The Spiritual Ladder – Wisdom From The Lips Of Ali (RA)

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. It is mentioned regarding Satan our idea of the Allahu anhu can you can nibble for Who Are you hot enough sir Who you are je boohooman Alibaba, Seema pasado Amina Tommy my job, that often he would sit in reflection in isolation and he would introspect, and in doing so from time to time he would rotate his palms, your heartburn afsa then he will address himself and ask himself some tough questions. And whenever he spoke, it was wisdom. He was the fountain of knowledge. So today I share with you some amazing couplets from the Diwan of Satan. Or the Allahu anhu. He said, illegitimate

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affair to fellbach Lucia Roja. If a person has to enumerate evil traits, then the worst of them all is miserliness. May Allah protect us from this evil trait and all other evil traits Armenia belanda mean, what shall Romanian bookly lmra do will matter you name there is something worse than miserliness. And that is to dishonor your word. You make a promise you don't deliver on it. you procrastinate. You don't honor your commitment. When you are in Canada, Canada, there is no value merit or significance to an oath if you dishonor it, in fact, in the 14th, juice of the Quran 16 chapter surah to verse 94. Allah sounds a strong warning when

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a man comes

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to booty law and do not use your oath as a cause of making mischief amongst you. And remember to be Rahim, Allah expounding on this ayah says, it refers to those people who at the time of the oath know they won't honor those you only swearing an oath to do someone to deceive someone. And that is why you swear the oath and the warning the Quran sound these fetters in the moon bird so booty ha, leaves, your foot slips after its firmness, meaning you you can potentially be deprived of a man before dying, may Allah protect us and then say the Nadira the Allahu anhu says, what I did is I can guarantee about what are you holding is lm Yoku fellow, and there's no good to your utterance. If

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you cannot synchronize it with action, they should be in harmony in what you say and what you do. Then he concludes the poem by saying is a container actually, when I'm taco Lima, for the region, when I say Laguna Lou, if you're a man of intellect, but you don't have knowledge, then you like a person who has a foot, but he doesn't have a shoe. So he has the foot he can walk, but because he doesn't have shoes, is going to bruise himself is going to injure himself is going to hurt himself. So to compliment that intellect, you need divine and sacred knowledge. And then he says it's so beautifully Allah in them and in some of them don't actually he, one of them is an American Luna

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Sloane, that the human body is like a holster for the gun, or like a sheath for the sword. There is no value in flushing the sheath without the sword, there is no merit in the holster without the gun. So if the entire body is there, but there is no intellect then it defeats the purpose. In English they say, a wise person learns from a fool more than a fool learns from the wise, may Allah make us amongst the true wise individuals. I mean, your ability