The Blessing of Time #08 – The Importance of Prayer

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The importance of praying on time and managing time in relation to one's life is emphasized, particularly during the Day of Judgment. It is important to avoid rushing to finish one's prayer in public, as it is not beneficial. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not rushing to finish one's prayer in public and recites a famous story about a person who died a year later. Additionally, the importance of praying for a long-tail and staying in prayer to maximize one's life is emphasized.

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I want you to imagine that it's the Day of Judgment. Imagine it's time for the high SAT, accountability to begin, one on one. The time is here. And it's your turn, your name is being called. How did you use your time in this world? Your name is being called Allah subhanaw. Taala wants to speak to you. You're standing alone before law subhanaw taala with no translators, no mediators, no barriers. And you can see in your all of mankind can see your deeds. And as you're standing before Allah subhanaw taala. You're asked, first and foremost about your prayer or salah. Why are we talking about our Salah when we're talking about time here? How much time in this world

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is spent on useless things, wasteful things, compared to how much time we pray? Now, yes, the obligatory prayers are just five you're praying five prayers every day. Are you actually enjoying the five prayers? Are you putting in an effort to realize that this is a prescription for your soul, a guarantee in the next life to be saved, to be protected, that the five prayers are checkpoints as well. There are also expansions wiping away your sins between the prayers, the five prayers and opportunity to reconnect to Allah da five prayers an opportunity to ask Allah in sujood, especially the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam tells us the closest a servant is to his Lord is in sujood in

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prostration, so increase your DUA the time that you spend on your prayers every day, not just the five prayers but the voluntary ones as well the no effing should increase the more you recognize the value of prayer and the value of time, they are intertwined because you were created to worship Allah, You were created to know Allah. And one of the greatest acts of worship is Salah, and, in fact, not just a Salah on its time as a prophet slicin said one of the most beloved deeds to Allah is praying on time, ensuring that you're taking care of your time and managing your time so that you're not missing the most valuable act of worship for which you were created. But increasing your

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net worth and praying Blueheart prayer if you've not prayed it before, make it a habit, praying the quality of the Sunnah prayers that are associated with the obligatory prayers, making sure that you're praying a full and deep and proper, enjoyable winter prayer. And during the prayer, you are concentrating, you are mindful, you're using your time in Salah to actually enjoy that conversation you're having with a loss to Panama. Tada. So Allah asks you about your Salah, the very first thing that Allah subhanho asked you, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, it's about your prayer. If the prayer will be done well meaning if it's judged, well, you succeeded. you prosper. You did well

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hamdulillah then everything after that goes well, you took care of your soul on this world. So you did well in the next life. If the prayer was not successful, meaning you slacked off you neglected it. You skipped a prayer you missed a prayer on its time. You repeatedly missed a prayer on its time, or you repeatedly missed fajr prayer May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and forgive us and guide us what happens as a result of the person who neglects and neglects and neglects the person who skips their prayers. The person who abandoned Salah, the person who does not take care of their prayer will find that it's going to lead to misery, it's going to lead to regret. And then

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everything after that will be more difficult for him or for her. We don't realize at times, that when we talk about the value of time, yes, generally, it's about everything, all of your day to day activities. But specifically, we want to give more attention to the prayer, the time that you spend in Salah how many people today when they pray, they are rushing out of their prayers, when they pray alone, especially the rushing out of their salah. One of the signs of sincerity and wisdom is that your prayer in private is better than your prayer in front of other people in public. And if you can't do that, then at the very least, if you're solo, your prayer in public is somewhat good in

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front of other people or with the GEMA than at the very least make your Salah in private equal to it, but try to do better. But don't make it worse. Don't let it be rushed. Don't let it be quick. Who are you rushing away from? And why are you rushing out of prayer. You're rushing to finish your salon so that you can save time away from prayer and back to a dunya or so that you can rush back to work or you can rush back to family Don't you realize that the blessings you're looking for and all these other things you cannot attain if you're not taking care of the quality of your Salah. The time that you spend in your prayer is precious time. You're in a conversation with your Lord, the

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One who created you, the one who created all these other blessings that He gave to the one who bestowed upon you countless blessings or introducing amatola hula hula. If you tried to count the blessings of Allah, Allah tells us you would not be able to count them. Isn't it? Grateful? Isn't it right for you to spend more time in prayer to take your time with the resuscitation to choose a lengthier Surah rather than reciting one last one every prayer who Allah then every prayer inoculation I can cut through in every prayer, obviously aside from those who just embrace Islam, and that's the only thing that you know, but isn't it time for you to read lengthy or so on that you

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You know, to read a little more to learn so you can recite longer. And if not that Then at least in your sujood don't rush your Salah. I want you to reflect on a beautiful story that took place at the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, with the companion will have probably a long run. He had a dream about two individuals and he speaks about these two people. They became Muslim at the same time. It's a famous story. They became Muslim at the same time. And later on in their lives. One of them died as a Shaheed as a martyr. And the other friend who became Muslim at the same time, out will lived the first he outlived him for approximately a year. And then he died. We don't know how

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maybe natural causes Allah knows best. toddlerhood on the Allahu Ron has a dream. He's standing in front of the gates of Jenna. And these two men are in front of him. The gates of gender open and an angel comes out. And the angel is about to take one person into paradise first. From the three people who are there, who do you think was taken into agenda first? You would assume and I would assume and Paul have assumed that it would be the martyr the Shaheed a Shahadat have a high status mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah in so many places. But the angel came out and did not take the Shaheed first. Rather, the angel took the man who died a year later, the one who died of maybe

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natural causes a year after the Shaheed into Jana, and then came back up. And the angel took now the man who died as a martyr and took him into Paris. And then the angel came out and told Paul hang out on the long run. It's not your time yet. I'm paraphrasing the Hadith. Paul huddle, the long run wakes up and he's amazed what just happened. That man did not intergender first the Shaheed How did that how is that possible? What did the second man do? How is that possible in the shahada are the highest levels of Jannah. And we say my nabina was so deeply in our Shahada. He was saying when we say this when we recite the Quran, how's that possible? He's amazed and he starts to share his

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dream. And other companions hear about it, and it reaches the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he says, Are you amazed? Why are you amazed? Don't you know that this man who died a year later, don't you know that this man prayed for that entire year, and that he fasted an extra Ramadan meaning beyond his friend who died in the shade.

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Every prayer that you pray, raises your ranks in the afterlife. There was a companion who was with the Prophet slice and I'm trying to help him volunteer to serve Him. And once I'm the Prophet Salah was I wanted to repay him back. How do I repay you? How do I pay you back? And he said, All I want the only thing that I want. It's not material. It's not money. It's nothing else is to be with you in general. That's it. I want to be basically in the highest levels of Jannah with you. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked him our VEDA Derek, is there anything else that I can pay you with? Like, is that all? He's a codec? That's all that I want? The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam then responded

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with an answer that benefits all of us until the end of times. He said then helped me to help you with your request. By increasing your prostrations your sujood meaning work by praying more, more now with increase your Cleon will lead increase your probative increase a lot and increase your voluntary prayers way beyond the obligatory prayers. If you're aiming really high. That's one way to get there. Use your time in this world to really improve and maximize your moments in which you are standing before Allah subhanaw taala and you will find Baraka in the rest of your day and the rest of your activities. May Allah subhanaw taala put back in our time and efforts along with me