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Jumu’ah at Curtin University, Perth

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when I was

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14 album and say yeah Medina yesterday he said on the left woman you will have heard the other question was

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question one and Mohammed Abdullah who also looks a lot like he was I mean he was certainly more back yeah you know I'm in LA to party he would ask

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me john McAfee Romani.

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What tabula rasa? He was in a law How can aliko merkiva Yeah, you're

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useless Latin American Well, if he doesn't know

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about that, always in forever We begin with the appraisal off we send our fingers a piece upon our meu Mohammed, so a lot of wanting to ascend them.

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We testify that there is not that is worthy of worship but a law that will have met some of the love on a USF demonstrates worshipping slave and final messenger. I continue to remind myself and you will stop why. So again, I pray that a loss of power to Allah inherits within me and you a sense of consciousness of taqwa and piety, wherein we love a loss of having one to adapt as much as we fear Him. And as much as we hope in his mercy in this life in the next allotment Amin.

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Today, I wish to speak to you about a number of important ideals and principles that have been laid down subtly by a tradition and the mortality and life of the prophet SAW the law

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of the land as we begin to approach exam time here at the University at Curtin University, and many of you have your assessments and the projects coming together. For some of you, it's your final year for some of you, it's your first year, I want you to understand that of the ideals of a believer from the things that every Muslim, every believer, inherited with a sense of Eman and piety towards a law seeks is an increase in their learning. A loss of pattern want to add up commands the profit and sell them in different places to to ask him for his different things. And allow will literally say to the profit when you invoke me when you asked me asked me for this, and I'm the most beautiful

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of things, the only thing that a lot ask the puppet to increase him in. Meaning it's something that you have, but it doesn't matter how much of it you have, you want more of it, you should seek more of it. So it was a kind of a common sense to the province. So I sent them

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in so of course, what for you and all Mohamed and this wall? Well, it means don't forget

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The constant in Always remember, and even if you have you might think it's enough it isn't, will call, invoke me constantly regularly. Whether you understand the reason or not, walk on rock be zipped me an email and say, My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

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Especially that which leads you to a loss of Hannah Montana is the foundation of faith. And when you come to believe in a loss, you kind of have to either whether you're born into Islam, or you've come into Islam, the first step of your total eve of your recognition of a lot is an aim. So once you kind of have a tie that says to the prophets, I send me what I couldn't answer that email kita Yang, although you were a nice guy, nobody had a problem with you. You are assaultive you're an amine. You were the one who carried food to the orphans, you are the one tossing the rotten, you did all of this. You are solid, you are a person of great integrity.

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But you didn't know the details of this book. You didn't know what it is you are required to believe in from what it is you're required to disbelieve in. You weren't given these details yet. Yeah, I haven't, until I sent it to you. So the law says to him, fine, then, and Neruda.

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Come to this surety of knowledge, come to gain this understanding that none is worthy of worship of Allah was self evident, make and then build your actions on it, when he will mean seek my forgiveness for yourself and those who come to believe in you.

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And all of the people of faith that people have succeeded when they talk about the man here they say I'm an apostle to be mountains, you know, he when he moved me noon, tatian the prophets like Selim believed meaning demonstrated faith,

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because of a man is the amount that I have sent you your comments on the line while you were sending them. And I mean, he showed it, he practiced it. He led the people in Islam in Surat Azuma, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the prophets, I send them

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in the middle to an average of La Muslims on that our team will move on to the next hour where they will see me say to them plainly, Mohammed, I've been ordered and commanded, to learn to obey Allah with sincerity and to be the frost of you.

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To submit myself in Islam, in submission to a loss economy

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is a powerful thing.

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I want you to think of that day of bed.

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You know, that greatest victory of the prophets of Allah when he was sent. For the first time, it is given as an introduction by a wallet to the prophets, I send them to fight back. Previously, which Hebrew who ve Jihad and Kabira Mohammed, when you make your heart and you struggle against them, the initial precept of your heart was on take this for us, and, and push them towards them push back against them with what I'm teaching you with this though he with this flower with this image, and then put in any Latina now in sort of 100 law says, Those who have been oppressed, those whose wealth have been you serve those who have been kicked out of their land, those who have been made

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and forced to make his rock those who have been nx. Houdini 11 I give you permission on the hangman to stand up for yourself. And the prophets. I sell them dispatches himself and his army towards the vets.

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And a wall keeps in victory.

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And a lot brings the angels down.

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And they're victorious. And on that day, the prophet s Allah, he took captive prisoners from the people of polish. Now I want you to think

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what is the profit side seller make a condition of their freedom? I want you to think about this for a second. He says that if you can read and write, they were standing in front of not just Mohammed, asylum, not just in front of the believers, but in front of the angels fighting against the law and his messengers I said, and also as you want to be free. It's a very simple thing. If you know how to read and write, teach 10 of us 10 of our children to read and write and you're given freedom.

