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always in beginning and end We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah,

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to grant us from his height and his Baraka to make us from those who are praised and blessed in this dunya and alpha when we ask Allah Subhana Allah to assist us to accomplish what we seek of him, good lord. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts from us all the little that we do and increases it in our sales on the Day of Judgment, Lama amin Alhamdulillah. We're continuing with

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our grill, the Imam sessions, for our online Islamic school and our puberty the program, The Art of Manliness and Alhamdulillah, a heart to heart. And of course, for those of you who are following online, you can send your questions down below in Sharla, as under the window, where you see me in the website in chat law, and you can put forward your questions in chat, love for those who are on Facebook. You're welcome also to send your questions in the evening, Diana, which is Oklahoma and Ohio and Georgia. So let's begin in Charlotte. There's, I guess I wanted to reintroduce the program in Sharla. As you know, registration is closing very soon, we're going to close it before December

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be evening, Diana Alhamdulillah. There's hundreds of students from different parts of the world who have signed up for the Art of Manliness and the heart to heart with my dear colleague, Dr. Amina, and in chat love that this is something that is of great value and benefit to all those who have already started the program. There's a lot of wonderful feedback that has been emailed in and has been shared with us. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepts it a lot. I mean, but aside from that, it is something that we do want there to be a greater bit of exposure. for it. It is one of the most sensitive aspects of a young person's life, which is learning I guess, about the rules and

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the regulations, the filter, but more importantly about how to manage themselves manage their relationship with others in a healthy, productive, and of course, halloway and that's really the basis of the program to make sure that everybody in Sharla understands their obligations to a lot first to society, their families, their culture and their faithfulness towards a loss of Hannah Montana. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes it easy for all, inshallah. All right, I see a few questions coming in an hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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One question is asking about cleanliness as it pertains to the on Is it necessary to make will do before reciting the Quran? This is a point of disagreement amongst that roadmap from very, very early on most of them and you will find the four men have that men have will remember hanifa the most humble men, Maliki man Michelle fittingly, ma'am Achmad, they hold all the position that it is required for a person to handle the whole and that they should be in a state of cleanliness. Now, of course, the differing is what does it mean cleanliness and they use that is the law or the the verse that they received the ruling from where Allah subhanho wa Taala says lay out as to who Elon Musk or

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her own, none should come in contact with it, except those who are

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pure. Some of the later on, of course, have said that the purity is meant as in faithfulness in the heart, no one will be able to access the inner meanings of the Koran except those who are pure of heart. Others have come to the opinion where they said no, it's actually about the physical cleanliness. The third, and probably the most correct opinion is that this ayah was not referring to the Quran in and of itself, but it's actually referring to allow helma for then it's only the angels

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that are able to access it and able to engage with it as is ordered by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, many of their own, see that this ayah is not really pertaining to the whole and as almost half as a document, that we are not able to hold it. Nevertheless, you will find none of the scholars of Islam have said that a person should be absent from their purity and purification. So you should certainly should make your will before you handle the war and it is an essential element of the sooner to make your will before you recite it. Can you recite the Quran in different conditions? The answer is

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Yes, but it is preferred that you recite it

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while in a state of purity and cleanliness in Sharla. An additional question

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has come in regard being in a state of janemba, meaning in a defiled state where one is required to make complete bathing, is one able to handle the hold on the answer is that this is an important scripture for us as Muslims, it should be dealt with with the greatest reverence, a person should take their utmost to make sure that they are physically clean, and also able

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that their hands and the place that they will put the hold on is something that is important for us to effer as for us as believers, nevertheless, there is no text directing from the prophets I send them that nobody is able to come in contact with the hold on if they are in a state of Geneva, that arrives from the general understanding that if you can't pray until your job, if you can recite the whole uninstaller then you shouldn't recite it outside the slider.

