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AI: Summary © The interviewer discusses various statements made by different speakers during a conversation, including the importance of the Day of Judgment and the need to stop disinformation. They also touch on the physical and mental effects of the dams and the Day of Justice, as well as the concept of the "day of regret" and the importance of respecting words of Islam. The interviewer emphasizes the need for people to be clear about their knowledge and the importance of making people feel the Day of Justice.
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In Alhamdulilah in Idaho in a setting of one istockphoto when I truly am fusina a woman so your family now man yeah he level family level I mean your little fella her the Ala Wai shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hula shady Color Eyeshadow and now Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina habibie novena Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early wasafi was seldom Alhamdulillah we are continuing Mashallah we've our

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study of pseudoalteromonas which is a blessing to run we pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes it an evidence for us and not against us and that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes us from those who are fortunate Allahumma amin

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to be from those who are blessed with shefa on the Day of Judgment, Allahu amin, and we have proceeded hamdulillah well over the last few weeks Mashallah 11 weeks of discussion, until we have arrived at verse number 26. And to kind of set the stage again we're going to go back one to verse number 25 and Allah Subhana Allah says, Our the Ministry of ministry phonology way up una Mehta have Eduardo in kuntum saw the theme and they explain meaning the unbeliever to deny you Yeah, Mohammed they exclaiming, they say when is this promise Day of Judgment going to come to pass? If what you claim is the truth sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam and of course we are those

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who have an absolute belief in our interview Mohammed's I said limbs bringing upon that a Salah to mankind and there are lots of hands on with Allah has given him the final testimony unto mankind. The word meta Of course, last week, we explained that they say when but it's a contemptuous assertion, it's it's their way of saying, When will it be meaning we deny that it could be? It's like you're saying, what When will it happen? It's a mocking jeering kind of attitude that they have with the Prophet salallahu it here it will stop you and sell them. And you can see that it's contemptuous because they continue by saying, When will this promise happened? When do you When will

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it actually come to happen in quantum saw the thing, if you are even truthful? Notice they don't say in couldn't mean or saw the thing. If you are truthful. They say including boom, saw the theme, which means that this isn't just an attack upon the prophets, I sell them. But it's an attack on everybody who is carrying the message of tawheed that was sent by and to our nibio Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the disbelievers are attacking and questioning the validity of our Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But Furthermore, they are also seeking to discredit the prophets I said them, but also to discredit those who have carried the message after him. And you

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and I, we hope to be from those who are

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given the honor of carrying on the tradition of the teaching of VSI Selim. So the disbelievers are saying to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but also to those who conveyed the message on his behalf, meaning the Sahaba at the time of the Prophet Mohammed, so I sell him but may Allah also make us of them and worthy of being of those who have conveyed the message of truth in Kuhn to the generality is all of you who have brought this message of truth or who have claimed this message of truth, that we have believed that the Day of Judgment is soon at hand.

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So we begin with this idea called respond to them yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in a lot ordering the prophets I send them to respond to chose you that the prophets I send them initially himself. The attitude of a believer the attitude of the messengers and the prophets of Allah was to turn away from this idle kind of discussion. They would turn away from people who would make these contemptuous statements against them to outline whom had a decent return away from them. It's not a point of articulation and you also lose sooner when you study the suit. Also the suit nearly man and challah it'll be a course that we'll be delivering online soon. Be in the later Allah

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through my web portal, your hair, Brahim calm. But when you study your soul, assume that begins by saying also loosen nectaring dehner.

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The also the principles of soon as we see it as the people of sooner see it, and, you know very early on is to abandon elfie laugh to not have debate and open

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In that sense, I am confident in what I believe and I don't need to engage with somebody in frivolous going back and forth, I will give you an aim. So, the next idea is very important idea number 26. Holy, you say to them, yeah, Mohammed, meaning the prophets I sell them first doesn't give his own opinion, doesn't answer without direction from Allah Subhana Allah and that's why the Quran is full of those statements, pull, pull, pull, pull in MLA more in the line, say to them that the complete comprehensiveness of knowledge of the Day of Judgment of when this punishment will be of the things is only known to Allah Subhana who went to Allah when he NEMA and the Euro move in and

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I am nothing more than a warner who has come with a clarity of what I'm warning about. Sall Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah, it was like you were settling.

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And therefore that becomes a very important statement for you and I to consider.