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Once you look at the value of knowledge,

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look at what will happen that's a lot of value SLM, makes sense

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As a value of literacy

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Can you imagine this prisoners living in the Medina of the province I sell them who just days ago held the sword in combat against him sitting with a bunch of Muslim children, that people are unsolved. The people have done hygiene, young children, teaching them as bad.

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That's the value

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of knowledge.

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The prophets why Selim says in the authentic hadith, mining, even NASA,

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the one who teaches people good, Allah Medina,

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the one who teaches people good, the one who teaches people about an unbeliever, and they're not

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that good life where you know what the Lord wants, and you are able to perform it and you know what a lot that's not wanting you to distance yourself from it more and even NASA height

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if they walk by water,

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a river, a lake, a stream and ocean,

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the Indian eternity established Stubblefield wha hoo that the fish in the ocean as for LA for his forgiveness, when

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you're sitting here today, there's a chance that maybe we can't see, there's little insects that are crawling under the carpet and the roofing.

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And you assume they are of no consequence. But they know you, they know me. And if you are worthy of them making this default feeling, it's conditional to one thing more I live in NASA Higher, higher level or unawatuna, the best of you is the one who learns and can effectively teach it

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is broken into two halves by the great imams. As your mama says it, he says and the aim and Tana and

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Knowledge is that about everything you will encounter in life, you know, something, you might be a science major with us here at the university. But you cannot be ignorant of economics and politics. You might be a specialist in the humanities, you are a student of the law. You are a philosopher. But you also need to know how to change your tire when it's flat on the road.

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You can never be ignorant about any one domain. You cannot be literate in chemistry and have no ability to articulate.

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You cannot be a person who values or in and you put it in one sphere at the detriment and ignorance of other things in your life.

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And they and tie them and the Shake Shack is that you know something about everything you encounter in life. But not just that. You're not just well rounded when dial in and shape coalition. And it's also to find that one thing you're passionate about, you're a chemist, you're a mechanic, you're a mathematician, you're a part of the online,

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you find that one thing that you are passionate about that you seek to know more about why in da da da unchained coal cache and then you delve into that to learn as much of it as you can.

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As the man imitating me, he's a very interesting, logical philosophical question.

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He says I'm a doctor, a medical doctor in his time, who will add them will mean that the email will have

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a doctor, medical doctor, nothing to do with spirituality. Does he have more knowledge than I would have he will have a lot of audios. Because suddenly today you find people where they think that because they know something about the material sciences, they've learned everything about it, that in their mind that that means I have attained what others can have attained. Even people in the past could never know what I know. I don't want you to know as a part of your offering that my opinion that the most complete and informed or whole knowledge with Mohammed Salam.

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It is a part of your mind that even though you're a medical doctor today, who operates on Patreon today, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Allah and can be more alive than you even in your specialty.

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And it does not need to be demonstratable

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aim is an openness towards a lot

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And therefore Allah warns us about having eyes that are opened by dark, dark and sealed heart, hearts that are unable to see

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the loss of promises, but never had that happen of soft will that can damage who do we get?

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Some people they see many things are aware of many things.

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But because there is no light in the heart, blah, blah, blah, why that movie, some movie book moon around noon,

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they're unable to understand are able to rationalize they're unable to think about true consequences. And therefore when the amount of hours that he speaks about knowing something about everything, that everything you've seen in the right perspective will always lead you to that which increases your faith in a loss of time.

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The great amount of they used to write and say it is better to be illiterate and faithful than scholarly and blind.

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A lot of luck.

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It is better to be jackin only one movement

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than to be added.

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With jazz hidden, I mean that

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unaware of your duty to a loss of kinda want to hide.

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And therefore I speak to you, my dear brothers and sisters here, even institutes of higher learning. And I say to you and I caution to you.

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And I speak to myself in you that the greatest knowledge is the knowledge that leads you to evolve.

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And the greatest step that you will take is the one that leads you to evolve. And the greatest phone is the step that turns you from a loss of conduits.

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And if you ever have any doubts about a law, I notice now v m, that's a law that is not with them. But it is that your eyes are open, but your heart is being sealed. When I stand up from Jinja to this raha, I will speak about just three of the many reasons that can cause our heart to be sealed, that we don't see the truth, even though it is apparent before it's

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too long.

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Boss, whatever.

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The first reason is a soft, bad people. Most of us when we come to make decisions, we like to take a large consensus. And the Lord warns us against this. It's actually quite surprising. And lots of panatela says to the people of Porsche, when they would debate each other, they would sit in large councils and they would talk about Mr. Mohammed Who is this Mohamed Salah Isaac. Now none of them could fault Mohammed for being who he is. And I want this to be a lesson number one. If you're a good person, people like you. But if you try to help people become good people, you find enemies, math into soil, you

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your soil, it doesn't matter. Nobody stops you, you become Muslim, then people have a problem with you.

