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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of tequila in shaping one's life and how it can be used to gain greater knowledge and knowledge of the heart. They explain that tequila can be used to avoid being in danger and to be rewarded in one's life. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of tequila in shaping one's life and how it can be used to increase one's deeds.
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tequila or

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tequila consciousness, awareness, piety is the head of all matters in everything in life, in all of our relationships with each other, and as they relate to our maker the almighty the Lord of all realms, the Lord of all worlds subhanho wa Taala in Del Mar tequila fija, not in one hot, surely the righteous will be those who enjoy a seating in the gardens of of Jenna, beneath which rivers flow that is given to those who have tequila of the very first instructions given in the Quran. The moment you've opened the Quran and recited Surah Al Fatiha, the key that unlocks the door of the Scripture of the Quran. Alif Lam, Meem Valley Cal Kitab la RAI Buffy it is in this book that you

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will find that no doubt, no ambiguity. No crookedness, the the leading of the hidayah the path that you seek to lead you to goodness is through it Holden Lima tucked in but that guidance will only be assumed only be recognized only be learned and practiced and taught and passed on by those who have tequila from the very beginning. Allah lets you know that for this coral and to become valuable in your life. For this coral and to become something you will action and prioritize and use and pass on to others in the way that it is meant. It must begin first with a piety of heart, who then lead with clean taqwa. hoonah the prophets I seldom said taqwa is in here it is in the heart. It is something

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that is hidden in the heart and shows in the practice. And when Allah speaks about taqwa in the Quran, he links it to an AMA via Hera, that it is from the outward deeds that is built and manifested from an inner belief in the heart. taqwa is something that you can cultivate and increase and nurture through a greater acknowledgement and awareness and knowledge of your Creator and maker simpana what to Allah in nema yaksha, Allah having a body and your own Ummah, those who will have the greatest sense of consciousness, fear and love of Allah? Are those who are most acquainted of him, those who are there, Matt, and Allah Subhana. Allah says, What duckula were you i lemo kumala

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if you develop your tequila, you will gain greater insight, greater knowledge, knowledge of the heart and knowledge of the Scripture and it's practice in your day to day time. Do not ever underestimate the importance of letting Tukwila be the governor of your affairs that you always measure everything not just by is this halal and haram alone. But is this the best of what is halal for me? And is this the worst or the best of what is how long for me to avoid. And that is why there are two levels of Federer, the fatwah of the shadow where we look at it just in terms of the the bricks and mortars of a loss and the profits that in their own Emma interpret. But also the Festival

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of taqwa where, yes, maybe something is permitted, but it's permitted for others, but not for me. Because in my context, in my experience, and what I've had in my life previously, if I allow this into my life into my home, even though others may permit it, and it's halala in a sense, for me, it can lead me towards a destruction. So there could be effect where that is given on terms of tequila, that is out of self preservation, and self involvement in your own affairs. To make tequila really crystal clear for you know, that tequila is that you live in this world, as if you are in danger because it comes from Wikipedia. It is something that you seek protection through. So it's almost

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like you're a boxer in the ring. You're waiting for the next blow. You don't want to be knocked out. You don't want to be put down. You want to always remain upright and on your feet, and you want to remain vigilant of what's coming from the right and the left. In this tumultuous world that we live in. May Allah increase my taqwa and yours and allow it to radiate beyond us in our deeds. Allahumma amin

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