Tom Facchine – How Jealousy Reflects Our Relationship With Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding who Allah is and not just focusing on his actions. They stress that the way he describes himself as a loan on a loss is a loan on a loss, power data, everything that comes your way, and everything that you have to experience is given to you freely. By taking it down to that level, people will be more content with what Allah has given them and not be jealous of others.
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The root of jealousy is not being content with allows decree. So all jealousy traces back to that and feeling a sense of entitlement that you should have gotten something that you didn't or that you shouldn't have had to experience or be put through something that you did. And so that's what it is. I mean, the thing is, how do you relate to a loss found data, you know, and his dominion over the creation and his dominion over your life, you know, you don't even own yourself, right. Your body is a loan on loan from a loss, power data, everything that you get, you know, your clothes, your health, your senses, your skills, your intellect, your abilities, it's all given to you freely from

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Allah subhanaw taala and he can take it away whenever he wants a lot makes you blind tomorrow, Allah has the right to do that you don't have any right to complain because it's not you you're you're not yours or you are not yours you don't belong to yourself you belong to Allah is the formula of Ibrahim on a Salaam for my living and my dying, my worship, my rights are all for a lost found odd and that's the aspiration. And so if you take it down to that level, then it makes it easier when you see somebody enjoying success, right? To not be as jealous of them or they have something that you want a relationship or a job or even happiness, fulfillment, these sorts of things. You have to

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be content with what Allah gave you the end of the day and this is what Omar used to say in order you know, it's a very important thing is that what came your way couldn't miss you and what missed you couldn't have come your way so literally not possible. And the Prophet modestly said, um, he said that, you know, even if the entire creation or to stand up on a mountain and to make the art with you for hire right to or to work to bring some benefit to you, they couldn't bring any benefit to you, except by something that Allah had already decided. And the same with evil, right? If something bad happened to you, and all the creation conspired and work together to try to stop it

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from happening, it wouldn't matter if a law had decreed that it's going to happen, it's going to happen, thankfully, we know that our Creator is loving and merciful and wise. And so sometimes it's also about not understanding who Allah is. Because if we don't understand who Allah is, we don't trust him. So we have to understand that Allah has a plan and His plan is wise, much more wise than our planet for ourselves. And if we can develop that trust in us, then it's going to be a lot easier to be content with what Allah has decreed for us and to not be jealous of others.

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