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relay comm Welcome back to salon Britain. Yeah. And now it's time for our favorite strand of reflections with Shakira.

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And we're going to continue with the series journey with

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a Salam aleikum. Wa

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Rahmatullah here.

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How are you there? Because you're looking rather bright and happy. I

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mean, it's a wonderful day today. Nice 30 degree weather Alhamdulillah Oh, for whatever boiling hot compared with here

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where it changed in snow and ice right now. Yes, I actually started

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when I was getting on the snow and ice as it

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really went over, but I'm happy that we made it here. Okay, and we're really really happy to see you as our shake. So what wonderful parties have you got for us today because we are journeying through the Quran and shake. Tell us a little little round about what we've been doing and what we should expect today. So

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we'll send out to SLM Salam o Allah Rasool Ullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam wa that always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers for our Nabil Mohamed Salah Allah Allah He was salam to receive peace and Sudan and the greetings of Allah azza wa jal. We pray that Allah subhana wa Tada that makes us from those who are content with whatever circumstances that we are in, that we have a culture that is, in non build a man a heart that is content and settled with faith. Previously, we've been journeying through the Quran through Surah Al Baqarah. We spoke last week about verse number 74, which is one of the primary verses in the Surah where Allah describes the condition of

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the human heart as having the capacity to become more callous, more calcified, more hard than a rock. And Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us of this we spoke about the remedies of this in general.

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Today, we wanted to move forward a couple of verses. And we're going to come to an area where we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us an ease and an understanding through it for the perplexities that don't us in life. Allah says in verse number 77 of the second chapter of the Quran, Surah Tabata, I when I left Hoonah and Allah Yeah, I never met I use your Runa wema your linen? Do they not know? Are they not aware? Have they not thought? Did they not consider that Allah is well aware of what they conceal, and what they reveal?

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Allah subhana wa Tirana is it will hide is the knower of all that is hidden and unseen. He is the creator of this is the scene world and the creator of the unseen world. In that way, Allah subhanho wa Taala has US law equalization in any man has comprehensive knowledge over all metrics. This idea to me is a really powerful reminder. And when

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do they not know? Kind of what to add in this proverbial question, rhetorical question. Once you and I to consider what you know, and what you don't know. And what are the things that you are sure of? And what are the things that you remaining Deadwood of sometimes when we kind of step out of line with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tana, it's not that we're unaware that there is a law. It's not that we don't believe there is a day of judgment, but it's at times we assume through our indifference to others through our craving of excess want for more that perhaps in one way or another we'll get away with it.

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That in one way or another things will be overlooked moments in our life that are actually quite decisive, although may downplay them are not ever beyond the scope and

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The knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala I wouldn't I don't think no. And anytime you hear a verse that begins with that, or ends with that, it's a point of important reflection. There's many places in the Quran where Allah says, Allah it's a code our day on the moon, our our lab, do they not? Do they not? Aren't they thinking don't they contemplate? Aren't they aware, aren't they, considering? Allah wants you to come to faith, not just simply out of command and volition that you're ordered? Allah wants you to be a thinking being and one who chooses to fear him. Subhana wa Tirana. There's two words in the Quran that are usually conflated and Miss translated as one of the same, which is

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health. And which usually translated as fear. And the other word is a level of hucha. So there is this state of fear of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then there's another which is an awestruck, fear of Allah, Hoeve and hucha, soundless, same, but they're very different hope is that you are fearful of Allah because he's Allah. And it's not necessarily because you thought about the particular moment, that particular problem that particular sin that you have committed, it's not that you are fearful of missing out on one particular aspect of your life. It is a general understanding that Allah is the One who is Araki and who is always in a position of vantage of seeing and hearing and knowing

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intimately each and every action that is playing and displayed to others. And that is also we wish to seek and to conceal within ourselves. But hucha your show will not have Bethany, those who have Hashem of Allah are not necessarily those who have a fear of Allah that is not a system systemized and intentional for particular reasons. hucha is where you thought, and you've contemplated, you know, the consequences you've studied right from wrong, you made a decision to abstain from something that could be pleasurable, could be profitable, could be gain worthy, but you've understood that it would lead you to a path of immorality, it is sinful between you and Allah, your

