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The speakers emphasize the importance of being a Muslim to avoid confusion and negative comments from those who are not Muslims, as it is often dangerous to be a monster based on political climate and the Hades. They also discuss the history of the Hades and the importance of language policy. Pr practicing Islam for the people and environment is emphasized, along with the need for privacy and community acceptance. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting one's privacy and ensuring a safe environment for all individuals, particularly parents to educate children on the negative consequences of "slack."

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was the law was a nobody Kalani Vienna Mohammed wala. And he was having a train.

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Somali Kumara, to like UberX casual.

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This is a reminder

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that I wish to give primarily to myself.

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And then to my brothers and sisters, and it really is a reminder, because the majority of this lecture was presented about maybe six years ago or something like that,

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too, another audience in Manchester. And it wasn't too long after the events of 911 when the Muslims were, you know, in a, in quite a serious state of confusion about their status, about how to, to resolve the conflict between their identity as Muslims, and

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their status as citizens, citizens of a country, which had been directly attacked by Muslims in the name of Islam and so on. And the Muslims were obviously holding on to the identity of Muslims, which is, of course, their obligation, and yet having to try and deal with the conflict of interest, the confusion, that that was natural at that time. And yet, this is a this is a Muslim Group, a group, a community that had no other identity, no other social belonging, no other culture, no other citizenship, other than the countries that they were in that they were living in the Western countries, Britain for us at that time, so they didn't know what to do. And I remember actually a

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lot of the things that I was having to say in that reminder, or that talk, were actually quite embarrassing, because, and difficult for me, especially to say, you know, such as we have to be good citizens, or Muslims need to show the community how much they care. You know, what kind of, you know, silly statement is that over what do Muslims expect themselves to do anyway, as part of their contract with Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, the agreements with the prophets lie Selim, upon entering Islam, we are like that, to ourselves to everyone else. It's just part and parcel of being a Muslim, how do you tell without being patronizing? Do you tell a Muslim, you know, to be an

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integral member of the community one, of course, he is an integral member of any community that he lives in a Muslim, he or she, whoever they're with, with Muslims or non Muslims, they are the very best of their behavior. It is natural. It's really actually, it's actually quite difficult. It reminds me of

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a comedy sketch, which a friend of mine showed me once where there's an American comedian, and

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you know, this, this father, he goes up to the comedian, and he says to the Father to the comedian, he says to him, I look after my children. I said, the comedian sensitivity says, What the hell do you expect to do? You are a father, at the end of the day, join me to give you a medal or something. This is this encapsulates the issue here, you're trying to tell people to be normal when and be good, when of course, the people are normal, and the people are good. And so it is difficult to tell Muslims to be like that, when the prophets lie Selim, as from the basic requirements of the religion requests us to be the at the very best of our character with Muslims, non Muslims, our environment,

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our animals, everything added with our surroundings, is at the very highest level and requirement anyway. So it was difficult. But the reasons that that I want to give this reminder again, now are for two specific reasons. Number one, is I was in London recently for a visit. And we went to a gym or whatever. And it was pretty average, to be honest. And I remember listening to the tape, and he was saying things like, be good people and help your neighbors and all this kind of thing. And, you know, as you can imagine, I'm saying to myself, you know, the Muslims need to be reminded of such obvious things. So, you know, in one ear out the other, I suppose, and when I came outside, and the

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companion that I was with, deep in thought, reflecting and so on, so I thought was, you know, was he thinking about it? You okay, he goes, Yeah, I'm just reflecting upon what this khateeb said. And I'm thinking

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What did I miss, that he's reflecting so deeply about? He goes, because I've never heard this hottie say this, we've not in our community, we've not been given this vision of being good to our neighbors and being good in our community and so on. So it's been about Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean Dean, and not about the wider community, I was shocked, I was I was really shocked, I thought to myself, so panela have I so misunderstood the Muslim community, the youth of our community, the the feeling in our community that they cannot seem to marry together, the fact of being Muslim, and being a British citizen. And it It shook me up, actually. And I said to myself, so Paula, I need to go back,

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I need to, you know, I need to really,

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you know, re address this issue of the public, because maybe I'm assuming too much, maybe there are people who are in confusion, or maybe there is a level of extremists of extremism out there, amongst our, our some of our members, that doesn't allow them to resolve in their mind how you can be one and be the other as well be the good citizen, and yet be a fully practicing Muslim. And the second reason that

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I give this little reminder now is that whilst people like myself have been living in these ivory towers, thinking that our communities are all open, you know, dealing with the, the, the problem, the other people who are maybe not so well intentioned,

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brown Sahibs, as we used to call them was Malcolm X, Ramallah used to call him house Negroes, okay, these people are very busy. He's a, you know, people who are closer to COVID than him and they take, of course, the identity of Muslims. And, you know, they're very, very busy, very active, trying to hijack the direction of Orthodox Islam in this country, very, very busy. And they want to try and dictate the identity that the Muslims should form for themselves, while still living in the Western countries. And as you can imagine, the secularists you know, with their new

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newfound and well supported foundations and forums and councils and whatever, they're very, very specific, very heavy on diluting the Islamic identity. They want to dilute Islamic religious practice, they want to try and get away with individual cultural

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expression in a multicultural, multicultural society, a variety of, of aims and objectives, which if you're to go down, you think is a horror story. It's amazing that people who call themselves Muslims would be trying to promote such an identity for Muslims living in a country that gives us so much rights and freedom of expression to do and practice our religion, that we have so called Muslims who are forming these think tanks or icon think tanks and, and and trying to take this identity away from orthodox Muslims and establish this falsehood that they're trying to do. And the problem, of course, all right, the problem, and of course, they call themselves

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progressives. Right? I mean, at the end of the day, they liberal secularists

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minded Muslims, and they call themselves progressives, of course, they're regressives. And if this is, if this is progression, then we need the Stone Age, definitely, the Stone Age is definitely better for us for our dean and adonia. But this is what the and the problem, of course, is that some of the things that they will say some of the things that they will come across in their aims and objectives would of course, agree with the Orthodox Islamic position. So Hampton lightest, this this talk, or this presentation is not a movie. And so it is no big surprise at the end. So I'll tell you the ending right now. Okay. So if you need to leave or something, then you can leave straightaway.

