Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 107E Tafsir Al-Tawbah 73-74

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of balancing effort and balancing effort in dealing with difficult situations. They stress the need for people to stop their behavior and avoid negative behavior, while also warning against false assumptions and the need to focus on positive aspects of Islam. They also touch on the struggles of leaders in their neighborhood and the negative consequences of their actions leading to jail and the importance of acceptance of mistakes. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for Subhan conversions.
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yeah you have to be you. Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jr hits strive against who Alko farewell, the disbelievers Wellmune African and the hypocrites strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Wall low why lay him and be harsh against them upon them? Well, my well home and their abode Jahannam is hellfire, or Bitsa and how evil al mostly the destination in this area, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being commanded to do jihad against you against two types of people, first of all, alcohol and secondly, Almunia 15. Now, if you think about it, what is jihad? It is to struggle in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. All right, but remember that jihad is different

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depending on the situation that a person is in. All right. So for example, over here, do you have against the coup fall? Do you have against the Muna 15? Was it the same type of jihad? Was it the same kind of jihad? Or was there a difference in that jihad against the cofound? Was what? That when they're coming against you in the battle, then you will also raise your weapons and go against them. Even if you have to march all the way to the book, you will do that. Right? Because the enemy is coming against you with their weapons. So you are also going to go against them with your weapons. This is one type of jihad but against them, oh naphthalene against the hypocrites, people who

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pretended to be Muslim, but they weren't actually Muslim, who even came to the masjid and prayed with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but behind him, what would they do? Mark at the Muslims, Mark of the Prophet saw a lot of Salah make fun of the Quran. All right. So these people were not actually Muslim, they were pretending to be Muslim, the prophets of Allah listen and was told to do jihad against them. Did he have them all killed? Do we learn that from the Sierra? When the Companions asked, Oh, Prophet sallallahu Sallam give me permission to chop his head off? That the prophets of Allah said don't allow that? No. So we see that do you have against the kofod was different from

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jihad against the one African? All right. And this in itself shows to us that jihad is not just be that it is not just fighting in the battlefield, all right, it is different depending on the situation that a person may be in. And for this, we need to understand the meaning of jihad. What is jihad? Jihad is from Jehovah and Jehovah is one striving it is to strive to exert one's effort. All right, to work really hard. This is from Jehovah. And also it is from Jehovah and Jehovah is one's capacity. So jihad is basically a combination of Jehovah and Jehovah. It is a combination of a person striving, exerting his effort, but how much effort his maximum capacity, whatever, then he

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can? Why? Why is the person striving? Do his maximum ability? For what purpose? When is it that you have to spend every bit of the strength that you have you spend it, you exert it? Why, in order to do something that is very difficult? Something that is very important. Have you ever tried to pick up a really heavy suitcase that your mom's taking back home? Have you ever tried to do that? Or you were traveling with? How would you do it? You just stand on your one foot? And you're like, Yeah, is that what you do? What do you do? Both your hands together, and you go, right, right. This is what you are striving and you're exerting your maximum capacity, because what you have at hand is

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something very difficult. All right, it is something very, very difficult. Now, it is difficult, but why are you picking it up? Why do you have to lift it? Because you need to weigh it? Do you ever say forget it? Don't wait, we'll just go to the airport and we'll find out how much it weighs? Would you ever do that? Have you ever done that? What happened?

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You were asked to take things out of your suitcase because it was too heavy. Have you ever seen that at the airport, right? People struggling looking for another bag or arguing with the people so that they can get their suitcase through right now, you have to put in that effort, lift up that suitcase because if you don't do that, you're not going to get through, right? You're not going to get through, you're not going to get your boarding fast, you're not gonna get into the aircraft. You can't go to your destination. You have to go through that effort through that striving. Now many times it happens that when a person is in the way of Allah

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Whether he is walking towards Allah, or he is trying to study something, or he's trying to help somebody for the sake of Allah, what happens? Roadblocks hurdles, okay? There are hurdles in the way. And those hurdles, you have to strive against them, you have to get past them. Because if you don't get past them, and if you just give up and you're like, oh, whatever, can't do it, it's too difficult, then what's going to happen? You're not going to accomplish much In Your Life. There's an it's all anything you want to do in life, what happens? There are difficulties in the way when a person is in the way of Allah, any difficulty that comes his way when he strives against it, to get

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rid of it, to remove it to defeat it. What is that? Do you have? What is that striving, and for that striving, even a person is rewarded, for that striving a person is rewarded. This is why jihad is of different types. One is that a person is struggling against himself. The other day, I read a quote, that let the one who wishes to move the world move himself first.

