And many Muslims, like we said that we don't know how to recycle. We don't understand what's in the Koran, narrow the villa, we are afraid that we might fall into these verses of the people that came before us that they were like donkeys carrying books on their back having no idea of what was in that book.

00:32:47--> 00:33:19

This week at john hopkins was the assignment Awareness Week awareness meaning to be mindful and heedful of something. In fact, it might be an Islamic Awareness Week for the for the for the Muslims, it's not one week, and it's not one month, it's not one year, it's your entire life. From the day you were born. To the day you'll meet your Creator and Salah that you have to have Islamic awareness. And it's our my wanting to give you some suggestions on how to increase our knowledge of this Deen and some practical stuff. First of all,

00:33:20--> 00:33:36

every message they have, they should have a chronicle citation class. And not just the kind where some chef would just, you know, beat the kids to memorize. They should be dynamic classes, and learning and field trips, and the kids learning from the Quran and implementing the Quran.

00:33:38--> 00:34:16

And these classes, someone may say, Well, I don't I don't have a teacher in my messaging, I'll tell you, you know who is going to be in trouble for that, it's going to be you, the person who's complaining, because not and in fact, anybody, anybody that goes down, that doesn't have the chance for them to learn from everybody in the message is sinful. Why? Because these these this type of knowledge is for keyfile. Meaning that it's for that if someone applies or learns it, and teaches it to the others, all the sin is resolved from everybody else. But if there's nobody to teach that everybody is sinful, until someone learns it, and they get it so meaning that the people are sinful

00:34:16--> 00:34:45

until they bring a teacher and until they have someone who's capable of doing it. Secondly, here in the in the university, that you should spend time and not going to restaurants and going to this place in that place to come together as brothers and this is just coming together as sisters, learning the Quran and learning this and inviting knowledgeable people to spend that time and not just to haphazard halaqa here and there. But maybe get a book and start learning from the beginning to the end and learn your deen in a systematic way.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

You should spend your summers not going to this vacation spot or that vacation spot. Go to Mecca and spend the summer in Mecca spend the summer in Medina. Go to Oxford and learn and feel

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

As you observe yourself, go to these places, go to Syria, go to Egypt, go to any country and learn your deen and spend your summer doing something wisely. Some people they waste their summer. Some people may mow the lawn during the summer, and other people will go and learn Arabic for two months over the summer. And you'll see that those people that came back, they know that they've spent that time wisely. And you'll see that the first thing when they come back is I can't wait to like continue in education, because they've tasted that first taste of education, knowledge of this mean, and they want more and more.

00:35:34--> 00:35:57

And for those who cannot travel, and even here, living in the US, we have even in Virginia, the American open university that teaches Islam by correspondence, and that you have instructors that you can phone and ask your question with an exams to follow. And even if it was just one course, just one course the small booklet that you would learn that that would be enough that you would move forward and you would make a difference in your life.

00:35:59--> 00:36:19

In that story that we began with the story of Abraham how Allah Spano Tata destroyed them, Allah subhanaw taala is talking to the people of Mecca and they didn't deny it. You never hear in the history that they denied that these people were destroyed and they were destroyed for the lobby. Allah subhanaw taala says in the next verse, Isla

00:36:21--> 00:36:23

de la la.

00:36:25--> 00:36:26

He was

00:36:32--> 00:36:33

a lovey,

00:36:37--> 00:36:39


00:36:43--> 00:36:46

man Oh, man, whoa.

00:36:47--> 00:37:18

tunnel goddess says reminding of their journeys that they take their caravans to Syria, their caravan to Yemen, and Yabu of the heaven thing. A lot of parents are saying you saw the power of a law and you know that there's no God but Allah, Sylvia Buddha has and the brothers and sisters this applies to us. Let us worship the Lord of the Kaaba and mustard neverwet and Mr. oxa and the last panel Darla will protect his houses

00:37:20--> 00:37:36

in the law homeowner equatorial for lunarlon maybe you are living in LA he was a limo to Nima along with Mohammed Mohammed, later Abraham, Abraham, Ricardo Mohammed Mohammed

00:37:37--> 00:37:40

Ibrahim Ibrahim in Mecca, hamidah Majeed

00:37:41--> 00:37:49

hyena Khomeini, Tina have you know of our even even our community now for the 13 hours a month

00:37:51--> 00:37:53

or so a breakdown in Africa for a while and

00:37:55--> 00:38:19

mustard and Oxfam and a Delia who have been a lot heavier than most of the Oxfam and add to the loss even Allah Maha red mustard will appear on an ad to the recipient Allah at him Yeoman is listening to me I've been with them over a law from whom Yeoman is willing to me arguing with them or Allah marry him Yeoman is within kiyomi

00:38:21--> 00:38:23

Allah murfin the Shahada

00:38:27--> 00:38:34

acotar calling has stopped for a while you will have commodified and misdemeanor Williams in the La Jolla Moreover, lively will

00:38:35--> 00:38:46

even quarterback why and how an infraction it will kill you and it'll come around. But for a while the Miss Coco was couponannie I mean he is it. What are the

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costs now?