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The future is,

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for for British Islam, the future is for the Muslims in this country, we do have hope, in what we have to survive, and to have a vision for for for the future. So that that's the SD, the aim of the talk. So hamdulillah it's not a film. So yeah, I haven't surprised anything. But the the the point I'm trying to make is that this objective is one, of course, that these foundations will will naturally support, right? They want to try and create this new Western Islam, this kind of fairy tale, where they have this identity, which in actual fact, is the exact identity that those people who want Islam to be washed away want us to have. And naturally, they want us to remain in this

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country, under the thumb in the in the in the mold that they have created for us. So they would want us to believe that there is future for British Islam. And so here we marry together. And the problem is, is that when the Muslims, the Orthodox Muslims and the scholars, they are promoting such an Islam, okay, and Islam based upon upon knowledge upon aqeedah upon a soul and good solid principles, and they come to the conclusion Yes, that we must be good at our community. Yes, we must go and help these people. Yes, we must be you know, looking for our future in this country.

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Then it for some Muslims. In fact, for many laymen and ignorant Muslims, it looks as if we the orthodoxy are supporting these deviants. It's as if we are supporting the aims and objectives of these foundations. And the reality is that couldn't be more wrong. We are more opposed to these people and our times than ever before. We want to warn our communities, that the secularists that these liberal people who call themselves Muslims are the biggest danger within our community at the moment. And we have nothing to do with them whether they want to agree with us or not. That's their prerogative. And this is very, very important. And this is not a rant. This is an advice and a

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reminder, that that what the government has done in its short sightedness, and it's in his ignorance has gone to those people, okay has gone to those people who was so unstable with respect to their religion, like leaves floating in the wind. So if the wind blows this way, then they go to this way. And if the wind blows this way, then they go to this way. They have no stable stability, they have no soul, they have no foundation. Before, there were a people who claim to be an x y, Zed group and x y Zed movement, and they wanted to blow everyone up to blow everyone up to kingdom come. And now these people want to hug and kiss everyone to kingdom come. They are people who have no standards,

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no stability. Why? When we didn't go to them, then should we go to them now, who has made these people with their lack of deeanna lack of religion, lack of knowledge? Who has made them our advisors? Well, like it's like a it's like a it's like a comedy movie. It's like a Hollywood hollywood movie, you could not make it up. And if anyone has seen

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Mr. Bean

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on holiday, I think, I think Mr. Bean and holiday.

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This is the one where he himself in the beginning, he's just the most miskeen of all, Mr. Keane is absolutely, you know, Mr. Bean, no, he's big miskeen anyway, but he in this film, he's super miskeen. And he's working, I think in an art gallery, just maybe cleaning or something. And they make him buy tons of events, the world's greatest art expert, they make him go to exhibition and advise us on the world's greatest this summer. It's exactly the same. It's like a movie, they have taken the most ignorant, the most miskeen of our community, the most people with the most lack of religion and understanding and try to give them that power to dictate the identity that is why we

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will have to now step up our efforts as the orthodoxy and show what is the foundation for coming to a decision, what is the foundation, what is the basis for saying, hey, Dre is this or it isn't, and to live in this country should be based upon this and what it shouldn't be, and so on, so on based upon the Quran, based upon the sooner not based upon desires, and upon payday, and upon pleasing the paymaster and, and and, and every other metaphor that you can think of. So these are the two reasons why this talk needs to be given. And ultimately, it will be about I would say, ultimately, it will be about clarifying the concept and the doubts bought up by Hydra.

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And Hydra is a very important concept in Islam. In its legal sense, the word Hydra means to to order immigration from the land of the Muslims to the land from the land of the non Muslims to the land of Islam. That is its technical legal Sharky definition. But hijra actually is, it's understood that if someone is in a scenario where their religion is going to be compromised, or that their practice the fundamentals is going to be difficult, then this person has to do something and had to do something quick, has to make some very desperate move it really to try and safeguard their religion. So one of those things is seen as moving into an area where Islam is spread, where religion is more

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established, where there's a greater chance of them holding on to the basics of their religion. Now, with the idea that hopefully if I move to a more academic environment, it might do the trick. It might make me a better Muslim, it might protect my children from going into into deviancy or into corruption, and so on and so on. That's the concept and the idea behind hijra. Now, it's important that we understand this debate and don't get caught up into the two extremes, so we don't become too biased. Because this is not a debate of people's desires. This is an enemy debate. This is a debate based upon knowledge and evidences. And both schools that according to a particular opinion, are

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doing so with very good intention. And this issue of the issue of hedgerows or the debate of Hydra is a relatively new debate. It's something which has been more debated by our contemporary scholars because

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Muslims have not for a long time been living in lands that other than Muslim lands, right. That's why it has been a

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more contemporary problem, the idea that Muslims living in non Islamic lands might be having difficulty with their religion. So now we need to give them the ruling to come back to an Islamic land. So the discussion and the legal kind of

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discourse is relatively recent. But of course, we know that throughout the 1400 years of Islamic history, there have been incidents of minorities of Muslims living in non Muslim lands. And, you know, the scholars in general didn't have a massive problem with this happening, except that in ASEAN, as a base principle, the status quo, I can say is that Muslims live in Muslim lands, Muslims live in a place where the man is cold, and everything comes to a stop, we can go and pray and then we can go back to work and where the the celebrations are done together and where the acts of a bad add them together. And this isn't the general kind of principle that acts of worship when done in

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congregation are easier. It helps the people write the salon in congregation, it's easy to pray, isn't it? You just stand up and prayed. And we know that for example, it's just human nature to pray sooner in the masjid too sooner or four sooner in the masjid is not too difficult. But if you say to yourself, you know what our prayers at home, when you get home? How many things suddenly pop up? And then how often do those two or four Sunday get done? It's because in general, the x over a bar the easy in community easy in a better Islamic environment? You'll cut Ramadan? Why is the community so strong? Why is the deen so strong? Why are people's Eman? Why is the level so strong, because when

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everyone's doing it together, everyone is focused the community working together and the environment is like that, it becomes easier. So clearly the status quo is that the Muslims in general live in Muslim

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lands. Now, as for a ruling, in terms of what is held on what is haram, then hatred becomes an absolute obligation,

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an absolute obligation upon the Muslims who cannot fundamentally perform their religion. And this is because both of us have palates. Allah says in Surah Nisa, the translation of Verily, as for those who the angels take away Take away while they are running themselves, they say to to the, to the those people for my concern,

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in what condition were you what's going on with you, they reply couldn't muster. dafina fell out, we were weak, and we were oppressed in the earth, they say and the angels will then say to these people, was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to emigrate there and was not big enough for you to go and to, to a different place to land of Islam or to a land of a greater security. And then Allah then finishes off the ayah. And then says formula, one Johanna? Was the atmosphere on those will find these people will find their abode in hell, and what's the evil destination. So this establishes the obligation upon those Muslims who are not able to perform the very basics of their

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religion, that they must go to a different place, move, do something to go back to their base level of religion. This is the ayah which establishes the obligation This is where you will always hear the argument of hijra is an obligation brother and sister Hinduism is an obligation. This is the basis to understand now what we need to do is to look at this and see, is this really the case for people like us? What are the details to this general ruling? The Office city and the people who explain the Quran tell us that this verse in principle, refers to those Muslims who are fighting against the Islamic State itself. So the Islamic State is, is at war against the disbelievers. The

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polytheists. At the time, of course, the Quran, and the Muslims at that time, who are with the with the crush, who are claiming this weakness, and this oppression and his ability to effectively come and help the the Islamic State itself. So that's the first thing. So what we can then say, what we can say is that this verse is a severe warning, if we're going to take a balanced,

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if you like interpretation, that this verse is a severe warning for all Muslims who live in non Muslim lands, like, like, like ours to assess our own roles and our function in the societies what we're actually doing or not. And the reality is that the inability, the inability to perform our religion,

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in its basic sense, leads to the absolute individual obligation that we have to leave that land that place and move to somewhere where we can. This is what we can take from this ayah and we should all be happy with that. That's absolutely fine.