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Because what happens when you're lying down like a vegetable, literally, and you're not moving? Huh? What do you have to strive against yourself and striving against yourself is very difficult. Because if somebody is not moving, you can push them. You can hold their hand and drag them. But if you're not moving, what are you going to do? You can give yourself a slap. Is that gonna work? No. Are you going to kick yourself? How are you going to kick yourself? You're going to push yourself how you're going to push yourself. So what do you have to strive against your enough's and that power has to come from within Aisha.

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She's going mostly meant that he said that the person who can pick up you know heavy weights, he's not that strong, the person who's really strong as one who can throw his blanket off. Who can pick up his blanket, because that requires some real jihad, some real striving? Correct. So you have to do that. Now what we discussed just now, not buying your hijab not buying, you know, the buyer that you really want to not buying that sweater and keeping that money instead for buying a book. Don't you have to convince yourself? Don't you have to hold yourself back and kind of push yourself to spend the money in the right way? You have to write that is also a kind of struggle. Right? What

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happens when there's a snowstorm when Hamdulillah? We've seen a lot of snow this year. All right. What happens every time there is snow? The whole city stops? Does it? What happens 7am 6am What will you see out on the roads on the streets? Snowplows and what are they doing? clearing up the snow? Not just from the streets and from the roads, but also from where? From the sidewalks, right? And what are people doing? They're clearing up their driveways, I always wonder, why do they bother? What's the big deal if you leave the snow? Because you know, sometimes you get lazy you don't want to shovel. I'm like, What's going to happen? You know what's going to happen? That snow, if it

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begins to melt and the temperature drops and it turns into ice, what are you going to do? Right? And if you're walking on it and you slip and you're gonna hurt yourself. So when there's a hurdle, what is necessary you face it, and you strive against it, and you remove it because if you don't remove it, it's going to bite you. It's going to hurt you. It's going to incapacitate you, you're not going to be able to go much further in the way of Allah. So this is why the prophets of Allah Islam is told that you strive strive against who the Kufa those who openly come against you. But also these Munna feel pain who are biting you from within, who are harming you from within, who are making the

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rest of the Muslims weak by their comments, and by their laziness and their lies and their mockery. You have to strive against them also. And in particular, what is mentioned wall Lola I lay him be harsh against them. Well know this from Elaine lambs law and Lilla is to be harsh. It's basically used for thickness and roughness of something. When the word Lilla is used to word someone, it means to be harsh in dealing with them, not in speech, but in dealing with them. We think being harsh with someone means that you yell at them and you insult them in public and use swear words against them. Right? You yell at the top of your voice. This is what harshness means. Is that effective?

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Is that effective? No. It's not effective. Have you ever seen people maybe in your school or maybe at home, who are being

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yelled at literally humiliated. And what happens? They just stare at the wall. They just stare at the wall, and they completely ignore the person who's yelling at them, or what happens. They put their headphones on.

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Or they turn the television on, or they yell back, or they just get up and they leave. Is it effective? Is it effective? It's not effective. What is more effective than when you're harsh in dealing with someone in dealing with them? How, like, for example, the Prophet salallahu Salam, he is being told over here. Well, those are letting him be harsh with them. How? Because previously, he was very lenient with them. What happened when the when African would come present their excuses? What would he do? Okay, fine. And he would turn his face away. Right? He was ignoring them, letting them be accepting their excuses, whatever. They said, Okay, fine, nevermind. But now he's being told

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no, you have to be tough with them. Meaning if they come up with an excuse, don't just accept it. If you've heard that they have said something. Don't just ignore it, confront them, under the Prophet salallahu Salam do that. Yes. In the journey back from the book, when the prophets of Allah Addison was told that this is what some of them when African are talking about meaning against you, against the Muslims. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam confronted them? He asked them Did you say this? Right. So this was the harshness but this was just the beginning. So the profits or losses from the stalled, that were close, I lay him be strict and harsh with them. Meaning when you're dealing with

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them, don't be gentle anymore. Don't be lenient with them anymore. You have to be tough now. And then this is a huge lesson, that when you see that someone is lying to you cheating with you, then what happens at the beginning, they're like, Okay, nevermind, you ignore them. But then if you see the same kind of attitude getting worse and worse, what is necessary that you put your foot down? Right, and you confront them? Does it ever happen that you're, you know, fooling around in your class and your teacher? She ignores you, right? And then what happens eventually?