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At notice that the tense that is used, there is a past tense in MLA anymore in the law, say to them that the knowledge is already with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, meaning that what is known to a loss of Hannah with Allah is not confined by the linear progression of time that you and I as human beings as the creation of God experience, that the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is beyond. It is timeless and Allah subhanaw taala as is quoted by an abuser is lm says Anna, Dara, I am the infinite sea of time. So Hannah with Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala uses this linguistic, emotive message often in the whole and as a matter of law, the judgment of God has already arrived,

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meaning that in the scale and the reference point that you live upon that linear progression of time, which is relative to your place into your being, it is not confining the magnificence of a law, who is a well well our hero, who is the first without being brought into existence, and who is the last because there is no end to his existence, Subhan Allah to Allah, and therefore, in NEMA, in MLR, in more in the law, that the completion of knowledge is with Allah Subhana Allah, it is exclusively with Allah, it confirms something that there is no doubt that it is only with Allah. Know, though, that only Allah has that knowledge. And anybody who claims it, whether from within our

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tradition as Muslims, anyone who seeks to establish some kind of code or to say I can know something of the future or in the military anymore, or in the law. Notice it's not now law, it's in the law with a law and that's a really important thing and means near Allah subhana wa Tada. And it's not just, you know, something that is accessible to others. It's in a place that is unreachable, not even the angels can reach and you can see this from the hadith of gibreel with a famous Hadith and Muslim and others, where you breathe in the form of a man as the prophets I send them in front of the Sahaba. Mehta said when and it's using the same word but not seeking to ridicule he's asking

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concept pensively metta said I went Is this our the prophets I send them says Messiah. Amendments Udo Allah mamina said the one being asked is not more knowledgeable of its time than the one asking him the question. The word aim meaning knowledge in particular knowledge of the final day that's the confinement of this idea according to the roadmap, but that knowledge is also other attempt other aspects of knowledge that are only known to a loss of Hannah Montana. What in Emma Anna, Anna is I or me, now the room move in. Now there is one who is constant it's not.

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Now VR is exclusive in being a person who is giving the warning but it is consistent in it and it will be carried on in my name, even when I'm not here now via not at mn they're not one who's given the warning once and that's it. Now v rune movie, but I give it with a clarity and clear sightedness. Allah subhanaw taala says near the end of surah Yusuf, that the prophets I seldom was commanded to say I love Basia Latina woman into me, I'm on a pond at clarified clear blit path of enlightenment. And all of those who accept this message from me now v movie and I'm a warner with a clarity that I warn people with the full detail of what dangers lie ahead. I don't just tell you

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what the danger is, but I also tell you how to avoid it. Some of the law

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He wanted to sell him. So there was no doubt in the knowledge that is given to him by Allah. There is no doubt that he is the Warner and there is no doubt in the path that will save you from the things that he has worn. So what do we learn from this is so far? First when the disbelievers question the prophets, I send them with sarcasm. We don't need to enter them as he didn't need to enter them. He waited for a lot to order him to answer them and had a lot not said hello, say to them, the Prophet would not have responded. And this gives you an i a very important message and and methodology of dealing with those who are agitators those who stir up trouble and seek to have us

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separate from a path of truth and become overly aggressive, overly anxious in our responses, that we would rather give a truthful, logical, clear answer from the scripture from the Koran from the statement of Allah, showing that we are not affected by any of their sarcasm. And therefore, a believer is not riled up, we don't get to emotion that we lose ourselves. And therefore this is an answer to the musante as salaam, were Moosa, he would say, making your eye to a lot of which really sorry, where you're suddenly Emory was a little over the military, you have only allow me to answer in the way that you have intended number to the goal of those people who are trying with their

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sarcasm and so on to rile up us as they tried with a privatized lm is to make us as Muslims look emotional, look weak, that we're not objective, that we you know, any argument can sway us and and and make us give answers that are invalid and so on. And therefore, we see that the best of answers the best of dialogue, the best of rebuttal is that of the Hold on. And our evidence is that the Quran speaks for itself. Mencia of a human woman, yet for the Quran seeks to provide us responses that are critical in issues of faith that address issues of Africa belief in you know, law and the messengers the Day of Judgment. It provides us the main differences and criterion between us and

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those who disbelieve in a law and that it gives us a final plan to the greatest degree in how we avoid this respectful questions, so that we don't look like those who are unkept and unwilling to engage with a level of civility, and therefore the prophets I send them doesn't respond to sarcasm with sarcasm that is not the habit of the believer. Rather, he responds to sarcasm with the wording of a law as he intends in the Quran. And therefore the etiquette of the Prophet is lm is to respect the law, to respect the word of Allah, the implication of this etiquette, this ethic, ethical morality of the prophets, I seldom is to admit ignorance when you don't have knowledge and some kind

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of law. Intellectual humility is one of the greatest signs of intellectual maturity. I repeat, intellectual humility and knowing when to say I don't know, is one of the greatest signs of intellectual