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If you look at this more closely, you do not see this ayah now obligates us going to the Islam or a specific country or a specific state or the healer for or something like that, no, this ayah does not have any evidence in this, to show that we must go to a specific place no, rather it obligates that we get out of here, where we cannot practice Islam, and to go to a place where we can, where our Deen is safe, where we can preserve more, if not all, but more than what we've been able to do in the previous place. This is what we can, when we are being fair, and being equitable when it comes to interpretation. This is what we can take from the meaning of this verse. Also, you will not

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see a single evidence to show that the Sahaba or the Allahu anhu when they did this, and of course they did, right, you remember when the Sahaba were in, in Mecca. And the situation for Dean was very, very difficult. And some were able to be patient and others were not able to. And so they were given, if you take this ayah, for example, and apply it, what was the conclusion? Did they go to Medina, Medina wasn't even established at that time, did they go to another Islamic State, there was no other Islamic State. So where did they go, they went to a senior of a senior was not in Islamic land, as a senior was a non Muslim land, but rather, they're going to that non Muslim land was

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actually going to an environment that was allowing them to practice their religion, not 100%, completely, but far better, far safer, far more stable than what they were able to do when they were in Mecca. So this is the understanding of the companions when it comes to this kind of idea. Then we also see Not a single evidence, as I said, from the purpose of life and limb, throughout the rest of Islam and its development, even in the presence of the healer in Madina munawwara and a statement on order from the promise of life and limb telling these people who were in adversity to come back to the Islamic State, we don't see it we there's not a single piece of single evidence anywhere, which

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shows that as long as the level of Islam was at that level minimum, that they were establishing their Deen that they were not doing the Haram then it was okay for them to remain in that place.

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Other than this, in the extreme situation,

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where a person would be

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maybe required to come back to a Muslim land is when a hill alpha and the holly if the Caleb himself the leader of the Muslims, the hill up the hill has been established. And the Caleb himself gives a direct order and says to the Muslim, who's living a non Muslim land, you must come back to this country, or you must leave that land and come back and help our you know, our

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I don't know information sector or our industry or you must go and fight in the army. If there is a presence of an Islamic State, then the Calif can give that hokum and if the Muslim himself was to disobey this, then the scholars have discussed what would happen to such a person, other than it being haram to not listen to such other than it being haram to ignore such a command, it would mean that if this country was attacked, if this country, this non Muslim country that this Muslim was staying in and refusing to leave to go to another Muslim country, if it was attacked, there would be no blood money that would be due and according to some scholars, there would be only half the amount

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that would be due and we'll come back to this point

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in a minute as well, inshallah.

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I've given you the example

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of a philosopher, I'm just trying to, if you like, I'm trying to give as much support because I like to do that I like to be able to in my mind sets any and everyone who is a student of Sharia should be wanting to try and exhaust all of the evidences for each position before they come to a conclusion.

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I'm giving you the example of a belief Okay, of the leader of the Muslims, Amir remote meaning saying to you, you must come to this Muslim country and leave that non Muslim country and help us okay, I'm giving you that example. That example is now not only is it not applicable Now, can we find any Muslim country that is opening the doors for the Muslims to come back today? Can we find that in any event, obviously, we have to use the word Muslim. And in inverted commas, if you like, because we are dealing with Muslim countries who are run by by the most barbaric secular

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tyrants, tyrants is that is the only word that we can use for them. And our presence and our entering upon that country is in a state of fear forgets about invitation come animals Island, you gotta be joking. You're gonna go in there. We have to go prepare, some people have to shave

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Their entire beds other people have to bring their wives and children with them on purpose to show that it's a family visit. Other people have to do X and Y people have to prepare themselves mentally, for being held by six hours being jailed by the people. And so this is the the welcome that has been offered to us by the Muslim countries, there is no welcome. This is not a reality. But that's just a practical point. It is not a legal

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issue to to make a legal point on. But let's be fair, if we're going to discuss Hendra, let's this let's discuss the reality. How many hundreds of millions of Muslims live in non Muslim lands? Don't just think about them two odd million. That's it in this UK, think about the five to 10 in Europe, think of the five or 10 odd in America, think of the 100 odd in India and keep going around the world? And you'll find that we're talking 100 million plus maybe much more than that Muslims living in non Muslim lands, where are they going to go? Have you anyone I don't know if anyone has even tried to get a sorority visa, who is going to let all these people in sorority is not going to give

00:26:02--> 00:26:35

you one number visa gets about 100 apartments for all the Muslims to go there and live in the mountains and the other lands, what other land is it that that we will find that Islam will be so practiced in such a beneficial way that will that will give us this hope for a better life and Islam. Again, I emphasize this is not a legal point. When you're talking about legal discussion, we can't use this as a legal point. But it's a practical point. And it's a social point. And it's a point of reality, that we have to understand when we're trying to get our heads around whether we should go or not.

00:26:36--> 00:26:47

But as we said before, the Muslim recognizes that in principle, we do stay in the in the Muslim lands that we do when we can, that's where we belong.