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show none of our lay on the moon, Allah is speaking to those who have Hashem, to those who have a considered fear of Allah, a thought about fear of Allah azza wa jal, and that is where the prophets of Allah, the messengers of Allah, were sent to direct us to, you know, there are moments in our life where Allah subhana wa Taala could humble us, he could bring this to our knees, and there will be moments in your life with the circumstances of hardship and difficulty and illness and poverty and debt. When there's need and want and insecurity may drive you down on your for having to do it. And you say, Yeah, Rob, I have no one but you. And that's important. It's important that we have

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that moment of connection due to circumstance. But it's also important to have that moment of connection due to a considered fearfulness of Allah hacia, la Allah and Allah hyaena Are they not knowing that Allah knows, just even even Wallahi? If we were to just pause with that statement? Do they not know that Allah knows Subhan Allah, it's one of those statements that really always strikes me. When a Ana Munna and Allah hayah and

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what is it that Allah knows everything? How does Allah show you He knows everything. Man you should rule. Allah knows what they keep secret what they conceal. Allah begins with what is hidden, what you are intentionally you and I intentionally are willing to make a considered effort to hide from others. Subhanallah each and every one of our moments and days we hide our thoughts, we hide our emotions, we hide our inclinations we hide. What what it is that we are deciding on maybe for days in advance. And it's important for us to know that Allah Yeah, Nemo similar what Allah says in surah Taha that Allah doesn't just know what they conceal but what is deeper down in concealment? Serum is

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what you and I keep secret and hide and don't want people to uncover serum is what we may share with one or two people offer is what we don't yet nee know that we need to conceal

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And there are things in my life there's something that I'm doing that I don't yet know oh my god I'm going to need to hide this or, or or do something to make sure it doesn't come out even before that has struck your mind even before your attempt to conceal has arrived Allah knows Subhan Allah

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yeah Nemo Sera, well alpha and what is more hidden than what you seek to keep secret? Our Diana Munna and Allah Yeah. Do they not know that Allah knows mal use a rule, what they keep within them, what they conceal what they conceal from an intimate partner, what they conceal, at times out of love Subhanallah sometimes as men, we make the mistake of wanting to go out into the world and face the trials and the difficulties and pay the bills. And we don't sometimes give the full picture to our spouse or our family or a father or mother. Sometimes there's this immense self stigmatization, that there are men who suffer to such a degree. May Allah subhana, Allah to Allah forgive us and

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them who go beyond what is within the Sharia within the laws of our faith, within the laws of decency, and even within what is right and wrong.

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On account of them, keeping he did Allah knows my dear brother, Allah knows my dear sister, what burdens us and what is within our hearts.

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Allah also knows what we relish and what we seek. Allah knows what we are planning into our future man used to ruin. Women are usually known and what they share and we are what they reveal unto others. The context of this area is linked back to the verse we studied last week, which is the heart Where do people keep their secrets? You know, it's, you know, you want to keep it close to your chest, it's in your heart. Why do we kind of feel that knot in our stomach, that tightness of our chest when we're keeping a secret that's difficult when we are overburdened? Because the chest when it expands, as is the drop of Musa Frobisher and the salary of Allah allow my chest to expand

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my heart to grow, that I am unburdened by trial and difficulty? One of the ways that we overcome that is that we share our burden with others that's the secret of Moses dua call the rubbish roughly Saudi Oh ALLAH expand my chest and then he asked for the remedy later on in the st. Dua and sort of fight he says, Oh Allah make my brother how rune Aaron, a partner with the meat in this journey. I should eat coffee Emery main Kim a barrier

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was Iran who so carry the burden the wisdom of this enormous task. So rule number one, man, you said rule when it is within you. When you are overburdened. My dear brother in particular my dear brother, begin to share, begin to delegate begin to speak. Don't hold it inside you. Don't carry the weight on your own. Don't feel that no one will understand sometimes without somebody offering a solution just by you being able to unburden yourself to have someone to carry away with you, you will find yourself successful. I want to be Mohamed Salah Are you sending them was sent as an individual as a prophet on his own as a messenger to the entirety of the world on his own.