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What happens? Eventually, she gives it to you, then you get in trouble. Correct. So likewise, the prophets of Allah is in the stall, that you cannot be lenient in dealing with them anymore. You have to be tough with them. Why was he told to be tough with them when African? Why?

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Like, for example, if a child is misbehaving at the table, the parent ignores, but then eventually says, Get up, timeout. Get up no dinner for you. Why? Yes.

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To get the message across, all right. And yes,

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their behavior doesn't escalate doesn't get worse. Why else? Yes.

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They don't repeat it again. One more reason. Yes.

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Yes, others don't start imitating. I have two kids. And I see that when one is misbehaving. The other does the exact same thing. So I have to stop them immediately. Because children pick up on one another very quickly. Very quickly, just this morning, we're having breakfast, my son says, I don't want this and my daughter who's having a breakfast. I don't want it.

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Immediately imitating her brother. He says, I don't want to use the soap. And she says I don't want to use it. I don't want this toothpastes. I don't want it either. They imitate one another. This is within human nature. If you see someone taking it easy with their homework, what do you do? What do you do? Like if they can, you know, do it, I can do it too. I can try that too. So this is why stop it right now. While llove Orlais him because they're going to corrupt the rest of the people. These evil habits evil trend is going to spread it is going to escalate. So this is why discipline is very, very important.

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Somebody was telling me there's one place where at the workplace, there's a big sign. Don't feed the seagulls. And there are no seagulls over there. It's a workplace. It's an office building. But it says don't feed the seagulls. What does that mean? That they have this work culture that if anyone is complaining, you don't listen to them?

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Because seagulls what do they do? They squawk and they poop. Right? So they squawk, squawk, squawk until you feed them something you're like, Okay, eat this go away. But what happens? You feed one or two of them, how many will come 50 will come and then what's going to happen to your nice car. It's gonna be covered in you know what, right. So what is necessary that if there's a seagull who's squawking no matter how tempted you are, don't feed it because if you'll feed it

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More will come and they will make a mess. Correct. So likewise at the workplace, they have this rule, anybody's complaining, fussing, you don't listen to them. You don't listen to them. So what's going to happen when you don't feed the seagulls, they go away the stops clocking. So likewise, the Manasa T, they're creating a lot of problems, what is necessary now you'll be tough with them, don't feed them. Don't accept their excuses. Stop it right there. Stop it right there. Because otherwise it's going to affect the rest of the people as well.

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And this is something that we need to realize also, that if we're complaining too much, or if we're creating negativity, we better stop because this negative behavior is going to spread elsewhere. So the prophets of Allah Islam is told that be harsh with them, be tough with them, and realize that women were home Jahannam their abode is hellfire, both of them. The kuffaar and the moon Africa in their abode is hellfire. kofod Okay, understand, they reject Allah subhanaw taala. So they're going to hellfire, the moon after pain, don't say what their amounts that they believe in Allah and the Last Day? Yes, they do. But all of that is what a show. It's just to impress people. There is no

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faith in the heart, there is hypocrisy, there is disease. And because of this reason, they will also end up in hellfire with it So mostly, and what a terrible destination it is. Yeah, California, they swear from the root letters help Harlem firm to swear. So they swear Billahi by Allah Melcor Luo Man, not Kalu they have said, meaning when you will ask them. Did you say this about the believers? Did you say this about the prophets of Allah is Allah? What will they say? By Allah? We never said that. Some people, they have so much bad courage, that what happens is that they will lie outright. They've done something wrong. And when you ask them, Did you do it? They'll say, No,

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I didn't do it.

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I mean, it's, it's amazing. If you ask someone, they're lying in their bed, there are no traces of will do on their face. Did you pray? Yeah.

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Now what are you supposed to do?

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What are you supposed to do? It's obvious that they have not prayed.

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Somebody, you know, who hasn't done their lesson? They're asked did you do your lesson? Yeah. What's the meaning of well,

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who really you did your lesson? If you did it, it would have showed

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and we need to fear a loss of panel data with regards to this.

