Choosing the Hereafter

Yahya Ibrahim


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The speaker discusses Jannah Why and her desire for a life that is ahead of reality. They also talk about the concept of Africa and how it relates to the speaker's personal life. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a distraction from the speaker's usual speech.

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And levena yesterday boondall Hayato Jr. Why does a person prefer this worldly life in comparison to the next life is because they don't believe they don't believe that there will be something that comes later. So why should I defer my gratification for something that isn't present? Something that I can't hold something that I can't buy something that I can't see? I haven't seen the reality of Jannah Why should I make my choices today for the next life and look at what Allah describes the next life as being he says Allium LFR. It is the next day.

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The word Acura the word.

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The word to be late in Arabi for example, limited to a heart. Why are you late? It's not Why are you late?

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It's what made you good to not be here. What was the good that Allah provided you for this lateness? The concept of Africa is that there's always something better if you're deterred from something in the present.

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JazakAllah hair May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you with good It means May Allah give you what I can't give you right now. Why do you say just like a locker, you say to someone who you're not giving anything to right? Somebody carried your bags inside you say here's $5 brother. He helped you with your shopping, putting it from the cart in your car, or your son Mashallah he did the day and say Jazakallah hair, and he's like, okay, and there's no end. The higher is its indifference. It's going to be something you will get later. So Alpha Omega alpha, and the Omega ahart. The next day, it's not the next as in,

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in chronology, but it's next in preference. It's what I want to receive in happiness that I can't receive today.