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On your own No problem, Muslim, you're coming to talk to me about doing things in a different way, then we have to have another then there's this is where issues come behind us. I tell them I had no problems of being slaughtered. But the moment he became in the role of that and beyond your slip,

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seeking to rectify people stand in opposition.

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And I would have been a lot of money, but suddenly they would begin to talk about it. And they were talking to anyone and the law says I couldn't be wacky. Look at the word of a law. I'm going to give you advice of law says all mankind let me give you advice.

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And the only law the Magna

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Carta de facto man is lucky but I'm going to give you advice on mankind. When you want to think about this man.

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Don't be more than two in that moment. Math Math. You want another person someone you trust? Someone who's got a good mind. Someone who understands just you in them

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or better still just on your own tobacco. See because this analyzing dialogue it don't take consensus rules.

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Don't take how many other people do it well there's so many do it. Why should I be different? majority rule is not always leading you to that which is right.

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What matters ma at photo booth, why no house w mini

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and most of them you know even if you put in the most difficult

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will ever come to faith. Nobody was math now.

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When you come to the masters of faith, get the knowledge, get what is right, and think and ask a lot for that he died.

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Number two

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is your company? What do you carry her Taka birds of a feather flock together. And if I knew Cantonese and Chinese, I would say it to you. If I use Somali, it's the same in Somali if I knew what to do with the same

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birds that look alike, same feathers, same shape, same pattern, they flock together, you're not going to see pigeons flying with ducks. That's the reality. And it's either you want to be with a man or you want to be with a man who say, this is the reality. And therefore if you put yourself with a groupie, with an isolated perspective, that leads you away from a law and is not nuanced by those who call you towards a law, do not ever feel that you will not be susceptible to that influence. Why was their hegira? Why did the last time I was odd, I say make it enjoyable for me? Is it because I sell them and can be strong and withstand? No they can.

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But sometimes you have to have a place and a group of people who you trust who love you when you love them, even though we have love for everyone. But this is a layer of love that is unattainable by others. Third, and finally from the things that determine the heart.

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We spoke about friendship, and we spoke about seeking majority opinion. Third, and finally is misinterpretation is that you read something for yourself and you make an effort. I understand. I remember once

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I was with one of my teachers, and he was traveling, he was traveling to us in Canada. I had an email one of the great demands and he led us in prayer. And after the slowdown, Canada us have been

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one of the brothers Mashallah he considers himself knowledgeable. I'm sitting with the chef, I was his translator before that came up and he said Yes, chef.

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This is better. Chef looks at my city.

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And imagine mmm Mojave arola canon w so love it was lm lm assembleia is some of the prophets I seldom did not make this be in travel.

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Now if you're jogging, you read this ad you think you know you're

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a parent.

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You sat there Jani your Sunday sooner.

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I'm sure she'll forget that Mirage, honey. And maybe as I said

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he would embrace a lot of numbers a lot of growth. You wouldn't pray for God before or after, wouldn't pray to work after method. Now you

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in a

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as Laura Mohammed's and

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he said to him, I'm an engineer. He said stay in engineering.

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Don't enter into something you don't understand.

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have been helping us cope with the Senate Finance and we'll continue with it and you stay in your engineering it

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a lot likely

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not because you read it means you understood and not because you understood it means you practice and not because you practice it means you are rewarded all of it or levels with a loss of habitat. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us with the drama of the prophets I send them a lot

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people say there is nothing that is beneficial to us, our homes, our families, male muscle panel without at least my knowledge and use your knowledge make you from those who have been leaders for your communities here and abroad. If you are Herat, male also kind of atomik easy your studies and easy your examinations that are upcoming male plus or final to make you examples for those who are to come after you alumni that have

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come along. I mean, a lot most of you said it was it is easy now.

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Han Solo law what do you do it he was off he was sending What?

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A lot. A lot. A lot.

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Ah La

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La La

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La La

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La La La La ah

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telephone make sure that you humble yourself to a loss you kind of have to add to fill the gaps and straighten your lines of shower.

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You're walking Meineke Oh

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da da da da da

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Illa Masha

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one real soon Kelly Leo's sobre para que

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se other things go my

00:27:18--> 00:27:19

way I know Jen

00:27:21--> 00:27:24

ash Allah de nos learn now

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don't you

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to fi

00:27:33--> 00:27:38

seca where they have been here for so long been to FIU

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dunia when

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send me a lot

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of love

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bla bla

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bla bla

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are you

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I mean of

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course, Lana Mia. So spawning

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the lady's

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was mean when I

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a mom

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Love, love,

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