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But then again, to the other side, the most famous Hadith which is mentioned, to support this argument of that we have to leave the Muslim, the non Muslim lands, is the Hadith of the prophets of life and limb, in which he said that I am free and a very unwilling Muslim man. You're given a cane, I am free from every Muslim who establishes and lives amongst the polytheists. This is what he said. And this is what you hear all the time. Of course, when you hear the Hadith, the prophet you know, Brother, you must make Hendra because the purpose of life, Adam said, I am free from every single Muslim who lives amongst the missionary kin. Now the problem is, is that actually there's two

00:27:29--> 00:28:09

problems. The first problem is that this hadith is not authentic. And we have to do this in an academic fashion because our Deen is based upon this upon knowledge, this Hadees is not authentic, if you look at the the kivar had the same. Now Buhari for example, said it was weak, unnecessary, and how to murase and adatto couldn't and if you look in the tabular area, you will see this hadith is more self narration where the companion is missing, and therefore the the, the ruling upon it is that it is weak. So it cannot be used as evidence. But let's put this to the side. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the Hadees is authentic. Let's look at the complete narration. Let's look

00:28:09--> 00:28:55

at the narration from the beginning to the end and see the context of this Hadees. And it's narrated by Julia David Abdullah rhodiola Han. And he said that the prophets of the lies and lamb sent a try a battalion, a military unit to go and attack a tribe that was called al Hassan. And it was a non Muslim tribe. And some of the people of that tribe, they tried to protect themselves they went into such that all right now when did the such that is a metaphor for your life, if you like for saying where Muslims were Muslims, okay, don't kill us. I know this is a non Muslim tribe, whatever. And, and, and and you're attacking it for good reasons. But when Muslims don't attack us, don't kill us.

00:28:55--> 00:29:41

And the the tribe, the sorry, the military units, they went ahead and they killed them regardless, as part of the as part of the the the war, and that the personalized lm when he heard about that when the news got back to him, and he wasn't happy about that. But what he did is that he paid He paid the families of those that had been killed half of the normal blood, money, the deal. And then he said this statement, I am free from every Muslim. Yeah, we have your chemo brain through Mr. Kane, who lives amongst the polytheists the companions at the time when they looked at him and they heard him say that there's a limit Rasulullah Why is that a messenger of Allah and he said, You will

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not be able to let her on arahama you will not be able to because you cannot distinguish between their two fires. You cannot distinguish between the two fires IE you they are so close. They are so integrated. They are so

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living together.

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But who how are we able to differentiate between them, we've told them clearly this is the Muslim land, this is the non Muslim land, come here, if you wish. But if you're going to stay there, then you have to, you have to establish your own identity. If you're living so close and taking the identity of the people around you, and we're attacking a unit, we cannot be held accountable for you completely. So therefore, the peroxisome said, I am free from this situation. So this is the correct understanding of this narration, which is why in the books or in the books of law, you will see when it comes in the chapter of Jeanette and the chapter of dia of crimes and of blood money, you will

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see this this ruling that the Muslim is only given the the family of the Muslim was killed in this scenario is only given half the deal, when of this this ruling come from. So even if we were to accept the authenticity of this Hadees. This is the correct understanding, even though the Hadith is weak. What it means to us is that there is this is not an evidence, that means that all Muslims like us who are living in a country like this must leave. Rather, what does it mean? I'll tell you what it means. It means that, for example, for example, in Afghanistan, if

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because America attacked a sovereign country of Afghanistan, discovered that Afghanistan have to do with 911, or to do with attacks on America or anything like that, at best, at best, it was the action of some people who plan the attacks from the UK best. So What right did America have attacking the country? Absolutely no, right. And the country itself has a complete, right, complete right to defend itself. And it has the complete right to go and attack America back. Absolutely. And it has the complete right to attack all countries that attacked it will keep attacking this wall. What else is war. So if a healer was established in Afghanistan, and ameerul, momineen said, Why I

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will get back Britain for bombing us and killing our hundreds and 1000s, whatever, and it decides to bomb this country.

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And we died as Muslims in this community, our families can only expect half the blood money.

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That is what the meaning of this hadith is, it has not made it haram upon us to be living here. It has not put us in a state of comfort in being here. Rather, it has put us in a state of maybe a little bit of shame that we are in such a situation. But from a technical point of view, half of the blood money will be paid to the families This is how to understand this Hades in his correct

00:32:36--> 00:32:37


00:32:38--> 00:32:41

Anyway, let's not be naive about this.

00:32:42--> 00:32:51

This argument is not simple. A lot of people they they they they try to kind of defend their presence in this country. And they say that, how can you go to

00:32:53--> 00:33:10

a country where the Muslims over there, they're so backward, they're so corrupt. And they you know, they charge extortionate taxes and they take bribes and they do this and they do that. This is not a this is not illegal. And this is an emotional argument. This is not an argument for those people who want to

00:33:12--> 00:33:32

say that we shouldn't make hijra. Okay, those people who say, No, we have to stay here. There's no such thing as history. Like that's what they say, then if you've heard it, but they say how can you go to Pakistan over there? Because of, you know, or, or Nigeria, or one of the two, they're always fighting out at the top of the corruption stakes? And they are they will they will they'll do this, they will do that. How can you go to next country like that there is no

00:33:33--> 00:34:10

Standards and Quality and education with them. This is rubbish. This is this is not a good argument. I'm presenting these to you so that you have the full picture in your minds. This is not an argument because anyone who knows the political system in this country will know that this is the most corrupt country. It has the most bribes going on the most underhand dealings going on the political process in this country is full of favors and backhanders and so on. So if anyone reads private I, okay, have a read a private I just one week, and you will be amazed how people get themselves into one department, and then get over from their little stint in Parliament, and then move on to become

00:34:10--> 00:34:49

chief executive of XYZ defense company and company supporting this arms and supporting desert and and whatever. It's, it's unbelievable. Don't you know, wake up and spend the coffee don't just blame the Muslims, because they're miskeen frontline soldier is the one who gets paid 10 pounds a month, and he's taking 100 pounds from you as a bribe. And so because you see it, this is the bribery. No, the bribery and the corruption that goes on in countries like the UK itself, and our MPs and so on, is hidden is behind and we don't see it. And it is a bigger magnitude, high amounts of money and a much more serious level of fraud. So we should not use this argument in any in any way.

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

Again, at the same time to support those people. And you can see I'm playing a tennis match here. I want to play that tennis match. I'm going to keep putting it from this side.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

This side, again, look at the issue of the the basis of the argument of those people who want to make an estimate kindra. Are they some kind of psychopaths? Do they want us to go leave this country for what kind of reason? What kind of reason only for our benefit, they don't want us to, they're not going to get any extra money for making us leave. They're not going to get some kind of bonus for going to a Muslim country. But they want us to go because they have seen the destruction that it has caused our presence in non Muslim lands in non Islamic communities and societies. They've seen the destruction it has caused to our youth, and has it not? Has it not look at this question, maybe

00:35:40--> 00:36:27

100 200 people on a Saturday night out of how many million a million Muslims or rather if we just look at the 1020 30,000 Muslims in just this locality? How many do you think are actually in the masjid praying or going to Tokyo studying whatever, how many 1000s of them are getting drunk? How many 1000s are committing Zina? How many 1000s are in the prison system. The number of Muslims in the prison system is many, many times the the proportion of Muslims in this community in this community, we are 1% of the or 2% of the total in this of the population in this country. And we are in the 10th and 15th. And God knows what of the of the prison population were a large number that.