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supremacy, of knowing of having an understanding of where you do not know particular things and certain things and admitting ignorance is not a sign of lacking knowledge. In fact, it's the height of wisdom and it's the beginning process of the scientific method where you try to recreate something that you see but you don't know how it came to that process. And then for the profits on the law, it was Selim, Allah says to in the military more in the law, I don't know the knowledge is with God. It's not that I don't have to have an answer for every one of your questions. Now notice that this would be seen as embarrassing for any other person other than our interview Mohammed's

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like send them see the people at this time that unbelievers they want him to say you don't know. I don't know. They want him to say I don't have an answer. And the prophets I send them by being comfortable in that takes the oxygen away from the fire they seek to ignite with him. So a lot of it was tell him it is not embarrassing for you and I to admit ignorance on an issue. And a law tells us in the Quran Woolfolk aku Li Min Aleem above everyone endowed with knowledge is the one who is more knowledgeable. So a lot in many, many places in the Quran. He says For example, as Allah says in total till out off, which is the seventh chapter of the Quran near the end, maybe 180 185 verses in

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Allah says yes aluna Anissa Ayanna Murcia, they ask you about the hour the time

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a Yana Murcia You know, when is it due? When will it happen?

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Paul respond to them in the mountain moharan dorabella Eugene Lee had you aka Illa say to the mere Mohammed that it's knowledge is only with my Lord. No one

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He's able to unfold it, unravel it, and you know, know it except he at the time that he seeks fekola SMRT will have its news, its effect its decree is heavy in the heavens of the earth, it's felt it's known, you could see it in the change of times in the signs that have been given to me that I will share with you because I am the Warner upon clarity, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam let to elaborate that when it comes it will only come with a suddenness. Yes, aluna kaneka Yun and how they asked you, Mohammed as if you're supposed to know everything, and know and are aware of it. say to them again in America. In the law, it's knowledge is only with a lot and the same verse twice. He admits

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his ignorance of this fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he allows us to understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one who has knowledge of this effect and statement, another important Latif you know, subtlety that you find in this area, Allah Subhana, Allah says to the prophets, I tell them to say, to respond, and to respond to their sarcasm, with a level of humility. And the level of humility of the prophets I sell them is to say, I am a clear Warner unto you, we learn that it is better for the prophets all I sell them to say that I'm a warner, I'm not the one who threatening you. He doesn't come and say, I'm warning you of your destruction, which is implied. But he comes to say on clarity that if you were to think

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yourself, if you were to look around and change your frame of reference, if you were to let your eyes open up, I'm just an indicator saying Look over there. But if you were to look on your own, you would see it yourself. You would see it in the sickness that other people have that you are not yet troubled with. You would see it in the youthfulness that you have that's beginning to SAP away in the wealth that you have that may be eroded and taken. You could see the signs of your hour, which could be your death, arriving to you with its subtleness but with its suddenness in equal time, and therefore the disbeliever is not being is not attacking the prophets on the law. It was seldom, they

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are seeking to insult a law by way through the prophets eyes. And I mean, you see this even in our times today, that when they seek to bring, you know, distressed to the believers to the other prophets I send them and ridicule upon the faith of Islam there for their first point of attack is our Nabeel Mustafa sallallahu ala nabina. While early he was so happy he was suddenly the Sleeman kathira in the next area. Allah Subhana Allah says

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so in this area are you in number 26 in NEMA a little more pulling them a little more in the lot waiting them and in the Euro movie and in the next day? Allah subhanaw taala says a number 27 the three more verses after this that we will take over the next two weeks inshallah. Selamat er Oh who Zulu fatten see at Whoo hoo Latina capital. Well see that have Allah the Quran to be heat and their own kind of law. What a powerful, eloquent a fella man, this fat, it's fat with the athlete, the fat that begins it's not Lem Malraux who when they saw him No, it is but immediately whenever they observe him whenever they hear of him Mohammed's I sell them after his time. whenever they're taught

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something about him immediately in their hearts, even if it's not direct with their words or their actions fellow men that fat without the the fat that leads to immediate response, when they see him approaching when they hear of his call coming towards him. See at Whoo hoo leadin a capital there is distress at change, a physical change externally that is led from the internal upon the demeanor the face, the wedge here it's not just the face that is physical, but it is the demeanor and therefore a nutshell what Joe who we turn to each other with a face it's not necessarily the physical face, but how you face your troubles how you face your day in life, how you face the challenges that are

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coming how you face an enemy. So see at Whoo hoo, the very physical face but also their demeanor and Latina capital those who have disbelieved in the province or SLM disbelieved in the message.