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Because we can lie to people and deceive them. And we can swear to them by Allah, by Allah I did this. Well, Allah He, you can ask this person you can ask that person but Allah knows if we actually did it or not. And at the end of the day, who are we answerable to? Who are we answerable to? Allah subhanaw taala. One of the main characteristics of Nefab of hypocrisy is what? Lying? Isn't that so? The Prophet salallahu Salam, and Hadees What Did We Learn? He said, that the NFL has certain characteristics when he speaks, he lies. So yeah, California bIllahi min el Kalu. They will excuse themselves immediately by lying and they will say no, no, no, we never said it. I didn't do this. I

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didn't do it. She did it. He did it. I'm not to blame. They try to become innocent. How by lying they lie openly. Clearly for a bIllahi min Kalu. Allah says Walcot and certainly Kalu they said Kelly Mattel Cofer the word of disbelief. They said words of disbelief, meaning they said such words that only a disbeliever would say a believer would never utter those words. What kind of words? The words they said, you know, in mockery of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of the believers of the Quran. Well, I could call you Kelly Metelkova. Allah says we're Cafaro and the disbelieved bar, the Islami him after their Islam, were humble, meaning they accepted Islam. But then what did they do?

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They committed disbelief. They even went out with the prophets of Allah listen for the book. Imagine, but yet after that they committed Cofer how by saying words of gopher and by lying about it openly. were humble and they even went as far as humble they intended be man with that which lamb not yen and who they attained urinal who is from noon yella nail to attain. They intended to do something, but they didn't actually end up doing it. They didn't actually end up attaining it. They planned something. They tried to do it they tried to carry out their plan.

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But they weren't successful. What is it that they intended?

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On the way back from the book back to Medina, then when Africa like we discussed earlier that they were with one another because the people were divided up into groups and like minded people stay together. All right. So someone after clean, they even plotted to kill the prophets of Allah.

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Can you imagine? At this stage, they are trying to kill the prophets of Allah some, some of them in a hadith or they have been here, man, he said I was holding the brutal of the messenger scandal. While Ahmad was leading it, meaning I was holding the camel and there was another companion with me both of us were walking while the prophet saw a lot of sun was on the camel. And when we reached a certain point, 12 writers intercepted the prophets on alarmism. 12 writers came quickly as if they were going to attack the Prophet sallallaahu Salam. So he said, I alerted the prophets that a lot of these writers are coming. I see people coming and they don't seem to be coming with a good

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intention. So the prophets of Allah is Allah, he shouted at them. And basically the prophets of Allah and I'm sure that he knew and those 12 people they got frazzled and they ran away.

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They basically wanted that the animal of the prophets of Allah Salam would get afraid, and that the Prophet said Ulsan would fall off and, and he would die or he would get severely injured. So they tried to kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Allah says Allah Subhana Allah, they didn't attain that. Why did they do that? Why did they want to kill him? Allah says Wilma and not Nakamoto they avenge they are resentful. Nakamoto from noon cough meme Nakama is to take revenge and why is it that you take revenge when you are resentful in your heart when you have this feeling of rage and anger when you've been angered? Then you want to take some action? So why are they angry? Why are they being resentful to the profits of a lot in Salem? Why is it just that in my except I'm that old now? I'm hola hola. So no, Allah and His Messenger have enriched them, that these people were poor before. And because of the coming of the messenger

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salatu salam, these people became rich, meaning why are they angry? What were they before Islam? What was yesterday bi three of the name itself has a very negative connotation. But what happened when the Prophet saw a lot of sudden came that small oasis that no one paid any attention to no business, no commerce over there. In fact, the Jews who lived in Medina, they had created havoc over there by keeping the two main tribes at war all the time. This applies to them. Weapons and the Osun hazard we're constantly fighting against one another. What happened with the coming of the prophets of aloneness? There disunity turned into brotherhood unity, right there wars, internal wars,

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internal conflicts finished, right. And as a result, their forces were channelized against who the enemy, and this led them to their victory. Before they hardly had anything.