00:36:28--> 00:37:06

So don't think that this argument to go and make Hendra is something that's been just you know, picked up out of the air is for real concern, because it's clear that those people who have ignored the idea that Islam is very important that practicing Deen is very important that Islamic environment comes first. Those people who have totally ignored it, and have decided to come and live here and not practice their Islam. And this is the key point here. No practice I have suffered greatly. They have lost their children, they have lost their future. Some of them have possibly lost their Acura, we deal with people who come and who have run off the boys and girls and who are non

00:37:06--> 00:37:45

Muslims and so on. And love is love. When you get when you fall in love as as as as a as a teenager, or as youth, then you know, they say love blinds, you can't think you can't have rationale, your heart becomes closed. You then I we've seen people take the religion of the people who they've grown up with Muslim women turning Christian Muslim women turning atheists renouncing their religion just because of the partner that they've met at school and college. This is not some kind of, I'm not making this up and scare mongering, this is the reality. And that's why I tell you this because what I really dislike, according to as orthodox Muslims, and this is very important. And as of course, as

00:37:45--> 00:38:23

an Imam in this community, I specifically want to tell you my community here, that standards that we should have as Muslims in debate and discourse, never belittle those people who are trying to give you some kind of advice. However, polarized their advice might be, however strange their arguments might be never fro arguments away, because Muslims have good intentions when they give you the legal and evidences. And you should look at them and think about it. And I told you that this is not a film, where I've said to you what the future is, the future is for us to remain in this country. But the argument against us not leaving this country is his passionate is strong, and it's real. We have

00:38:23--> 00:38:44

to wake up and see that indeed, the reason why people want us to make Hendra to go to another place, as they say it. They're not clear about the place, but they want us to go to another place is because here, we have not represented ourselves correctly. We have not preserved the principles of religion, and our children and our futures are suffering. They really are.

00:38:45--> 00:39:22

But now back to the other side. Is the answer to this problem. Just to move to another country is the answer to this problem, just to move to a different place. Is there such a thing as a holy place? Who gives us this idea that our Islam is dependent upon where we are? Islam is not location based. Islam has nothing to do with location. When, when Samana Farsi he went to Iraq, and even Samia narrates this in his vision while fatawa when he went to Iraq, and whether that you know, Buddha was of course, from Mecca when he went to

00:39:24--> 00:40:00

Medina, the professor Lysander made them brothers, you know, when they were talking brothers that he brought him into the house for support and so on and so on the ACA thing and they become very, very close friends, but salmaan FRC he was up to here and he was much more knowledgeable than aboda. And that's a big statement to me because without that is a giant himself and whether that is in Sham, Sham of course, is the blessing land. Okay. We know it is in general. It is with us pounds Allah has said in suits of Islam. This land is the one that we have about now how long we have, we have blessed this entire land Sham Palestine, Syria Jordan, which

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

We know of today. And so he was there. And he said someone in Iraq in Iraq who was my dearest respects to Iraq was a land of fitna at the time.

00:40:09--> 00:40:19

You know, all kinds of I don't have any Iraqi friends heads I can smile at but nevermind. But the the there was some issues there with Iraq and he said to someone,

00:40:22--> 00:40:33

come to the Holy Land, come to the lands which are, you know, promised and given Baraka By Allah, Allah, and so on. And the, the

00:40:34--> 00:41:15

the response of the sermon was funny, he wrote, but he actually wrote back to him and he said to him that I'll never forget this. I had the the land does not make any one Holy innama. You thought this one? Roger Amarillo? That's actually what makes a man holy? What makes it what makes a person sense? What is his actions, his actions? It's not where he is nothing intrinsic under the land that you are on or where you are standing or the environment, actually, is what people have inside is what people are believing is what people ask what the standards they're sticking to. And this is a fabulous response, not a response we want to beat everyone else with that comes to us with a digital

00:41:15--> 00:41:57

argument. No, it's a response that requires reflection. It's a response that makes us understand that immigrant hot dog, when he said that the little bits of worship in the time of fitna is more beloved to me then then then then the normal worship the element used to understand that that there is a difference in the quality of worship more difficult, more dangerous, yes, but a difference in the quality in difficult times. Baba Herrera de la and he said that it is more a better and more beloved to me that I spent the money a night for a robot fee 70 Linda, that I spent a night on God in the path of a lost power other than the I pray laylatul father, as an angel is worth at the

00:41:57--> 00:42:45

Blackstone. Okay, think about that. One night in some next country. Some next place just you know, out there listening to the Amir difficult situation, doing maybe a little bit of Vicar, just keeping things you know, down as they say, right. keeping things under control. Not doing anything amazing. Not Salah or not Jana Quran or not even fighting, just sorry about just God's just, you know, following the orders of the one who has told them to stand there. Okay, better for me than to pray Laila to nakada the whole night overnight. And it is hi Roman and Fisher 1000 months of worship, and not just in a place, but where the Salah is 100,000 times rewarded at the single most holiest place

00:42:46--> 00:43:26

that we know, allegedly as well because it is part of gender, it has come down from gender itself, okay. And there's some debates about what is the most holiest place in Islam, whether it's the order of the purpose of life and then because it is the garden of Paradise, but the point is not lost, right? The point is that our actions and our Deen is not established upon location is established upon condition, upon environment, upon how things are going, how things are easier, how things are not. And this is the deep understanding that we have to be able to have confidence in. This is why we say hope or hijra, we do have hope as a community, for British Muslims and Muslims in all of the

00:43:26--> 00:44:04

Western lands. What we have to focus on is our Islam. Yes, we can also start to give our evidence now some support, we can now start to get the ball rolling. Yes, in this country, we get more freedom to practice Islam than many, many of the Muslim countries. You know, I don't need to tell you some of us are from these countries. I have many Tunisian friends, for example, can't go to for such an adventure in the gym, or they can't go to the masjid. To pray such refriger they get locked up or arrested and tortured. They are Muslim countries that do not allow the woman to wear hijab. The mind boggles the mind boggles a woman, she wants to cover her head, because the last time I told

00:44:04--> 00:44:42

her to do so, and the Muslim is saying to same to her, you cannot and they want and they want us to live our Islam in such a such a country, or other countries that we can't get into. And what I'm trying to say is that this argument will keep revolving around and around if we keep leaving it to these things. Rather we have to focus upon Islam and Islam which for the people who recognize and this is now to look at the vision for hope for ourselves in this in the country. That's when if you look at what allows pounds Allah has decreed for the believers in the Quran, a deeper appreciation of the Quran, you will see almost as if Allah subhanaw taala is supporting the idea for the Muslims

00:44:42--> 00:45:00

to be free and unrestricted for their Deen not to be restricted and to be just specified to one land but for the world and allows power to Halla promotes travel in the Quran. Allah, Allah gives concessions for the people to go and do and see and spread and call the people to Islam and