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Their faces become darkened with anger, their demeanor changes that have a distress that is upon them while Tila and they say have a leather cushion to be heated down when the day of shooting

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will be made, shown to them the effect of everything that they have been calling to when the time of their hour arrives at the point of their death, at the day of judgment in its effect on the moment of their resurrection. When they will see it, their faces will become distressed their anger that used to be in meeting the prophets, I seldom will turn to regret and hostility. And therefore the effect of the dunya has an opposite effect in the alpha, the joy that the stress of the believers in the dunya becomes their joy in the asset on the frivolous sinful joy of the unbelievers in the dunya becomes their greatest regret when they're home Yeoman hustler warn them of the day of regret, yeah,

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore Allah says, but on that day, on that hour, in that moment, when their day of judgment arrives, when their destruction has become at hand, when they know that the regret has now become certain, and when they will see that our approach, some of them, they interpret this to mean that they will see their youth has turned to old age, they see that their strength has become weakness, they see that their health has become illness, they see that they are on the cusp, and on the stepping stone of death. And they look back at a life of regret, and and having turned away from the Messenger of God,

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slowly and gradually when they see themselves old and the angel of death and the punishment of the grave and the

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fear of the day of judgment and the accounting of the deeds on the scale and the weighing of the scale. That means and and Hellfire waiting and that he's sad with Alavi accounting, it is all in those moments that their faces will show distress and their demeanor will be changed again. So the demeanor of sarcasm of the dunya becomes the demeanor of regret in the afternoon. And they and it will be said what Lila the angels will say they will say to each other. Well, Lila had the lady couldn't turn the heater down. It will be said this is what you used to

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previously call out for you used to say when is it? When is it bringing on we're waiting for it let it happen. That which you were calling for has arrived? What is your condition now? So kind of Allah

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falam Matt, there's also you know, in this area, and so we said the first lecture is important fat is immediately on the day of judgment or when they begin to think of receiving the lamb is also important. This is lamb with Tolkien, the Lamb of it being a must it is something that is going to happen and there is no escape and it is lamb and Turkey meaning that it is an inevitability. It's not right. Oh, who,

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when it's seen it is not when as if it could be it is when it will definitely happen and before them, right? Oh, who they will see it, they will see the effect of it. Notice that Oh, who is in the past tense lm Mel Oh, who, when they see this inevitability, although it's in the present future tense, when they eventually it's not Yahoo in their present future. And the reason for that is because if you if Allah Subhana Allah says lm mejor Oh, who, when they will see it, it's as if two in the Arabic language, it would have the effect of it could be avoided. But a lot here says fella, right? Oh, it's already happened, they can't avoid it. Meaning the decisions they made throughout

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their life have led to this moment that they could not avoid, because they did not avoid it in the dunya. It can't be avoided in the UK at all. And therefore the future tense has a probability and uncertainty but a past tense has a certainty in it that it's already for gone. It's already happened and they can't change it. See at Whoo hoo. Once again, you see it's a past and see at Whoo hoo, that their faces,

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the freshness of it will be gone, the joy in it will be removed. The hardship has worn them down. And once again, that's a past tense. And they're automatically explained that it's like a person who was waiting for their judgment and then they hear it's a death penalty. And that's it. It's over and there's no chance of escape, that all strength has been sapped all color has been removed from their face. And Allah Subhana Allah speaks on this in the Day of Judgment, and lots of kind of goddesses and sort of alien muram, which is the third chapter. This is verse 100, about 100

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Halfway through the surah Yo, Mata br do would you with us what do we do on the day when some faces shall become bright, and other faces shall become dark and downcast. This is what is mentioned in the same area as well. For me Lavina sweat that we do have as for those whose faces become dark, at Kefauver tomb, they when they are being questioned, that will grow darker and darker and and sadness will settle upon them. A photo too bad that he manickam after you recognize the truth, you continue to disbelieve for the hula. Now you taste the torment of what you have earned. When he left he labels MIT Well, when I'm a little sad it elac lm helped us out in the La Jolla coalition Kadir

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Allah says to a love belongs all that is unseen in the heavens and the earth. And the matter of the hour is like the twinkling of an eye, or even closer and quicker than it a lot is powerful and mighty over all things. So a lot from sort of the natural. Those are really powerful verses that, you know, show us how quickly the day of judgment will come. And there are three things that I think are important to highlight here. Before we conclude, when we speak about the Day of Judgment, there are three basic misconceptions that the people of Quraysh had, and that people until now have as an element of their disbelief. First, they doubt that there is anything such as the day of judgment in