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This seems to be the consistent opinion amongst the Roma. What I will say is, I believe that reciting the full on

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whether in a state of Menzies, whether in a state of

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in particular in a state of Menzies is different to being in a state of Geneva. And the reason for that is being in a state of judo is something that is voluntary, and it's something that can be lifted, but being in a state of the menstrual cycle is very different to that. It is something that is put on and if the prophets I seldom spoke about not praying in a state of Genoa by for law spoke about not fasting in the state of Geneva, but a lot separated

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for our Muslim women. The prophets lie Selim said that the woman she shouldn't, for example, he says shovelled your mama and her that she shouldn't make polavaram acaba or pray, but everything else she can do, which is implied that people in HUD that they're reading called on making their they could and so on, there is no statement of the prophets, I seldom where he says to a Muslim woman do not recite the Quran, when you are in your menstrual period. And that seems to be great evidence

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for many of the contemporary scholars as well, to show that it is something of a point of permissibility to be able to recite from the Koran, certainly from your phone or from your memory.

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There are very strict opinions I do not believe that they are the ones

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that have the the greater leaning towards what the practice of the people of the past was. I could not see any evidence in the life of the wives of the prophets. I send them that they ever said to any women, any woman don't recite the whole on your in your menstrual cycle. There's no Hadith of the prophets, I send them that said this.

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So not praying and not reciting the Quran are really two separate things, even if the essence of prayer is the reading of a hold on. And that brings me to mind you might say chef, where you know you normally it's quite early in the morning at 6am. I'm in the wonderful Bosnian Islamic Center here in Perth in Western Australia. And much i love the brothers are hard at work getting them.

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The Masjid set up, we're going to be shooting a series called prayer fool, which is getting ourselves ready for our worship of a law getting ourselves in a state of mind and heart and being to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I thought I would share that with you. So we've been here since fetcher Michelle lock. And I thought I would do the live feed in the q&a from here. For those who are following on Facebook. If you do have questions, feel free to update them in child law. I will try to take some of your questions as well. Another question

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as sister has said that she's registered her daughter for Heart to Heart, but when she clicked on the videos,

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it had some of the content of Art of Manliness. So the beginning of the heart to heart series is the general discussion that I have with both groups, Mashallah. And in it I speak about some of the important aspects that I believe are important for our young children, our families, to kind of become aware of, and I do speak about a number of issues that leads towards Dr. amenas session. So in the Art of Manliness, and in

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heart to heart, it begins with me speaking of

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About what is submission to us, what is the essence of surrendering to a law? Why are we Muslim? knowing who we are and what is our purpose, understanding that the categorization of us as human beings that we are a mind, body and soul. What is the way of true happiness for us is that we give over deference of our life to the condition in the order of a loss of kinda want to add up, that we seek to establish a reconnection with a lot of the more we learn, it makes us come back to a lot in greater degrees, the more we ask a lot for help. And we struggle and strive to become better people, that we have this growth mindset and that we want to establish love between us and a boss. So that's

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the beginning, speaking about our hearts, and, you know, our place and then for the lady section, the heart to heart is then taken over by Dr. I mean, Emma. So the first part of both programs is myself and then the Art of Manliness continues with me. And the rest of it continues with Dr. Amina in that sense in sha Allah, she speaks, of course, a lot of the issues that relate to our young daughters about

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their femininity, the menstruation, the science behind the period,

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you know, the differences that compliment between us as as Muslim men and Muslim women in our submission to Allah, about body image and so many other things. Does a law fair. So that's something that I believe is important.

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Sister Basia is asking when is the series out this the series for the slide that will be out shortly inshallah we're looking for the holiday period mid December to open registration inshallah. It is, I believe, something that will be important. it'll it'll be Season Two of the online Islamic school, and it will include in it the puberty discussion as well inshallah, but it will be something

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that we're able to partake in Sharla.

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Sister, Nadia is asking how could we? Night not sign up for

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Sorry, I'm just

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my shot lacis unhemmed de la mer and last, just like a locket for your kindness.

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May Allah subhana wa Tada. Except from all of us alone. I mean, thank you for those kind words, sister.

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That you've shared sister, Nadia. And yes, so the prayer fool is a wonderful, wonderful program in Sharla. It's built upon preparing ourselves before sada as we enter sada and as we exit from sada and establishing our connection to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It is about finding meaning in our prayer, meaning in the words that we share by first understanding the concept of slugga. So maybe I can share a couple of words at this moment while other questions are coming in.

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What How do you what is the word Salam mean in Arabic, I think that's a really good place to begin. And the word Salah in Arabic, it really has four important contexts. So the first of them

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is to connect so that the one you are connecting with will show you and grant you what you don't. What you don't have will show you compassion, or mercy or provide you assistance. Most people as human beings, we are involved in other with other people because we get something from them, or that we want to give something on to them. Now of course Allah subhanho wa Taala does not receive from us. But he lost some kind of with Allah bestows upon us. So the relationship is really one sided the essence of your prayer is that you are receiving rather than giving to Allah and that becomes a very important step in understanding your relationship with Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala he absorbed, he's the giver, he's the he's the one providing and he gains no gratification from our humility and humbleness towards a lot. Number two, the word sloughed up in the Arabic language, just from a language perspective, it's the same word that describes the hips, or the area where you bend over. And I want you to kind of pay pay attention to that. So the beginning of a saw that you're standing up then the second part and third part of saw that is that there is a bending over and there is a falling down before a loss of power with data. And the concept of horseshoe is that you fold something downwards you fold something

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inwards. And if you look at sada as being the upper part of your body and lower part as being the hips being the place that cut you in half, that you are fulfilling your soul to Allah subhanaw taala is that you are using both parts of your body, in completeness in humility and in humbleness towards Allah. The third aspect of the word Salah.

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It means to burn, to set a light to engulf, and it's usually referred, you know, in Arabic poetry about burning wood and using wood in a fire. And it means to burn away the, the greed, the excess, the pride that you have. So the concept of Salah is that when you fall into Salah, it's meant to have that effect of lowering your pride removing from you that audacity and arrogance and purpose of being that leads you away from Allah. The fourth aspect of the word slotta

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that it solidifies you with those who do it with you. And therefore it's a meaningful prayer between you and others that that's why in your saw that you don't just ask for things yourself even in the very essence you say it Dina Oh Allah lead all of us. It did not set out almost of him to the straight path. Not a de me just me Oh Allah. So it's a communal aspect and the word Salah Of course, in a technical sense, a means to love God through your worship and service. And when you when you kind of look at the context of the word sada in the Koran, it's sometimes it's used as a synonym to other words, so for example, when can Allahu you'll be emailed necco Allah was not ever to lose your

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faith that you showed towards the meaning the Salah that you have proven your faith through Allah subhana wa tada he refers to slotta as

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remembrance, what I'll claim is Sadat, levy Cree, establish the prayer so that you will be mindful and remembering of me. And of course, a lot refers to slotta, or the correct performance of slotta as being the very essential element that establishes success called the F lahad minuman. Success for the believers and levena home fee sadati him Hi, Sharon. They are those who are able to find their humility and humbleness before Allah subhanho wa Taala

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does akmola an affair I believe it will be of great value, especially to our younger brothers, younger sisters, who are beginning their nurtured path towards slaughter. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala granted, grant us exception and grant us his acceptance a lot. I mean,

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that, I believe is

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an important discussion that needs to be had. So it's a 30 part series about establishing the sada in the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I thought I would refer to it as prayer fool because you want your life to be full of sada and prayer toward a loss of Hannah with Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from all of us allama i mean i'm going to take your leave now get ready Mashallah. It looks like the brothers have set up let me let me give you a little bit of a access martial law. They

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set up the lights and the cameras there so we'll get started the evening Diana, also Linda whom I was selling was it robotic Allah Xena Mohamed Salah la hottie