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

Why 10 different and everything. So all about being easy and wide, the magnanimity in Islam is is is there in every aspect. Just, for example, look at the look at Central America, when you see all the concessions that Allah subhanaw taala, as our teachers told us, look at the concessions which have been given to the Muslims with respect to the food for have advocated the food, and the women of

00:45:26--> 00:46:02

the Jews and the Christians. Now, yeah, of course, the Muslim lands did have non Muslims living there, Jews and Christians who had food and had women and so on and so on. But the reality is that they were small rights. Such a concession is almost as if like indirectly saying that go in the land, and you will come across situations where you can't find halal meat shop, you will come across these situations where you will not find enough Muslim women to start communities and establish families and so on. So it's permissible for you tomorrow from the people of the book, it is permissible to for you to eat from from theirs. And for them, it is permissible for them to eat from

00:46:02--> 00:46:27

from your food as well, to show this kind of this, this kind of general community building and just general kind of Islam spreading, and a hadith on this particular subject. There are many, many, many Hadith which talk about Islam spreading throughout the world and the need for and the call for that our and, and so on. And we know that integration very, very nice narration that the purpose of life

00:46:28--> 00:47:05

was reported to have said narrated by Mohammed is at albula Zoo, he said, I'll be glad to be now from LA. When a battle a battle Ah, well hey, Suma a sub to Hiram for the first time I sent him said that the lands are the lands of Allah. And the servants are the servants of Allah. So wherever you come across good stay that this is a general principle. And I suppose if you want to see the single most specific narration, which is used in this discussion, and I'm happy to use it as well, it is the the narration of foot ache rhodiola. And a companion who was in a

00:47:07--> 00:47:46

is among his people who are non Muslims. And it's interesting for us, it's interesting for us as Muslims citizens in a non Muslim land, okay, we have many non Muslim friends. Okay, we have many non Muslim friends. And, and you know, I mean, just to give you an example, I work with non Muslims, as virtually all of us do. And when you're speaking to them about general things in the community, and so on, they will say to you that we used to have really nice Muslim neighbors, and they moved away. Oh, I know, so and so Muslims, so even when you're talking to them, they have the same kind of love and appreciation for us, as we do for fellow citizens. It's just part of normal. And in this

00:47:46--> 00:47:58

narration, for the his his tribe, and it was non Muslim tribe, they liked him. And he was stressed. They were stressed because some Muslims came to him and said to him is haram for him to stay with the non Muslims.

00:48:00--> 00:48:35

So he didn't know what to do. He said, How am I going to now get out of this? These non Muslims want me to stay? And I am now being told I have to go. So what did he do? He then came and these people What do they say to him in the narration, which has been narrated by Eben Hepburn, and it's authentic inshallah, although there's discussion of the authenticity of the Hadith, they actually said to him, listen, we don't want you to go. And if you want to practice your religion, then we have no problem. We'll let you practice your religion as well. So that was exactly like we're being told in our in our scenario, right? And, but he's been told he's got doubts. And so he goes to the

00:48:35--> 00:48:51

province of Lysander. And he said, he Rasulullah they claim that the one who doesn't emigrate is destroyed. halycon he is going to, if he doesn't go to the Muslim lands, he'll be destroyed. So what do you say the farmers ally? Send them said to him? Yeah, fake. Establish the prayer.

00:48:53--> 00:49:09

Okay, he told him directly, stay away to the soup. Make hedger from soup. Don't make hedgerow from the land, but make Hendra from sin, stay away from sin. And then live in the land of your people. Wherever you wish.

00:49:10--> 00:49:30

And this is what he went back and he did. He went back to live with these people. They allowed him to practice his Islam, and it carried on there was no problem that this is as if to say this is the model for our community. Yes, hedra is an obligation and we come to now really the

00:49:31--> 00:50:00

the title of the tour back to the title in conclusion, now, we come back to the title of what we were presented, Muslims in Britain, hope or hijra, let's take the second word hijra. Yes, is our Trump part. It's a trump card for the Muslims, that they recognize that if they need to go than they have to go, and it will be naive of Muslims, even if they are converts or someone to just think that their future lies here and nowhere else for

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

Like the British,

00:50:02--> 00:50:39

Southern South Asian kind of community, Muslim community, they have no problem because they all know someone back home somewhere, right. And in fact, all the foreigners know somewhere back home and, and an absolute emergency, theoretically, you could go back to a different place. And and if you got kicked out one day, and it is not being silly to say you can get kicked out one day, in fact, it will be anti Islamic, against the color of Allah and against wisdom to say that we are here forever and ever and ever. Because we've seen in our lifetimes, you don't need to be 5060 years old, you only need to be 2030 years old to see in our lifetimes. What happened in Bosnia. And what happened

00:50:39--> 00:51:16

in Pennsylvania and Serbia were the people who thought that this is what it was. And then neighbors turned upon them. And they slaughtered them in the greatest massacre, ethnic cleansing, as it was called that that we've seen since the Holocaust, something unbelievable. And it is it is real, it is true. And you look at commentators in the political world, and they believe that it is something which could definitely one day happen in England, there are non Muslims who are already saying that this is what could happen one day in England, so we shouldn't be so absolutely secure. It should be a thought in the back of our minds, that we don't put all our eggs in one basket. And the Muslim we

00:51:16--> 00:51:45

know the seven sec be in the world like a traveler. You're not someone who is, you know, making these huge plans. This community knows that one of our most closest brothers passed away Just last week, it has shooken up this community, we should know him and the practicing brother with us all the time during the Dow and family as children and plans and or you know someone that who knows him like I did. He said, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that. And we're going to be the kids finished her us over the last Pantera took him. That's it.