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the first place, that there is a destruction to come to the world or that there will be anything in that first place. Number two, is they in their mind that they believe that they cannot accept that their deeds will be reckoned and that everything that they did, that they're going to be accountable for and that there's a record that's clear that they will be held accountable for every word and every action every Miss prayer. Number three, is that in their mind, even if the world is brought to an end, even if the Day of Judgment arrives at my death, even if I'm going to be accounted for, even if all this happens. Surely I can find an escape from God or surely someone will speak on my behalf

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surely some of the good deeds, I'm not an evil person. Surely some of the good that I've used in my life can save me in one way or another. And that is called Toodle ml you know, they have this height of hope that is not built on a reality that God is not just you know, forgiving, but he is also hold others accountable. Subhana who with either of them important versus is one of your soul, you know, the Day of Judgment choke calm and it's heralding will be pronounced.

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And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us on that day from those would yo yo ma even muslera that there will be those whose faces will be made bright and radiant because of our belief, la hekla to misstep sure that we will be amused and laughing and rejoicing with the good news of what we believe was step zero of what we know is our good news to arrive to us that we're from the people of gender. From an audio cadaver will be Amina The one who receives his book in his right hand. How will croquis tabea read my book, look at the greatness of what I have done in the lawn and to I always knew in my mind that I will be from those who love can he sabya who have a good end with a lot and a

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good return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and as the others

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would you even la hora, there will be others whose faces are darkened and they are from those who are covered with dust. Total Haku khattala and that they are you know disheveled at this thought. Allah eco human capital fragile or they are those who will rebellious wicked unbelievers. In God, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us from those who are given salvation on the Day of Judgment Allahumma amin,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know this a beautiful Hadith that's agreed upon in both Bukhari and Muslim and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the amount of thought or not ideological enemy we used to make dua

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala he would say Allahu Akbar *head that if he said really, what p Medina t maybe some Allah or it was sent him Allah grant us a martyrdom and make it in the city of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Listen to this Hadith of the prophets lie Selim. Narrated by the Liberian but he said the prophets I send them said, and I wouldn't let them jump on out of that I will be the first who the earth will be opened for and I will come forth from my grave when my back was Roman and I will have a whole bucket in Houma and this was foreshadowing that they will be buried near him. sallallahu alayhi wasallam that's horrible, either.

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Bahia and then I will head towards genital Dhaka de Vaca graveyard of El Medina, woman v hat May, and those who will be in it will join me

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and he says is lm and who and then I will wait for the people of Mecca those who are buried in Mecca and mocha Rama and they shall come out of their graves and they shall join me. Thus I will stand circled with the people of Mecca, I will have the people of Mecca around me, some of them and this was speaking about the Maha God and unsought some Allahu ala nabina Muhammad, you know,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are numerous Hadith that he speaks about our return to Allah azzawajal. And that, you know, this statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end, near the end of the surah. And that's why the surah is one of the soldiers that protect us from the punishment of the grave felon or Oh, who's infected, when they will see the effect of their Sark has a moment a day of judgment, see as we do who live in a cafo We ask Allah Subhana Allah not to make us have them alone. I mean, while feed Allah home, Joaquin, I have a lady couldn't be heated their own This is what you used to invite towards this is what you wanted to see. And now you see the

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effect of what it is that you have lived and the prophets of Allah, Allah usnm He says, Do not belittle that Quran nominal, narrow fish, I do not belittle, belittle or do anything, that you do good that you don't think it's significant, even if it is that you give a drink of water from your bucket, to someone who's seeking a drink or that you meet your friend, or another brother with a cheerful smile. All of this will be from the things that save us from having wretchedness on that day that they say but what you can tell us that you meet another person with this cheerful smile. It's one of the main reasons why we will have a cheerful disposition on the day of judgment that

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Allah will brighten our faces on account of us bringing brightness to the faces of those who were downtrodden and downcast in this life. May Allah Subhana Allah make us a mercy to others. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us His mercy and account of our merciful nature with others. May Allah subhanho wa Taala remove fear from our hearts to anything and anyone other than Him, that Allah Subhana Allah makes us from those who love Him in the way that he deserves. And elevates us and others in this worldly life and in gender fulfill those along I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to elevate us with the love of the whole and allow the world to do that awareness. And it hadn't really been I

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mean, well sallallahu wasallam was idiotic, and they're happy when I was 18. And whenever you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early on, he was sending him to Sleeman kathira Subhana Allah Weber handicare shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta stuff required to like, we have just two more sessions to make the tab of sorting. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us the life and the energy and the ability to complete the next three verses in the next two sessions. But even the lighter Hannah was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh