Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Dua 17

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brother yahiro him with another Ramadan therapy and hamdulillah This is number 17 Allahumma, Vedic Arab. And because we're getting close to a little closer, we're getting close to those last 10 nights of Ramadan, I thought that I would give a little bit of a lead way to give you an opportunity to memorize it if you haven't already memorized it, and to learn of it, if you haven't already acquired it's knowledge. And today's is a very special dry, it's the dude that is preferred to us prescribed to us taught to us by the prophets, I sell him as a healing and it's a blessing for our homes and our families and for our souls in this life and in the

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next four to be made for us by us in a little huddle in the night of Divine Decree. Now, this hadith is prescribed to the wife of the prophets I tell him the beloved wife of the prophets I seldom, amen. What we mean by the alignment and how audible has been to be recommended the Allahu anhu man, well, it helped us sell our item with the slim. Now Ayesha was the Beloved of the prophets of Allah what he was selling. She was his choices and most nearest in affection and love, peace and blessings be upon her. In the Hadith of

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the Prophet is element to him been that authentic hadith. He says, I sell him at the Chateau de Alon, it's common knowledge, peace and blessings be upon him. Now she says the auto solo law or ADA in an M. Au Lait let him lay little country Morocco lofi have a messenger of Allah if I was to come to certain knowledge that tonight is later telecontrol it is the night of the Divine Decree it is the night where the whole animal is first revealed. Later tell Audrey Hiraman alpha the night that is greater than 1000 months at three years if you were to be literal, the night where the decree of a lot and then Zulu mela eager to oro houfy ha be ignorant be him min cuddly, with every matter that

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it decided Salaam on here it is a night where peace is sought had multiplied until the very last waking moments of the sun's rise. It's not just until you know Vegeta is near until month line fetcher. And Allah uses that word that the break of dawn has begun. So even up until the last second, you are encouraged through the understanding of this ayah to continue with your devotion to continue to make your drop. And Laila terracotta is an auspicious occasion that the prophets I seldom withheld by the order of a loss of Hannah to Allah, its knowledge as to which day it is important. In particular, we do know that it has particular signs it's in the last 10 nights of the

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month of Ramadan. It's on an odd night but that doesn't help with all the moon fighting that's happening May Allah subhanaw taala give us assistance along I mean, even talked before all this controversy of of the citing the amount of the past they always considered once you came through the half of the month of Ramadan, once you got through about 916 17 that your thought was always late at the academy that every night became alive. A Haier Lena delicado a hella here. And actually our from the son of the Prophet I tell him was that he came to life in the final 10 days of the month of Ramadan. So she says O Messenger of Allah just say I have seen it signs I've come to know, I felt

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that piece. I you know, I'm aware in my heart somehow that Allah has inspired me, I've seen a dream for it. Yeah, which are all valid ways of measuring it for oneself. It's not something that you take from someone else and assume it's correct. So just say I see a dream that there is high yield on this particular night that is coming. And I informed my wife and children, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm correct, but it's something that can action, but not miss out on the other night saying that dream had to be true. All right, pay attention to that. So the prophets I send them says well look, if this feeling has come to you, he said so I sell them poorly then say and the word holy

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it means repeat and often. So love it we're selling. It's not a one off, but it's a consistent pattern of behavior Allahumma in NECA I fu se Allahumma inika iPhone SE O Allah you are the one who pardons the most. You are the one who gives pardon and I will explain the difference between have food and iPhone shortly. Allahumma inukai four Oh Allah you love to forgive by pardoning to hibou laugh You love to pardon. Oh Allah, you are the partner and you love to pardon Allahumma inukai Oh Allah, you are the Forgiving partner. And you love to forgive him to pardon to him boo laugh fafo Annie so grant me forgiveness and pardon. Grant me freedom from my sin and my singing. Now you can

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translate the word I for you.

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in a number of ways, I feel it means I thought, I'm not saying that it is forgiven what is in the past. Pardon what is in the past, I will consider it like it never happened. And that's the most correct image and shadow of the word that it is a law will deal with you as if you have not committed that crime, not just forgive it, but the crime is still present. Its effect is still there no pardon is that the effect is removed, and that your liability is also removed. And some of that word of mouth, they postulated and they said, Well, what just say I've injured somebody else or I've harmed somebody else. How is it that I can be pardoned, like I have never done that scene when

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somebody I owe them? You know, a favor, I've done something wrong towards them. And, you know, Imams and amendments as early in particular, he says, Allah will give that person such generosity, the one you wronged, Allah will give them such happiness, such fulfillment, such generosity in place of your error, that they will forget the claim they have against you, Allahu Akbar, because level milliohm your claim will still be there. But Allah part interview will not just be a benefit to you, but will be a benefit to the souls and the people that you have wrong. And therefore this is a powerful healing therapy of the law. Make sure that this is a drop that you fulfill throughout the next

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1011 1213 nights. Don't take any risk. Make this a drop that is in your days and in the evenings. Make sure that this is a that is a part of your morning routine, an evening routine. And I say the morning routine, because you want your drive to be so plentiful that you don't forget it in other times Allahumma inika Oh Allah I recognize you alone are the one who is capable of pardoning without holding me ransom to my error. Nobody else will ever be able to pardon you in a way that it's forgotten. Only Allah subhana wa Tada. will pardon you not forget a lot Nyanza. He will not forget, but he will overlook it with his compassion with his iPhone upon us. May Allah subhanaw taala grant

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us the app over ramen Rahim and medical conduces sit down with me and Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar, Allah Subhana Allah grant us Abu COVID Apple, I love meeting Nick at hifu You are the one who is only one capable of pardoning and not holding me

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accountable for what I have done in error to him What if the only reason for that is because you love to show this clemency this part in this forgiveness, this ability that you possess that nobody else possesses Japonica with Allah subhanho wa Taala nobody else has that power, so panicky.

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To him would have terrified me so Allah grant me pardon. Notice this drama is not a communal you can make the drought with other people saying that for I net, but when the Prophet taught it to ha said that for me all of the narrations have it in the singular voice meaning that this is something personal to you, you know your indiscretions you know your mistakes, you know your fault, things that you have fallen off the path in, so therefore take it seriously don't make this something where you're just in a gym out or praying with it and that mom says fab what I know and it's just a simple I mean, no this needs to resonate from the bar it needs to be guttural from the bottom of your gut

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from the depths of your soul, seeking the pardon of Allah subhana wa tada a lot of men in Nicaragua went to hibel Africa for me allow me nigga I fall in love with her for I need Allah inukai for winter hibel Africa for under Elementary in a moment I mean, this is your brother your hair Brahim with another Ramadan therapy, the drama of woman what we mean by the Allahu I know all about how it should have been too severe Allah Hema Allah he was he had a loved one Allah Subhana Allah him over him decrescendo La La Land to suffer quietly we like this was Episode Number 17 I'll help you join me for future ones of Ramadan therapy was said on Monday