00:51:47--> 00:52:28

That's it. So the Muslim is not someone who makes 100% plants, because death is a certainty, circumstances change. So we know that if we need to insure would be an option, we will make it but we do have hope. And we have the legal backing. And we have the Islamic permission to remain here, as Muslims in Britain in the West, living as good citizens, not because of what these organizations and forums and councils made up of these secularists and liberal deviants, and people who have no who have no religion before when they first had their their first Islamic experience. And However, they understood that and the route that I took, and now the route that they've taken, we have no

00:52:28--> 00:53:05

trust in them as they were then. And we don't have any trust in them now, no, we do not want to follow their model of Islam. We are happy to develop our identity, according to the Orthodox scholars and to deal with the issues that come and there are many issues. Yes, we're happy to stay here and we're going to, we're going to progress. We're going to be beneficial to our community. We're going to be good Muslims. We're going to do that because this community needs us. You know, we're talking about British Islam. This community needs us. Our schools need us our PTA is needed. Our hospitals need as our charities need us our communities and their functions and our neighbors

00:53:05--> 00:53:47

and our workmates. They need us the atheists need us. We give them certainty in life, the Jews, Judaism and Christianity. Muslims are their biggest hope, Judaism and Christianity is effectively destroyed in this country. religiosity has collapsed secularism has absolutely become the most dominant force in the world today. Nowhere more so than this country, which is a Christian country. Can you believe you would never have guessed it is meant to be a Christian country. It has absolutely no link to Christianity whatsoever anymore. The Queen is just a token figure on this question countrywide. It is the most secular and most religious country now and it is becoming going

00:53:47--> 00:54:23

down the path and Muslims are the biggest and best hope for the individual religions of this country. We have a role to do. And our role is found in the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. The prophet SAW Selim said that the best of you are those who are best to mankind, and the most beneficial to mankind in the authentic Sahih Hadith narrated by metabo Rani, the promise of life seven said that the best of you are those who feed others, Rosa Sonoma said the rest of you are those the best. The best actions are those which are done continuously. We're in call even if they're Alito, so don't be overwhelmed. Don't be upset that we don't convert the entire

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

world because we're not here to convert. We're here to preserve and protect our identity and be beneficial to the people around us. And I feel embarrassed saying that some Muslims because it is patronizing. It is patronizing. You don't tell a Muslim? Listen, someone opens the door say thank you. That's how you speak to a child. The Muslims are on a higher level, a higher moral plane, a higher level when it comes to a HELOC. The process, the best of you are the best with those with Best of luck. This is what we give to our community. This is what we're bringing to this to the vision of our future. That's what I wanted.

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

To say, I mean, there are many things actually.

00:55:03--> 00:55:06

There's pages and pages Actually, I wanted to tell you about, and I'm sure that there's

00:55:08--> 00:55:39

plenty of questions and answers. Because there's challenges, this is not going to be easy. We have, you know, our only way to survive is going to be as a unified Muslim community, and we're not unified at all. We're not unified. What made me laugh the other day, as I saw a new one has a new initiative these days, and there was a new Muslim unity initiative. And the symbol for the unity initiative was a Christian. And I laughed, I said, so proud of all the things they chose for unity was the Hillel, the one thing that we are most

00:55:40--> 00:56:16

the one thing that we are most different over day and night. So this is the sign that was in unity, you can see that's doomed before it starts. So I mean, you know, one thing is, is that question, how do we work together as a as a diverse community, different mega hip, different theological schools of thought to come together? How do we start to understand that these differences are acceptable? These are unacceptable, these are painful will swallow them? How can we be strong? Because that's an absolute necessity to be unified, firstly, as a Muslim community before then we start to then deal with what we can do what we can get away with what is haram when it comes to mixing and interaction?

00:56:16--> 00:56:51

And what is permissible? How far can we go in in fraternizing and socializing with these people and how not. These are real problems that we have. These are real issues, when want to be a community, digital, this country that gives more back than what it takes at this moment is all take take take. We are people who have been given concessions of the concessions after concessions, and I'm not talking about benefits. And we're talking about double stamp duty exemption either. We have a greater role and a greater vision to be real members of this community. And it's something that we have to step up to do not at the diktat of those who are deviant and who are trying to undermine our

00:56:51--> 00:57:14

Islamic identity because our Islamic identity is what protects us and what gives us hope for accuracy. But for this dunya as we continue to struggle, it is our Deen It is our scholars, it is orthodox Islam is what we signed up for when we tick the box Islam. And that's what I really have to say for now. I maybe if we have time, take one or two questions, perhaps while cool stuff

00:57:17--> 00:57:18

was done.

00:57:37--> 00:58:12

Brother he said he's not talking about the legalities of it. But we're talking about the the practical advice I suppose about those people that can go to the more modern kind of Muslim countries, the kind of new buzz thing at the moment, the Malaysia's double Dhabi's device on WhatsApp whatnot. Now, you know, you can take this lightheartedly, or seriously lightheartedly, then they're about the most and Islamic countries I've ever been to in my entire life. I mean, you know, that my experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and not just my experiences, but many people who went out in the hatred dream, if you like, and who are suffering or the deen has gone gone down or they've

00:58:12--> 00:58:51

come back is countless, probably more have come back then have stayed. But that's what the legal point that's not a legal proof. But we're not talking about legal proof. So we're just talking about personal opinion. The The issue is possible, of course and a person in sha Allah who did such a thing would be rewarded for his intention. The question that I want to ask is this is that does that is this a vision for the development of a community and a place where he himself does not have the community to develop? He can develop a new community with those people that that's fine. The issue is, is that an option for such a large community like ours? Is it the the way that we want to go

00:58:51--> 00:59:11

forward to get everyone out? Or is it that we want to try and bring that kind of Islamic benefit that we have here? That's the first question I would put out. Secondly, there are Islamic schools in this country. I don't send my children to some of the Islamic schools here. In fact, I don't send them to someone because I have more confidence in the non Islamic school, and the ability of

00:59:12--> 00:59:52

my wife and myself to do with their Islamic requirements. Now, maybe not everyone is in the position to do that. But I certainly know the reality that some of the Muslim schools are very, very good. And some of the Muslim schools are very, very bad. What I want to say is that when people and this is a really important point, I want to emphasize to everyone, when people try to take themselves out of the equation, then it spells disaster wherever you are. And what I mean by that is that the two parents have got to themselves individually exhaust every single effort to deal with the problem themselves. What I mean is that people want to generally argue for the

00:59:54--> 00:59:59

Muslim country scenario, because of Muslim schools and because of x and y, and Zed again, it's put the

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

I'm in debt, we'll deal with it. Okay. It's the same situation here in this country. We have a problem with the quality of our children, because the mosques up and down the mosques up and down the country between five and six are dumping grounds for 150 kids kids with one Miskin molvi, right, who can't himself recite Quran properly, who the only way of controlling such a mass of people is to pull out the stick. Right? And you have a small group of people who the only thing they take from that experience daily experience is a chill with his mates discussion during guns for pinger football cards, a walk here and there, and not much learned afterwards at all. The parents, what

01:00:42--> 01:01:06

have they taken from it, I've done my stamp duty, I have given my kid the stomach and the education that they deserve. And someone made this point to me yesterday, I was in MSG yesterday, where the kids were praying celestial ossur had this time, and they were making a lot of noise because the Imam wanted them to join the Jamal. And he turned around and he said diversity because this is unacceptable. All these kids here, unacceptable.