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Nevertheless, he had also habit he had his confidant, Abu Bakr, who was with them in the cave in the hijab. It's not a coincidence that he had a travel partner somebody that he could sit with and speak with. We had to end this and find contentment and shoot the breeze and find a release for the street. I went a on a moon and Allah Hi Jana. Don't they know that Allah knows my use of rule what they keep to themselves, one that you already know and what they share.

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What you share, my dear brother should always be positive. And what you share wherever the circumstances should never be in critique of your position with Allah, but it is a complaint to Allah and that plead for assistance from those who are able to help. Do not ever feel that you could not raise your chakra to Allah and that's why Allah wants you to know that this is he in his knowledge. Allah knows your pain better than you feel and know your own pain. And Allah knows your exit better than what you are searching for as an exit. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is always available and women to hear the raised hands of dua for the one who is oppressed, the one who is

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wrong, the one who is in need, and the one who loves him and fears. Our Munna and Allah do they not know that Allah knows

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May Allah subhana wa Tada live in our heart, forgive us our sins, allow us to find righteous company who are able to carry the burdens that we suffer with, that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us of those who are able to carry the burdens of others and help them through our struggles and there's in life a lot me.

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I just shake,

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you know, Allah knows, Allah knows. But the thing is, it also knows what company would keep. And I feel that that is the key to what you said that to keep us very, very much in touch and holding on to that tight of Islam. We're good people around us and Allah knows that we're holding tight. And he knows we're trying to keep our friends close to us so that we make the salah carry on and do

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I think there's that obviously

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made that point of, you know, talking about unburdening yourself and making sure to share with other people, but then I share positive, the ISS.

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And it's even more for me an emphasis on sharing.

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Absolutely, absolutely. And that's the constant of the prophets and the messengers of Allah. But I also, you know, subhanAllah, I was on the phone with a dear friend from the UK. And, you know, he was in a really difficult state. Just last night, he was on the phone with me, one of his schoolmates, who he grew up with, struggled with different things in life, the found himself in divorce, found himself in a little bit of debt, it seemed like the doors weren't opening for him, he, you know, move them back in with his parents, just, you know, there were so many different hurdles, and then became a level of self medication and, you know, feeling unwell and the doctors

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prescribed something. And that caused him to go further and further, you know, he was a person who was would pray and would come to the masjid and, and there was all this burden that was carried by him. And sadly, subhanAllah you know, he did not, you know, live out his life to its fullest. And my friend who, you know, shares with me that his, his, you know, this schoolmate of his who, you know, has tragically passed away under tragic circumstances. He says to Misha, you know, I used to see him and I was there, but, you know, we never really spoke we never shared, you know, I knew he was in a difficult place I, but we just, you know, there's what, what's wrong with us? Why don't we just

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speak to each other and say, Are you okay? If he, you know, it's not necessarily that I'm going to help with something, but at least be an outlet for a person to be able to share that particular circumstance. And Allah Subhana Allah is near and dear to all of our heart, but that human capacity to check in with each other to show concern for each other to look beyond the smile is a very, very important tradition from our Nabhi Mohamed salah, but it was an

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do share with Allah that except we have nobody to share with always have Allah to share your birth to an Allah can not only see what has happened in your life, also see that you don't want to be that sort of that person has been pushed down you want to reach out want to lead a better life? Absolutely.

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He sees that too. So

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I'm also not as the one said, can reach out so it's important for us to reach out to check in

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because you know, mental health is on the rise and these situations are becoming more and more crease in the winter as well. We don't quite meet people as much as we do in the summer. So it's very easy for somebody to get under the radar and first look to notice that they're suffering. So you know is this time of year that

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thank you so much.

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I look forward to seeing you again next week. Not from Perth though from an Madina Munawwara the city of the profit

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shop offer your travels again, masha Allah, that'd be wonderful to see that it's all over that a fabulous backdrop but safe travels shape and yes, please do. We can't wait to hear what you have to say from DC Medina

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from Medina,

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take care now.

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Also be able to talk to me later with your questions. There'll be better

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a lot more fun. Yeah.