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Rather, whatever money that would make it would be spent on what on war. Now what happened Alhamdulillah they were fighting against you, the enemy, the real enemy, and Allah subhanaw taala brought them victory and as a result, so many spoils, and as a result, business and commerce people were coming into Medina. Medina became completely different by the coming of Islam. And this all of that is summarized so beautifully, that oh now whom Allah Hua rasool Allah and His Messenger made them rich. They were poor before and now they became rich. This is why they're angry. This is why they want to kill the prophets of Allah. Listen, is this something to be upset about? Men fugly from

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His bounty, meaning Allah's Bounty has been bestowed on them. And this is what they're angry about. For em to boo so if they repent, ye Kohala home, it will be better for them. This is the Mercy of Allah, that even if these people have attempted to kill Allah's messenger, Allah says if they repent, it will be good for them. What ENT a well, no But if they turn away, you are them whom Allah who are them and a Lima Allah will punish them with a painful punishment where for dunya in this world, when you know and in the Hereafter, when Allah home and not for them fill out the in the entire Earth. Meanwhile leegin Any friend will and asleep nor any helper, meaning once Allah will

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afflict his punishment on them, then there will be no friend to save them and no helper to take them out of their misery. Because the people who are deceitful who befriends them, nobody befriends them. People who are treacherous even their parents don't like them anymore. Right? Even their parents don't like to be with them don't like to support them anymore. The closest be

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believer will abandon such deceitful individuals. So, in this is a warning in the previous if we see that the prophets of vows are installed, be firm be severe with them when I feel clean. You see salata Toba at the beginning we learned Bara against who? Against the machete Cain. Correct. After that bra was what invitation to repent. If you repent, it's okay. Now over here LilLah harshness against who against them when African. But after that also what is mentioned, the Oba if they repent, good for them. And yet we see that people will single out these verses, take them out of context and say, Oh, Islam promote so much violence against its own people is that so? Think about

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what the moon Abilene tried to do. They tried to kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Imagine if there is a person who tries to assassinate the president. You think he'd be spared? You think he'd be spared? No harsh measures are going to be taken against him, right? So if somebody is attempting to kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they are going to be treated very harshly then. I mean, the machine they had a grace period, and the moon African, even they're being offered if you repent. Good for you. Where do you find that opportunity?

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That if you think about it, Allah bless them through His Messenger guidance, purpose in life. All right, knowledge, then wealth, their life improved so much. Yes, at the beginning, there was a lot of hardship. But eventually, it improved a lot in every way. But yet they were angry with the last panel data.

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This is the problem with who with ungrateful people who don't focus on the blessings are just focused on the problems. If you think about it, every single one of us, Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us in one way or another. If we're suffering in one way, Allah subhanaw taala has compensated for that in another way. This is why Alhamdulillah Allah couldn't we had this yesterday, I was listening to a lecture by Sheikh Khalid Masood and I recommend that you all listen to it. Optimism. Okay, very interesting story he mentioned about the skink, Okay, this one king, he had gone for hunting with some of his friends. And this king, he ended up chopping off his finger, okay.

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And his friend, he goes Alhamdulillah to the king got really furious, though. I got hurt, My finger got cut off, and you're saying Al Hamdulillah. And he was so upset that he sent his friend back home to be locked up. And then what happened? This king, he goes hunting, and he gets lost, and he ends up in the land of the enemy. And this enemy, they're basically people who are idol worshipers and their sacrifice to their gods. So what happened, they found this king and they're like, Okay, we're going to sacrifice him for our gods. So they lay him down in order to sacrifice him. But what happens there priest says, his body is not complete, his finger

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is missing in his cut off. So it will be bad luck for us. So they let him go.

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Okay, so the king of hunger, he's so happy, he goes home that hamdulillah my cut finger, it saved me. Right? He goes home and he called his friend out of the dungeon. And he's like, something good must have happened to you as well. If I was saved on Hamdulillah, because of this accident, something good must have happened to you as well. He said, Well, you know what, if anyone would have been with you over there, it would have been me. And if I was with you, and not in this jail, I would have been sacrificed over there. So anything that happens in life, remember, there is some height in that there is nothing that is pure evil. Right? So anything that happens instead of being

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angry with Allah, I mean, you have a big plan this is you know, we're going to do this we're going to do that and everything just collapses.

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Like our beloved obey the chief of hypocrites. Why was he like that? He was angry basically. Because before the Prophet said a lot of Saddam came who was going to be made the king of Medina of the loving obey. But with the coming of the prophets of Allah seven people forgot Abdullah and they went after the prophets of Allah Islam obviously. So Abdullah on the outward he accepted Islam. He supported the prophets that Allah has anybody on the inside, he was filled with rage, filled with anger. He couldn't humble himself. He couldn't accept it. And as a result, his outward Eman it didn't save him. Rather he became a hypocrite, not just hypocrite but a chief of the hypocrites. And

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he was angry. So what do we learn from this? Don't be angry with Allah's decisions. Realize that even if apparently it's going against you, it's actually working in your favor.

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It's teaching you something very valuable in life. It's saving you from a greater collaboration

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See, it's leading you in the right direction in the right direction, but you will only go in the right direction if you accept it.

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Success comes with what acceptance recitation of these iron

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be uj

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Munna PT you know, oh,

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one one Jehan

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Mosley's yesterday gonna be

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a father of all

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three workers woe is me him one

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to find your

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the big, long line

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don't Mia was

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of women wanting you know, please.

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You see when a person does something wrong the first time. Okay, he's not caught some people, they think okay, I was not caught. I better not repeat this again. But others what do they say? It's okay, let me try it again. It worked last time it might work again. So what happens they make the same mistake again deliberately, right? And they cheat again and they lie again. And they keep doing that for years and years and years until when they're finally caught, they are in so much trouble that they cannot solve it. Right? Like, for example, you learn about people who are very, very corrupt when it comes to money, or when it comes to different things. So there's a lot of corruption

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going on. How does it start? Small things, right? A lie here, a false claim here, the false charge over here. And as a result, they go deeper and deeper and deeper. And finally, when they're caught on corruption charges, then there's no going back. If they're sued, even they don't have the money to pay off. Do that. So what happens? What's the only option end up in jail for a lifetime? Doesn't this happen in this world? Don't we see such examples. And people who were, you know, on the highest positions, CEOs of great companies, right? Big positions in politics, but what happens because of corruption? What happens they end up in jails?

00:33:02 --> 00:33:45

We heard the story in our last Holika class set up little boy, he stole a pencil and issue that his mom when he came back to house. And Mom said Well, what a good pencil. You know, he said, Can I use it chill out. The next day, he sold some razor and after that keep on you know, sealing the things. And when he became a big why he became a big thief so so when the police got him because he started doing murders as well. So finally it was decided that he's gonna go into the jail. So he said before going to the jail, I want to talk to my mom, the he was allowed. So when he said I want to say something into my mom's ear. So he went to his mom and he bite his mom's ear. And he said, Because

00:33:45 --> 00:33:50

this starts when I stole the pencil first time, so you should stop me.

00:33:52 --> 00:34:29

There's a thing in French that says, Keep Alana full of ambough It means if you've ever taken an egg and you've stolen it, one day, you will steal a big cow. And my mom used to say this to us every single time you lied about something. And he stuck to my mind till today. I can. It is so scary. Yes. That today it's a small innocent crime. People will think oh, what a clever child. He got away with this pencil. Right? My child you're so smart. Look at him. He's gonna do well in this life because life is tough. And then what happens right now it's a pencil tomorrow will be something much worse, much greater.

00:34:30 --> 00:35:00

So, this is what happens. People become great criminals by committing small crimes. So the Novocaine they had been doing this all along. Lie Here lie here. Mockery here making fun of this one here, laziness here. And then as a result would happen eventually, they're caught now. Allah says oh prophets, Allah laws and and be harsh against them. And the names of the hypocrites will reveal to the prophets of a lot of them. This is a hypocrite. This is a hypocrite. This is a hypocrite. And now

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

Under toboe, even would not be accepted. And the following I add we will see the profit or loss and it was even prohibited from praying for them when FFP you cannot even make dua for them that May Allah forgive them. So what is necessary if we do something wrong, Allah conceals our sin. Thank him yeah Allah thank you for concealing my sin. And I promise I will not do this again. We're just reading a story in school and it was two brothers and one of them he was very smart with his leg. And when they were little kids and they got like, allowances, he was very smart with his money, like saved all of it. And the other brother human is friends who like weren't the best crowd would like

00:35:40 --> 00:36:21

to start with little things like playing cards, and then like little tiny gambling, whatever, it wasn't just little innocent. And then it got to the point where he just completely became homeless, like when he was older, because he just spent all his money on gambling, he lost his job. And then he was in so much gambling debt that he had to he went to the point where he stole money from his brother that his brother was saving and then to cover up that he stole the money he burned his brother's house down because so it looked like the money burned and like it's one thing after the other right, one thing leads to another. So this is why it's necessary that you stop right at the

00:36:21 --> 00:36:28

beginning. And some people are not able to stop themselves. So it is the responsibility of the people around them to stop them.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:36

Subhan Allah Allah will be handing Masha Allah Allah Allah and not stockbroker wanted to bring a Salam aleykum rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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