01:01:07--> 01:01:24

You know, what? Where are the? Where are the prank? Where are the Muslims, parents who have left their children? Why are they not telling these kids any different? I said to him, I guarantee you, I said that his brother, that there is not what we call a practicing parent

01:01:26--> 01:01:27

amongst all of these children here,

01:01:29--> 01:02:03

because the practicing parents don't dump their children in dumping grounds like that. This is the unfortunate reality that the masses have to resort to, because don't have the ability, or they don't have the will to they don't want to invest the time. They don't want to educate themselves, they don't want to put the hand in their pocket to bring proper people out to themselves. That is the reality. You do not find practicing parents leave their children in that five to six hour class. They know they don't want to, they know what's willing to be learned then what happens. So what I'm trying to say is that I'm building up an image, I'm building up an image where it says that I don't

01:02:03--> 01:02:35

see the solution as running away to other so called Muslim havens. I see the solution as the Muslims, wherever they are becoming strong, becoming unified, and taking full accountability themselves, educating themselves and practicing their Deen as Allah and His Messenger has asked for. And I think well, Ireland, that when the Muslims they prioritize this themselves, wherever they are, there will be a force for any single community, or nation or society or community on the basis for long island. I really I really believe that a lot of

01:02:36--> 01:02:41

if you were to make a hedgerow to another country, what country would you advise us to move to and why looks down Of course.

01:02:46--> 01:02:54

If one chooses not to make hedgerow to an Islamic country, and they choose to remain and live in the West, would it be wrong for one to live here? know

01:02:56--> 01:03:34

the answer to that, then they say they practice their Deen but not actively go out there and do Delta non Muslims. You know, because of the length of time I left out that entire section about the doubts non Muslims, I want to say this, that Tao in a general sense is an obligation but no Muslim in this community should buckle under the the pressure that I haven't gone and converted a Christian today. Okay, this is something which allows parents to know, you know, you can learn from Linus and he knows he does not burden a soul more than it can bear. And not everyone is a scholar. And not everyone is an activist. And not everyone is a expert in the comparative religion sciences. But what

01:03:34--> 01:04:18

you have to do as a bare minimum, is to live your Islam to that level, which itself is Adama now we don't expect people to go out there and engage into heat with every single person, although if you can, and if you do, then you will be seen as the highest and the most deserving of the people to remain in a place like this. And you should do that you should try and an aim for that. But for the Muslim, I don't think that he needs to worry about that. It is not the the aim of our existence in this country to go and convert every other person. That might sound strange, but it's not. It's not. It's not when just to you know, think about it when it comes to judgment day. When it comes to the

01:04:18--> 01:04:45

arcade which entices into Islam and what takes us out of it. Did we go and convert x y Zed people is not a question that will depend will determine your agenda and you're not and only do not just have in your mind, it will determine your data of how good and strong Muslim you are, how much confidence it gives you in this community. It gives you the division to help your community in the long run. But it is not a different defining factor between a man and uncover.

01:04:48--> 01:04:59

As a mother whose daughter has started school I have many issues to face as she grows up in the UK. Such sex education is one of my biggest fears. Many families with girls start migrating back to their ethnic countries to protect their daughters. I'd appreciate your

01:05:00--> 01:05:12

Input hijra, or hope is that Hello, hello. Hello very quick this is, of course, a very important question. Clearly our daughters are a major issue. Clearly they are, I have to say this much that

01:05:13--> 01:06:00

the reality of the matter is this is that to try and, and this is a personal opinion, because here, there is no necessarily the sharing says one thing or the other. We're in a situation, we, the US, our daughters, our sisters, they need to be educated. And sex education is part and parcel of what of what life is about. If you have the ability, and you find out that the the syllabus is going to be taught in a particularly crude way, and so on, then you can ask and make representation for your childhood for that part. If you believe that it is in a good objective and scientific and non crude and you know, standard kind of fashion, then you need to start to become a realistic and recognize

01:06:00--> 01:06:38

that what this is going to need from you is better quality parenting, higher quality parenting, and the Muslim parent, I want to put forward whether that child goes to a Muslim school or non Muslim score, who does not speak to his child when he or she comes back from school that day, and go through everything that they learned that day, and ask them, what was your lessons about? How are they What did you learn? How did you feel about that? What do you think of what was said, I don't think he's being responsible Muslim parents, I think he will be questioned, I think he'll be in big trouble. And I will tell you something else, that if you want your child to become strong, and if

01:06:38--> 01:07:17

you really want to develop this future for Islam in this country, then don't think that you're going to produce some kind of cocoon, that's going to be someone who has not been exposed to society. The reason, and I want to put this forward, that we are currently blessed and benefiting from the greatest suffer Islamic revival that we have seen in in many, many years. Amongst the generation that we're talking about the youth that we see the late teenagers, the 20s, the 30 year old people who are practicing Islam so strong, so it's so much quality. So a scaliness. So much confidence is because there are people who have gone through the system, understood the system, seen the

01:07:17--> 01:07:36

arguments, and had it presented to them and defeated them intellectually. This is very important for us to help our children do that. That's my own personal opinion, I think that the onus is upon the parents to step up, we are not going to be able to not see our children, and not make our children's CD, the

01:07:37--> 01:08:20

the billboards and so on. I'll give you an example. What happened to my child the other day, he's 87 years old, he goes to an Islamic Arabic, after school to learn how to learn Arabic, just a couple of hours a week. It is a very, very well organized, the brother who runs it is sitting in front of me. So I have to be careful. It is very, very organized. It has a practicing teachers practicing everything. He went into that school there in year two little kids, and they come across a copy of the sports. The You know, this tabloid which is like a pornographic newspaper. So they picked it up. They opened it, and they see this woman who's naked. And one kid goes, Oh my god, this is my son's

01:08:20--> 01:08:56

telling me this is saying to me, a society saying Shame, shame, shame, shame. Because that's what he's been told at home, that he doesn't go around naked when he sees his younger brother. He says to him, shame, shame, shame, shame, right? So he says i shame Shame, shame, shame. And the other the other kids Bay went straight to that they collectively took it to the teacher. They said, shame, shame, shame, shame. The teacher she took abruptly up and said, that's very bad. What's the point, the point here, the most protected the most Islamic environment is not going to be free of this challenge. Rather, we need to educate our children in a practical way, what to do when they are

01:08:56--> 01:09:30

faced with these situations. And they're only going to be able to know what to do if you show them or explain to them what they've been exposed to. And explain to them the antidote and the antidote, or the solution, or the the or how to get out of that problem. I strongly believe in that. I strongly believe in that because I am a very, I want to hold every parent accountable. I believe that the parents do not do enough, do not get involved enough. And I believe that they are very happy to just to push over responsibility. While Long Island we can't answer these two questions that are remaining. As I said, if you want to email them to [email protected] and Sharla I will try

01:09:30--> 01:09:35

within a week and Shawn loves to respond back to them which is akmola head and probiotic malefic